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  1. dw49

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    Agree it should not come as a surprise. The reporting of his condition was pretty bleak last year. The 1.5 mill contract he signed was also a good indicator. All in all , probably an easy decision for him to make. If he was not "most of the way " back , it's highly possible he wouldn't have made the team . It's easy to get to 9 with the depth being pretty decent and no guarantee they keep 10.
  2. dw49

    Luck QB sneak ???

    Unless maybe they can figure out a way that Luck could be effective leading with his butt rather than his shoulders ?
  3. dw49

    Oddsmakers giving us a gift.

    Agree and that's why the site I saw the 6.5 number on made you lay 135 to 100. They know they will take the worst of it if Luck is back. It's discouraging you from betting it as you have to lay all that big.
  4. dw49

    Oddsmakers giving us a gift.

    I agree , there's nothing wrong with betting and some really do beat it in a big way. I was just being safe with the mods as I remember there are a few guidelines on posting threads regarding gambling.
  5. I'm not advocating betting , but I think this team is highly underrated . I've been adding a little more every week. 9-2 to win the division , 50-1 and up to 75-1 to win the SB. Over and under is 6.5 but you lay $135 to win a $100. These are all steals if Luck's shoulder issue is over and he holds up.
  6. I was referring to the thread of your topic. But yeah the thread did morph a bit and I see what you meant. As to Leonard and Smith , I said (at least I feel) no worries because there just is not anything big enough to fight about for players taken in the second round. So my point is , IMO , neither side would negotiate tough enough to hurt their side. Just doesn't happen anymore . Maybe a serious injury issue or a 1st rounder that has serious character issue and is a real boom or bust ?
  7. What does Luck throwing have to do with the 2 draft picks signing their contracts ?
  8. No worries. There is no way this will be an issue.
  9. dw49

    Stribling Signed / Cirino Waived/Injured

    Colts made an "injury settlement " with Cirino. He's now a free agent rather than on our IR.
  10. dw49

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    By "spread out" , you mean take some of the "dead money " in 2019 correct ? If so , you are correct and it gives Philly more room this year. It appears they only have around 300K in cap room as of today. Thus they need to restructure a contract or two or make a cut. Looks to me like this one may be a "true cap casualty."
  11. Good call but the Browns claimed him.
  12. I don't see where Breeland has more visit's scheduled and it certainly does look like AZ may have moved on ? Cardinals getting CB Jamar Taylor from Browns Cardinals acquired CB Jamar Taylor from the Browns. The Browns were shopping Taylor in the lead-up to the draft but found no takers on draft weekend. Cleveland completely overhauled at cornerback this offseason, adding Denzel Ward with the No. 4 overall pick after signing Travis Carrie, E.J. Gaines, and Terrance Mitchell in free agency. Taylor and fellow 2017 starter Jason McCourty, who was dealt to the Patriots, were the odd men out. Taylor was a second-round flop in Miami but rebounded for the Browns the past couple seasons. He figures to take over as the starter opposite Patrick Peterson in Arizona.
  13. Once in while , the first team does get a chance at a counter offer . I'm in your camp and thought Breeland would help us. Maybe we'll get lucky and he wants to play in Indy and we get a chance to negotiate further. Although usually when a player leaves without a contract , it's as you say... no dice.
  14. For some reason Spotrac hasn't added Austin's Howard's approx 4 million to our spending. Over the cap has done so and were at 52 mill according to them . Not for nothing .. 56 mill or 52 mill , it's a lot and we are 2nd to Cleveland as you say. But I do think the 52 mill figure is the correct one.
  15. Oh...I misunderstood your previous post. The above is no doubt a generous ceiling.