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  1. Yes .. thats what I inferred ... you knew the Colts had signed Fisher and used 10 mill of the 21 mill cap that Rothstein said the Colts had. I did not say you claim we are the favorites to sign Jones . What I said is you should have known that was a ridiculous assertion by Rothstein . You posted a thread that said "The Colts are the favorites to land Julio Jones . Then you post the article that is statically and logically wrong. What don't you get about me saying you should not have entered that thread and then back it up quoting some * that said we had twice the cap room that we had. Again ,
  2. No offense but you posted a really silly report. You didn't know the Colts signed Fisher this morning when you posted that ? It's a really silly report by Rothstien and I can't imagine how anyone would find that at all "interesting ." For one thing , he does not say "they are the favorite" as you state and secondly we don't have 21 million and thirdly Ballard would never ever , ever sign Jones to a huge contract while needing to extend Smith , Leonard and Nelson . Also we have never seen Ballard make that kind od signing even when we were fish with 10's of millions in cap room. I know your no
  3. Yeah and the poster quotes us having 21 million in cap space. That was BEFORE we signed Fisher.
  4. Agree and it would probably mean letting Smith walk. It would be way too much money locked into the O line.
  5. I think the reasoning is there is much more stress with all the jumping in basketball. I read that the "vertical " stress in BB is greater than the "horizontal " stress inFB.
  6. Chances are really slim that we have anything other than very minor FA signings in 2022 . We have 3 star players that are needing extensions. Unless they walk , hard to imagine cap room for new FA players. So probably looking at a 3rd or 4th rounder if Fisher walks after recovering and playing well.
  7. I'm now very interested to see if Irsay follows through with signing both Leonard and Smith to extensions. No way, IMO, that both Fisher and Smith are with the Colts in 2022. So if Smith signs a new deal , I'll view this as a 1 year bandaid. Maybe Leno didn't want a 1 year deal and that's why the Colts went this route ? I'm with you as this deal is a hard one to really peg.
  8. Do you know if the rule regarding comp picks for players signed after the draft works "both ways ?" Other words if Houston signs for 7-8 million , will the Colts receive a comp pick ? I would think yes ? Also if we spend say 10 mill on Fisher , that would leave probably 6-7 mill i cap money the Colts don't need for 2021. Not that much when you consider Irsay says extensions are coming soon for Leonard and Smith. Yeah .. you can set their salaries for the first extension year very low but that hasn't been the way the Colts have rolled on managing the cap. Rather than spend a lot of money on say
  9. Evidently you did not watch this years draft........
  10. Leno has a 2021 base salary of 8,900,000. It would seem like he has no market close to that number as they certainly must have researched his trade value before just releasing him. I would think a 2 year deal for around 13-14 mill with maybe 9 mill guaranteed should do it. Seems to me that if Ballard likes him , it would be a no brainer as they were talking about bring Houston back before the draft. Plus there were a massive amount of tackles taken in the first 3 rounds of the draft , so far less teams with a need now. Plus the fact that there isn't that much FA money left .
  11. If this has already been posted , my apologies as I'm not up to reading 12 pages right now. But word was he was not going to act much longer... https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/01/indianapolis-colts-dayo-odeyingbo-la-rams-interest-draft/
  12. If they really liked Doyle , it seems to me they could have "easily" drafted him . Question is how much did they really like him ? IMO , it couldn't have been all that much or maybe they just aren't that worried about the LT position ? Lets look at this. Irsay said they had LT guys in the 4th and 5th rounds and teams moved up and took their players. In round 4 , that player had to be Hudson who Cleveland traded up to spot 110 to draft. We were sitting at pick 127. So that's a long way to move up considering what draft capital we had. But if they really liked him , probably worth doing ? So
  13. Yeah... PS really shouldn't counts as that really means not 1 of the 32 teams wanted him on their active roster.
  14. I you count Windsor who spent 14 games on the PS and 2 on the active roster , it was 4 not 3.
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