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  1. Thanks for the "like" NCF but I must say that this probably was not their "plan" back in the April draft. Otherwise they would have signed Newton 2 months ago. I'm reading that this was Newton's only offer. Seems crazy that he might be paid only around 1 mill for the season. Half what Colt McCoy is being paid.
  2. Who is this genius that said this was a "gut cinch" back on April 25th.
  3. Did Brian ever work for the Colts ? Chris was promoted to GM in 2009 and I'm thinking he was the problem. I never heard that another son of Bill's was messing up the team . But maybe I'm wrong ?
  4. Problem was the nepotism .
  5. If we kept Manning , we trade down , utterly impossible we keep Manning and draft Luck. The number 1 pick in the draft usually plays his first year. Manning played 4 more years , do you really think Luck's would sit 4 years ? Besides Luck's agent would fight that scenario tooth and nail , it would be insane to not take the 3-1's and 2-2's that Luck would have brought. 5 premium picks for a QB tom ride the bench 4 years and then probably only play in the option year. No way..
  6. dw49


    He has return ability , make up speed and can just plain cover. IMO , he's going to help us in those 3rd and longs that we've been giving up way to often.
  7. Ballard did say the Colts feel Pinter can play center in a pinch.
  8. IMO , pass protection from a RB is probably 80% intelligence . He should have no problems as he's smart , big and an excellent athlete . Not that my opinion means much but I'll say he'll be just fine.
  9. I never thought a bit about him after he was cut.
  10. Looks like he started 23 for us in his 3 years with us . 10 in his rookie year and 9 the following year. I'm having a hard time remembering how his play was. I also couldn't figure out why the Colts cut him after his 3rd year when he appeared to be at least a good back-up. Plus he was an undrafted FA , so his salary had to be low. What I found was he was cut after an marijuana related arrest. Looking at the body of work with the colts, it doesn't appear to be shocking that he's doing OK with the Jets. But like I say , I really can't remember how his play was with us.
  11. I'm sure you meant 2022 and yes that would be the easiest they could even consider it. The cap hit would still be around 17 mill but that's not prohibitive. 2023 (he'll be 39) is the last year of the contract and the cap hit there is only 2.5 million.
  12. He's "untraceable" with the contract he signed. The team that traded for him would save 10's of millions in base salary while GB would pay massive cap hits.
  13. It's generally a pretty stupid move to extend an older player in the final year of his contract in order to lower his salary for cap space. Smart GM's don't do that . The chance of Ballard extending TY Hilton to free up cap room to sign Clowney is really a very unintelligent premise. If the Colts really wanted Clowney , there is no need to restructure anything. They have around 25 million in cap space now. Let's say they only wanted to commit for 1 year. Colts have around 25 mill in space now. Figure 7 for the rookies and another 7 to have available for the season . They could pay him 11 in salary for 2020 and give him guaranteed 2021 roster bonus of say 8 million . His 2021 salary of around another 18 million would not be guaranteed . That would be a 1 year deal for 18 million, Maybe Clowney would not want to sig something for 2 years at 18 per year. You then just make the 2021 salary higher and the Colts would have the option of keeping him or cutting him. Now if they wanted to do a 2-3 year deal , no need to do any of that . So there is no reason in the world to extend a 31 year old WR . That all said , I do realize reading through the thread that you are not the one that suggested restructuring TY to sign Clowney. So my apologies on that .
  14. They were missing their QB also....
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