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  1. My gut says if the draft were tomorrow , Wilson goes top 4 and Lance goes top 12. My gut also says that Lance is special and by draft day could be right behind Lawerence. I agree with you that Lance is the better prospect but hoping we have a shot at drafting him. Could probably take our 2021 1st and second and a 2022 second if we didn't have to move above 12. Chances are he's notbeven on our radar as I'm always wrong on this stuff .
  2. I'm not excited about trading for any of the aforementioned QB's. Just saying Stafford has arm strength.
  3. Stafford has a much stronger arm than Rivers . The lack of arm strength , IMO , let teams crowd the LOS a bit too much.
  4. Hard to tell but I think it would take less to move up for Lance than it would for Wilson. I voted for Lance with that premise. If it were the same compensation , i would vote for Wilson
  5. Maybe "least desirable " means they are all good and the Texan job was basically ranked last. So going from there ," most undesirable" means it's not a job a coach should want ?
  6. I think Trask is going no where near round 1. I would guess bottom of third to a low as end of the 4th. Nor do I think Jones will be a first round pick.
  7. Maybe this is best for Castonzo and the Colts. He missed a few games this year and maybe he would not have stayed healthy enough in 2021 to warrant 17 mill in cap space. Btw... I think we have a decent backup in Holden. Looked much better than all 3 of the backups we saw this year.
  8. I would think he would have been a FA regardless of which team he finished the year with.
  9. the drops no doubt hurt
  10. He looked tentative as many running plays were blown up and he had nowhere to go. Henry looked "tentative" also. Happens when defenses crowd the LOS and play the run and it is a running play.
  11. He is going to prove to be a major steal in last year's draft. Can he gain 15 pounds is the major question IMO
  12. He did get that 2 years ago. But now he's 2 years older . He could get a 2 year deal , that's really a 1 year deal with all the guarantees in year one. IMO the most he would get in year one would be 9-10 mill. I think it's 8-9 is we do resign him. As to his production not really dipping.. 2019 44 tackles 11 sacks 2020 25 tackles 8 sacks with 3 in one game. IMO , he was way more consistent in 2019 . Anyway , we shall see and I'll remember to revisit it and commend you if you are correct.
  13. What I said is IMO the Colts won't pony up a 2 year deal for 22 mill . I said you have his market wrong. Can we see if he gets a deal that averages 12 mill without it really being a 1 year deal for less before you claim being right ?
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