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  1. Here is a copy of my post at 4:50 last Sunday ..... "It almost looked like our players had the wrong footgear on and couldn't get any leverage ,while the Chiefs had no problems with the field. Not saying that was the case , just saying I can't believe both our lines would get dominated like they did. "
  2. It's fine to take a shot at me. You are correct....it's the AP award that's coveted.
  3. This is old news. I didn't post it because it wasn't the AP award. But it's the same organization that named Ballard GM of the year .. so maybe you guys and girls did know D.L won the PFWA award for D rookie of the year ? https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/01/16/indianapolis-colts-darius-leonard-defensive-rookie-of-the-year-pro-football-writers-america-pfwa/
  4. Did you know Leonard won the PFWA award for defensive rookie of the year ? I'm tending to think as you are.. the AP ones are the most prestigious ones ? https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/01/16/indianapolis-colts-darius-leonard-defensive-rookie-of-the-year-pro-football-writers-america-pfwa/
  5. dw49

    This years FAs

    Correct... I would not have posted if I read your post in it's entirety .
  6. dw49

    This years FAs

    Bidding wars come after you don't resign a player ... no ? If you resign him there are no "bidding wars." That would happen only if you fail to resign him and then try to resign him after he's declared a FA. Hopefully Ballard's idea of his worth is not far off what he and his agent are looking for.
  7. dw49

    The One Play That Set The Tone

    Yes ... the Colts laid a 60 minute egg . Considering that only Moore and Inman had good games , it's a stretch to say 1 particular play was the "turning point." Maybe we should instead say the "early play " that should have tipped us off as what was to come ?
  8. dw49

    The One Play That Set The Tone

    I mean .. come on man... KC guys were catching everything that touched their hands. Watson caught a pass thrown way too hard with one hand . If he tips it , probably an INT. Then you have Ebron muffing a soft little dink that was maybe 5 inches too low and our guys trot off the field. Ridiculous...
  9. dw49

    The One Play That Set The Tone

    Yeah... my point exactly.
  10. dw49

    The One Play That Set The Tone

    Also I think somehow the bad field effected both our lines. But yeah , it was a taller order than most were thinking .
  11. dw49

    The One Play That Set The Tone

    How about the one 2 plays later ? Enron's dropped pass . He and the team walked off like that was no big deal ? I'm sure they cared but the appearance was crazy IMO.
  12. Inman's 's snaps were pretty limited. TY 54 Rogers 47 Pascal 39 Inman 21
  13. I agree with a lot of this but I don't think Luck had a "good" game. I had made a thread right after the game addressing what I thought were multiple "hand to the face" on Q. Some here thought it was because of the way he "positioned" himself when he pass blocked. I agree with you that there were probably 2 others during the game that were as blatant as the one Jones pulled off in that 2nd drive.
  14. dw49

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    If he can improve against speed rushers with improved technique , then he will be a stud. If he doesn't have the "feet" to make this possible , then I move to your side of the argument . The man did an incredible job as a rookie that played mostly G in college. But the question is can he get a little better vs speed rushers ? I'm not qualified to answer that. Could be he's not as certain things can't be taught...