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  1. I'm so old that I'm goofy and was thinking this was played in 1960. Got my time frame mixed up. I was like 11 in 1960 when we won the greatest game ever played.
  2. I thought I was the only one old enough to have seen those games ?
  3. Yeah that could be on the measurement and agree it doesn't really matter. At the least I think he'll help us get off the field in those 3rd and 10's .
  4. No it isn't worth a lot of back and forth but I think guys are built different and looks like the end of the should blade could "cut into " the chest measurement. In any event Rodgers has long arms and that's good. BTW... when we did our favorite 2 picks of the draft mine were Rodgers and Blackmon. So obviously I think Rodgers is going to be a good cover man going forward. He's for sure going to be a liability vs the run , so he'll most likely never be a guy that plays more than say 50% of the plays without an injury . Unless of coarse he gains 15 pounds without losing a lot of speed.
  5. Not nice to do the LOL ... here's a smallish CB's measurables.. https://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?f=Cameron&l=Dantzler&i=30070
  6. JJ Watt comes out to 14inches and he's pretty massive Janen Ramsey 12.8
  7. I just edited my post before you posted. Watch how they take the measurements again , it wouldn't be the whole width of his chest to be "added on." I listened twice and pretty sure he's saying 32and 7/8ths.
  8. Here's a great article on the Colts and Rodgers. If you watch the video , that's what he measures. Unless I'm hearing it wrong ... You don't have to watch the whole 9 minutes as they get to wingspan and arm length quickly. Watch closely how they take those measurements. It wouldn't leave the whole width of his chest to be "added on." https://www.colts.com/news/isaiah-rodgers-umass-cornerback-returner-covid-19-pro-day-nfl-draft
  9. Yes , the famous "rolling ball of butcher knives."
  10. I mean he's an undrafted FA that didn't stick on GB's 16 man practice squad. He's a real long shot and there are certainly reports out there to justify that.
  11. Ya never know. Looks like he certainly has the measurables.... https://troytrojans.com/news/2020/3/5/football-troy-players-show-off-skills-on-pro-day.aspx
  12. I'm guessing that most of those bad stats came from the Jacksonville game ? That was just a poorly coached hot mess. I like the way he's looked the last few games but hey... beauty is in the eye of the beholder ? He's seems to be in favor with the coaching staff so that's a good sign. This isn't to say that he's no doubt been out of position on some runs as you say.
  13. You really think Okereke is bad in pass coverage ? I have no idea of what the stats say but he excels in this area. I can think of quite a few plays where he had good coverage and the pass was completed ... happens. Am I also reading that your opinion is that his overall play is bad this year ? Anyway could you post the stats that render him the worst back seven defender in the NFL ?
  14. Yeah .. I mean if we signed Brady , Rivers would have TB and that's assuming they thought he was an upgrade to Winston. There was IMO no other fit that was ben close to being as good as the Colts for Rivers. That said , Brady looks to have way more left in his arm than Rivers. My guess is that Reich wanted Rivers over Brady. Just found this ..... https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/colts-tom-brady-philip-rivers/ija7iqui6i4n18vvjdppqstb4
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