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  1. Maybe it was the best offer he had and he didn't want to keep Harrison ? We probably needed the roster spot.
  2. I buy both the NFL and MLB tickets. The rest of the package is pretty standard ... HBO , Showtime and the other "usual channels. Right now it's costing me a hair over $300 per moth. Direct TV is really a huge ripoff and I'm thinking of switching and "streaming" the 2 sports packages. I'm just afraid the technology might be a bit tough for me.
  3. I understand the Colts would not sign Rivers and keep Brissett. I was talking about signing Rivers and taking the cap hit with Jacoby. Thus you have an awful lot of money invested to end up with Rivers as a 1 year stop gap guy.I understand I was not clear but in no way would I ver think the Colts would keep Jacoby if Rivers were signed.
  4. I would be shocked if Ballard signed Rivers. Having a ton of money wrapped up in two "ehh" Qb's would only make sense for a team that had a dead nuts great roster and no QB. I don't think he goes for Carr either.
  5. You would always do an extension before his contract runs out. So do you mean don't extend him but rather "resign him" after his contract runs out ?
  6. The way I understand the contract is 20 million guaranteed. 2 mill salary for 2019 , 11 mill signing bonus and 7 mill 2020 roster bonus. 5.5 (half the signing bonus ) and the 2 mill 2019 salary have been accounted for. He still has 12.5 in guaranteed money that would be a cap hit in 2020 if he were to be cut. That would be the 7 mill roster bonus and 5.5 mill for the other half of the signing bonus. Both websites you posted reflect that I believe.
  7. I take that to mean more on the lines that the Colts would not just take the best QB available with a "designated" draft slot. I think if he liked a QB a lot and thought that player had good value at say pick 8 , he would consider moving up. I , like you , find it unlikely that he trades up as it appears not to be his style . But I think the statement he made referred to was not "reaching" and nothing to do with trading up.
  8. Over the cap is showing 98.7 million for 2012.
  9. I really would love to see Kelly play as I think Brissett is a bottom tier QB . He's a perfect "bridge" guy. Chances are he is the starter in 2020. For that reason , I think the same as you.
  10. "Maybe Reich and Ballard truly believe he can develop and become a franchise QB. Maybe they’re right. I guess we’ll see." Like the princess that kissed that frog who turned into a prince ?
  11. LaRon Landry. Not that I remembered , I did a search on Colt rosters and found him in 2013.
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