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  1. I'm a big Luck fan but I gotta say you are correct in that observation. I kind of forgot about that.
  2. They made 3 great tackles in a row on that 2nd possession we had. It was second and 6 and it looked like Mack had a first down easily but a great tackle (Cunningham) stopped him in his tracks a yard short. 3rd down Watt and another made a great stop on what looked to be an easy 1st down. 4th down they stuffed Mack again. That series seemed to set the tone for our running game. Texans made great sure handed tackles the whole game. Plus Mack usually makes a guy miss and gets extra yards. He never did that today . Plus I'm not sure he hit the holes quite like he should have .
  3. Pretty impressive today . Starting to wonder if I'm going to eat my words saying that he was an elite backup or lower level starter at best. I would have been happy if we traded him for a high 4th this April. Never saw him see the field like he did today . Plus pocket presence was also a plus.
  4. Unless somehow NY had a view we didn't get on that Int. , Indy was truly hosed. The only thing that makes sense is they "figured" the ball would not bounce that high off the receivers hands .. it was more like a "bounce "caused by the ground. Probably this is true... chances are it more than likely hit his hands and the ground but that's a terrible reversal if the case. ] The Hilton PI not being reversed was as some are saying here... don't bother if sledge hammers or ropes are not involved in the play.
  5. Good thought. Flash in the pan describes Hunt pretty well. Probably isn't on roster next year and there is no cap hit if he's not. Typical Ballard contract for marginal player.
  6. Yeah... The reviews were "butt" backwards. They assumed the way the ball popped up that it must have hit the ground. Then they have a conclusive replay that shows the Db moving into TY , causing minor contact and they don't reverse it.
  7. You did yourself a favor by not seeing this game play by play as it unfolded. Really an ugly football game.
  8. No doubt you are correct as it was 60 minutes of dog s football. Mistake after mistake coupled with lousy execution. Just my opinion that it was an equally bad day for the coaching staff. As I said before , this was probably my least enjoyed Colt game in years. At least during those really bad years , I could take solace in the losses as they meant a higher draft position.
  9. My take on the play calling was ultra conservative in the passing game until we had to score on pretty much every possession. Way too many 2 yard passes on 2nd and 3rd and longs. Things changed a bit around midway through quarter 3.
  10. If we can't rush the passer and can't cover intermediate patterns and run first , then throw a 3 yard pass ...11 points will disappear in a hurry.
  11. Please let me pay if it's the lock of the week.
  12. What am I missing here ? This line is crazy low. I would think around 15 by game time.
  13. Chiefs score the number of their possessions X's 7 , minus 7 times their # of turnovers. Colts get 14 as AV stays hot and knocks 2 PAT through...
  14. I have not enjoyed a Colt game less than this one in a good many years. And yes very predictable.
  15. I understand we were missing Hilton , but that play calling was atrocious . I'm not sure which side of the ball was worse . Offense would be a 2 yard pass on 3rd and 10 , defense was just as boring. Sit back in a sloppy zone , Carr with no pressure throws an 8 yard pass to a wide open receiver. It looked like a preseason game that they didn't want to give insight to the real offense. Vanilla is the word that comes to mind but many others fit. Boring , mundane . unimaginative are a few that come to my mind...
  16. dw49

    Montcrief News

    Speaking Thursday, Steelers OC Randy Fichtner criticized Donte Moncrief's pass catching so far this season. "I had a coach a long time ago say you have to put the word receive into receiver," was Fichtner's brutal assessment. Moncrief was probably the worst receiver in football through the season's first two weeks. He has since been benched for James Washington. Especially with Ben Roethlisberger on the shelf, Moncrief is safely droppable. SOURCE: Mark Kaboly on Twitter Sep 19, 2019, 3:06 PM ET
  17. Good find. That is kind of good news regarding Lewis.
  18. Ha... your right. I'm getting old.
  19. He does stink kicking in that stadium in that direction. I went to a Colt - Charger game around 2010. It's the game where Manning threw like 4 ints . Vinny yanked a game winner on the games last play. I think it was around 29 yards
  20. I doubt they resign both TE's , Sheard, Wilson, and Mack.
  21. IMO , no question the Cols carry 3. It's not a hard cut to keep Kelly. Milligan and a LB goes.
  22. Not that we need cap room but interesting that with the Farley cut and Bohm trade we shaved 2 mill for each off our cap.
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