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  1. Weren't the PI and hands to the face on the same drive ? I think so but I'm not going to check it out.
  2. I thought the first one was legit and the 2nd one was sketchy . Problem is he's constantly using that "arm bar " and officials are now looking for it. I thought he used it again on that first call but I could be wrong. This game is too painful for me to back up and watch plays again. On another subject , it was incredible how the O line collapsed when Clark replaced AC. I realize some of it was the Titans disregarded the run but IMO as good as Ballard is , he really messed up not securing some back up T help this off season.
  3. The adjustment should be to just concede the game .
  4. Tenn has a great 1-2 punch of Rock and Le'vern. Those 2 guys destroyed this game .
  5. Agree that this game is almost a must win. Problem is a loss gives us 4 conference losses and the rest of our games are all in conference. A division loss to Tenn would pretty much guarantee we lose any subsequent tie breaker . Agree that the LV game is also huge. If we win that won , it would at least give us that tie breaker , ... But maybe not as there would be like 3-4 teams in a tie for 2 playoff spots. So IMO possible we could end up tied with LV and still lose the tie breaker even with a win against them. Thing is we swept the NFC , so all the losses will be in conference which sucks in
  6. I understand that many will call it a "2 game lead " if we win but I don't view it that way. It's a 1 game lead with the tie breaker. If we win Sunday and Tenn makes up 2 games in the following 5 games , they win the division.
  7. The online betting site I use just took the game off. That is not a good sign...
  8. I think the rule might read like this... you take the day the player was exposed to the person that has or had Covid. He can return to the team if he has all negative test 5 days from the "contact day." So basically it means the earliest a player can return is the 6th day from when he was exposed. Now if the rule means you must have 5 negative tests , then Buckner is out for Sunday. The memo states that a club must place any player designated as a "high risk" close contact on the reserve/COVID-19 list upon such designation. Such player will remain on that list until at least five days have
  9. Agree with all that. Especially no TE in round 1. I would think DE , CB or OT in round 1. That's assuming they like Eason enough.
  10. dw49

    E J Speed

    I wonder if he has potential to be a starting LB ? Seems like he has a lot of the things you look for in an NFL player. Never gets any snaps , so how would we know ?
  11. This trade was really over blown on "who got what" The early reports on Kinlaw were Imo well overblown . I watched his every play last Thursday vs GB. He looked OK but nowhere the player Bucker is at this point in time. People on this board seemed to buy into those glowing training camp reports and games 1's PFF grade . Maybe in 2 years , they might equal out a bit in playing ability. JMO , but I think both teams did well in that trade. Indy had the room and Buckner has really upgraded their defense. SF on the other hand could not keep everyone and 22 mill for a DT was just over the top fo
  12. I'm thinking it could be the first line released and it changed in a matter of minutes. Sports books are super ... super paranoid with that opening line as the "smart money will "kill" any mistake they make. My son is a professional poker player and has many friends that are highly involved in sports betting. There are betting entities out there that give them 10% of the wagers they can get down with bookies that are "lax" in changing their opening lines. They absolutely kill the bets that are placed. Trouble is it's hard to find enough bookies that don't realize after a couple of weeks they
  13. Not to say it's impossible for that site to be posting bogus lines , but how could they give sources for what the line opened at in that format ? Anyway , not a big deal.
  14. The initial line when I posted the thread was GB-2.5. Went to Ind -2.5 and now around 1.
  15. here's the one I first quoted . As you see GB opened 2.5 and is now mostly Ind -1.5. I figured it would move to even . Surprises me it moved this much... https://www.vegasinsider.com/nfl/odds/las-vegas/
  16. Early line is GB -2.5. I would think if it moves , it goes toward E. Would be nice if K Moore can go...
  17. Clue me in on why Okereke in round 3 is like Banogu in round 2 ?
  18. I'm beginning to think Harris is a diamond in the rough. He's does all the righty things. Played RB in college .. obviously a quick learner.
  19. Plus at most 1 more year of Rivers and probably just 1 more year of Castonzo also. That frees up around 40 million. Add to that mist likely no Jack Doyle or TY Hilton in 2022. Many players to sign but should have ample cap room. Most teams get into cap hell due to big cap hits due to "pushing contracts down the road." The Colts do not do that. For example .. New England had around 26 mill in 2020 dead cap hit. The Colts had around 9.5 . 8.6 mill of that 9.5 was due to Luck's crazy retirement. 6.6 for Andrew and 2 mill to Brian Hoyer.
  20. Do you know if it's actually legal ? I would think that one was illegal. I can't believe you can snap a defenders head back like that by using your hand on his face mask. I can see a "pop ' high on the helmet maybe can be ok but not that ...
  21. My question on that stiff arm is "was it even legal ?" It it was , it shouldn't be. Henry snapped Grovers head back by showing his face mask.
  22. Last pick in the 4th round 2017 draft. Barring something unforeseen , he going to get a very big contract this offseason. What can you say other than he has taken a huge step forward this year.
  23. Yeah.. they do appear to have a betting site. I'm surprised. Anyway , the Colts are -1 on Yahoo and most other sites with a few having us -1.5. That's a really big move from the opening kine of -3
  24. I'm going by sites that take money on the games.
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