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  1. I believe what you read was Leonard saying his playing weight in college was around 218.
  2. The UFA's of note are Castonzo and the 2 TE's . Include Geathers and Funchess who signed 1 year deals if you like. I doubt they would sign Shread to another deal and AV will probably be at the end. Thus it's highly possible that they really won't be spending a lot of money retaining 2020 free agents ? It's even questionable if they want to spend a whole lot of money retaining Castonzo who will be turning 32 in 2020.
  3. Other words , he's the perfect target when you go for it in overtime on 4th and 4 from your own 42 ?
  4. Ask and you shall receive.... https://coltswire.usatoday.com/category/latest-colts-news/
  5. I'm 69 years old and the only thing I ever won was a turkey . However I once bought a raffle ticket last minute for $50 to support our high school baseball team. I met my buddy as he was on his way to the drawing and gave him the $50 and never took the stub . The winner received a new Lincoln . Naturally he won the car ...
  6. IMO , we are in great shape as none of those players carry any dead money after 2019. The only player that won't have a contract going into 2020 is Sheard. So it boils down to we can cut any one of those player after this year with no cap hit while all but Shread will be under contract.
  7. Thanks Newera , very nice of you to remember I posted that.
  8. Similar articles pretty prevalent. I live in Orange county and I agree that LA and San Fran are worse but San Diego has some serous faults. I guess the worst is around Seattle or Portland ? I forget exactly where. https://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-san-diego-quake-20170601-htmlstory.html
  9. Why would I take offense. I live in Huntington Beach Ca. I was just saying there could be natural disasters in SD.
  10. San Diego has numerous faults that could mean a nasty earthquake .
  11. Considering the caproom we have left , I'm hoping we resign him...
  12. yeah I saw the 5 and corrected it a while ago. Hopefully you are over it ?
  13. I had already deleted my post as I looked again saw you said 5 guaranteed .
  14. I would be shocked if they did so. Washington has a horrible QB situation but I don't know if trading 10 spots in the first round would help their team. IMO , they need to draft a developmental player in the second or 3rd and hope Smith makes it back in 6-8 months. They are pretty much committed to him through 2020 as the dead money is very significant in 2019 and 2020.
  15. You described a bridge and I just don't see that many teams that might look to do that this year.
  16. If Ballard could get something in the middle 4th or higher , he should jump at it IMO. I really don't see a landing spot for him that would return that. Just my opinion but who would want him for anything more than a back-up ? Miami just signed Fitzpatrick and that closes that door. Giants are going to have Eli back. He will bridge for a rookie this year or they use next year's one on a 2020 QB. Bottom line is teams don't trade valuable draft picks for back up QB's. Never seen it happen and it makes little sense .
  17. That's way low on what it would take to get Clark.
  18. dw49

    CB Situation

    Yes I agree , now that Desir is resigned I think we are OK at CB .
  19. Williams also is guaranteed 22 mill which makes his contract quite a bit better than the Funchess deal. That said , I would have liked Williams but might be Ballard not so much ?
  20. I wonder if he's a bit too much of a 3-4 guy ?
  21. Anyone other than me think maybe we offer him a deal with most of the guaranteed money in year 1
  22. If that report is correct , it's a good deal for both Dersir and the Colts. Some here don't like him as much as others but at this point in time , we need to spend a little... no ?
  23. If you look , you'll see that most of the playoff teams didn't have much cap room to begin with. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/
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