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  1. They say anything about 12?
  2. From the series too, gotta say...Mike Adams is a proper leader. Colts have moved on but his leadership stands out.
  3. They say same about almost every player. Have you heard them gush about Chester?
  4. We don't know anything about Cain, we've seen college tape, we have dreams about what he can be, when the lights turn on, he's a question mark, a big one. We'll just have to wait and see. May the best man win.
  5. He'll get his chance, there's no question about that.
  6. The coaching staff like Fountain a lot too don't they? GM likes Fountain too, heck he picked Fountain (the small school kid) before Cain. Higher ceiling based on what? His college profile? What're these projections based on? We've seen many preseason star wideouts in Indy, every season there's one, what's Cain got over the competition? Also the ACL tear seems to be underestimated. It's a lot to expect him to contribute seriously this year. Not many players can do what AP did. Look at Hooker last year, he admittedly wasn't same guy and took until this offseason for him to fully recover. It's just a huge ask to come back at full speed, and combining that with the fact he's essentially a rookie, I'm still not seeing how he's more of a lock than Fountain or Marcus Johnson or Pascal or Chester. Ideally, they all take jumps this year but if I were betting, I'd have Chester, Pascal and Fountain ahead of Cain for sure. Probably also Marcus Johnson. Cain's ahead of the rookies because he's been in the building a year but the others have actually been in live NFL (including playoff) games and contributed. I'd love to see Cain do well but ultimately I think he's behind the others and I think they'll all take leaps going into year 2 under Reich. **not even mentioned Krishawn Hogan who the coaches reportedly adore.
  7. I've read this several times but what's the rationale behind the thought that Cain is any more of a lock than Fountain? Fountain's actually played in the league, played in the playoffs, and experienced it all, that has to count for something. Cain had a good preseason but is coming back from an ACL injury and most players don't come back full speed for more than a full season and expecting Cain to be full speed next year is really benchmarking HIGH. Why is he more of a lock than a guy who has played in the league and definitely learned a few things?
  8. If it's strictly about the $, the Colts are unlikely to sign Collins, as most observant folks seem to get by now, this GM isn't overpaying anyone to come play for his team. The wildcard though is Collins may want to play for the Colts for less than other teams offer. Remember Ballard said that last year, some players wouldn't come to Indy because of multiple reasons that had nothing to do with money (no certainty surrounding #12, poor team, lack of direction, etc) and this year Indy has all those things locked down and more so there may yet be some players who sign here for less than they get offered elsewhere if they believe there's something special brewing here...we all believe that to be the case.
  9. Do you think the coaches and GM like the fact that Q does that to teammates? I suspect they like the 'attitude' change he brings.
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