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  1. That's what many Seattle fans said when they drafted Wilson FYI
  2. Everyone has a story. It's great that he has overcome a lot. It does check a box, but if the on field stuff isn't up to scratch, it doesn't matter. Brissett's off field stuff is topnotch too.
  3. I've spoken about Fromm before. The things he excels at are traits all great QBs have. The greatest QBs didn't necessarily have 'arm talent'. Certainly not the guys in Indy. Fromm's combine and workouts will be telling. If he does what Luck did during his workouts (remember the 70yd throw?) then I think he'd be a better investment in the 2nd round (paired with a WR in the 1st) than say Love at 13.
  4. Take vision and field vision and just pure anticipation over arm talent 10 out of 10 times. Luck's arm? It was questioned. Manning's arm? Ditto. Brady? Ditto. Brees? Ditto.
  5. Not sure i'd pin that on Kaepernick. He's been out of the league so long that I'm possibly remembering the wrong Kaep. At any rate, I don't see any free agent QBs on the market now who'd be that much better than Brissett.
  6. Understandable however he's 32 and can still play. So politics aside, seems like a name to consider instead of guys like Rivers.
  7. Tom Telesco is a brilliant mind, he worked in Indy which means you know firsthand how smart he is. Why would you take what he's discarded? Think about it for a moment. FYI, the Chargers arguably have a better roster than Indy.
  8. If he's healthy and the weapons stay healthy, 8-8 or 9-7 is plausible. Like you, i agree, he's just a struggling QB. Nice guy, great leader, but that's not enough.
  9. Brissett's bad but even Ballard admits the dude had little in weapons. Rivers had a great set of weapons and was bad. It's six of one, half a dozen of the other I think. My guess is CB loads up on the weapons this off season, drafts a QB, and lets him battle it out with Brissett for the starting job.
  10. 2 more seasons. Okay. I wouldn't touch it but I understand why people want that.
  11. Can't stand Jacoby? I don't disagree but you don't jump from the frying pan into the fire ya know. There're not really a lot of enticing names out there. Much like pass rushers, good QBs rarely hit the open market. They're usually either old and washed or a dicey gamble (like Peyton was for the Broncos). Maybe Kaepernick?
  12. This isn't about defending Brissett. Brissett has shown nothing worth dying on his hill for however Rivers was decidedly bad last season, and it wasn't just about Oline. Dude made bad throws pretty much every game whether he had time in the pocket or not. He's 38. He's the best of the big 3 (him, Eli, and Big Ben) imho but wanting him in Indy as a stop gap is not a great idea. FYI, while this Oline is 'good', it isn't great. Brissett and Luck's escape-ability certainly helped the numbers. At any rate, I hope Ballard doesn't do something like this. It'd be a quick way to hover around .500 again.
  13. I don't think the better OL and Reich would help him, no.
  14. Ballard gives Rivers a ton of money after giving Brissett a ton of money, and Hoyer very good money (for a backup). Yeah, that's not likely. Did folks watch Rivers last season? The cliff for QBs is a real thing, and he fell right off it. San Diego are not jettisoning him for no reason, the front office there know what they're doing.
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