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  1. He's paid less than Donald...and now Jones. I'm not sure of Cox. But that's the going rate for the position.
  2. Peyton > Luck but Luck was pretty damn special and I can't knock the guy for making a decision that was best for his physical and mental wellbeing. Lets hope Rivers can be 75% of what Luck was.
  3. Hooker. The coaches and GM have gone out of their way to praise Mack and Brissett and talked nonstop about how it's a two headed monster and JB is great for the locker room etc. No one's said anything along those lines about Hooker AFAIK.
  4. Is he smart (in terms of understanding what the defense is doing and what his offense's concepts are)? Can he see the field? Is he accurate?
  5. Yup. That 'Ed Reed' potential was always that mirage that pulled fans and admin in. Hooker has range, that's it. We hoped he'd grow, he hasn't (for several valid reasons) but in retrospect, it should have been obvious. Ed Reed was a DOG, it wasn't just range and the ability to bait QBs the OG had. That heart, the aggression, the range, the leadership, the tackling, the willingness to engage in the run game. Hooker may become that Ed Reed elsewhere but somehow I doubt it, young safeties like Jamal Adams came in from day 1 and instantly showed what they were about. Hooker's range meant he was compared to one of the greatest safeties ever but in reality, his ceiling is probably being a good FS. The great ones all had that DOG which Hooker really hasn't ever shown. Sharper, Lott, Reed, etc, all fighters. Hopefully Hooker takes his game up several notches but Ed Reed? I don't see it happening and will gladly eat crow if it does.
  6. The talk of mobile QBs is baffling to me. Mahomes has really changed a lot of minds huh? (ditto Lamar). It wasn't two minutes ago when everyone said you had to be a pocket passer in this NFL, now this? Just like the Chiefs and Ravens crafted their offenses around their QBs. It's up to the Colts to craft the offense around Rivers and Eason i.e. non-mobile QBs, and I think they can and will do great. Manning and Brady mobile? No. It doesn't matter. It's an added dimension but it's not the only thing that defines a QB.
  7. It's the offseason so the questions about Brissett and Vinny will keep persisting but those two shouldn't be Colts come the new season.
  8. If Chris Ballard had been the GM through Andrew Luck's career, do you think the bearded wonder would still be playing football now? Do you think #12 would have had at least a SB appearance to his name? How you answer those questions should tell you how you truly feel about CB
  9. We'll see what the story is post-draft. Nothing to gain from moving on now. The true feelings the team have about Jacoby are already clear. They KNOW he's not good enough to make this a winning team. That's why Rivers is the QB. And if it wasn't Rivers, it'd have been Nick Foles. Jacoby is a special guy, just not good enough to entrust with the present or future of the franchise. As soon as they can get something worth the trouble, he'll be gone.
  10. He's had to face circumstances that most other GMs will never face in their whole career and has handled those impeccably but he's not perfect. His choice of the NE OC was mind boggling. This is a big season for him.
  11. Two teams in his division went deep into the playoffs. You betcha he switched things up.
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