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  1. The man wasn't great by mistake. Love what he said about him and Peyton. Those guys were WORKERS.
  2. Venturi is a riot. Hilarious guy. Knows his stuff but he thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, his back has to be crooked from him patting it so much. Also, he does way too many about faces and acts as if there are no receipts of some things he's said.
  3. George Bremer? Zak Keefer? There're some really good guys there. Doyel and Kravitz might be the only two whose work I'm not a fan of.
  4. Sounds like Coach Brady is the man to ask questions about Jacob Eason not Frank Reich.
  5. Fair point. One of them was gone for a year. However, since we're adding caveats, lets note that one of them is on a new team, new city, and hadn't played with the guys on his offense before.
  6. Lets put some respect on Pascal's name. He was WR1 last season. His play this season shows he can contribute. Fountain has shown nothing more than potential. So far Pascal >>>>>> Fountain
  7. The Jaguars loss may be even worse considering how they've looked in the last 3 weeks or so. It's the NFL though. If you sleepwalk on any given week, you wake up with an L. Colts got lucky today, they sleepwalked thru the first 20mins and luckily Rivers showed something most doubted (inc. me) he could still do i.e. carry a team on his back.
  8. 1. The Bengals have played everyone close save for the Ravens. Burrow is good and the Bengals defense is a top 15 unit by most advanced stats. 2. Is that supposed to be a negative? Not sure what's wrong with that. That's what playing QB is about. 3. Rinse and repeat #2. He has already done it against good defenses. Ask Chicago. And like I already said, the Bengals have a decent defense by most advanced stats.
  9. The guy is a borderline hall of fame and you're saying the past 17 years have not been all that? LOL Fans can be nuts. In Indy, we've had 18 and 12, and i think that has obscured reality for a lot of us.
  10. Penalties were unacceptable, it doesn't mean they didn't happen. A coach can be all kinds of intense and still be rubbish. Adam Gase by many indications is a super intense fellow...how's that worked for him? If perfection is what you think this fiery belly coach brings. Let the forum know when you find such a man, I imagine we'll all be in heaven singing hallelujahs then though.
  11. I've never seen anything from Reich or indeed any of the other coaches you mentioned (including Pagano) that suggests they were not intense or that they had low expectations. Meek (mild) demeanors don't correlate with standards or whatever. Your point doesn't add up. The Colts under Dungy executed better than pretty much any other team out there. They were simple in concept but flawless in execution. Penalties were unacceptable. Does that not scream high expectation?
  12. Nah, let's kill this thought with sticks and fire. When Pagano was brought in, the exact thought was he'd bring that fire-in-your-belly Baltimore style. We know how that went. It's not about who can yell loudest. There're different styles of communication. Bill Belichick is the greatest coach ever, he's not exactly a yeller. Andy Reid is possibly the greatest offensive mind in the game now....he's no yeller.
  13. Fact is, you don't know that. Wasn't your beef against him was entirely based off perceived 'me me' attitude. As far as his actual running ability, it's extremely difficult to tell. He had a torrid time in NY. His last game was pretty good, I watched closely because of fantasy football His YPC was good, the team around him just blew majorly. Now, KC has had some similar issues to Indy as far as run game. They've got a bell cow with their rookie but much like JT, he hasn't exactly blown the doors off. KC think Bell is worth the gamble. If he hits, great. If not, the inv
  14. Great point. That wasn't just Frank Reich.
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