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  1. For 2021, I'd absolutely argue that Wentz is unknown, in that no one knows what we're getting. When you have that wild variance between him being QB34 and QB2, that's unknown territory I'd say. You don't know if you're getting prime Andrew Luck, or if you'd have been better off sticking with Jacoby Brissett.
  2. This is my fear for that organization. Honestly if the Colts gave up the exact same, i'd call it relatively cheap. I'm of the belief that a lot of these guys wind up 'busting' because of the teams they go to. I want Joe Douglas to do well in NY but that's an organization with a history of failure and dysfunction, i expect the Zach Wilson experiment to go pretty similarly to how the Sam Darnold one went. The price? Relatively cheap at least compared to what we thought it'd be BEFORE Wentz was acquired. The player? We'll see. Fields may have been one of those guys B
  3. He's an unknown. He has 5 years of wildly varying performance. From MVP level to XFL level, there's a reason for the narrative, it's not just because the national media are *. Even Chris Ballard said we don't know what we're getting until the bullets start flying. We think he can play but we'll see.
  4. The rookie didnt require a ton of picks....Chicago acquired a QB for relatively little. If a rookie QB is a huge unknown, the same applies to the rookie pass rushers. Wentz is a big unknown as well.
  5. No one knows. The writer isn't necessarily wrong, the last time anyone saw Wentz, he was shaky mentally and a mess football-wise. Hurts wasn't any great shakes yet he was better than Wentz. We know the potential Carson has but if the national media isn't lapping it up, that's not a bad thing. Let them keep dogging Indy while we build quietly and solidly. We all hope Frank Reich can unleash a beast who performs at levels even better than 2017 but fact is, it's May 12th and right now we don't know. Even Chris Ballard said same, just as he did about Eason, we won't know what we have u
  6. Chris Ballard mentioned.....Pascal as that underrated guy
  7. Exactly. If we're talking nationally, it's got to be Moore. If we're talking by Colts fans, it's probably Glow or Pascal I think.
  8. Not sure if this is posted here already, i've not seen it anywhere. Some linebacker help. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/05/colts-sign-malik-jefferson/
  9. My heart breaks for the family. Terrible thing to have to bury someone so young.
  10. D. Awesome! Love grades C and below! It shows the GM is still playing 3D chess while the media are licking scraps playing Checkers. The last few grades that've been like this have turned out superbly for Indy. More D's and F's please!
  11. With the $ he was guaranteed, it's a good guess. I'd look closely at the LBs too. I think the backup depth is fair game there.
  12. I'm not trying to bait you into anything. I'm just saying one player is much faster than the other, in terms of speed, he's more aligned to #28. I'm not sure how that's baiting.
  13. Is the Colts UDFA streak still on? I wonder which UDFA makes the team this time.
  14. Yeah, I don't agree with that sentiment. Everyone develops differently, has different set of circumstances they're faced with. Your late rounders are typically picked based on traits, they have some missing thing(s) but if they can put it all together, they can be great. Guys like Brackett and Mathis and countless players Indy has picked over the years. It sounds cheesy but once the draft is done, it's a fresh start. Sure the early rounder gets a little bit more rope because yeah, they're expected to contribute more RIGHT AWAY but on the long run, it doesn't mean diddly. I was rea
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