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  1. For sure, this highlights that. I think it crazy because Eberflus has been mooted as a HC candidate for quite a while. Almost his whole time in Indy. Also, as far as defensive minded Has go, Staley getting a job before him is also noteworthy to me.
  2. I think shasta probably meant it wouldn't move anything forward next season. I agree with that sentiment however I disagree with the notion that this team couldn't have won a SB with Rivers, they had everything needed to do that this year. In these playoffs, I've not seen a team that the Colts couldn't have hung with. I'd argue that the defense needs more pass rush from the edges but this team was in it.
  3. Sirianni got a HC job before Eberflus...kind of crazy to think about that.
  4. Time for Mr Ballard to open up that black book. He has a lot of staff hiring to do this offseason.
  5. IIRC, when Ballard first got the job, he said that he hoped to get to a point where his staff where coveted by other teams.
  6. For sure, I thought the same thing. However, this is the team's call right? Unless they have a rookie they're 100% sure about (no such thing), it'd be crazy to trade Stafford even for a king's ransom. Look at all the teams who have needs at that position. That's the one position Detroit's solid at. Now, if they want to rebuild totally and are ready for a 2 win season then that's a different story.
  7. Same thing the new GM said. They have a QB, unless he actively wants to leave, I dont know why they'd let him go for a rookie QB who might never be anything close to what Stafford is.
  8. Thanks for adding that necessary detail. Tells me everything I need to know. I think Ballard's words still ring true...until we see Eason LIVE in action where it counts, it is hard to make judgment on him. Jacoby may have looked great in practices but we all know how all that shook out when the bullets started flying.
  9. Sweet. Can you describe it for those of us who don't instagram?
  10. There were factors but Luck was clearly rusty. You would pick Chuck Pagano over Frank Reich?
  11. Healthy Luck? The player who was obviously limited through the 1st 5 weeks or so? The guy who was rusty from a year plus away from the game? If you were picking a coach for your club, you'd pick Pagano over Reich?
  12. The bulb sometimes takes seven years to come on...
  13. Sure it would but there's a difference between naming a 1st round QB your starter, and naming Eason starter. We'll see how covid shakes out. Interesting times ahead.
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