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  1. Love AV! But we are not talking medium to long range kicks, it's extra pts. You can't keep giving those away. Guess we will just have to wait and see and hope he can correct it. Honestly, I have little faith when he kicks now, which is not the way I want to see him go out!
  2. Beginning to wonder what happened to no one player is greater than team! JS
  3. Voted yes only because Harbaugh is up there. Luck accomplished more individually, so I feel he will be in eventually. Personally, I don't think he should. Harbaugh, loved his playing style and can understand him being a fan favorite, but not certain he belongs up there as well. Captain Comeback was fun to watch though! Sported that 4 Jersey proudly.
  4. Refuse to let myself get in this argument anymore. As much I would like, but the Peyton years burned me out. Not going to let others upset me over individual players anymore. I don't care who likes Luck or doesn't. Doesn't matter how they rate him vs others. I am in all team mode and want superbowls and championships. Take care of that and everything else falls in to place!
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