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  1. Both. Colts fan since 77. Name said it first. I consider both histories as the same. I am originally from VA and now NC. I follow the shoe!
  2. The man put it all on the line! Maybe he should slide, but he may not feel totally comfortable doing that coming off foot surgery. Sliding can put your foot in awkward positions at times.
  3. Not really a fan of this. On a positive note. The way the first game went, may be the most entertainment we get this season.
  4. Run the ball!! That's how you beat a high powered offense. Hopefully our dline can disrupt RW enough from killing us with the big play. Got to be positive!
  5. They don't say much unless we have someone that played college here. Steve Smith in on the SE train at start of game. Has not talked one time of the competition between our 2 young QBs since.
  6. Could be worse! Sitting here in NC, listening to the panther telecast. All the interviews on the sideline of panther players, not to mention commercials,
  7. Totally agree! We have high hopes, but this team does have many question marks. The most important position was always a huge one. Our hopes for a great possible season now may end very quickly with the tough schedule early on. Think most like myself was wanting just a fair shake for once. Seems as this team is just snake bitten. Sometimes I believe the pats put some sort of hex on this organization. We surround their QB with question marks and we can't keep one since. Crazy thought I know.
  8. We can hope. It is just unbelievable the colts go through this every year it seems. The biggest concern for me when Wentz was signed, was his injury history. Hope it's not as bad that most are speculating.
  9. Call Phil!! Man played on a bad foot last season! I really miss the days where we had 1 QB behind center! We can't even count Phil as many times as JB entered the game
  10. This match up is always hell for me. My best friend is a steelers fan along with many other friends. Got texts from first loss of season against jags from them. During the Peyton years always heard how the colts were better and going to beat them just so they could make excuses if they lose. Well guess we all know how many times that actually happened. So when they won, it was even more intolerable. My heart says colts but history proves otherwise. Really hope history doesn't repeat itself!
  11. Agree!! Needs to be out of football!
  12. Unbelievable or is it believable! Not sure what to think anymore
  13. Johnny U, Jones, Manning blue & white, Harbaugh, Faulk, Edge, Marv, personalized. After Manning left, decided to never buy another jersey unless personalized.
  14. To be fair, JB probably does look like the guy everyday in practice. I am sure he looks great going against the colts pass defense!
  15. Typical Sean Payton fashion! Personally, I am still salty over the rematch in NO. They wore white at home and colts were the home blues just like the superbowl. Manning was down that year and Payton was in the booth and ran the score up on the colts while eating a hotdog. Really like Brees but never been able to pull for SP! May be petty, well so be it
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