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  1. coltsfan77

    Luck Era

    I hope for at least one with Luck. Personally feel we should get 2 with the way CB is building the team. He seems to be going alot more balanced than we had in the PM era. Luck will also have to become more consistent throughout as well. Still makes some bad decisions that in my eyes he should be past by now. Hopefully those things will be more corrected with Reich. PM would also force things more so early in his career until TD got here. Always felt PM put the whole weight of the team on his shoulders because he felt immense pressure to score every drive because the defense seemed to be lower tier. Dungy brought a calm to the team that helped settle him a bit. Luck will never be another PM which is ok, because 99% of the QBs won't be either. Luck can still be great though, and possibly bring more championships if we continue to go balanced!
  2. coltsfan77

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    As though it really matters, Jason Whitlock asked the question on Twitter after the game. "Has your opinion of Andrew Luck changed permanently? Mine has, noodle arm!" His words not mine, but the media is already trying to put it out there. He did take alot of heat after the remark but probably as many agreed. I personally hope it is more of a conditioning issue or maybe the newer throwing motion he has used. Just odd the shorter throws have been more the issue.
  3. Bottom line, beaten by a better team. As Chad72 stated, we all seen this game before with our 06 colts. A team that was one of the best in the league all year and still reminded the last 2 weeks how bad their D was. They played with a chip and plainly wanted it more. As far as Luck goes, will admit the low balls have been somewhat concerning during the season and even more so today. It is a bit confusing because at times he seems to drive the ball. The short passes are the ones that seem to knuckle on him. I tend to think it may be a throwing motion issue and nothing more. I also have to remind myself how far he has come and another offseason may be what is needed. Overall, ecstatic about the future of this team! Proud of what the whole team accomplished this year. Remember, we weren't supposed to be here this year!
  4. coltsfan77

    Colts @ Texans 2019 AFC Wild Card Round Playoff Game Thread

    At work..did Hooker make it back?
  5. coltsfan77

    1958 Baltimore Colts Championship

    Been a colts fan since 77! Superbowl 3 still ticks me off and I wasn't even born yet!
  6. coltsfan77

    Pro Bowl Selections/Snubs (Merge)

    Feeling like the Clark Griswold rant right now, but don't want to get banned!! This is beyond ridiculous! What a joke the pro bowl has become.
  7. coltsfan77

    Colts Vs. Cowboys Game Day Thread

    Have to make Dak beat you. Have to contain 21!
  8. coltsfan77

    T.Y. Hilton or Marvin Harrison...

    Like T.Y., but Marvin and Reggie were better. The difficult catches those 2 made were unbelievable at times.
  9. coltsfan77

    Kalen Ramsey/Luck interaction

    Funny thing, was a big FSU fan because of Bobby Bowden. My most disliked player of all time Neon Deon! Now Ramsey quickly moving up the list!
  10. Frustrated not sticking to the run more. More frustrated not taking the points. As far as Bell, do not want to give the big contract but he does give the offense a new dynamic. You have to gameplan around him. He is a threat out of the backfield and receiving. May be a welcome change!
  11. coltsfan77

    Bring back silver pants for an alternate

    Would also like to see the bucking colt logo used on the field, possibly in the endzones. I know it's more of a Baltimore thing, but they do sell merchandise with it. Guess that be asking to much, but from an original colt fan, it would be nice.
  12. coltsfan77

    Bring back silver pants for an alternate

    I have noticed the blue is really bright campaign to the original colt blue. Irsay had to get Reebok to adjust the brighter blue to more original years back. Think he needs to do the same with Nike. Would love the original back. On a side note, wish they would switch the different combos of uniforms from time to time. The classic look should remain the for the most part.
  13. coltsfan77

    The Bills are not a cupcake team

    Colts do have a way embarrassing themselves against mediocre and unproven QBs
  14. No. Not every QB has the talent that AL has. Not only referring to being a gunslinger in comparison to Favre. The mentality and toughness also comes to mind. Never giving up on a play even though sometimes he should. Will he ever be a HOFer, who knows.