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  1. Personally I really don't like primetime games as well.. Early riser for work myself. That being said, I do feel for our fellow fans there in Indy that get slighted constantly it seems. Probably lost revenue there as well.
  2. Luck is coming back next year with new contract. He has completely healed physically and mentally. No need for any of these guys, as AL is currently getting back in to football shape. Time off has given him what he needed. That's why River's only got one year deal. Another what if scenario. Wish was true, especially after watching the replay of Colts and Broncos last night.
  3. Really liking the moves thus far. Some not happy with the first round pick or the Rivers signing. The way I see it, we gave up 13 for a proven stud, where most picks after 5 are gambles anyways. Buckner has proven himself in this league. Also really liking the Rivers pickup the more I watch and read. Thanks for all the Rivers fans to come on and show support. The more I watch his ay from last year the more I agree with his fans. The competitor he his is also going to bring a fire to this offense as well. With he and Nelson, men with their attitudes, can't wait!! Both sides of the ball are going to be something to see in my opinion.
  4. Johnny U, Jones, Manning blue & white, Harbaugh, Faulk, Edge, Marv, personalized. After Manning left, decided to never buy another jersey unless personalized.
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