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  1. This match up is always hell for me. My best friend is a steelers fan along with many other friends. Got texts from first loss of season against jags from them. During the Peyton years always heard how the colts were better and going to beat them just so they could make excuses if they lose. Well guess we all know how many times that actually happened. So when they won, it was even more intolerable. My heart says colts but history proves otherwise. Really hope history doesn't repeat itself!
  2. Agree!! Needs to be out of football!
  3. Unbelievable or is it believable! Not sure what to think anymore
  4. Stripes of Fright or Blue Stompede. Threw these out for the fun of the topic.
  5. Overrated as of now. They have not really faced a good offense yet. By my eye test, they still have a ways to go. I expect them to improve throughout the year.
  6. My favorite player as a kid. Had his poster on my wall. Would have loved to see him have a longer career and lead the colts back to the big game! Also had a Bert Jones football uniform I played in the backyard on weekends! Great memories!
  7. Personally I really don't like primetime games as well.. Early riser for work myself. That being said, I do feel for our fellow fans there in Indy that get slighted constantly it seems. Probably lost revenue there as well.
  8. Luck is coming back next year with new contract. He has completely healed physically and mentally. No need for any of these guys, as AL is currently getting back in to football shape. Time off has given him what he needed. That's why River's only got one year deal. Another what if scenario. Wish was true, especially after watching the replay of Colts and Broncos last night.
  9. Really liking the moves thus far. Some not happy with the first round pick or the Rivers signing. The way I see it, we gave up 13 for a proven stud, where most picks after 5 are gambles anyways. Buckner has proven himself in this league. Also really liking the Rivers pickup the more I watch and read. Thanks for all the Rivers fans to come on and show support. The more I watch his ay from last year the more I agree with his fans. The competitor he his is also going to bring a fire to this offense as well. With he and Nelson, men with their attitudes, can't wait!! Both sides of the ball are goin
  10. Johnny U, Jones, Manning blue & white, Harbaugh, Faulk, Edge, Marv, personalized. After Manning left, decided to never buy another jersey unless personalized.
  11. To be fair, JB probably does look like the guy everyday in practice. I am sure he looks great going against the colts pass defense!
  12. Typical Sean Payton fashion! Personally, I am still salty over the rematch in NO. They wore white at home and colts were the home blues just like the superbowl. Manning was down that year and Payton was in the booth and ran the score up on the colts while eating a hotdog. Really like Brees but never been able to pull for SP! May be petty, well so be it
  13. May be the first colt I never got to see play. Had to work opening weekend when he went down. Living in NC, had seen him numerous times in Carolina and had high hopes. He was clutch there. Was probably one of the few that really liked the signing. Now, may never get to see him play as a colt. I for one think he is worth resigning, should be low cost with possible good rewards.
  14. Simply, this is the kind of loss a fan doesn't need! I believe there is no such thing as a so called good loss. The colts have won enough close games this year that they shouldn't need any kind of wake up call. They play to their competition and that is more of a coaching issue. One of the biggest complaints about Tomlin of the steelers, is that they seem always to play to their competition. Now we seem to do the same. Not saying that Reich is another Tomlin, but he is new and still learning as he goes. Hopefully this gets corrected.
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