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  1. Tom Brady is BY FAR THE MOST OVERRATED PLAYED TO EVER STEP UNDER CENTER. He wouldn't have a damn thing in his career if it wasnt for Belichick. He is miles ahead of most coaches in the league. I hate the Patriots as much as the next true colts fan. But, I honestly believe that belichick could go out and sign almost anyone to play that spot and they will still make the playoffs. Yeah, they have benefitted in a bad division and all. But, it's like belichick has some sort of magic ball. Now, to give a point to prove that anyone could step in for Brady and do close to the same thing he gets done. -in OT, Brady threw the ball 9 times. Of those 9 throws I saw 1 pass that actually had defender that was close enough to limit the damage. The one to Gronk on 3rd and 10. And the defender had no chance to stop the ball there. He was outside and behind A few steps. 3 for 3 on 3rd downs that drive. All at 3rd and long... - BB lost brady for a season after like 1 quarter AND STILL won 11 games. Not to mention who he did it with at QB. (Cassell) Brady has never had a overly weak side of the team. The 2 seasons the true GOAT had a real kicker and a more than capable defense to challenge the other team he won 2 rings. Would have at least 3 if hank basket wasnt out messing around w/his favorite tranny the night before the biggest game of the year. Or Mike vanderjagt stopped drinking. - and the very last point to prove that Brady is the luckiest player ever. The sea Seahawks didnt run the ball on the 2.
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