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  1. Refuse to let myself get in this argument anymore. As much I would like, but the Peyton years burned me out. Not going to let others upset me over individual players anymore. I don't care who likes Luck or doesn't. Doesn't matter how they rate him vs others. I am in all team mode and want superbowls and championships. Take care of that and everything else falls in to place!
  2. I also live in panther country. In the games I seen him play,when the Panthers needed a play he was the horse they went to. He made key plays by keeping drives alive or scoring. I am very optimistic in what he could bring to this offense.
  3. I hope for at least one with Luck. Personally feel we should get 2 with the way CB is building the team. He seems to be going alot more balanced than we had in the PM era. Luck will also have to become more consistent throughout as well. Still makes some bad decisions that in my eyes he should be past by now. Hopefully those things will be more corrected with Reich. PM would also force things more so early in his career until TD got here. Always felt PM put the whole weight of the team on his shoulders because he felt immense pressure to score every drive because the defense seemed to be lower tier. Dungy brought a calm to the team that helped settle him a bit. Luck will never be another PM which is ok, because 99% of the QBs won't be either. Luck can still be great though, and possibly bring more championships if we continue to go balanced!
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