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  1. " if you don't think Alec Pierce is a good receiver, there's the door!"
  2. Fries is not being replaced by Smith and probably by nobody unless he's injured. He played well last year. Also....No way are we paying that much money for 2 guards. ( Smith and Nelson)
  3. He is a pass first QB but they are going to run the RPO and he's going to run ,so brace yourself.
  4. Tell that to Buffalo, Baltimore,Arizona, KC, Chicago, NY Giants, and the Eagles to name a few . Times have changed
  5. Nothing wrong with that. I believe that's how the 2006 World Champions were built.
  6. He was invited to speak at a private college...it wasn't like he went on YouTube or x with his beliefs.
  7. I'm not sold on Flacco. Last year was a nice story but he didn't have to go through the grind of OTAs , training camp and pre season. He's 40 plus years old. He also tends to throw a lot of picks. Hopefully if he plays, it's only for a game or two.
  8. I saw that vid...I think it was high school. I'm amazed some of those smaller guys actually lived. He planted a few of them.
  9. Well, the Colts play the Packers in week 2. The Packers play the previous Friday in Brazil then have to fly back to Wisconsin. Is that 2 days ( Sat,Sun) considered an advantage?
  10. Just an FYI...Upstate NY ..finger lakes area...is not NYC. I could care less about the Knicks.
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