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  1. The comment was referencing the bar situation in New York State. Our great Gov. now says you can't order a drink at a bar unless you order food.
  2. If players wish to celebrate with each other after a touchdown, they must produce a protest sign or place an order for food.
  3. Hopefully this is natural muscle and he worked on stretching and flexibility. Too many injuries today are caused because the ligaments and tendons can't support muscle strength created through chemistry.
  4. Finally a voice of reason !
  5. Big deal and probably not a true statement. We need QBs that can make the right reads and throw the ball accurately.
  6. So. Salary caps will be decreasing next year. Can't pay Rivers, Nelson, Leonard, Buckner etc big $$$$
  7. Yes, CB is brilliant. No other GM in the League would pay a backup QB 20+ million. Brilliant!!!!
  8. Have you even seen Buckner play? He's not a dominating player like Jones and Donald are.
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