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  1. You may have to wait a few years. The Raiders are in Indy this year.
  2. We have it all here! Drs, GMs, Coaches and trainers.
  3. If Sam " Tevi to the levy" performs well next to Q then we won't need Fisher next year.
  4. Let's resign Hooker ASAP.....he's coming of an Achilles tear so it would only make sense.
  5. It would be nice to have a week 1 game in Indy. It's been years.
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again.When it comes to free agent top tier differece makers, Ballard is way too passive.Hes a good drafter and makes good trades but he's awful at FA. The Bucs and Chiefs are aggresive. Ballards phone is in airplane mode. ..
  7. Ballard needs to stop procasternating , get Leno in here and get a deal done. It's a huge position of need. Stop messing around Chris!!!
  8. Reading comprehension is certainly not your forte so, in the future, I'll type slower so as not to confuse you. Where did I say I don't care about draft grades?
  9. 2002 was 19 years ago. Alot also depends on the extent and location of the tear.
  10. I never understood draft grades. It's like giving a student a grade..then having them take the test afterwards.
  11. I'm hoping they sign Leno....even if it's Jay Leno.
  12. I hope they sign Leno to a 2 or 3 year deal. He's been a solid player with no injury history. We already have 2 Achilles to rehab....dont need a third.
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