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  1. I'm in the minority...but I'm glad we won't mortgage the future for a QB that gets sacked 40 to 50 times per year. It's not all on their online either.
  2. Exactly. No more OSU players please. If we do trade up which I doubt happens, I hope we get Wilson or Jones.
  3. I'm just a lowly brain surgeon who only makes $500k per year. I don't have the ability to QB sneak for a yard 12 times a year.
  4. Very jealous! If I had his money...id throw mine away.
  5. Oh..i didn't realize he did all that! He's underpaid for sure.
  6. So you don't see anything wrong with a backup making a million dollars per snap?
  7. Doctors , surgeons, Presidents ..etc...earn far less than someone that earns 20 + million to to QB sneak or throw a ball once or twice a year? Hmmm.
  8. The point is (which you are totally missing) is that 25 million is obscene money for a backup that didn't do anything. Businesses are failing , families can't make ends meet...but a backup hardly used QB makes 25 million. Does that make sense to you?
  9. I would love to do a half dozen QB sneaks and one incompleted pass for 25 million...sign me up !
  10. Get real. Let me know who else earned 25 million in the league as a backup...and played maybe 10 plays the entire year.
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