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  1. Robert is lucky he didn't face Chad Kelly. There is no way he could strip sack Chad.
  2. If they read and believe this forum....no doubt in my mind.
  3. The Colts are obviously sitting on a gold mine. We need to trade Chad Kelly to the Lions for Stafford and their 1st round pick this year and next year's #1 too.
  4. How does a thread about the Colts losing out on a 6th round draft pick turn into yet another Chad Kelly thread? Give it up man...there is a really good chance he won't even be on the team or in the League this season.
  5. No team can win a Super Bowl right now. It's not being played until Feb 2021.
  6. Bingo. He needs attention. He will visit teams and field offers only to sign a last minute 2 year team friendly deal with the Pats.....oh the drama!
  7. I agree but I doubt CB makes it happen. CB has shown us he doesn't want to spend money to make the team better.Carr will probably be a Bear.
  8. Chad us right up there with the legendary Mike Hart.
  9. Drama queen Brady isn't going anywhere. He will visit teams to get attention and create more "Drama" but in the end, will be a Patriot.
  10. When he quit ...just before the start of the season
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