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  1. We need to sign Tolzien now!
  2. I only punted 3 times against them...lmao!
  3. New too! I want us to remain mediocre. Why should we want to sIgn any difference makers.
  4. Well, all the players that can get you to the next level are gone. Time for Ballard to roll up his sleeves and sIgn other teams discarded trash. Stay mediocre my friends!
  5. Lol...so true. Ballard thinks it's a game show and the team with the most money left is the winner.
  6. Just sent away for my Devin Funchess jersey...hurry , they are selling fast!
  7. How many difference makers did we sign so far?
  8. JB + our first 2nd round pick to the Giants for OBJ?
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