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  1. Only one team seems to have been caught multiple times. Can you name that team ?
  2. The sleazy Krafty Kraft will funnel money to someone to make this issue go away.
  3. 25-6 is a great record in any sport. Conversely, 6-25 is quite poor.
  4. That's all it will be. Id advise not to tune in.
  5. Not sure if I smell salmon or talapia.
  6. I know Leonard is a great player but because I don't know him personally , I can't say he's a great guy. I can say, I smell fish with this story.
  7. Thanks. I live near Rochester NY. There are shootings every other day. God bless the police for the thankless and stressful jobs that they do
  8. Because of a huge recent spike in Covid19, the NFLPA has advised against getting together to practice and masks are being mandated in certain areas of Florida. Guess who apparently isn't aware or wasn't informed? Yep, TB again. The same guy that wasnt aware that the parks were closed earlier in the year.
  9. Dungys son committed suicide week of regular season game at Seattle.
  10. We won't be able to keep everybody....bye bye Leonard.
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