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  1. He's too busy filming Hard Knocks.
  2. Luck was also injury prone.
  3. It's all part of the story...cant leave an important chapter out of a book
  4. ...And then quit 1 week before the season.
  5. Carson is our franchise QB. It was a great trade...like it or not...hes better than Luck.
  6. ...and in their uneducated football minds, it makes more sense to pay him left tackle money even though he's never played left tackle ( except for a few snaps in an emergency sutuation) and doesn't want to play left tackle. Thank God they don't run the team.
  7. I agree with this. Not sure what the thought pattern was . Leno is younger and healthier.
  8. Lol...we will be nowhere close to a top 5 pick. The season didn't end last week. Carson will be our franchise QB for years to come and we were lucky to get him for a more likely mid 1st round pick and a lower 2nd round pick.
  9. Colts fan base has selective comprehension skills. Q does not and will not be moving to left tackle. Because he did ok for a few snaps last tear....hed be a great left tackle. Lol...Who cares if he has a bad back...bad ankle. Let's put him out on an island. Lol
  10. It should be an eye for an eye...in all aspects of life. If someone wants to ruin someone's life...pay back is a bit....
  11. If he can stay healthy...hes the real deal and worth the #1 and 2 draft picks. He's ready made and ready to go.
  12. Please move ruf to left tackle or at least give him or her a lengthy time out.
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