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  1. coltsblue1844

    120 Million In Cap Space

    Ballard was never on record saying he would not go after a high priced free agent. He said that any free agents that he brings in, would have to fit our team and our locker room. He also said that he wanted to build a core and build a locker room before he opens up the wallet on free agents. Also, why would he have spent big the past two years? The first year he knew he was signing guys for a coaching staff that was on the way out. The second year, why break the bank before you know for SURE that Luck will be back to 100%? Of course Ballard cannot come right out and say "i cant spend money right now, we dont know if Luck will ever be the same"... Now that we KNOW Luck is 100%, we KNOW we have the right coaching staff in place, and we have a solid young core and a solid locker room... why does everyone seem to think we wont spend any money? The way the NFL rules are set up, if we do not spend enough, we still have to pay money to the NFL for NOT spending enough. My guess is that yes, we will try to pay to keep our own first... but as is, he inherited a team void of talent for the most part, and we have no one that will need resigned anytime soon. We have nearly $125 MILLION in cap space and can EASILY structure contracts that will not have any impact on resigning our young guys several years down the road. I think that this season shows we are a LOT closer than anyone thought before the season, and we shouldnt waste any of Luck's prime seasons, if we can keep from it. I also believe that Irsay is the owner and a fan, and seeing how close we are, he will urge Ballard to go after a few bigger name/bigger impact guys... both to push us closer to a Super Bowl, but also to start selling out Lucas Oil Stadium on a regular basis again. Either way, this season has turned out to be much better than i expected... i though Luck would get back to 100% but expected it to take longer... the coaching staff and young players, we had no real idea how things would click with everyone coming together. I think we could realistically be Super Bowl contenders NEXT season, if we add the right parts in free agency and also Ballard has another draft anything like we know he is capable of! Sorry this ran long, but i had a lot to say!
  2. coltsblue1844

    2019 biggest need for the Colts

    The rules in today's NFL favor offense in a big way, so adding the skill players around Luck to have a top offense, will likely get us farther than putting all of our money into the D. With that said, i do think we need to add more pieces on D, obviously. But look at the Rams vs Saints game from last week, for example... the best offense won, and neither D held the other back all that much.
  3. coltsblue1844

    2019 biggest need for the Colts

    A good pass rush makes the secondary look better, especially in a 4-3 zone based D. But i do agree we need a couple of good CBs on D. I also think we need a couple of legit WRs. I know that Cain looked good in the preseason, but i dont want to bank on him being the answer, since he is a rookie who will be coming off of a serious knee injury. This draft is supposed to be loaded at DT and DE, and also not a bad draft at WR. Between free agency and the draft, we could add enough to this team to make a huge impact, as long as we hit on the players we sign/draft. We arent as far away from being contenders as most people seem to think, in my honest opinion. And while i DO think that having a good D is important... look at the Rams, for example... they have one of if not the best D in the NFL, yet they still have to win their games by having a shootout a lot of the time.
  4. coltsblue1844

    Any doubt that Andrew Luck is elite now?

    Let's be honest about a few things. Until THIS year, Luck never had a good coaching staff around him and that includes the offensive coordinators calling the plays... Until THIS year, Luck never had a good offensive line around him to give him the time to make the plays... he was the most hit QB in the NFL year in and year out (partly due to the poor play calling from the coaching staff)... Luck is not far along into his career, but he just now got a good play caller for the first time in his career and has just now got protection from his O-line. Now also everyone keep in mind that THIS SEASON is the first of his NFL career that he has had a line and coaching staff, and he is coming off of over 600 days off between games due to injury... so he is supposed to still be rusty and working himself back into the speed of the NFL, yet he is playing lights out for us right now. With all of this said, my point is that he finally has the coaches, the o line and the offensive system to compliment all of his talent and ability...we need some better skill position players, but look for him to be even better NEXT year than he is right now (due to getting back into the groove after such a long layoff, as well as fully learning the new system etc). And i look for him to get better each year. To me, he has all of the tools to be ELITE, but was missing the play calling/coaches and the protection/ he's just missing more skill players and some time in the system. To me, i think the sky is the limit moving forward. I consider Peyton as the best to ever do it, but let's not forget all of the questions about him, his first several seasons. It wasnt until the latter 2/3 of Peyton's career that he was considered truly ELITE, and look how that turned out. Thank you, that is all... carry on lol
  5. I'm not arguing this... my point is that through their first 75 games in the NFL, Luck has been better...Peyton went on to have the best career of any QB...but Luck is still very early into his career. As big a Peyton fan as I am, as a COLTS fan, I hope for our sake, that Luck has the better career when it's all said n done!
  6. While i dont disagree that Manning was the best to ever do it... Many who arent old enough to have watched every snap in his career, do not remember that he struggled in the beginning... he wasnt always the surgeon on the field that he looked for the last 2/3 of his career. I'm sure you remember his 6 int game vs the Chargers... if Luck had a game like that, the posters on here would be calling for his head on a platter! lol Either way, my all time favorite player is Peyton Manning. I think he is the GOAT. But Andrew is my 2nd...and i think his first 5 seasons are better than what Peyton's first 5 as for the rest of his career, we shall see!
  7. Andrew may be in his prime as far as age, but he just came off of an over 600 day break between games... The season that Peyton had his knee scoped during training camp, he took several games to shake the rust off, just like it took Andrew a few games to do so this year... Counting this season, Andrew is on his 6th season (75 total games played) ... when compared to Peyton through his first 5 seasons payed (80 games) this is how they compare: TD: 138 (Peyton) vs 144 (Andrew) INT: 100 (Peyton) vs 73 (Andrew) Yards: 20,618 (Peyton) vs 20,569 (Andrew) Remember, this is with Andrew playing 5 fewer games and also playing some of those rusty (this year). SO, if we use AGE as "Prime", then would Peyton really have this team undefeated as you claimed? Let's not forget that he also had a good/great run game with Edge and also had Marvin Harrison this whole time and Reggie/Dallas part of that time. I'm the biggest Peyton fan and think he was the best ever...but i think my question about how Andrew wouldve done with his team is a fair one.
  8. The team i mentioned was the 2005 Colts... i'm just imagining if Luck had that team to play with for a decade (with a few parts moving to and from, obviously), just how good they would be
  9. In my own opinion, Peyton is the best QB to ever play... I'm old enough to have watched his entire career in the NFL... That said, i have been thinking lately and wondering to myself... As good as Luck does with such little talent... Imagine if Luck had this team: LT: Tarik Glenn LG: Ryan Lilja C: Jeff Saturday RG: Jake Scott RT: Ryan Diem RB: Edgerrin James WR: Marvin Harrison ; Reggie Wayne ; Brandon Stokely TE: Dallas Clark And on D, Marlin Jackson, Nick Harper, Freeney, Mathis, Brackett, Cato June, Bob Sanders... My point is... if we had that kind of talent surrounding Andrew Luck, just how good would he be/would that kind of team be? It's hard to imagine (for me personally) anyone being better than Peyton... but it's also hard for me to imagine that team losing a game with Luck as the QB. Just food for thought.
  10. coltsblue1844

    Ballard's 2017 draft vs. Grigson's 2012

    Let's also realize that Grigson had the 1st pick in each round of his 1st draft, while Ballard had the 15th. Big difference between the two!
  11. coltsblue1844

    Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    So he's that bad?
  12. coltsblue1844

    Colts now at top of Salary Cap list

    Teams DO do just what I's how Jax has had so much to spend the past couple years. Teams go from worst to 1st often, with a good QB especially. None of the "top guys" this year are worth the $ they are getting...once we have a year or two under our belt with this coaching staff and draft class etc, look for us to spend what it takes to have a contending team for the long haul. Of the "top guys" this year, how many had everyone wanted so badly before this season? Many came out of nowhere in a contract year. Top players don't often reach FA, and none of this year's guys would have put us over the hump. In another year, that may be a different story and there may be better players to sign. Just my honest opinion.
  13. coltsblue1844

    Colts now at top of Salary Cap list

    Everyone needs to realize something while they are complaining that we aren't spending all of our available money... This money will roll over to next year and the year after if need be... By that time, with a couple good drafts, we could be serious contenders who are just a couple pieces from a long run of Super Bowl contention. Wouldn't you rather have this money available then, to go after a few big names to really put us over the hump, instead of blowing it all now on mediocre players? Am I the only one who sees this as the plan they have in place?
  14. I would rather have Luck and the picks that we currently have, along with our cap space in FA...personally, now that we have better coaching...i thing things will turn around a LOT faster than people want to admit, once Andrew is back.
  15. coltsblue1844

    Mock Draft

    I can stay under the cap and build a pro bowl team on Madden, too lol!