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  1. Call me crazy, but of the QBs that could be available with our first 2nd rounder (from the Skins), i would take Fromm... his scouting report sounds a lot like that of Brees and even Peyton, to a degree... he is listed at 6'2...has been running a pro style O since high school...is the smartest on the field and makes all of his reads... the "knock" on his is that he doesnt have the strongest arm... but neither does Brees, Peyton, Brady etc. If it were possible to get a stud on D or a stud WR in the 1st and then Fromm in the 2nd, count me in. Heck, Jacoby DOES have a cannon of an arm, but lacks all of the other parts, in my opinion. Anyhow, just my 2 cents.
  2. They went 11-5 with Matt Cassell starting at QB when Brady blew out his knee week 1. Matt hadnt started a game at QB since High School.
  3. How awesome would it be right now, to have Clowney and Ford on the team and have only lost a 2nd and a 3rd?! I know that GMs and armchair GMs on message boards all want to draft the next big thing... but as long as the guys are young, i'd much rather have the PROVEN players, especially with the cap space that we have. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, obviously, but that is mine... I'm also of the opinion that if we lose a couple more games and fall out of playoff contention, let Kelly start the rest of the season and find out what we have, so that we know if we need to draft a QB with our top pick or sign one in FA.
  4. Not only that, we arent even the best D in the AFC, let alone the NFL...and most definitely not an all time D...we may not even have the best D in our DIVISION! People say fans are "spoiled" after having Peyton and Andrew, and we dont need a top QB...but a top QB leads to being a contender year in and year out...at top D with an average QB requires a LOT more to fall into place... a top QB with an average D usually goes farther, to be honest.
  5. Not sure what makes you think i'm not relaxed? I'm perfectly fine... was expecting a Super Bowl possibility this year...now i'm expecting far less. And i'm at peace with the whole situation, completely. I'm just of the opinion that Kelly has a FAR higher ceiling than Brisset does. I could be proven wrong and that's just fine. I just hope that Brisett doesnt become another guy who gets a huge starting QB contract after this season, only to be mediocre the rest of his career. Hasnt really happened with any Colts QB in Indy, but it has happened plenty with other teams.
  6. He was actually QB2 in Denver with fans wanting him to be the starter there, also... he got drunk at a party thrown by Von Miller and ended up being arrested for sleeping on the neighbors' couch, uninvited lol He is better than any QB on Denver's roster, and quite possibly the best QB on OUR roster. So after youre done pumping the breaks, check your calibrated lug nuts and your blinker fluid, please. lol
  7. He is also the only college QB other than Drew Brees to be undefeated vs Nick Saban
  8. Parcells likes him because he's practically family to him... when the Indy reporters recently tried to get his opinion of him, he declined because "he's too emotionally attached to Jacoby" to give a fair response. His own words
  9. By that same token, we havent seen what Kelly can do with OUR #1s... the starting O-line, WRs, TEs and RB etc... He has more talent than a lot of QBs taken in the first round of most drafts... it's just a matter of if he has matured as a person, because as a player, he has a ton of potential.
  10. I agree 100%. I think if Kelly has matured as much as our coaches say he has, he has a VERY high ceiling... he has the arm talent and tools to be a franchise QB, and i would rather see him start the majority of this season, to see what we have. I dont feel that Jacoby is a franchise QB, but i feel that some team would sign him this off season to be their starter, and we would reap a nice comp pick for that...I think Kelly is as talented or more so than any QB in the 2020 draft, his "off the field" stuff is the only think holding him back. Let Jacoby walk after this year...give Kelly a shot at starting... if it fails, we end up with a comp pick and a better shot at drafting Lawrence in 2021, anyhow.
  11. If we traded for Matt Ryan, it would NOT be for a backup position! lol he is miles better than Jacoby is, and it isnt close. That said, Atlanta isnt trading him anyhow.
  12. Honestly, if he can keep his head on straight and put in the work, and it seems he has been doing both... Chad Kelly has a TON of potential and talent... has a great arm, quick release and lives/breathes football. With his rocky past, he is not someone you just bring in for a back up position, it wouldn't be worth the possible distraction (especially knowing that he is out for the first 2 weeks). I honestly think that Kelly could be a franchise QB in this league, especially with the right coaches and team around him. He has a lot of Brett Favre in him, from what i've seen and has a WAY higher ceiling than Jacoby has. Maybe i'm wrong, and Jacoby does a great job...but he has a high floor and low ceiling...meaning he would never be a top QB but a great back up. Just my opinion... but if we get off to a rocky start (and we very well could), i hope that they give Kelly a shot to show what he can do with our starters out there in front of him!
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