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  1. I think most professional athletes are on PEDs of some sort.
  2. Climbing the mountain... How to get rich by digging out of a huge hole, year after year.. lol Love Frank as a person...but as a coach, he is too afraid or unwilling to fit his scheme to his players. He is the personification of square peg /round hole, as a coach.
  3. Agreed...the 2000s were such an amazing decade here. We NEED to have some success again, before fans start to jump ship (we were close to leaving town before Peyton turned things around). Ballard finally made the decision to draft our QB...so we need to actually be players (smartly) in free agency to maximize our chances while AR is on his rookie deal...otherwise we've wasted a 5 year opportunity before we possibly have 25% + of the cap invested in the QB position. We need some real talent at WR and TE....we also need to invest in players to make Gus's D work, if we are sticking with him. We need a real pass rush from both DEs and we need better play in the secondary.
  4. i'm guessing we would have a big dead money hit if we traded him this soon after his contract...but I could be wrong
  5. we beat the Chiefs, who had one of the top rushing games on offense that season (Larry Johnson had about 1,800 yards rushing that season), while we had a horrible run D all year...The Ravens had the #1 D that season... The Pats had the #2 D and # 7 offense... I think we would have won either way... a big part of me also thinks that we would have won in 2009, had we played our starters the whole year and gone for the undefeated season... I think 2005 was probably our best team...and we were rusty because every year as soon as we locked up our spot in the playoffs, we rested starters... and we were a timing and rhythm offense. You take that timing away, and we looked rusty by the time we played our first playoff game each year (normally having a bye in the 1st round).
  6. I wish we had traded back a few spots...drafted Jalen Carter to become Buckner's replacement, or one of the top corners, and then picked up Levis later in round 1.
  7. Agreed. I didn't want to draft AR, because I don't want a running QB for our team...they usually get hurt a lot and have a short career (and requires more $$ tied to the QB position, due to needing a high level backup). I wanted and still wish we drafted Levis. Arm is just as good, and he's athletic enough to scramble if he has to, but his success doesn't rely on it. I much prefer a pocket QB who CAN run if he HAS to, over a QB who's game/success relies on him running the ball every game.
  8. I dunno if his pocket awareness is that good...or if he just runs if his 1st read isn't open, making it appear that he's getting away from a sack
  9. Definitely rather have Levis...but I felt that way before the draft, also...his o line is horrible and he has no weapons other than an aging Hopkins
  10. He honestly didn't have a terrible game last night. The steelers blitzed the whole game and his INT came on a desperation play at the end of the game. As a matter of fact, the whole post game crew started the show talking about how wowed they all were by Levis and how they think he definitely belongs as a starting QB in the NFL....and even in the loss, he looked special
  11. Our RB is better, our TEs are better, our O-line is better...and I'd take Pittman, Downs and Pierce over an aging Hopkins and their other WRs. Stewart and Buckner are very good DTs...Franklin is leading the NFL in tackles...I like our kicker and coaches...so, yes, I think we are better...and still wish Levis was our QB...but I wanted him all the way leading up to the draft.
  12. He looks good on a bad team... i feel we have a much better TEAM than the Titans...and think he would have been the perfect fit for us... Nothing against AR, i just think Levis is and will be better in the NFL.
  13. For anyone who didn't watch the game...even in a loss, the post game started with everyone wowed about Levis, how he played (and they mentioned his complete lack of weapons...though I was laughed at for saying the same, on here lol)...
  14. And he is mobile and athletic when he would need to scramble... he just wouldn’t do it often enough to be an injury risk, in an ideal world
  15. Yup...I truly think he would have been great on our team.
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