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  1. yes, and if he hits those incentives, then he has earned the extra money and we still got a great deal!
  2. He is basically Brissett with less of an arm, to me, as far as his potential. Good quality back up that could win a few games when needed, but not someone to build the franchise around. I'd rather have Winston than Bridgewater...more talent, better arm and could be coached out of some of his mistakes, now that he isnt in Arians' "no risk it, no biscuit" offense
  3. Everyone definitely is entitled to their own opinion... personally, ive never been impressed with Bridgewater...and i think Rivers could have a big couple of years, here.
  4. I think he will play a minimum of 2 years for us, possibly 3, depending on how the next two drafts/off seasons turn out for us
  5. I think Rivers will be here for a few years, provided he plays well and avoids injury. When you listen to Irsay talk about Rivers and how he is a "young" 38 with a lot of football left, i think that the plan is to keep him as long as he is being productive and until we have a successor in place
  6. again, i dont WANT Brady, either...do i think he could be good for a couple years in our offense? sure...does that mean i want him? no. But i was just pointing out how back when Peyton had to leave town, a big part of this forum was of the mindset that you're either for the Colts or for Peyton, but not both...and it's all about the TEAM, not any one player... i was only playing advocate here, not saying i want him lol
  7. I never said that he would, but i said if he came here and won, why would anyone be against it? And Peyton was mid 30s coming off of multiple neck surgeries and no one knew if he could trow a ball! (I had faith, as i was a huge Peyton fan since he was in college).
  8. To those that scream "NO", i ask, why not? When Peyton went to Denver, this board claimed that it is the Horseshoe FIRST and anyone that wanted Peyton to win in Denver was not a Colts fan...that it was all about the TEAM... So by that same logic, if Brady could come here and win a Super Bowl, then why would that be any different? If he's a Colt, then he's a Colt, am i right? Some of you all's logic doesnt add up lol
  9. He was an ALL PRO and is only 25. You dont get that with the 13th pick very often, if at all
  10. We just got a 1st team ALL PRO at a position of NEED, with the 13th pick. There, feel better? The odds of getting a 1st team All Pro at pick #13 arent great...now we have a "sure thing" instead of "potential" And he is only 25, so just entering his prime.
  11. My goodness, how many different uniforms does Oregon wear each year? lol
  12. Sign a vet (Rivers) and use Kelley as the back up. I honestly still believe that Kelley can be a winning QB in this league, especially with the group of guys and coaches that we have around him. If i'm wrong, we can draft someone next year. Now if one of the top guys fall into our lap at #13, we should take them...but i still think a top DT or WR will be there for us at #13 and be a more immediate help, if we are trying to "go all in" for two years with Rivers, as i've been reading in a few places
  13. Lots of people make excuses for Love throwing so many INTs by saying he didnt have any good talent to throw to...but he also didnt play against any good talent covering his guys, so it goes both ways! I would prefer Herbert, but none of us will really know who is good and who is not, for a few years, most likely, once there is a larger NFL sample to watch
  14. maybe us "not" being interested is one of the "smoke signals" lol meaning we are interested but say we are not... never know! lol
  15. Didnt the 49ers win four games, last year? And they made it to the Super Bowl this year and led for the majority of the game...and they only added a couple of players...a QB, WR and D-lineman...sounds very similar to our needs (and they play very similar on O to our style of play)
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