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  1. not saying we should sign him... but look at who he has had at QB... After Peyton retired (and even his last season wasnt that great), Denver hasnt had a decent QB
  2. Maybe he didnt agree with Grigson (or Pagano) ... If you listen to Pat McAfee, Grigson was a royal turd to a LOT of people in the organization... i'm just thankful that those 5 years are gone!
  3. Well, the only starter drafted in the first 3 rounds was LT Glenn...and he was drafted before Mudd got here... he had Lilja and Saturday who were both undrafted...Diem was i believe a 4th round pick... Jake Scott was a 5th round pick...Charlie Johnson was a 6th rounder... We now have a 1st round pick at LT, LG, C...a 4th at RG and a 2nd at RT, if things stand as they are now... that is some serious talent, just imagine with our new OLine coach who is known as a great teacher...and Mudd, who coached no-names into the best lines in the NFL... I'm excited to see just how good this group can be!
  4. coltsblue1844

    Behind closed doors demand from Irsay ?

    And we did bring back Mudd, today as our Top Offensive we now have TWO great O-Line coaches/teachers (they are in the mold of teaching/coaching up talent...just imagine what they can do with the talent we already have!) We had the top QB sack O-Line several times when Mudd was coach, and we had 2 undrafted guys, a 4th and a 5th rounder as starters...the only one picked in the first 3 rounds was Glenn at LT and he was drafted before Mudd was coach... so this will be awesome to see what he can help do with the top talent we have! I know that i'm excited about the two guys we now have in charge of the line
  5. coltsblue1844

    Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo

    Most people dont think about it, but a Tampa 2 D is much cheaper to build and is a good match for an indoor team, because it is built on speed. The key is to earn home field advantage in the playoffs, so that you can run your speed based D indoors or at least in ideal weather conditions etc. It is also a D that relies on a higher scoring/efficient offense, so that it forces the other team into more of a passing game, so that we can turn our pass rush loose against the other team... now we definitely need a couple of good pass rushers and we will see a big difference.
  6. coltsblue1844

    Can this guy get some love??

    I like several of their guys up front...Dexter Lawrence is a huge athletic NT that I'd love to have...Christian Wilkins would be a nice DT, also!
  7. coltsblue1844

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Do I think AB would help our offense in a huge way? 100% definitely. As for his age, he is only a few months older than TY, if I'm not mistaken...and only has 3 years left on his contract. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I feel that we have a good, young we need some top quality vets to get us over the hump. Yes, drafting a WR could help long term, but that would be an unknown and AB is already a known all pro...and I'd like to get over the hump before Luck is in his mid to late 30s. I feel like AB and even Bell could definitely help do that...and then sign a few key pieces on D if they hit the market...and draft to fill in the blanks.
  8. coltsblue1844

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    no, i dont know what you mean lol your complaint/observation was that something must be wrong because all of his passes are thrown at or behind the line of scrimmage... or did you mean to say that is as far as he can throw it? in which case, you must be joking.
  9. coltsblue1844

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    I dont know how anyone could have watched us this season and not come away knowing that we need better WRs. I think a lot are counting on Cain coming in and being the guy...but he is a rookie with a torn up knee, i wouldnt hold my breath (but hope i'm wrong). We need a couple of WRs that can be put with TY who can get separation from the D and preferably at least one bigger guy who can win the 1 on 1 balls. Part of why the offense and Luck looked bad vs the Chiefs is because none of our WRs could get any space from the D. I also think we desperately need some pass rush. The main thing that makes a tampa 2 D work, is having your book end rushers/push up the middle, to get to the QB or rush him into making the mistakes that this kind of D has to rely on. I would also like to get at least one better safety and corner. Other than that, we have a great group of YOUNG guys, now we need some good VETERANS to put with them, to help them get over the hump. I may be in the minority, but i would definitely give up a 2nd round pick for AB, as we would not likely get someone that good who can contribute so quickly, in the 2nd round. His squabble is with Big Ben (who is a turd, anyhow). I would also sign Bell at RB...we have the money to spend, for sure, and by the time our own guys are up for contracts, this one and AB would both be off the books anyhow, most likely. Other than that, lets just hope some good players slip into FA and Ballard is able to bring them in. Add these things with what we have, and having a year of experience with our coaches and Andrew being back and finally going to have a full off season where he will not be rehabbing anything, and we should be set to make some noise.
  10. coltsblue1844

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    Last i checked, every single pass is thrown from at or behind the line of scrimmage... it is a penalty, otherwise!
  11. coltsblue1844

    Media using their hearts or their heads

    Wells also picked the Texans, last week!
  12. coltsblue1844

    Last time the QB with most TD´s won a Super Bowl

    Brees won in 2009 vs us... so that would be one... and Peyton in 2006 Brady in 2015 and 2002... so i'm going to say 4x this has happened
  13. coltsblue1844

    120 Million In Cap Space

    Ballard was never on record saying he would not go after a high priced free agent. He said that any free agents that he brings in, would have to fit our team and our locker room. He also said that he wanted to build a core and build a locker room before he opens up the wallet on free agents. Also, why would he have spent big the past two years? The first year he knew he was signing guys for a coaching staff that was on the way out. The second year, why break the bank before you know for SURE that Luck will be back to 100%? Of course Ballard cannot come right out and say "i cant spend money right now, we dont know if Luck will ever be the same"... Now that we KNOW Luck is 100%, we KNOW we have the right coaching staff in place, and we have a solid young core and a solid locker room... why does everyone seem to think we wont spend any money? The way the NFL rules are set up, if we do not spend enough, we still have to pay money to the NFL for NOT spending enough. My guess is that yes, we will try to pay to keep our own first... but as is, he inherited a team void of talent for the most part, and we have no one that will need resigned anytime soon. We have nearly $125 MILLION in cap space and can EASILY structure contracts that will not have any impact on resigning our young guys several years down the road. I think that this season shows we are a LOT closer than anyone thought before the season, and we shouldnt waste any of Luck's prime seasons, if we can keep from it. I also believe that Irsay is the owner and a fan, and seeing how close we are, he will urge Ballard to go after a few bigger name/bigger impact guys... both to push us closer to a Super Bowl, but also to start selling out Lucas Oil Stadium on a regular basis again. Either way, this season has turned out to be much better than i expected... i though Luck would get back to 100% but expected it to take longer... the coaching staff and young players, we had no real idea how things would click with everyone coming together. I think we could realistically be Super Bowl contenders NEXT season, if we add the right parts in free agency and also Ballard has another draft anything like we know he is capable of! Sorry this ran long, but i had a lot to say!
  14. coltsblue1844

    2019 biggest need for the Colts

    The rules in today's NFL favor offense in a big way, so adding the skill players around Luck to have a top offense, will likely get us farther than putting all of our money into the D. With that said, i do think we need to add more pieces on D, obviously. But look at the Rams vs Saints game from last week, for example... the best offense won, and neither D held the other back all that much.
  15. coltsblue1844

    2019 biggest need for the Colts

    A good pass rush makes the secondary look better, especially in a 4-3 zone based D. But i do agree we need a couple of good CBs on D. I also think we need a couple of legit WRs. I know that Cain looked good in the preseason, but i dont want to bank on him being the answer, since he is a rookie who will be coming off of a serious knee injury. This draft is supposed to be loaded at DT and DE, and also not a bad draft at WR. Between free agency and the draft, we could add enough to this team to make a huge impact, as long as we hit on the players we sign/draft. We arent as far away from being contenders as most people seem to think, in my honest opinion. And while i DO think that having a good D is important... look at the Rams, for example... they have one of if not the best D in the NFL, yet they still have to win their games by having a shootout a lot of the time.