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  1. Polian also went to one with the Panthers, didnt he??
  2. i dont think Ballard would make the trade unless we could work out a longer deal with the player, in which case, i'd still be happy with it
  3. The reason i pointed out what age Mathis became a starter, is because MATHIS wasnt "Mathis" until he was as old or older than Ford is right now.
  4. Mathis didnt become a starter until he was 25/26 years old...which is about the same age as Ford
  5. at 6'2 245lbs, Robert Mathis would like to have a word with you... Dwight Freeney was 6'1 260 (again, not that big a difference).
  6. He played DE in a 4-3 in college and did a fantastic job, for anyone that wasn't aware of this. The "scheme fit" is just the reason KC is floating for wanting a draft pick for him A 2nd for a sure thing, vs using that 2nd on a player that may or may not end up as even a starter on the team... he is young enough that i'd do it and not think twice
  7. So many people act like we DONT need a nose tackle...but they have short memories... we won our Super Bowl after we brought Booger McFarland in, and he was a bit of a nose tackle, himself... and the Pats used Vince Wilfork (definitely a nose tackle) when running both a 3-4 and a 4-3. Having that big guy who can stuff the middle is important, to free up the speed guys to get off faster etc. Not saying Lawrence would or would not be a good pick/fit for us, just stating my belief that we do need that big guy to clog up the middle.
  8. Well we have a boat load of money to spend... and none of our big time guys need to be resigned for several years (Castonzo is the only one up in the next few years). Everyone who uses the "dont sign so and so, we need to re-sign our own guys!", must not realize that contracts are only for as many years as we sign them to, and beyond the guaranteed money, can be terminated at little to no cost. Yes, i think we need to keep drafting well etc... but i also dont think we need to only do that and hope to win a super bowl when Luck is in the back half of his career and the young guys finally hit their prime. I think we are close, and have money...and now that we know Luck is "back", we need to strike now and try to maximize this portion of his career. I like Mack, but he's not exactly proven that he can play a full season... we also could REALLY use one or two STARTER quality WRs...and that's just on offense. We have the young core of our team, we have a great coaching staff...we now know that Luck is fully healthy we need to try and win now, while everything is working in our favor.
  9. not saying we should sign him... but look at who he has had at QB... After Peyton retired (and even his last season wasnt that great), Denver hasnt had a decent QB
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