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  1. agreed, it would be like us trading a prime Luck or Peyton within the division... i would keep him and get nothing and let him stay home, before i'd trade him to a division rival, if that were the only option... luckily for Houston, there will be plenty of other teams knocking on the door!
  2. Trevor Lawrence could be done in 3 years...would you give up a 1st for him? It's the NFL, nothing is promised as far as how long a player will play...or if the "stud with super high potential" will every pan out in the league as a decent player. Using a 1st round pick on the closest to a sure thing, when you have a team ready to win now/the next few years, is better in my opinion than hoping that #20something pick turns out to be a star. If Luck had not retired, and played another year...and you were running another team in need of a QB...would you trade a 20 something first rou
  3. He is big, strong and more mobile than people think...has a cannon for an arm...has experience and is good...could be "elite" on the right team, i think...yet has not complained about the fact that he has been on the Lions his whole career
  4. Buffalo is ranked 26th i think, against the run... so i want to see a really heavy run game with some well timed play action, this weekend...and i also want to see Jacoby stay on the sidelines the whole game... he is a great guy and great teammate , but it just kills our momentum every time he comes into the game for our not so tricky trick plays... and when he kept it instead of giving it to JT on Sunday, it killed the drive when JT would have easily had the 1st down.
  5. Stafford is just about 1 year older than Andrew Luck... we wouldnt be switching every year, he could play here for a good 7-8 years (so the full window of our core young players). We could actually build around him, and he is WAY better than anyone we could draft in the 20s this year, at any position, and it is not even close. So trading our 1st for him would be no different than trading our 1st last year for Buckner... you're using that 1st for a SURE THING instead of using it on a gamble towards potential
  6. Love Leonard and Hilton giving support...but the team was saying the same thing about Jacoby, this time last season...so it doesnt mean much... if Ballard sees a shot to make the team better, he will, at ALL positions (including QB).
  7. I do like Frank, but do not like him calling the plays on offense... but it is definitely not unheard of, to change coaches after having a good record... look at Denver, while Peyton was there... 3 straight division crowns, a Super Bowl appearance and tons of other accolades, yet they fired John Fox after another good season, simply because the Super Bowl was their goal, not just the playoffs... sometimes it does take one coach to get the team to a certain point, and then a change to spark them enough to get to that next level. Not saying it is what we should do, but it is not as c
  8. 3 of his top 4 seasons were in Denver, also (sadly enough, but true). He was first team ALL PRO in 2 of the 4 years, there... had 3 of his highest yardage seasons, 3 of his lowest INT seasons, his highest TD season etc
  9. they could have and would have got more than the browns entire 2012 draft... the Rams i think got 3 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick for the #2... the rams only moved down from #2 to #6 in the 2012 draft, also in that trade.... so think of how much more the Colts would have got for #1/Luck... and to go with all of that, we would have also kept/had the 1st/2nd pick in every round of the draft in 2012, as well.... we could have built one heck of a team in a very short amount of time (provided we kept Grigson and Pagano away from the team). I feel that had we kept Peyton, we would have sti
  10. Also, in 2012, the Colts had 3 Pro Bowl players to Denver's 5 (so 4 minus Peyton)... and Peyton was 1st team ALL Pro...
  11. Peyton is the only QB to win with more than one team as the starting QB, also... and took 4 different head coaches to the Super Bowl. Yes, it is "revisionist history" that is my whole point... looking back, i think that we definitely could have gone to another Super Bowl with Peyton.... As for the "no one knew if he would ever play again" stuff, that is a bunch of B.S. that Irsay put out there as to not get roasted for cutting the best QB to ever play the game. Peyton had been working out, with other players...he offered to do whatever needed to be done, in order to p
  12. I agree that the Colts 2012 Staff/coaches/GM were bad... Grigson won the award, but Luck was the reason (and are any of the players from that class, minus Hilton, still in the NFL?) If you look at Luck vs Manning for the 2012 season, the stats are as follows: Yards TD INT % Manning 4,659 37 11 68.6 Yards TD INT % Luck 4,374 23 18 54.1% So, he "played his way into game shape" pretty well and won 11 straight games to finish the season and los
  13. If you honestly think that Grigson and Pagano are better than the GM/Coach we would have had if we kept Peyton (you KNOW he would have had serious input with Irsay, if there were changes)...well, that is where our disagreements really start. I think any competent GM/Coach could have won 11 with Luck etc... it isnt like Grigson put together an all-star cast, by any means. Yes, there were several parts of that 2010 team that needed replaced, for sure... but even putting the same team together that we had, but with Peyton instead of Luck (Peyton post surgery, just like De
  14. Any team that had Peyton Manning, was close to being a SB contender. The 2010 Broncos started the season 4-8...they were 4-12 the previous year...add Peyton Manning in his first year back, and they werre 13-3... the Colts were 10-6 in 2010 and lost the playoff game vs the Jets because of a HORRIBLE timeout called by Caldwell, after Peyton had lead a "should have been" game winning drive. My point is, with the haul we would have received (would have been quite a bit more than even what the Rams got for #2, obviously), plus Manning and some re-shaping of the roster... in that 4 yea
  15. Not necessarily true... Do you remember just how much the Rams got for that #2 pick? It was enough to take them from the 2nd to worst record, to the Super Bowl in just a few years... had we kept Peyton and traded the #1 pick/Luck? Just imagine the haul we would have had...and now, knowing that Luck retired early, we would definitely have been set for the future... would have been the biggest draft haul in the history of the NFL past or future! But we didnt know then what we know now But let's not forget, we were just one year removed from a Super Bowl with that mostly same roste
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