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  1. Imagine the team we have NOW, if we were able to talk Andrew into coming back for at least 5 years, after this season is over... i know it wont happen... but we couldnt have built THIS team WITH Andrew...but now that we already have Buckner and our other picks... whoa, this team would be scary good with Luck.
  2. I predicted Pittman, Swift and Fromm... we got Pittman, Taylor and Eason... do I get anything for being pretty close? Lol
  3. another year in the system, our young players maturing and getting better... and yes, Buckner. The 3T is what really drives a cover 2 D... we won a super bowl with our Tampa 2, once we got Booger to play the 3T... Buckner is a young all pro at the position, he will make the entire D better. I didnt say TY WOULD stay healthy, i said if/hopefully
  4. we beat KC, Houston and Tennessee (3 of the final 4 AFC playoff teams) with Jacoby at QB... our D will be MUCH better this year and I have no doubt that Rivers will be better at QB (and we will have a healthy TY, hopefully). Not to mention that Rivers had a HORRIBLE O-Line with the Chargers...that will help him a lot, having our O-Line
  5. with the 13th pick, we got the defensive team captain from a team that made it to the Super Bowl BECAUSE of their defense... he is a young all pro at a position of great need. Everyone needs to stop complaining that we took a PROVEN stud on D (a position that makes a cover 2 work) instead of an unproven kid out of college at ANY position.
  6. Probably also heard rumors that he wanted Jordan Love lol and we see how true that was... also, probably didnt expect D'Andre Swift to still be on the board, either, in my opinion
  7. Drafting Swift would be my choice at 34...best RB in the draft and really good in the pass game, too...would also keep our $ at the position low, letting Mack walk after this year, instead of paying him mid/high RB money. Then at 44, take the best WR available. My top choice would be Pittman, without question...but there's still Pittman, Mimms, Higgins, Claypool, Shenault etc and one would still be there. Won't be surprised if we take an OT or trade back from one or both spots, but the above is what I would do, keeping our picks. I'd rather TAKE the top talent rat
  8. And he has an injury history and is due for a new contract. Swift is the best RB in the draft and can catch the ball really well, too
  9. Swift at 34...Pittman at 44...Fromm in the 3rd
  10. He is the same size as Aaron Rodgers, actually...just smaller hands
  11. If a WR is good, they can fit into any scheme. Yes, some may be better suited for certain plays... but Marvin, Reggie, Fitzgerald, Rice etc would find a way to thrive in any system. Give me a WR based on talent over size any day. And Frank is a good enough offensive mind to fit a talented WR into the "scheme". This is just his 3rd season as a HC, keep in mind.
  12. Because Lord knows how bad we were when we only had Marvin and Reggie and no big body tall WRs ... smh
  13. Count me as someone who also believes that Fromm will be a good starting QB in the NFL
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