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  1. This is why you draft o-line early. This should have been the case for the previous drafts. I'm getting really tired of hearing about the worthiness of o-line talent in the first round. Who gives a crap to be completely honest? After Andrew luck was drafted in 2012, an offensive lineman himself, turned GM should know how hard it is to be successful without an o-line. We as colts fans have known this since 2006. Without an o-line the colts can go anywhere. I'm getting really tired of hearing defense year in and year out, when without a defensive line, the CBs can't cover nor can the safeties be what they were supposed to be. Nor can the linebackers get into the backfield.


    THE OLDEST FACT ABOUT FOOTBALL = YOU WIN GAMES IN THE TRENCHES. I have heard this my entire life, yet I watch a PROFESSIONAL General Manager continue to ignore both offensive line, AND defensive line. 


    want an elite offense? You have to draft o-line early. Rounds 1 and 2. Lets be honest. Before grigson our only quality offensive lineman was castanzo. Obviously the line was in need of a complete rebuild, so why would anyone in their right mind draft second string offensive lineman? Especially a former lineman? Maybe because he wasn't a first string offensive lineman himself and wanted to return to the glory days when he wanted to start but "never got a true chance". Our o-line gets blown off the ball more often than not. Same for d-line. 


    Want an elite defense? Then you have to draft D-line early. In the first 3 rounds. 


    Having elite skill positions like - WR, RB, TE, S, CB, LB, is really an unneeded luxury. And it's easier to become elite at those positions, than it is for lineman to learn and become elite. 


    its easier to find elite skilled position players in the later rounds (4-7) than it is to find elite lineman for O or D in the later rounds.


    the concept of what you need to be elite is easier than our front office is making it to be.


    im just curious for anyone reading this. How many late round lineman are in the NFL as starters?

    And how many late round skill position players are starters?



  2. I have never been quick to condemn pagano or even grigson, but pagano has got to go after this year unless we want a coach to slowly learn his methods while we have an elite caliber QB on our hands.

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