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  1. Aces101

    We Thank Seahawks for Glow...

    The Rams can have Blythe - he’s their o-line’s weak link
  2. Aces101

    Rams (+2 1/2) vs. New England (2-3-19)

    Blythe sucks
  3. Aces101


    I actually agree 100% with this sentiment.
  4. I’m still here! I’ll be here all offseason discussing how the Colts can improve and contend next season. See ya
  5. Turn out the lights, the party’s over
  6. Forced a punt to have a pulse, then earn a penalty for running into the kicker. Sums up the day.
  7. Please bring in Brissett - can’t be any worse
  8. So, he’s not supposed to protect the ball when he senses pressure now? Did you see his floating pass the down before? Something is not right...
  9. Defense is playing tougher this half, but the offense hasn’t shown up. I like Luck, but if he cannot stretch the field vertically right now, then maybe consider Brissett for some deep balls. Or use a trick play package...something besides what we’ve been doing.
  10. That 3rd and 10 short pass at the WR feet was bad....can’t blame that on the receiver.
  11. Dumb penalties again!!! Hey, at least we stopped them.
  12. Nice open field tackle by Moore on the kickoff. Much needed field position
  13. No troll - been a colts fan since 1985, have posted on forums for years, and am currently traveling out of state sporting a Colts logo on my vehicle. You can’t handle ridicule when YOUR Colts stink up the place but love when fans flood the forums after a win? Our Colts stink today, and your childish Bye Troll won’t prevent me from posting what’s happening.