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  1. Rivers, Brissett, and rookie - that’s better than Brissett, Hoyer, and rookie I guess
  2. Rivers for 1 year = Yuck What’s the plan for 2021? Trade everything for Trevor Lawrence?
  3. Carr would be a great pickup for our 2nd round pick. I love his accuracy. I think he could be lethal with time in the pocket the Colts Oline provides. We have solid RBs and TEs that would also help Carr succeed. Draft a stud WR like Jeudy/Shenault/Lamb or DL with our first round pick and we’re ready to contend again in the AFC. Brissett could be our backup QB again. His experience and knowledge of the offense could be very beneficial, unless he gets traded for a mid round pick.
  4. Jimmy G = pride of Eastern Illinois University (taken over that role from Tony Romo)
  5. So excited for Edge! When my son was born, I decided to buy him an Edgerrin James jersey instead of a Manning jersey. I loved watching Edge play the game all out every single play.
  6. Burrow is a freaking beast - he can make every throw
  7. Big offseason ahead - we have a strong O-line and group of RBs to build around. We also have a strong LB group and some nice young DE’s. Need to upgrade QB, WR, and secondary in any way possible. We have some draft draft capital and lots of salary cap space to utilize. I hope Ballard uses all of it.
  8. Brissett was supposed to be the backup. Luck was the starter until he decided to unexpectedly retire a week before the season started. That didn’t leave Ballard much time to react.
  9. If the Colts QB job is between Brissett or Hurts, then skip on QB in the draft.... and Lawrence is showing his numbers are padded by playing horrible ACC defenses all season
  10. No - misses kicks in big games - missed 2 again today in the SEC Championship Game
  11. That game hurt! I couldn’t watch due to travel so I listened on the radio. Going from thinking we’d take a 3 point lead midway thru the 4th Qtr to hearing the FG Block/TD was so deflating for me...I can’t imagine what it did to the players’ psyche.
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