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  1. Piniero can hit from 55 Here he’s hitting from 58 yards against the Colts: https://www.chicagobears.com/video/eddy-pineiro-splits-the-uprights-on-58-yard-fg
  2. Take a chance and trade up into the early 4th round to draft Stone Forsythe?
  3. 37. Jalen Mayfield - OT - Michigan 50. Carlos Basham - Edge - Wake Forest 74. Brevin Jordan - TE - Miami (FL) 111. Kary Vincent Jr. - CB - LSU 127. Adetokunbo Ogundeji - Edge - Notre Dame 128. Aaron Banks - OG - Notre Dame 2022 Cincinnati 3rd Round Pick
  4. So essentially, Irsay stepped in because Ballard is a cheapskate with salary cap space? LOL
  5. DE in round 1 then the OL from Notre Dame in round 2??
  6. Draft Kadarius Toney in the 1st round + draft OL in 2nd round + sign Clowney or Dunlap as the edge rusher we need
  7. We’d have to trade the farm to get into the top 3 picks to get Pitts
  8. No to Hicks - he is a very good player when healthy, but he has been injured and missed too many games the last 2 seasons. His age has been showing and has not been reliable. Bears talking heads up here even think he could be a surprise cut because of his injury history. The only Bears players I would be interested in would be Allen Robinson and Kyle Fuller. Robinson is an elite playmaker and could be HUGE in the Colts system. Fuller regressed last season some compared to previous seasons according to the Chicago media, but maybe a change in scenery would bring him back to being an
  9. Foles isn’t very good, so no! I’d rather roll with Wentz and use Eason as the primary backup.
  10. I thought Toney was also named the most difficult WR to cover at the Senior Bowl week - as selected by the DBs
  11. Matt Ryan is a statue and is getting beyond his prime. If you want a less athletic, throw from the pocket QB then draft Trask in Round 2. Here’s my thought on how to solidify the offense in the offseason: Sign Fitzpatrick as an inexpensive FA and groom Trask/Eason as the future QB room. Draft an explosive WR in round 1 Sign Warmack to play Guard Move Nelson to LT Resign Pascal and Hilton to fill the WR corps Resign Burton to fill the TE corps Then focus on OL depth and defense for the rest of the draft and free agency.
  12. Agree 100% and said the exact thing about 10 pages ago and was laughed at by Chloe. LOL
  13. Walk away and save draft capital! Just sign Fitzpatrick to a 1-year team friendly veteran deal, sign a LT, draft a WR in round 1, and draft Trask in the 2nd round. Then we are still a contender to win our division in 2021. Let Fitz be the veteran presence in the room and groom the eventual franchise QB like he did with Tua in Miami. Whoever is better between Trask and Eason gets the clipboard, and the loser of the competition goes to the practice squad. In 2022, either Trask or Eason takes over the job.
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