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  1. No - misses kicks in big games - missed 2 again today in the SEC Championship Game
  2. That game hurt! I couldn’t watch due to travel so I listened on the radio. Going from thinking we’d take a 3 point lead midway thru the 4th Qtr to hearing the FG Block/TD was so deflating for me...I can’t imagine what it did to the players’ psyche.
  3. Those stats for Herbert are very misleading. I’d say about 70 of those yards and a TD were off back to back tunnel screens. He also had two INTs dropped by DBs. For a Senior, I would not have expected to see the mistakes he made. Maybe it was a one game anomaly....
  4. Laviska Shenault from Colorado has all the tools - big, fast, physical, great hands
  5. Herbert looked very average against Herm Edwards’ defense at Arizona St in Oregon’s loss. Questionable decision making and inaccurate Eason = currently being dominated by Mel Tucker’s defense at Colorado. IMO, Eason is not NFL ready
  6. So it looks like we should’ve picked up Hargreaves rather than letting Houston put in the claim before last weekend’s games....
  7. There’s a WR beating a CB and not dropping a pass - imagine that
  8. Next play may decide the division - huge 3rd and 4.
  9. Man I guess our receivers can’t get separation
  10. OMG - i have a feeling it’s going to be up to Vinny to tie.
  11. They need to get Pascal or Alie-Cox involved now. Those guys can be a spark we need.
  12. Two beautiful throws from Brissett to TY result in drops. What else can a QB do?
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