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  1. It’s hard watching a hall of fame legend fall so quickly. He’s been a great kicker for so long, but it seems the time has come to call it a career. He is still the GOAT.
  2. That was a fun game to watch! I was impressed with the no quit attitude of the players and the toughness of Brissett. The young receivers are impressive and I was glad to see Quincy make the final pass defense to break up the 4th and 2 pass.
  3. Very nice game by Jacoby! He showed poise, patience in the pocket, and seemed to command the huddle.
  4. Darn it - tough loss. Great comeback by the Colts. They showed guts and a very balanced offense.
  5. Beautiful defensive execution!! Let’s win this in OT
  6. Did you not see my Mack converts the 2 point conversion post or my Malik Int post?
  7. Mack converts again!!!! Way to stick with the running game
  8. The offense has played great! Jacoby and Mack showed they are legit. Defense has shown flashes with a pass rush but the secondary has struggled.
  9. TD!!! Challenge it hope the refs agree Ebron never lost control
  10. Mack and the oline are balling! Keep feeding him
  11. Big turnover - let’s go for end zone on first down!
  12. Another big sack - Turay finishes off the drive. now let’s get a TD
  13. Great sack by Muhammad!! Now let’s string together a stop
  14. Thanks! I’m no troll but MPStack doesn’t like me. I don’t live on this site because I have lots going on so I guess I don’t post enough positive stuff for MP to feel warm and fuzzy. That’s ok
  15. Troll my butt - you didn’t like me being critical of Luck’s untimely retirement and don’t like my honest assessment of the special teams unit. FYI, I am impressed with our offense today and like Brissett. He looks good in the pocket and definitely is running through his progressions. Way to go Vinny! I’m glad you just nailed that FG to prove me wrong. I hope you make 25 straight now.
  16. Special teams are a disaster today - allowed a 40 yard KO return, allowed a blocked punt, missed PAT, and missed FG. Pathetic performance so far
  17. Just like the playoff game - Vinatieri needed to retire in the offseason and let us use move forward with a young kicker. Just because he wanted to play this season, I guess the Colts just went along with it.
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