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  1. That second wave may happen in July due to the protests and riots. I’m not trying to be insensitive, but there’s risk for lots of viral exposure right now. If it hits hard now, there may be herd immunity by September.
  2. Versatility in the secondary - nice to have.
  3. Just move Hines to the slot and use his ability to catch and run to create matchup problems.
  4. Draft Swift to rotate with Mack and Wilkins? With this OL, pound the ball on the ground, utilize lots of play action to the TE/slot WR....move Hines to slot WR to create matchup problems.
  5. Poor Love won’t play for at least 3 seasons and will be a clipboard carrier
  6. Weed help with migraines? Asking because migraines is what hurt his career at both Florida and with the Vikings.
  7. Can play TE, good blocker, can flex out and play slot, can run the wildcat, and can pass....gives options inside the red zone.
  8. Rivers, Brissett, and rookie - that’s better than Brissett, Hoyer, and rookie I guess
  9. Rivers for 1 year = Yuck What’s the plan for 2021? Trade everything for Trevor Lawrence?
  10. Carr would be a great pickup for our 2nd round pick. I love his accuracy. I think he could be lethal with time in the pocket the Colts Oline provides. We have solid RBs and TEs that would also help Carr succeed. Draft a stud WR like Jeudy/Shenault/Lamb or DL with our first round pick and we’re ready to contend again in the AFC. Brissett could be our backup QB again. His experience and knowledge of the offense could be very beneficial, unless he gets traded for a mid round pick.
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