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  1. Wilkins has shown flashes in LIMITED spurts and has also been dinged with some minor injuries from a couple of those appearances. Do you honestly want to see Hines become even MORE misused as the PRIMARY rb with an INCREASED number of runs up the gut? I'll pass on that. The way that the injury bug has been decimating this team I can't imagine what it would look like if JT went down for some extended time. Don't trust Frank enough to orchestrate a dynamic passing game or to adapt in his loss. So for me Mack is a nice insurance policy as our former rb1 and is more valuable to a Colts team looking to make a run this season than a late round pick for next year that may or may not work out anyway. Plus I'm not trying to HELP any contending team get better. Now if you can somehow pull off a trade for an UPPER tier fs or cb then all bets are off and I would reluctantly move Mack.
  2. Neither was Josh Allen. I remember many predicting that he would be a bust in the nfl and that the Bills were reaching with the pick but they get a lot of credit from the media for his development. I honestly think like NewColtsFan said that they needed space on the active roster and had plans to place Eason on the ps but he was claimed by the Seahawks.
  3. So it's either a Flus problem that he didn't know that his DE's were incapable or were talent void to drop them into coverage but continued to do it anyway or it's a Ballard problem because I notice that you comment on the talent level from time to time. As dc it's Flus's job to put that defense in the BEST position to SUCCEED based on the TALENT LEVEL AT HAND. The endgame is to stop the opposing team from scoring. I'm not going to HELP their cause by being STUBBORN and keep running something that my players physically can't do while the opposing offense steadily exploits the situation by scoring at will.
  4. I agree with you because with ALL their injuries nobody expected much from the Ravens this year who HAVE BEEN lucky so far. Even their defense is not the Ravens of old as they are currently ranked 24th in the league. They are a flawed team who has taken ADVANTAGE of some breaks by adapting to the circumstances and I give them credit for that. They won't just sit back and HOPE for better results. They are aggressive and will use what they have to scratch and claw which is why they are 4-1 at this point of the season. They EXPECT to win. That’s their culture and MINDSET. Whereas this staff seems more content with moral victories against the better teams. Yes every blue moon they can sneak in a victory over an elite team and even that usually comes under some circumstance in which said team was not at full strength. Frank was FIRED as the oc in San Diego. Words like conservative, lackluster and bland were used to describe his offense DESPITE having playmakers. By all accounts the Chargers brass thought highly of Frank the person but chose to move on from him football wise. When I see these all too often quotes from Frank about getting too conservative in which many give him credit as being standup and taking responsibility, I see it as coach staring directly in the mirror and seeing the SAME reflection over and over. Growth has to come at some point. If not then you've reached your ceiling and I feel that.. A) Flus has peaked as dc B) Frank is who he is C) Ballard is ok as gm but he's a far cry from the all world wiz that many has pegged him Yes Ballard is excellent in giving interviews which is why the media loves him starting with the McDaniels you're either in or out presser but 5 YEARS into his actual job our skill players on defense are almost non existent and this team's backups are putrid at best. At this rate it'll take another 5 years of Ballard's drafting for this team to compete on a CONSISTENT basis with the big boys who by the way will not sit pat while WAITING on the Colts to emerge.
  5. You do realize this is NOT the first time that you've.... Sorry I meant to say Flus stayed the course while an opposing qb had a career day carving up that soft zone while having ample time to survey the field from a clean pocket and allow their receivers to roam free usually to the endzone.
  6. So if you don't have the personnel and are getting GASHED with basically 2 guys who are SCORING AT WILL but you stick with that concept ANYWAY (on top of the soft zone) despite the disastrous results it was yielding, well that sounds a little stubborn to me. The game changed more so when they went no huddle.
  7. Safety was late with the help. Been happening a lot this season.
  8. I also wonder on the offensive side of the ball how much leeway does Carson have on audibles? I've noticed a couple of times that commentators have stated Carson should've changed the play and it seems to be on run plays up the middle against stacked boxes that had no chance from jump. Usually resulting in the play being blown up and a loss of yards. I think he has the green light but is hesitant being new to the team and by trying to reestablish that relationship with Frank. As the season progresses I think he will more and more especially after he builds that bond with the offensive skill players.
  9. Most of the national media has elevated Lamar to the mvp level after Monday night's performance against the Colts BUT they also blamed the loss on the Colts for getting WAAY too conservative on BOTH sides of the ball trying to PROTECT the lead against a team that amped up its play and exploited the Colt's tendency under Frank to play it safe while leading. I feel that Frank as hc lacks a sense of urgency in his OVERALL approach. It's been beat to death about Frank's playcalling abilities as far as being predictable, unimaginative in stretches, conservative to a fault at times and that his offense doesn't necessarily cater to the strengths of his skill players to create mismatches. (See Hines) Frank stated after the Raven loss that he got too conservative which is stand up but we've heard it before and at what point does it just become noise like Chuck's "keep chopping wood" phrase if you show no growth or willingness to change by REPEATING the SAME mistakes (pts, 4th downs, game flow) year after year. Does it now qualify as being stubborn at this point? Or is it simply a do what we do type of mentality and stick to the process NO MATTER what the situation is. Once the Ravens went to the no huddle the Colts did ABSOLUTELY nothing to counter on defense. They just sat back in that soft zone as the tired d-line generated no pressure and let Lamar torch the defense with wide open at times Brown and Andrews. True the secondary was decimated but as the commentators said during the game you have to TRY something different because you're giving up big plays, chunk yards and allowing the Ravens to score at will ANYWAY. Mix it up and go man. Force Lamar to throw into some tight spots and bring some heat with some timely delayed blitzes. The point is DO or TRY something DIFFERENT!! Does Frank even communicate with Flus during the game? As hc that discussion should've been had especially in the 4th quarter about changing up some in an attempt to slow the Ravens down. It also might be a hard sell for Frank because he himself has a tendency to stay the course and that is ONE of the problems plaguing this team.
  10. The Colts initially put out that the surgery would be minor and used to alleviate some pain. More of a cleanup type procedure and even reported that TY felt "instant" relieve post op. Ballard said he should be out about three weeks. Maybe I missed something but I've heard no updated information. The Colts are now headed into week 5 of the season. Is TY even at practice yet? I am a HUGE TY fan but was on the fence about bringing him back and leaned more toward moving on. TY has been banged up a lot lately. Has he lost a step or two? Hard to tell based on his last two qbs. Brissett was hesitant on taking shots downfield and played it safe with continued check downs. Rivers simply didn't have the arm anymore but was efficient in the short to midrange passing game. All that being said TY's absence is GLARING for this team that has NO vertical threat. Campbell has missed more games than he has catches and so far has shown next to nothing. I'm hoping to see TY soon because this team needs him badly to pair with the mobile big armed Wentz who TY himself compared to Luck as far as his playmaking abilities. TY's injury was unfortunate but usually when a receiver gets any type of injury to the neck it doesn't end well and the Colts have a history of downplaying long term injuries. Keeping my fingers crossed that's not the case this time.
  11. I totally agree with your statement. There will always be factors that contribute to the success or failure. I never put penalties in the redzone on Frank because moving backwards changes the whole dynamics of the playcalling (it should anyway) and with an already stagnant offense in that area chances of these Colts scoring a td after a flag are nearly zero. Fumbles and ints in that area are usually endgame for most teams but for these Colts it's a death blow. My biggest issue with Frank's playcalling in the redzone is that he has no creativity to SCHEME his players into FAVORABLE matchups based on their skill sets. Don't hand JT the ball THREE straight times in tight formation against a STACKED box whose defense is already elite especially against the run with our o-line injured. At least spread the formation out and give him a chance to maybe pick a crease. Line Hines up as a flanker with JT in the backfield at the SAME time to give you more options in that area. Like yesterday's game use Mo Allie more in the rz like a Gronk type. Attack the endzone more on EARLY downs with some fades, boot action routes, rubs or lined outside quick slants. I watched the Cardinals score almost at will against the Rams yesterday running a wide open offense that put so much pressure on that Rams defense. Not really feeling this 3 yds and a cloud of dust type of offense that the Colts run in todays nfl. Our defense is also too sporadic to try to hold any team to under 20 pts constantly especially the elite. Like I said I saw some positives but Frank's playcalling in general needs more urgency in the rz on early downs instead of a bunch of 1yd gains leading to long 3rd and goals.
  12. The OVERALL playcalling was better today but once inside the redzone it became sporadic. You pointed out ONE series that unraveled on penalties and of course that didn’t have anything to do with Frank. The Colts were one of the least penalized teams coming into today's game. They had the second fewest I believe. So that hasn't been the issue thus far with the continued redzone struggles game in game out. I was glad to see Frank take the points for a change though.
  13. Agree. I thought overall it was better today but some of the playcalling in the red zone that led to the fgs will get you beat against the elite. For some reason Frank doesn't attack the endzone enough on 1st and 2nd downs but it was good to see him take the points today.
  14. I said there were positives to take away from this game on offense but that playcalling is still shady. Moose even said they need to scheme Hines more in space but also said Frank stated he likes to get Hines about 10 carries (up the gut I assume) per game to keep the defense honest. What?!! I'm sure opposing defenses would LOVE to see Hines trying up the gut than to see him out in space one on one against a lb. All things considered Wentz has played admirably to this point and of course his timing with the receivers will get better over time but Carson has no control on if Mo Allie is on the field or if they use Hines like a bruising power back (see Derek Henry). I don't know how much he can audible OUT of plays but the conservative playcalling has been the norm long before Wentz got here. All players want to play but Wentz had no business on the field last week with 2 bum ankles that left him with NO mobility, while being under heavy duress and taking WAY too many unnecessary hits last week. That was on Reich who has a lot that lands directly at his feet.
  15. Glad to get a win but the playcalling in the red zone is still underwhelming. For one I don't see many plays ATTACKING the actual endzone. Too many slow methodical runs up the gut leading to wasted downs and fg attempts. Against a subpar Brissett led team like today fgs will be suffice but against the elite it will lead to continued failed 4th down attempts. I see no urgency in this offense. Even after a takeaway by our defense Frank never comes out aggressive by taking a deep shot. That was a staple in the Manning days by trying to make you pay after a turnover. It was the same early in Luck's career. Frank RARELY uses the hurry up as a change of pace to keep the opposing defense on their heels or to help limit their substitutions which is now being used by many teams on a regular basis even if it's only for a series to create mismatches. I did see some positives with the offense to build on moving forward like the usage of Mo Allie in which many have called for. Getting JT on some outside runs and by having the receivers more involved instead of just check downs to the backs. Thought Carson played his best game as a Colt so far. Titans lost so we're only one game back in the division with plenty of games to go.
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