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  1. Ok Supes I call it truce on this one because I feel I did clarify it a couple of times for you but oh well. With that being said I will be the bigger man and apologize since you feel that I attacked your character (not my intent) but I also feel the same way in return. So on this we can agree to disagree and leave it at that. No need for two Colt fans to be bickering about the draft or FA because neither one of us control the daily functions of the team. Cheers...
  2. No Nickster was right and once again Superman you're trying to put out a false narrative. (with me anyway) I have absolutely no problem with anyone disagreeing with me on a topic I post because some will see it one way while others will see it totally different. As a matter of fact I come to the Colt's forum for some thought provoking conversation and to engage with fellow fans about the team good or bad. Where this took a wrong turn was when I gave push back for changing my narrative to one that the team was falling apart (which I NEVER said) and basically from your point of view
  3. Smh... I said compared to the TOP teams in the AFC You finally answered the question. This is what the post was all about anyway. Sorry for the jab earlier.
  4. None Ballard. Oops I meant Superman
  5. Don't speak for me because I wrote it and the premise of the long thread is NOT a complaint about a LT and if that's ALL you took from it then that's on you!
  6. I agree with you 100 percent on this one!
  7. You are correct and that's my point. If you're going to build through the draft then you need to be hitting on playmakers at the skill positions and Tampa is loaded. Let's not forget they also aquired some key players via FA to round out that very talented Tampa team.
  8. Don't put words in my mouth!!! I NEVER said the team is FALLING APART! As a matter of fact I said the team was solid. The question I had was post draft since the Colts were a minor player in FA and placed more stock in the draft. Did they do enough to overtake some of the top teams in the AFC or are they falling further behind them. Now what I'm tired of is some of the blind followers of Ballard who act like he can do no wrong and that some of his moves are BEYOND question. He's solid like the team he's built but he hasn't earned the free pass yet.
  9. Hey Myles... I also like the Paye pick but that was about all. I just didn't feel any of the other the picks will help get us to that elite status or help close the gap with the top teams in the AFC. Drafting an edge rusher coming off an achilles tear (will he be the same?) who might not even play till 2022 with your 2nd pick is VERY dicey especially when this was such a deep and talented draft at offensive tackle. No that's not a negative to be a solid team IF you're content with maybe making the playoffs as a lower seed but if you're competing to hoist that Lombardi solid is not
  10. Now that the dust has settled on the 2021 draft do you think the Colts have closed the gap in the AFC among the title contenders? I ask this question because Ballard chooses to build mostly through the draft so his margin for error is slim and his success rate for those picks need to be higher at this point (year 5) to leapfrog some of the elite in the AFC to reach a SB. By most accounts for the upcoming 2021 season through FA and the draft teams like the Chiefs, Bills, Steelers, Ravens and Titans have been aggressive and have gotten even better on paper by adding some playmakers a
  11. Colts lose another piece on defense. He signs with the Browns. Thoughts?
  12. Hey Supes its been awhile. I used Tampa as an example because I believe the Colts are similar. You are correct in that their team was built mostly through the draft which is why I said their core talent. The Colts also have some bargain FAs too like Tampa had but last year they added some very KEY pieces (and not necessarily expensive ones) to that roster to get over the hump. Do you think they win the SB without Brady and the targeted weapons they added around him? Of course not but they made the move. I'm not on that kick that you have to spend big money and go crazy just for the sake of a
  13. I'm trying to figure out why some have made this Colts football topic something it's not. I cleary said I think Ballard is a good gm. I also said he has built a good team mostly through the draft and with some bargain FAs. I also said the Colts are in a good place money wise which means Ballard has handled the cap nicely. To say this team is good enough for a playoff push but still needs pieces to be a true SB contender in the loaded AFC is not a diss! The team has come a long way but other teams are getting better and going for the crown also. Now with that being said it is time
  14. By no means am I saying it's a failure because Ballard has the young team in a solid place right now and I think Carson will help speed up the process to get this team to elite status ( hoping anyway) but todays gms are coming out very aggressive flipping rosters and becoming contenders quickly. At some point you have to start upgrading and being all in to hoist that trophy because other teams are getting better too. Just adding Carson a top flight pass catcher or a edge rusher or two that can bring some heat will do wonders for this team.
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