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  1. I hope so because in that second half against the Raiders they looked lost without TY.
  2. With TY being out I hope the gameplan will simply not be to pound the ball! More than ever Frank needs to be creative. They are the Steelers by name but they are NOT a good football team. This is a below avg Mason led team. Even with Big Ben game 1 they lost by 30 to the Pats because the talent level is subpar. Take away Ju Ju and they have no passing game. Connor has looked pedestrian but looked good against the Phins last week but EVERYONE has looked good against the Phins. Lol The Colts need to be aggressive on BOTH sides of the ball and get into attack mode early! That's what I miss about the Peyton years... the Colts would put their foot into an inferior team's throat. The Steelers have a decent defense but they're no world beaters. If the Colts come out playing it "safe" then it will be a dogfight because their crowd will get into it and the Steelers will start to feed off that...
  3. Especially with Adam being on shakey ground. No one can take the GOAT title as far as kickers are concerned away from him for what he's accomplished but with his age also comes decline. No knock on Adam it's simply a part of life. He will still have flashes of greatness here and there but to RELY on him consistently at this point is foolish. I actually thought Frank did Adam no favors with the playcalling after the horse collar penalty late in the Bronco game that made it a 51 yard attempt in the first place BUT that's where the FLASHES from Adam will come in. Missed a PAT and a 45 yarder which could've cost us a close game (similar to San Diego), yet nailed a 55 yarder before halftime and followed that with a game winning 51 yarder.
  4. I thought about that too but look at the Pats with one of the weakest WR groups in the nfl. Playcalling and schemes matter. I honestly believe we are better off than last year with weapons because I like Pascal as a 2 for now. Jack is back and Cain is not being utilized at all nor is Hines in space like last season. I'm not seeing the creativity from last season BUT I believe Frank and Co can get it together.
  5. That was a staple in the Elway led Broncos.
  6. I concur with you about Dak because I personally think that JB is much better. What I don't understand is why are the handcuffs on JB? Frank has said on many occasions that JB can make all the throws (saw it in camp routinely) and to me his interception ratio is better than Luck's because JB will throw the ball away when he doesn't have anything. A couple of theories are out there that the Colts would like Luck back who is considered by some to be a generational type of qb and that's no knock against JB because they think HIGHLY of him but no one considers him to be on the fast track to a possible HOF type of career. Think about it if JB shines and the Colts thrive I highly doubt that Luck himself would return out of respect for the guys so that door would be closed. BUT if they struggle on OFFENSE (bottom half of league) and say Luck's body as well as mind are in a much better place along with the family blessing... Do you think he would consider a comeback to fulfill his narrative as an all time great in the making with a call from Irsay, Ballard and Frank? I don't know but the playcalling seems to be reverting back to the days of dare I say Chuck? Hope not...
  7. WOW!!! Colin Cowherd just did a segment on his show today about playoff contenders whether they are trick or treat... Now bare in mind Colin loves the Colts but he said they're a trick. Analogy was based on the Colts being ranked 22nd in passing and 18th overall in offense with arguably one of the 3 best o-lines in football. Also in a nutshell too many scratch and claw wins. Said JB is more like Dak and that the Colts DO miss Luck. I take what Colin says with a grain of salt but thought his take was interesting.
  8. Agree. I think because of all the praise (much deserved) that the o-line and rushing attack has earned, opposing defenses are taking notice too. Teams are basically saying you're not going to run on us so if we stop you on 1st and 2nd down to little or no gains, then we'll just pin our ears back on 3rd and longs FORCING JB to make plays under duress.
  9. Up to this point I love where the team is at and think Frank is doing a great job overall. With that being said I'm starting to notice that teams are loading the box to stop the run and we seem even more DETERMINED to run on the early downs to establish the running game leading to a lot of 3rd and longs as well as 3 and outs lately. Now I'm not saying to abandon the run but I think the playcalling needs to be mixed up a little more because the offense is starting to become predictable on 1st and 2nd downs. I'm not even seeing as much of Hines out the backfield for quick swing passes like last season. His catch at the end of the Bronco game was just as big as TY's long haul grab. JB has proven to me that he can win with his arm and I am not saying that's the route we need to go because I too believe in a balanced offense. I think by going with some bootlegs and quick slants on early downs will help. Also try using more "spread" formations with pre snap motion to help create mismatches. Sprinkle in some no huddle to change the pace. I do believe that once Funch and Campbell return the passing game will pick up BUT remember we had neither on the roster last season. Speaking of last year the Colts kept opposing defenses off balance DUE to the playcalling. I saw reverses some hurry up sprinkled in etc. Playing it close to the vest is leading to nail biters against some bad teams. The Colts dodged one with a shakey Adam V hitting the 51 yarder to win the game. Switch it up some and jump on the Steelers early. Go Colts!
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