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  1. I'll be back on the baseball thread. We have had a BUSY WINTER! Good to see old friends again!
  2. Predictions are a tough business. I'm still celebrating last year for the Cubs. And, I always love them; win or lose. Same with the Reds. Even though they're back to being a field of poopy diapers....
  3. Pacer game tonight with the hubs!

    1. HungarianColtsFan


      Have fun you 2!! Go Pacers!

    2. TheRustonRifle#7
  4. What an AWESOME Pacer game last night!!!!

    1. MTC


      First time we swept the series against OKC since the 08-09 season.

    2. radiogirl


      It was such a fun game.  We were yelling the whole time!  Probably the most enjoyable Pacer game we have ever been to!

    3. BrentMc11


      As fun as it could be.  The beer was cold too!!!

  5. Yes he would have. Brent and I are going to the game Monday. I plan to enjoy a round with Brent in his memory! RIP Gavin!
  6. I loved hearing his passion for the Colts, Cubs, and Pacers! Not everyone always agreed. But we were all on the same team; so to speak. We will miss him......
  7. I am so sad to hear of Gavin's passing. He will be sorely missed. RIP Gavin!
  8. Did you see him this past year at the Hawaiian basketball tournament? With those wild Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses on the whole time. He looked like an ad for Panama Jack. Sunglasses while he was broadcasting indoors. Although, as I always say, it's always sunny when you're cool! HA!
  9. I agree! And, he's a great dude. I played on a softball team with him in my twenties for four years. GREAT GUY!!!! I like that he just calls the games and doesn't get off on long-winded tangents like other broadcasters do....
  10. Yes he was! One of my favorites on IU is Don Fisher! Great guy and smooth commentator.
  11. I think people like him because of his IU ties. But, I have trouble stomaching his broadcasts. I would rather listen to Polka music. Nothing against Polka. But, come on man!
  12. Not a fan. He knows basketball. But, overall...he gets on my nerves.....
  13. What a great time at Tarik Glenn's Dream Alive Event!  We got to meet some players from the 2006 team and current players.  Great Night!


    1. radiogirl
    2. southwest1


      Nice pictures there RG. Thanks for sharing them BTW. :hat:


      Good lighting regarding all the photos too with crystal clear resolution as well. 

  14. Taking my hubby to the Tarik Glenn benefit Dream Alive Sunday night after the Colts game.  Lots of players from the 2006 Championship team will be there.  Should be fun!

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    2. HungarianColtsFan
    3. NFLfan


      Sounds great. Enjoy it. :)


    4. radiogirl


      Thanks guys!  Should be a good time.  They expect over 30 Colts players from this years' team and the 2006 team.  Hopefully I will get some good pictures to share!  Everyone enjoy your weekend!  Off to buy brentmc11 some new clothes for this occasion!  No shorts and sweatshirts allowed!  :jump:

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