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  1. Yeah he is all over the place ... I have seen him anywhere from an early 1st rounder to a late 3rd rounder (majority putting him somewhere in the 2nd). Seems to be a hard guy for a lot of people to pin down.
  2. The knock on Abram is his lack of coverage ability. I have seen Adderley all over the place in mock drafts but seems to be in the second more often than not. I am not sure either would be a value pick at #26. Not like there are 1 or 2 Safeties who are being talked about as consensus top 15-20 picks that happen to slide to us at #26.
  3. What Safety do you think is worth pick #26? I'm not saying we won't pick one there, but I am not seeing how that is the value pick. I would rather go with a different position other than S in the 1st. I think one of the 2nd round picks would probably offer more value if we were looking for a safety.
  4. If you believe that, I have some prime swampland for sale! If he did not like where he was being traded he could have made it so difficult that the official trade would have not have happened tomorrow.
  5. They were just talking about OBJs bad qualities that caused the Giants to trade him earlier. Among them ... he was supposed to be more of a team player and keep his mouth shut after his big pay day (not a contract stipulation, but a gentleman's/business mans understanding) ... which he didn't. He also made a comment about not liking to drink water (which I had never heard before) but I guess it has led to 2nd half dehydration (performance) issues and he refuses to listen to trainers on increasing fluids. There were some other issues listed I don't remember them all. Secondly - We likely would not have gotten him for what Cleveland got him for ... it would have cost us significantly more, because he wanted to be with there with Landry so he didn't make the trade difficult. I am not thrilled about Funchness, but you are too obsessed with the big names. I think Ballard will eventually be willing to take more chances on guys like AB, OBJ, etc ... after the locker room is more solidly built.
  6. esmort

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    Alshon Jeffery didn't run at combine; his times are from his pro day... So Funchess pro-day 40 time should be an equally valid comparison.
  7. esmort

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    I agree which makes me think there must be something I am missing (because I was like "what???" when I heard the news). I don't think CB goes out this early in FA and gives out a big contract (even though only 1 yr) without something more than "Ryan Grant 2.0" in mind. Maybe we are all seeing slow WR, where CB/Reich sees some sort of WR/TE (he's got the size and blocking skills) insurance policy in case Doyle is more broken than advertised. Who knows ....
  8. You must be going to a different part of the internet that has different boards than me. There are things that I think could be changed and/or improved here, but overall it is not a "mess" compared to most of the sports forums I have been to. Some boards don't have a lot of duplicate posts, but many have tumbleweeds blowing through them and they only get a fraction of the activity this forum does. Other boards are so structured and try to keep things so on topic that a lot of people often won't participate because the threads are too narrowly focused. You could pin it, but than you have like 2 pages of pins before you get to non-pinned content. IMO over-pinning is worse than duplicate threads. Also some threads may have start on one subject, but for whatever reason evolved into either something different or a very specific aspect about the player or subject of the original thread. Often these threads are very active and even though may have drifted from the original topic the discussion still is very active and often times the subject being discussed is interesting and worthwhile ... when threads like these get merged you lose the "sub-discussion". IMO it's easier just to let any threads that don't get merged or locked to die on their own ... eventually they drift a few pages back and disappear if something important was in there someone will usually bump revive it.
  9. You have to expect it this time of year. The Mods lock and merge new/duplicate threads all the time ... but a lot of posters give them push back because they feel do it(close/merge threads) too much. Can't please everyone. This forum is a lot more organized than many teams websites I have visited.
  10. No way AZ trades Rosen for a 3rd.
  11. esmort

    Todd Gurley has Arthritis in Left Knee

    Every other position would come up with some reason they deserved the same 4 yr contracts. It would open up a huge can of worms.
  12. esmort

    Todd Gurley has Arthritis in Left Knee

    I disagree ... all these players (and everyone who chooses to play contact sports (boxing, MMA, hockey, etc ..) know the risk when they sign up. The players/union could arrange to pay for insurance out of their cut if it was that important to them and maybe get the NFL to contribute a percentage based on player contributions, or maybe all injury settlements go into this "lifetime insurance fund", etc ... Why should the NFL foot the entire bill for life for injuries that may have happened (or started) in HS, or College both of which are profiting from the players while giving them much less compensation than the NFL.
  13. Even of we get Humphries I would like to see CB bring Inman back
  14. esmort

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    It was obvious from your comment, when you lecture one side to wait and "stop minimizing" but are curiously quiet to all the outrageous comments from the other side...hmmm.
  15. esmort

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    Wouldn't want to shatter the illusion of your good guy/bad guy, black and white world.