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  1. This OL is going to end up "andrew lucking" Wentz
  2. This defense is garbage ... the colts look terrible (terribly coached?) on both sides of the ball
  3. Comparing Tevi to Castonzo is an insult to Castonzo ... I don't care what the stats look like on paper. The Chargers would not have let Tevi go and spent a high 1st on a Tackle if Tevi was even close to Castonzo's level.
  4. Clearly he liked him...hopefully he's the next Mathis or Freeney ... as I said above if one of these 2 pass rushers don't hit big he's going to start taking heat from both fans and media.
  5. I guess...he better hope one of these 2 picks hit big or the "In Ballatd we trust" Fan club is going to start losing members and fans are going to start losing patience.
  6. I get that he doing a little overreacting, but you are keep glossing over/downplaying the severity of the injury part. So he's a bottom of the 1st round pick healthy and we grab him at #54 with a torn achilles. This isn't an ACL or getting him in the 3rd (or later)... which I think a lot of people would have seen as more of a value risk/reward pick. But, we literally only dropped him 1/2 of a round for a torn Achilles; thats a lot more risk than reward IMO.
  7. Haven't even seen Mack play since the injury. I would err on the side of caution and look at the number of players who have successfully come back from an injury until the procedure for that injury had advanced enough that coming back and playing at a high level was was viewed as high probability.
  8. Complaining or not agreeing doesn't mean the sky is falling ... the "Ballard can do no wrong crowd" is almost as amusing. Especially since part of the reason for doubling down there is that his previous picks for pass rush are not necessarily setting the world on fire.
  9. If they couldnt trade back they could have picked another position ... it's not like the Colts are so deep at other positions they couldn't have chosen a player that would have contributed. The didn't HAVE to take an OT or DL there.
  10. Hate this pick ... the colts don't have the luxury of redshirt risks in the 2nd round ..especially at a position where Ballard hasn't shown he necessarily has an eye for.... if the OT were reaching we should have chosen a different position or traded back.
  11. I would have bet a 7th round pick it was a bluff. If he followed through on his threat you lost a 7th round pick, no big deal. The reward far outweighed the risk IMO.
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