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  1. The talking heads are saying Chris Jones isn't signing for less than Frank Clark. I think anyone wanting Jones is looking in the neighborhood of at least 5yrs $100M/$60M guaranteed as a starting point.
  2. JB was never better than average, especially if you are only giving Luck "very good". JB 2019 = Average->Below Average; even the 1st 7 games he was at best an average QB.
  3. I don't think he meant anything by the comment, but.... If you were a player with that kind of draft value/likely the #1 pick why wouldn't you try to force a trade and make sure you didn't get stuck on a team like Cin, Cleve., etc... I don't know why any top draft pick would willingly goto a dumpster fire team without trying to get out of it.
  4. I agree Irsay is definitely patient and Ballard is not currently on the hot seat. However if Ballard skips on a QB this year (either one who was available at one of our picks or one that we could have traded up for for a reasonable cost) and we decide to roll with JB or a FA and we end up 8-8 in QB purgatory (maybe even worst draft position with less draft picks) and one or more of the QBs he chose not to draft this year ends up being a good franchise level QB it won't be 3 years before his seat is hot.
  5. If the rumors are true the Lion's ownership said win next season or everyone is gone. If this is the case I can't see how a rookie QB is going to give them a better chance than Stafford. Also they would probably be better off spending their #3 pick on a "win now" piece versus a rookie QB who may have to sit a year, or even trading down a bit and possibly acquiring a couple immediate impact players. But who knows with all the misinformation this time of year.
  6. ... Also the sky is blue. grass is green, and water is wet. Everyone caught up?
  7. There is no new insight or analysis here. This is just most of the same old media driven Jacoby excuse talking points relisted.
  8. ^^^ This! Glad someone else noticed this, I thought maybe I was just crazy/misinterpreting. He constantly comes up with these posts that tie back to JB (whether directly or indirectly) that cause posters to reference JB than complains "threads derailed, everyone bashing JB, etc...".
  9. This is going to to be the situation every year unless we have a top 3-5 pick; that's just the nature of the beast. We are going to have to do the research, take a risk, and choose one (even if that means pay to move up) or we are going to be stuck in mediocrity forever. I would be open to considering Carr, but other than wild rumors that is likely a pipe dream ... and even if it were real it would still be a risk.
  10. Yes he is far off. JG is just an avg NFL QB and JB would have to make a huge leap just to be on JGs level. JB is a back-up QB; don't know why you are dead set on making him something he''s not.
  11. Do you think there is going to be more QBs without ??? where we draft next year? Without the top pick, or at the very least a top 5ish pick we are always going to be "reaching" for a QB who is not a sure thing. Why is it people who don't want to reach/take a chance for a Qb always point to FA. Do you really see a good option for QB in FA; it almost never happens. Elite DL hit FA way more often ... they may be expensive but they are much easier to acquire in FA than an elite QB.
  12. There is a chart floating around somewhere that shows busts by position; If I remember correctly the bust rate between Qb and other positions was not that big of difference. (maybe some one who has that chart or knows offhand where it was last posted will chime in). We didn't have to reach (or take as big of chance) on the last two because we had the #1 pick. Do you see us being in that position in the near future? If I knew we could roll with JB and pick #1 next year and have our choice between Lawrence and Fields I would be all for totally skipping drafting a QB this year. But reality is whether this year or next odds are we are going to have to roll the dice, take a chance, and draft a QB (higher than we might want to) who has more risk than Manning, Luck, etc ...
  13. Sign a QB? And who would that be? If we are going to spend big on a position in FA it is much easier to find a good DT in FA than a good QB. If Ballard thinks there is 0% chance any of the guys are franchise quality , than sure grab another position at 13 ... But you have to roll the dice on QB in the draft even if you only think they might be the guy.
  14. What kind of draft picks you think the NFL channel will want?
  15. I wasn't saying the Saints will necessarily be the ones to pay Bridgewater. Personally I am not a big Bridgewater fan, but I think there is a good chance some team will give him a big contract. As far as Taysom Hill goes he is an interesting player, I am not sure about the Steve Young comparisons, but I am definitely curious to see if Sean Payton can do something with him.
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