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  1. Remember when everyone was actually scared someone was going to "steal" Eberflus from us.
  2. He's just turned 26 (and by all accounts he has been doing well for at least a year) ... so at this point he was immature to the ripe old age of about 24, that's not a lot of "adult life" years. I know plenty of people who were well into there 20s before they quit partying and "grew up". I am not saying he won't screw it all up or is a changed man; I don't know the guy personally. But, I think it is premature to pass judgement so early. It's amazing how many posters on here graduated high school and were instantly pillars of their community and never went through a wild period of p
  3. Patriots are going to ride or die with Stidham. He will either show he has franchise potential or they will ride him into a top draft pick.
  4. If Rivers went down early in the season for potentially the rest of the season I would rather have CK or Eason get in there and see what they can do/become by the end of the season. Then we find out if we have our future franchise QB or we fall on our face and end up with a top draft pick to get a franchise QB; Instead of JB coming in and giving us an ~8-8 record and/or limping into the playoffs with no real shot and being out of range of the top QBs in the draft next year.
  5. Yeah Zach Banner was not Ballard's best pick. That pick was all about a lottery ticket (Eason a bit of a lottery ticket pick too) based on physical traits & potential upside more so than tape/skill IMO. Although he is still in the league on the Steelers so he wasn't a complete bust/wash out of the league level bad pick.
  6. JB is just an expensive, rep taking log jam at the QB position. Let CK and Eason battle it out for #2. Let's get a good look and see what we really have at QB post Rivers so we know whether or not we need to go hard/pay up for a QB next draft.
  7. Sporting News FA Tracker says he signed with Seattle
  8. Its not just the 5th ... its who we chose in the 2nd round ... moving up and paying a fifth just adds insult to injury.
  9. We will look back at this pick and realize we missed out on a better player at a more important position and we payed a 5th to do it.
  10. Better players at better positions were there ..smh
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