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  1. $15 mil, just for doing what a player is supposed to do it's a great contract (with a significant guarantee) considering the situation (they couldn't give him more without being obvious), but whatever you need to tell yourself ... anyone who isn't a Pats fan knows the whole deal is VERY shady.
  2. Actually is a 1 yr $15 million deal (with $9 million guaranteed) just about exactly what he was going to make this year in Oak ... Hmmmm Of course he's counting on a new deal next year, but it sure is nice he got almost the exact money this year he left in Oakland! And yes I do hate the Pats ;but you are being a blind homer, who is purposely ignoring the glaringly obvious (or the constant Pats rule bending/breaking has made you numb to the shadiness), but it doesn't change the facts ... this is a shady deal.
  3. Wanting to be on a team and being willing to "blindly believe" & bet $30 million that said team still wanted you bad enough after you made yourself look completely crazy and unstable to force your current team to release you are two completely different things .... Unless you already had been told there was a good deal and roster spot waiting. Like I said if you can't see the circumstances here are beyond fishy your fandom is causing you to blindly ignore the obvious.
  4. AB and DR don't throw away 30 mil guaranteed and actively look for release on just the fact that NE was interested when he was with the Steelers (and "hopefully" still are) . If you don't think there was a "handshake backroom" contract waiting you are blinded by homerism. Don't let Fandom cloud common sense.
  5. This was so obviously orchestrated from both sides. Even if the Pats and AB didn't plan it from the beginning, I have no doubt that as soon as the Pat's seen things were a little bumpy in Oakland they contacted Rosenhaus and "planted the seed" that they would be interested. Rosenhaus then told AB the Pats had interest so AB forced his way out. AB doesn't care about the money he lost in the short term, because he got his way and figures he will make it back in the long term(if he doesn't end getting to keep the raiders money anyway). Rosenhaus doesn't care about the money/cut he potentially loses because again he likely makes it up in the long term, and it is great marketing for potential future clients that he can "make things work out". Pats should be investigated even if nothing is likely to come of it just for principles sake. Raiders should be be all over this. Pats are such a dirty team I wish a team that knew they had no chance at the playoffs (calling you Miami) would send someone to wipeout Brady's knees.
  6. It's not nearly as bad, or as big of deal as you are making it out to be. Even in the stories I have seen and read today it's not getting that much attention. The Colts not going after the money they could get back is what's getting the press. The booing won't have any effect on FAs; If anything, the absence of an elite QB will be a bigger issue when it comes to attracting FAs.
  7. Luck has zero credibility right now WITH A SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF COLTS FANS. There, I corrected it for you. Hey, you're entitled to your opinion, just wanted to be clear....
  8. Like I said I don't know who will emerge from the college ranks ... there is usually a player or 2 that come on during the CFB season, Senior Bowl, etc ... Maybe its a FA, or maybe it's rolled to the 21 class ... regardless Zeke is not the missing piece we need to spend crazy draft capital on.
  9. I don't know who will emerge as QB for next draft, where we will be picking, etc ... but I am not giving up big draft currency for a RB with the QB position complete ???.
  10. Can't do that, may need the the ammunition to trade up for QB.
  11. ^^^This Even early on I always had the thought in the back of my head that his obvious interests outside of football might come into play at some point. Although I never envisioned it playing out like this, it was obvious from the time he entered the league that he didn't prioritize football like many players do ("live and breath the game").
  12. I hope everyone burns his jersey as he leaves town. Lost all respect for him.
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