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  1. Then you choose one of the other options I listed ...just about any option is better than JB.
  2. Jacoby as starter is a wasted season (I don't think I could stomach another season of JB). A mediocre record not good enough to really compete and not bad enough to get a top pick. They either need to invest in a vet like Stafford, Ryan, etc that gives us a realistic chance to compete next season or go all in on a "boom/bust" whether that is getting someone like a Winston or Darnold, throwing Eason into the fire, or paying the price to move up for a rookie; that way we at least have a good shot of getting a good draft pick if it doesn't work out. Jacoby. Dalton, Fitz, etc ... ju
  3. I like aggressive... But I take the points there. Even if you are going to go for it put JB in; that gives you so many more options you have snuck it with JB enough times now that's what they are expecting, it opens up other options. That seems like the type of situation you have been setting up with all of JBs QB sneaks, now he comes in and throws it, etc.
  4. Winning doesn't change the fact of how bad Reich's play calling was. D bailed him out.
  5. Defense needs to save Reich again or his stupid play comes back to haunt him.
  6. What stupid call by Reich on so many levels... I am about over Reich... SMH
  7. Except his play calling is frequently questionable even with AC. And the Titans pass rush was not the the biggest reason we lost this game.
  8. Losing AC was not good, but not even the top reason for this loss.
  9. Reich's play calling gets predictably questionable in a lot of games even with AC and the full defense. Even though things become more difficult without AC it's Reich's job to adjust and he ran the same predictable script,
  10. Reich's questionable play calling definitely came into play ... I don't know what game you were watching (or season for that matter).
  11. Ready for rule change to onside kick ... its such a waste
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