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  1. I really like the coach on the Raido call. He tells things they way they are. He dosn't try to sugar coat everything.
  2. Td is nice. But its not going to matter if the D dosen't shows up.
  3. So the tv showed the D huddled up. So it take them being down 21 to show some life. Or maybe they was just planning whos going to throw the party tonight.
  4. Big game today. Almost a must win. Can't let it slip away. Colts need a win to keep pace with Tennessee.
  5. The overall picture is that only one team is going to truly going happy at the end of the season. I'm sorry to say it's not going to be Indy. The Colts are are middle of the pack team. Good enough to pad their stats against lesser talented teams, but will be held in check against the best. There is lots of room for improvement throughout the roster. In the end, this may be a playoff team and then again they may not. It is what it is. There is no quick fix. Besides, there is 30+ other teams as well looking for players to help them improve. So its not just as easy as saying Ballard needs to go
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