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  1. He'll probably get cut in training camp.
  2. After what I saw the last 3 days, i'll go with option #2
  3. Lord, Wentz is going to get killed. Be like he never left Philly.
  4. I think the game shows the importance of a good O-line. That being said I think, the Colts need to leave Q at guard and get a tackle. The experimenting of moving guys around backfired for KC. I know he's good, but I'd hate to see Q moved to tackle and it backfire. Go Get Castanzo's replacement. Go Get a edge rusher or 2 another Wr and QB, who knows there.
  5. Well just got to keep choppin' the wood. Time to build on this season for next season. Today is disapointing, but the future is bright. On to the draft.
  6. It is what it is. Didn't get it done today. Now a Long offseason.
  7. Nice Stand. Way to get the ball Back D. Now run it down their throats!
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