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  1. Ok, I'm mad, Colts start the season with two road games, an early bye in week 7, then four of the last 6 games are on the road this sucks! we got screwed!
  2. Chiefs horsewhip Colts Colts playing like the cupcake commerical on tv
  3. After 2 and a half a quarters, the field is holing up surprisingly decent.
  4. I think Vinnie's age is starting to creep up on him. Missed some easy ones this year. I just he would have done that back against the Raiders way back when.
  5. I predicted a chief win 34-17. Now I'm wondering if well even score?
  6. Did I make a mistake? Is this Chuck and his staff on the Colts side lines today?
  7. I was late to the party. Looks like the butt kickith, has begun.
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