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  1. A very good team. They come in under .500. I think all post game loses , not just colts but all teams start the post game shows with. "We lost to a great team over there." . I for one I'm sick of hearing it. In this case, no TB is not a good team, and neither are the Colts.
  2. Chris.. First caller on the call in show. Mr. Positive hearing you makes me wanna break things.
  3. Ballard spend the money get some players in here!
  4. Can someone watch the rb's and te's for the short dumpoff passes that are killing this team. PLEASE SOMEONE!
  5. Int. No time off the clock. Dumb playing calling, and a missed field goal. Nice. Way to go O.
  6. Nice stop d. Good field position. Go get a td.
  7. So I just get out of bed, and I already missed a bit a Interception and a Colts TD.
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