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  1. If you are a asking solely about this draft haul, I was happy with the first pick. I don't like tbe RB or QB picks. I don't see what is wrong with current backfield. I think these picks could have been better served elsewhere. Also, pick #3 just off major injury. The other low round picks may not even make the team. Every team is always trying to find the "199Th TOM BRADY GOAT pick." You hear it all the time when brady's name comes up about his draft, but this rarely happens. Usually these guys are 2nd tier special teamers at best. I usually don't put much stock into. draft picks past the late 4th or early 5th round anyhow. Sure there will be some but usually not many. So we got 1 day one starter, 1 back up RB. A CB who may not play. A project QB. Then got a lineman who has, not my words, but has Underwhelming physical traits,Technique in pass protection is way behind Inconsistent distribution of weight in pass sets, Deposited into pocket too often by speed-to-power. Windsor the De has a great motor but also not my words Missing NFL mass and will get pushed around, Not much jolt into initial contact, Struggles to maintain gap integrity against extra blockers, Allowed himself to be reached and stacked, Needs feet in closer contact with the ground,Doesn't have quick-win hands or control point of attack consistently, Rush production often occurred well after initial snap, then the rest are trading camp guys and probably not much else. Would of liked one more early round wr at least. I feel this was one of Ballards worst drafts. I think there are a lot of reaches here. But this is all just from what these player have done in the past. I hope I'm way off and they all turn out to be gems. Until then, we all will wait to see.
  2. Then why QB here? Why not go get another wr, or db or lineman build up the depth. Not a fan a QB picked here.
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