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  1. Do people not understand the concept of a salary cap? We have $1m left.
  2. I'd rather listen to what Chris Ballard says over the guy who drafted Jonny Manziel
  3. I believe the league can force teams to do the show
  4. I think we're down to 79 players right now. Below the 80 we need to be at. At least according to the Colts website. I think Ballard may have cut Pineiro early to give him a chance to get a job elsewhere.
  5. Don't you mean predicting the 53 man roster AFTER you're down to 80 players and before we get to 53? If you wait until after final cuts all you're doing is predicting waiver claims after final cuts. And given Ballard's history he will pick someone up and you won't guess it.
  6. I would expect Carson to do work on the side this week and not take any snaps until next week
  7. Why would he need off season surgery on an injury that had healed when he was in high school?
  8. It's from kicking so much butt in the off season
  9. Which would be the full Nelson We also have 2 Sean Davis'
  10. This is the official first game. Not my guess
  11. Seahawks @ Colts 1pm on Fox per Jimmy Johnson
  12. Surprised no one had signed Hooker yet. He's still pretty good and he's young
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