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  1. dew5150

    Colts hire OL and TE Coaches

    Strausser has an instructional video for o-line on Amazon
  2. dew5150

    Colts extend RG Mark Glowinski [Merge]

    Now Glow can afford a new horse and buggy to tote the family around in.
  3. dew5150

    Colts Team MVP

    The offensive line
  4. dew5150

    Dee Ford

    He's a 3-4 OLB. Not a scheme fit.
  5. dew5150

    Pagano to Bears

    Keep chopping wood Chuck! Good dude. He'll be great as a DC
  6. dew5150

    Ryan Kelly

    When Fabio, Nelson and Kelly are all on the field, we've allowed zero sacks.
  7. dew5150


    He hasn't had a carry since week 11! Yikes!
  8. dew5150


    Special Teams coordinator!!
  9. dew5150

    Andrew Luck: AFC Offensive Player of the Week

    It should be the Colts' offensive line. I've never enjoyed o-line play as much as this year. No offense to Andrew, but it's a lot easier to rack up stats when you've got that much time.
  10. dew5150

    Colts vs Dolphins flexed to 4:25 ET

    I hope the Colts will honor Gore at this game to say thank you for his 3 years as a Colt.
  11. dew5150

    Today's Tryouts

    Ballard has talked about this before, they bring in people on a regular basis. Doesn't necessarily mean they will sign someone, but Ballard is always looking for an upgrade.
  12. dew5150

    Help me out! CBS All Access
  13. dew5150

    Help me out! CBS All Access

    You can stream DirecTV and get NFL ticket that way through your computer or on a ROKU type device