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  1. Have Vinny do kickoffs and holding. Let Rigo take care of punting and field goals. Problem solved!
  2. Did you know he used to kick field goals in college? Did you also know he made all his field goals and missed only one extra point his senior year? Yup 13/13 field goals w/ a long of 55 yards 49/50 on extra points Just sayin'
  3. What about Andy Dalton or Can Newton? We're more likely to baby a free agent than a high draft QB.
  4. At least we know we're not peaking too early
  5. Attendance yesterday was just under 60k.
  6. If Moore and Desire are both out, then our CBs are Ya Sin, Wilson, Taylor and Tell.
  7. 4pm games are better for Lucas Oil because we won't have to deal with the shadows. Close the roof!
  8. LT, QB and Edge Rusher are hard to find. AC will get paid
  9. Maybe put him on practice squad to develop him?
  10. The Blue Crew The Naptown Nasties The Horseshoe Hitsquad The Mathis Mafia Blue Man Group
  11. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2019/9/12/20862694/ominous-tweet-and-recent-team-activity-may-point-to-roster-move-coming-up-front-for-colts
  12. Check his Twitter profile... Location says he's in Philadelphia
  13. Normal return for broken collarbone is 12 weeks. Might miss the rest of the season
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