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  1. The ultimate Chris Ballard trade package... Colts give up: 2021 1st round pick 2022 1st round pick Colts receive: Stafford 2021 2nd round pick 2022 2nd round pick Colts keep same number of picks, Ballard loves them picks, and has multiple 2nd rt picks 2 years in a row
  2. This is great - https://www.stampedeblue.com/2021/1/6/22214642/how-the-colts-can-shut-down-the-bills-offense make Allen throw to his left... Significantly less accurate throwing to his left
  3. Marineli was DC in Dallas when Eberflus was there. He's a great DC. It's an upgrade, imo
  4. What does this have to do with the draft?
  5. I'll take that deal ...if you throw in the Jags next three 1st round picks
  6. No. JG is what you need JB to be for Reich's system to work. Stats aren't comparable.
  7. At a minimum, we need to bring someone in to compete with him for the starting job
  8. Jacoby isn't good enough to take this team to the super bowl which is how QBs should be judged. His problems are accuracy and post snap decision making. We don't need Tom Brady or Andrew Luck, but we need better than Brissett.
  9. Have Vinny do kickoffs and holding. Let Rigo take care of punting and field goals. Problem solved!
  10. Did you know he used to kick field goals in college? Did you also know he made all his field goals and missed only one extra point his senior year? Yup 13/13 field goals w/ a long of 55 yards 49/50 on extra points Just sayin'
  11. What about Andy Dalton or Can Newton? We're more likely to baby a free agent than a high draft QB.
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