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  1. BleedBlu8792

    Tyquan Lewis bowl game.

    As a Buckeye fan I was really disappointed when Gholston was drafted by the Jets. I think his career could have been much better, and longer, had he went to a 4-3 team.
  2. I don't think they will have a choice... Draymond, again, has made it known that there won't be a "discount" this next go around with his contract. Klay or Draymond is going to get caught up in the numbers game and at least one is going to be packing their bags.
  3. Klay and Draymond are up after next year. If Boogie makes any kind of progress, they could let Klay (Klays dad wants him to play for the Lakers) and Draymond (He wants a max deal this next go around) walk. Steph, KD, and Boogie could be the main 3 and they build around them.
  4. He'll be back next year. Even if he returns at 70%, he's light years better than McGee and Zaza. They'll probably keep him shut down until after the All-Star break, which would be ~14 months of healing. Even if they get him for just the last handful of regular season games and the playoffs, that 5.3M would be more than worth it. He's going to have play next year at some point because he's going to be chasing his 19'/20' contract.
  5. Who on GS tore their ACL and MCL? Cousins' injury was an achilles...
  6. BleedBlu8792

    Tidbits from OTA reports

    I'd have to assume these are for obvious 3rd and long/passing situations. I really don't want to see either in the middle of the line outside of that.
  7. He'll always be a paper champ in my opinion. As much of a die hard Pacer fan I am (since the early 80's), I've seen greatness and it sure isn't that dude up in Cleveland. They've softened and tailored the game for the guy and he still can't win. As I said, and it's just my opinion, but the NBA will be a better product when he's gone.
  8. I used to have the belief that Lebron would end up out West at some point in his career, but to be honest no matter who he takes with him, they aren't beating GS. He's not leaving the East. Lebron really doesn't have much in the way of him getting to the Finals here in the East due to the fact no one wants to come this way and play with the exception of Boston, but they have a pretty full roster as it is. If he goes West he'll probably never see the finals again, let alone win one, and to be honest it couldn't happen to a better guy. His retirement can't come quick enough.
  9. BleedBlu8792

    Linebacker Jenga

    The bolded makes zero sense.. He's been playing as a SOLB since he's been in the league with the Ravens, Texans, and Colts. Outside of dropping into coverage, he's doing the same thing but instead of standing up, he'll have a hand on the ground. He'll be fine as a LDE in our scheme.
  10. BleedBlu8792

    OURLADS projected colts depth chart

    Something really bad happened if Hunt is one of our starting DE's. Even worse, Morrison is the starting MIKE... yikes! Somewhere between a bad dream and a nightmare is this depth chart. The good thing is I HIGHLY doubt our coaches will see it the same way.
  11. BleedBlu8792

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    My wife is a Bengals fan so I get to see them more than I'd like. They didn't really even play him inside, I mean I don't think I can count on 1 hand how many times I saw him inside. Geno Atkins was their 3 down UT, and they had Peko and Pat Sims at DT. I guess they figured they would get more out of him on the outside than the inside and he was non-existent as a DE in their scheme. I fault Cincy(Marvin Lewis) more than Hunt for that debacle. ST's, give's depth to the DL, and is cheap. It wouldn't surprise me if he's cut after camp though if one of the new guys really show out.
  12. BleedBlu8792

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Hunt wasn't an UT for the Bengals, they kept playing him at DE in their 4-3 behind Dunlap and Johnson.
  13. BleedBlu8792

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    I don't think the Colts are worried about 3.3M in savings when they are still 52M under the cap (according to OverTheCap - could be wrong, but I think they are pretty close). That's * in the wind to them. Lewis, Turray, and Basham aren't ready to start at DE opposite Sheard yet. Simon has already proved himself for the time being, and no, no one is calling him a savior, but you still need leadership and experience, especially with a young team like this.
  14. BleedBlu8792

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    I'm not sure why you think we are only going to keep 8, or in your case if we cut Simon, 7 DL? You're also forgetting Hunt, who I think might be a surprise at the UT role, and Grover Stewart. The Colts will likely carry 10 DL. Tomasi Laulile could open some eyes too.
  15. BleedBlu8792

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Ballard and Reich have also stated they want speed and explosiveness, so just from that I don't see how Simon gets cut/traded.