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  1. No he's not. Urabn going with Haskins over Burrow caused Burrow to transfer. Burrow played a year in LSU while Fields was a Freshmen at Georgia.
  2. He didn't get hit in the head. He took a hit fell to the ground and his head barely hit the ground. He pretty much b****ed out after taking that hit. He also went out again after another hit. I'm positive the same thing happened in the LSU game as well. He got popped good a couple times and took himself out for a good handful of plays. Also, being an OSU guy for A LONG TIME, sorry Okudah isn't as good as they are making him out to be. He's literally the same player that Eli Apple was.
  3. He's soft, especially for his size. OSU and LSU exposed him pretty bad. If he can't do much against those guys he's likely going to struggle as much in the NFL.
  4. Umm BOB is and has been the GM since last year..
  5. Any scenario where Jalen Hurts is drafted by the Colts....
  6. Even a healthy Tua? Absolutely over Herbert though. I've never really been impressed with Herbert, and am generally not a fan of Pac-12 QB's.
  7. Actually his defense isn't really that elite.. his defensive rating is nearly identical to Sabonis'. He still can't consistently guard any of the bigs. Sabonis can at least go point for point and rebound with ANY big man in the league.
  8. I could see it now.... "Hey Marcus step in here..."
  9. The Pacers are going to be the 2 seed to Milwaukee, and are going to the finals!! /sarcasm
  10. With the Knicks wanting Holiday, I was hoping that the Pacers would package him and Turner for Julius Randle.. wishful thinking/dreaming
  11. Yea... going to the finals(haha).. can't beat the Knicks at home, nor a Luka-less Mavs team at home. AND still can't consistently beat, or even split between the top 4 above the Pacers.. They'll be a good team, but not a Finals team
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