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  1. BleedBlu8792

    Dear Darius Leonard:

    I did not. He was a huge liability.
  2. BleedBlu8792

    Anything To Say About Frank Reich?

    It's as good, if not better, than the 05'/06' OL.
  3. BleedBlu8792

    Dear Darius Leonard:

    Marcus Washington too.. Thornton was a rookie when played with both Peterson and Washington. If Polian would have kept those 3 together, history might have been a little different.
  4. I'm not sure what you watched, but that never happened. However, Hooker did pick off Watson's deep ball to Renfrow that game. That was the play that scouts got to see Hooker show off his range against a great QB/offense.
  5. BleedBlu8792

    The Defense....and the Jags

    Yeah, he's a quicker guy for his size but his vision might just be a step above Richardson's. If he doesn't have a huge glaring hole, he's not hard to stop.
  6. BleedBlu8792

    Give it up for Tyquan Lewis

    He is a DE but has the size to move inside on passing downs.
  7. BleedBlu8792

    2019 biggest need for the Colts

    Scary... the guy is a huge liability when he's on the field. Those "pundits" can't be watching the same game I am.
  8. BleedBlu8792

    2019 biggest need for the Colts

    I believe with what Jihad Ward showed us, before he got hurt, and the pool of DL players coming out next year, we could have a very talented and young group of guys for a long time. We really haven't had a consistent interior pass rush since Ward went down. I think that kid has the makings of a great player. I'd also like to see the talent on the outside get upgraded as well. We HAVE to be able to mix coverages on the fly, between zone and man, to stay effective against the better offensive teams. Right now we just don't have the talent for that. Quincy Wilson is a good start, but I'm still confused as to how Kenny Moore keeps getting more playing time than him.
  9. But but.. he's a good defender. He's still the same guy he was 3 years ago. He's not aggressive enough, and I don't think he'll ever be. His defense is not enough to warrant 18M/yr in my opinion.
  10. The only thing I fear with Lewis is that when he was in the low 270's at Ohio State, his frame looked pretty much maxed. He's not an overly athletic guy like Turay either, so I really hope they don't try and add weight on him just to play him inside more.
  11. BleedBlu8792

    Hooker and Turbin Return to Practice

    No thank you, he got cut because he still has issues holding on to the football
  12. He's going to play both. Inside on obvious passing downs and outside on early run downs.
  13. Think about what you said in your quote above. Remember Ed is playing next to inferior talent than what Williams is and is also playing as a 1-tech NT in UH's 3-4 front, at 285 lbs mind you, which is beyond mind-boggling. AND he's still been disruptive against double and triple teams. Again, once he goes through the combine and shows off his strength and athleticism at his size, and he'll test better than the majority of LB's, he'll solidify his top-2 status.
  14. That really doesn't mean much. Once he goes through the combine, with that added to his game film, he's only going to solidify himself as a top-2 pick. The guy is playing WAY out of position at UH and he's still extremely disruptive, and that's with below average talent around him. He's an Aaron Donald clone. I could only imagine the type of player he would be at Texas, instead of UH, where teams can't target him each and every play because of inferior talent around him. I look for him to do 30+ reps on the bench and run in the 4.6's in the 40 at 285 at the combine. I don't believe there is a better DT in college football right now.
  15. BleedBlu8792

    Should we leave Braden Smith at right tackle?

    Actually that Cowboys defense is pretty good. They could probably use some corner help, but the rest of that side of the ball is very solid. I think the regression of Dak is what's hurt that team the most, well outside of losing to premier OL players.