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  1. BleedBlu8792

    Mock Offseason + Draft

    That's not necessarily true. The last time the Colts ran a close variation of this defense they had 1st and 2nd round corners (Jackson and Hayden) playing in their defense. Quincy Wilson's physical attributes is exactly what they Colts are looking for, especially when they want to run Cover-3 Quarters, which has man coverage responsibilities. No, you don't grab zone corners if you're drafting in the top 15-20, but the end of the first and especially the second is where the top end zone corners are typically drafted.
  2. This would be an excellent draft. The value at each pick is well done.
  3. BleedBlu8792

    What the colts need to contend in 2019

    Weak as far as first round talent, yes, but there is a good group - value - for rounds 2-4. If it weren't for the Dline talent coming out this year, there might be a guy or 2 who might slip into the 1st.
  4. BleedBlu8792

    Let’s talk Chiefs Defense

    Hell no.. It would be a track meet at our place and we don't want that. As much as I want home games, this isn't one I would want. I want this one outside so it limits what KC can and wants to do. Finally, I feel like our offense and OL is built well enough to play away and outside where as I don't think KC's offense, unless Reid dials it back, will be as affective outside and in the elements(hopefully).
  5. BleedBlu8792

    Big Q Versus Chris Jones

    That's what we all thought in the early 2000's with Manning and all of his weapons and there were quite a few playoff games they couldn't even break 20. Playoffs are whole different beast and we already have a game under our belt. It will be interesting to see how Mahomes plays in his first playoff game.
  6. BleedBlu8792

    Oh boy according to Colt's fans!

    Outside in possible rain or snow versus inside our comfy stadium changes the dynamic of this game. I don't think their offense is going to be as dynamic as it was a month ago. As I said in another thread, the Colts should go in with the gameplan that New England had against us in those 03' and 04' years where they played ball control offense and limited our high power offense. We HAVE to go in with that mindset and not let this game get into a shootout. I think our defense is opportunistic enough to force Mahomes into a turnover or 2.
  7. BleedBlu8792

    Weather Forecast for Saturday's Game Does a 360

    I was hoping for that.. I think that works in our favor with our OL and running game.
  8. BleedBlu8792

    Over-Under is 57

    I have a feeling the Colts are going to do to the Chiefs what the Patriots did to the Colts in the early 2000's. Run the ball, play the short passing game, and control the clock to limit KC's offense being on the field. We have no business going in there and turning this game into a shootout. Also, our defensive scheme is perfect for limiting what they want to do on offense. I'd take the under.
  9. BleedBlu8792

    The Colts War Room (Mock Draft)

    Do you mean like most of your forum posts? I'm sure most don't take you serious either...
  10. BleedBlu8792

    We're coming KC!!!!!!

    No the Colts won't.. KC's defense isn't close to Houston's. I have no doubts Indy will be able to go in and run the ball and control the clock. Andrew should be able to carve that defense up no problem if he gets time to throw. The Colts will be fine..
  11. BleedBlu8792

    Colts @ Texans 2019 AFC Wild Card Round Playoff Game Thread

    And? Go drink a wine cooler and settle down Nancy.. enjoy the win.
  12. BleedBlu8792

    Colts @ Texans 2019 AFC Wild Card Round Playoff Game Thread

    Nobody is calling you a fool but 7 points given up and 3 sacks are facts that you're being a bit over dramatic..
  13. BleedBlu8792

    Colts @ Texans 2019 AFC Wild Card Round Playoff Game Thread

    Night night Houston!