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  1. I think AC news will be in March. Mack's news could be tomorrow or never.
  2. Purely my opinion, but I think Ballard is simply trying to get a team friendly deal in the "now", and is probably very OK with riding out 2020 too. Could be wrong though. Given our cap situation, they may have factored him into the equation and think they can afford things if they are covered in certain aspects of the deal. I do think however that the team has most of the leverage. -He's not top 10 in yards from scrimmage, and is somewhat an under the radar guy -He might be seen by some as single threaded (lacks pass game production) -He's in a contract year, so needs to perform well regardless -He'd get a substantial raise a year early -An extension now would provide insurance to an extent from injury in 2020 -He's got a great OL, and will roll the dice effectively in the FA market next year -I'm simply not convinced a lot of teams will be willing to back a truck up for him regardless.
  3. 1000x to the bolded. I think his best fit would be with a team like Chicago, but I'd love it if he ended up with LAC or CAR.
  4. Short, but good article, and thanks for posting. While I agree injuries are an issue, 2019 wasn't nearly as bad as 2018 (as suggested by the rankings listed). Even if we did improve from 30th to 21st, I still don't like being in the bottom half. Sounds like he's made changes to a lot, but has left the medical staff in tact. Perhaps it's time for a change there too. For those interested, mangameslost.com does a great job through the season of reporting impact. While their website is a pay site, they typically publish at minimum the weekly charts for free. Here's the NFL regular season chart. It shows both pure games lost (left to right axis), but also measure player quality lost (size of bubble), with team wins shown on the vertical axis. Of note, SF, KC, NEm, Seattle, and Houston were off worse off than Indy.
  5. I agree on a lot of what you have to say. IMO, the RB market right now is of extremes in the top 15 (contract wise). Knowing though what has happened to a lot of guys who got big dollars and didn't perform or simply fell apart, I don't think either side (team or RBs) assume anything is a home run sure thing situation unless they are top of the heap. And Mack isn't at the top. He's done good behind a great OL, but isn't top 10 in yards from scrimmage. Personally, I'd offer something modest, higher on guarantees. Even at 4x7 for example, that's life changing money if structured to the advantage of the RB. If that doesn't work, then I'd ride out 2020 and get one more year of high value. I think we'll see some market correction for sure, but I also think we'll see rooks continue to somewhat dominate production, which will continue to make the $/production ratio look crazy. And I'm OK if we do what some teams do, which is draft 2nd to 5th round RB every 3-4 years. But I also wouldn't lose sleep if they offered what you suggest, with protections to the team. Honestly nothing is going to concern me right now given our cap situation. And I do like Mack, and would love to have him back.
  6. Like I said earlier, he'd be stupid to leave now given the total situation. I was just pointing out that it wasn't a 10x factor like Chloe thought.
  7. Thanks. The profiles are worth a read if you time. I think they did a better job this year than in the past. While I disagree on some of the ratings, they did a pretty good job and aren't too far off. IMO, there's going to be some real gems in the mid and even late rounds. I know a lot of folks are enamored with the top 3 or 4 guys, but there's just a whole lot of quality. There will be a bunch of instant starters, and there are some very interesting prospects that are lower rated coming from bad teams/schemes/QBs that I think will be surprises.
  8. Starting QBs in the XFL can make up to 495K
  9. Yup. Most good GMs pay the OL, and it pays dividends in both the passing and running games. If I'm going to pay high dollar for any skill O skill position, it won't be RB (who have short life spans). It'll be QB. I really do want Mack back, but RBs are fungible to an extent in today's NFL. I just hope he looks at his situation (good OL and complimentary scheme for him) and is willing to take less, for a longer term contract with guarantees.
  10. He'd be silly to leave the situation he's in. He's got a second chance, getting paid more, has a coach that is pals with uncle Jim, the team has a great OL, and the team's QB situation is volatile and which could mean opportunity for him. If it was a farm league situation, that would be great, but it's not.
  11. You're the one that took this down the rabbit hole making it about unrelated teams and players, argued about the type of RB an unrelated guy was, and also what that unrelated guy was brought in to be at NO... I provided you links/data that were clear. But you're right, this is stupid. You could have left it about simple stats and performance or the player in question in 2019.
  12. Teddy is an average QB, but better than JB. IMO, he's what Ballard/Reich originally thought JB would be, which is top 20. But that's not saying much. 30M is way too much. I think Chicago would be a good fit for him.
  13. Like I said, Williams and Washington are not comps. You've spun this around to several places. Washington was there as a Kamara type back, not an Ingram type back. Williams was simply cut to make room for an APB like Kamara. Gillislee was the guy there to be Ingram's backup, so you're argument should have used him instead of Washington. The snap counts are crystal clear in the last two years as to Washington's "type". https://www.lineups.com/nfl/snap-counts/new-orleans-saints-snap-counts
  14. I'd be happy taking Gallimore or Blacklock in the 2nd. There's a few other guys I can potentially see being available at 75 that are upside guys too.
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