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  1. David Carr LOL.. Teddy over Brady. Sure, a lot of teams will take that serious. The overwhelming "lists" from mainstream sources (I listed them in the other post) have him outside of the top 6 FAs. Carr lists him as #2... lol...
  2. Yup, there a ton of non-ticket revenue in the mix. Every time I fly back for a game, it's $50-100 on beer and snacks at the game, $$ for parking, out to eat ($100+), a t-shirt or something, beers pre and/or post game, and half the time a hotel room and lots more meals. Folks don't realize the impact to businesses outside LOS. Heck, last game I flew back for a game, I took 3 others and covered drinks and meals. It was a very expensive day.
  3. I don't want him, but I'd take him over JB or TedB. I think in Reich's O, the scheme itself would cut down on INTs big time. Add in coaching and eye sight improvement, and who knows. I've never liked him just because of his history, but to his credit, he's been a a model citizen for the last several years.
  4. I've followed MN from afar because one of my fav ND players (Rudolf) is there. Not looking for a back and forth, just trying to understand. I think you really need to compare both their 2nd years with MN. Teddy was new in 14, and Cousins came from a horrible Redskins team in 18 were he was more or less ruined lol. In 15, Teddy had AP (~1500 yards rushing), Diggs, and Rudolf. In 19, Cousins had Cook (~1100 yards rushing), Diggs, and Rudolf. Cook had another 500 receiving, but Rudolph had less and on the down. And Teddy had a better OL (at least PFF says so). And comparing those two years, Cousins has better stats across the board.
  5. No thank on Eli Apple. Not unless he divorces his mom.
  6. The eye surgery topic will be interesting to gauge when the season starts. Watch him set the world on fire and cut INTs in half lol.
  7. It's more than just ticket sales. When people stopped going a few years ago, revenue dropped downtown (bars, restaurants, hotels, merch) and there was that added pressure to Irsay as well. There was a good article in the Star about the decline in 2017. Here's another blurb
  8. Teddy was 17-11 in MN, while Cousins is 18-12. Not much difference. Cousins also had better QBRs in both years than Teddy's two years, and Cousins also had a lower INT%. What am I missing here. Sincerely trying to understand.
  9. People keep acting like most players get deals done by now. There are very few big names who have locked things up. Look at the top 25 FAs. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001096883/article/top-25-nfl-free-agents-of-2020-no-shortage-of-intriguing-qbs How many are nailed down?
  10. CB is spending near Carr's contract yearly $ amount on JB in 2020....
  11. Boo. I was hoping we'd use that extra pick on a 2nd WR in the late rounds.
  12. I disagree. You can't coach any QB to be able to throw for so many yards, but you can coach someone who is willing to listen, to make better decisions. IMO if you put him on a team with a good OL and complimentary rushing game, a good coach/scheme might be able to cut down on his INTs. And I think a coach out there would be willing to give it a try. And all the FA ranks list him higher than Teddy lol
  13. 4 out of 7 early games were sub 50 QBR, three were sub 30. His two decent games were vs horrible passing Ds. Just curious, what is so "promising" about that. Don't give me "W"s... lol The is horse dooky. They did not say they wanted a game manager QB. What they said is they want to be a top 5 rushing team. That does not equate to wanting to be game manager passing team. They said that prior to Luck leaving. Do you think they were going to play call for Luck to be a game manager? Dallas was top 5 in rushing AND passing. Top 5 rushing does not equate to "Reich seems to legitimately want a game managing QB" As far as Ballard being swayed, you have no idea what Ballard is thinking. One thing is sure though, we all know Irsay is sensitive to ticket sales, and he's the boss.
  14. ESPN's NFL Live ripped him up and down and basically said the hype is unfounded. Holder and Keefer said he was overrated, but is probably better than JB... From all I've seen, I'm definitely not in the minority, at least as far as mainstream reporting. Outside of the fringe click bait twitter and pod cast type of stuff, I don't see many saying he's all that. Even some of the lesser sites think he's overrated. NFL TR ranks him as the 31st best FA available and the lowest ranked QB (out of 7) in the top 50, CBS ranks him 6 of 7, PFF 7 of 7, and NFL.com list 6 QBs on their top 25 FAs and Teddy isn't included. So he's behind even guys like Rivers, Winston and Tannehill. That's just not good lol.
  15. Hmmm. I literally went one by one, so not sure. I don't see another Diggs or Cobb (so not a double up or flip flop), and checked the profiles before and after to see if I goofed.... but nothing. He does add/delete/change stuff leading up and through the combine, so guessing he changed it. I like Aiyuk and Reagor, but feel they will feast or famine based on the QB they go too. I like Aiyuk better than Reagor. I like Jackson a lot who is a bit further down the Z list. good eye
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