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  1. Hope we have a few of those this year vs TN!
  2. I'd actually put Pittman ahead of Taylor due to the situations they are both coming into.
  3. Probably has a higher GDP than a couple small countries lol
  4. I did look things up. Thank you sir. I think he was a little quick to pounce and didn't read my post fully.
  5. While I agree Fountain has to work for it, I'd say he's probably in the driver seat assuming he's 100% healthy. Patmon - raw guy who doesn't play to his size, and needs to add to, and improve his route tree. I doubt we keep 3 X WRs, and I don't see him jumping Pittman and Pascal for the top 2 spots. IMO, they'd have to move Pascal to run mostly out of the slot (which is possible) for him to take the #2 X spot. IMO, he ends up on the practice squad for a year unless we have an injury in the X area. Johnson - the digs on him have always been his hands and his toughness. Unless he's become a lot more physical, his position flexibility is likely limited to Z. He's not going to be an X given the comp there, and unless he's tough enough to run across the middle as slot and catch, his chances are low IMO. I do like Dulin, and he looked great when given a chance to return. He's a tough kid and could literally line up everywhere (although I prefer more size at X). I'd absolutely love to have him and Hines as our two primary return guys. Pascal could fill in as backup. I'd keep Campbell safely away from STs. As far as Fountain is concerned, the biggest dig on him was his route tree. From everything I read, he worked his rear end off and improved dramatically in that area last off season. IMO, he plays bigger than he is, and could also line up just about everywhere like Dulin.
  6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29418825/sources-chiefs-patrick-mahomes-agree-10-year-extension Wowzers. Blank check.
  7. He was good in 2018, so it hasn't been that long. He was #6 in deep ball completion %, and was #4 in overall accuracy if you're looking at advanced stats.
  8. Both Franklin and Adams played a bunch of STs, which is what most see Glasgow as being limited to. I think what Glasgow has over Franklin, is that he could possibly slot as Mike, where Adams and Franklin don't. Assuming their happy with the Walker and Oke (passing downs) rotation at Mike, with Oke starting at SAM, it might come down to the fact we don't need 2 Sams behind Oke. Ideally though, we never want to really see Adams, Franklin, or Glasgow starting at any of the LB spots. I'm actually hoping Speed emerges this year as a quality backup. He certainly has the measurables.
  9. I posted some other stats last week. Rivers hasn't had an OL ranking outside of the bottom 3rd in pass protection since 2014 IIRC. Can't remember the exact numbers, but it's clear Rivers has had an uphill battle for half a decade. The upgrade in OL, and the chip on his shoulder, IMO, will be enough for him to easily land in the top 1/2 of the league, if not top 10
  10. I like our chances at home vs Balt. We're pretty decent vs the run on D, and they don't pass much in a traditional sense. Our O should be balanced. And I absolutely think we'll be able to run on them. I like the match up for us. Tough game, but not scared of them.
  11. We'll likely start with all the LBs, but guessing only 2 of 3 (Glasgow, Franklin, Adams) will survive. I'm guessing it might look like Will - Leonard, (Walker), Speed Mike - Walker, (Oke), Glasgow Sam - Oke, Adams with Franklin being the odd man out if Glasgow makes the cut.
  12. Not really. As far as the running game goes, the Bucs in the past have simply chose to be a pass first team. Their OL is ranked top 10, and they even added one of the best OLs in the draft (Wirfs) with the 13th pick. And Jones is a pretty decent young RB who can also catch. They also added a 3rd round draft pick (Vaughn) who put up nice #s in the SEC while having a lousy OL. He'll be a good one cut #2 RB to Jones. Anyway, I think they easily have what it takes to be a better running team if that's what they want to do. On D, they were #1 run D. Like I said earlier, the big thing they need to work on is pass D. They drafted an early S in the 2nd, so that should help. Their new DC will be in his second year, and he has a DB background. Their front seven also has some pass rush potential. In short, assuming TB will be more ball control with Brady, instead of wild west Winston, that will take a lot of pressure off the D alone. But overall, they don't have to be "Arians" O. They can run more, pass quicker/shorter, etc..
  13. Odum will definitely make the cut. He'll be the only FS ready to go to start the season aside from Hooker. It is absolutely true that AAs have stronger odds of catching Covid, but studies link that to comorbidity and to a degree, affordable housing and poverty conditions. And those just won't apply to general NFL players, especially the comorbidity aspects.
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