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  1. Saw/read a couple things. Seems Bosa pancaked Fisher two years ago, and also Fisher took some flak for tripping Bosa as well. Here's a Fisher ole on a play Bosa gets a strip of Mahommes (towards the end).
  2. Likely we see more of Jones than Coutee. Seems like a bit of a waste to use one of Coutee's two elevations on this "weather" game.
  3. Outside of the tweener possibilities, I really don't think the comp is a good one. Dayo is much bigger, and Tuck was much faster/bendier, and Tuck had very nice production in college unlike Dayo. And while Tuck did play the tweener roll, it was likely due to the two Pro Bowl DEs already on the roster. Both of their draft stock suffered due to injury though...
  4. Even if they've had a bit of luck, being in a position to benefit from luck means they weren't bad to begin with. They also had some bad luck too, like the missed FG to NYJ.
  5. The line is decreasing (meaning money is going to TN). Should be a good game. Both teams have WRs that are questionable. I think KC's bad run D will look, well, bad. KC's pass D isn't good either. I just don't see KC stopping TN much. If Mahomes has a great night, KC could win. If Hill isn't 100%, I don't like their chances.
  6. I've been very clear about my stance on Dayo. I love the value of him in the 2nd. I also don't like the timing of the pick paired with letting both DEs go on top of needing a LT. Clear enough? Nothing shocking.... I hope it works out. And it's sounding more and more like the FO's plans for him aren't DE long term. You know, because Baker said... lol
  7. I know "fair" is where you cotton candy, but I don't know if it's fair to say TN is not a very FB club. They beat us, beat a team on the road we lost too at home, and beat the team most thought was #1 in the AFC if not the NFL. Not saying they're elite or will win the SB, but they're a solid team with a lot of good pieces (just like us). They just have some obvious holes in places. And I wouldn't touch the TN/KC game, but if I absolutely had to bet, I'd take TN and the points.
  8. Yup. And just overall less timing routes. Only problem is their OL may not give him the time he needs. Wilson holds the ball near longest in the league though, but he scrambles a decent amount.
  9. That would be my "hope" too. But I don't see it working out like that. Watching his film, he wasn't successful much on the outside vs good SEC teams. Now I'm not saying he won't improve with technique coaching, but he's definitely a "project". And you can't ignore Baker's comments that their intention is to move him inside. And it's a long time away, but Paye, Dayo, and Buckner will all be due for extensions in 2024. If Paye and Dayo both turn out to be as good as the FO expects, and they use them the way the FO intended when drafted, then I don't see all three being extended. Hopefully both Paye and Dayo are as advertised and develop, and it'll create "good problems".
  10. Are you on an eternal search for pearls to clutch? lol... One can understand the concept of delayed gratification (I'm actually a big fan of it from a human nature perspective), and still laugh at being used in coach speak. And the "because Ballard, Reich, Irsay, said so" excuse is tired and doesn't move any needles. Now back to the topic... Any comments on Dayo?
  11. I always cheer for x-players, unless they left us or did us wrong. lol. Would love to see him do well (just for him), but would also enjoy some of the board talk lol..
  12. ESPN already has him as the #2 lol... I'm going to LMAO if he gets the start at some point and does decent. Seattle's O scheme and WRs are likely to be far better for Eason than Indy's.
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