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  1. I'm trying to be patient and give him half a season before I'm too adamant either way. Same with Rivers. Normally it's 4-5 games, but going 8 this year since rona... In 2018, he made my head scratch several times, but chalked it up to new system and other things. Last year, I chalked a lot of up to Brissett. This year, I'm running out of chalk.
  2. Still not sold on Reich. His early play calling was head scratching like past weeks. He had no choice but to go wide open after being down 20+... IMO he gets no credit for today. Still not saying to fire him. All the other threads I thought were silli-er
  3. I'm guessing 1. TY - Z 2. Pittman - X 3. Pascal - Slot 4. Johnson (float) 5. Dulin (float/ST) 6 Patmon Harris ends his temp promote Fountain waived and signed to PS.
  4. If he's still dressing next game. You now have MJ on the 53, and Pittman is expected back. That's 7 before counting DH. Doubt they are keeping 7, let alone 8 WRs. 1. TY 2. PIttman 3. Pascal 4. Johnson 5. Dulin 6. Patmon 7 Fountain 8. Harris (temp promote) Something's gotta give. They can temp up Harris once more. Doubt they waste that. And Burton is pretty much a bully slot more than TE almost. If Pittman is truly back, I can see them pushing Fountain down too.
  5. I'm fine with spreading it around. I'm talking about some consistency/stability in the WR and TE positions. Guys can't get in a rhythm with all the different guys swapping positions and coming in and out of the lineup. And it's hard for Rivers to create chemistry. Pittman will probably be back, and hope Mo will be back as well vs Detroit. If they both don't get snaps, I'll scratch my head. And assuming they do, that means some of the new guys flex back down. Harris is up on a temp promote. Even with him going back down, that still leaves 7 WRs when Pittman gets back since we signed MJ to the 5
  6. I really wish we could have seen Patmon at X while Pittman was out. They keep bouncing Pascal back and forth between X and slot. Now Burton looks more or less like a slot. Not quite sure what position MJ or DH are running out of lol. Can't wait for the musical chairs to stop.
  7. I'm pretty sure PC was Reich's TY replacement plan. Now we have to scrutinize both of their futures, and possibly use early capital again. If MJ can get over his inconsistencies and drops (not talking about this year), he could be an answer at Z or slot. Looked great today at times, but also had a bad drop. Dulin, Fountain, and Harris are all still raw. All three came from small school setting with limited route trees. Dulin and Harris were both combo guys too. Patmon is intriguing. Obviously has the size for X to play behind Pittman, but also has some deep and gliding
  8. IDK, not really. Pascal and Johnson were considered lunchbox guys. Maybe they still are. We still have zero idea who Dulin and Fountain are. Dulin is just starting to get his feet wet in STs, and is still learning technique at WR. He was extremely raw out of Malone. Patmon is a wildcard too. Harris is a wild card too, and still very raw. yupper
  9. Another point on this, we've got a bunch of speed guys who can go vert, IF, Reich chose to go that direction.
  10. On Harris, he's got to be able to run more routes, If he just does what he did today, his entry is predictable. He's got to be able to run a full menu of quality routes at his size, or he'll just be a gimmick guy, or straight deep threat, which Reich isn't heavy vert.
  11. I think you look at a WR in the 2nd or 3rd regardless next year. That doesn't mean the end to TY though. Campbell has kind of messed up the whole plan with his health luck.
  12. that's horrible coverage lol... And it's not a speed route. It's a post corner. But yes, he ran a good route, but again, more technique than speed. TY is a Z, and has stayed there. Z however is the position that "moves" around, or motions most often. He's actually getting less slot share than he was last year (18% in 2019, down to 15%). I don't see Reich ever being a heavy vert guy here. And I don't think TY has the speed to beat a lot of the DBs today. My biggest is separation. His sep #s started dropping last year and have stayed pretty mediocre since the soft t
  13. I was more or less replying to zibs Colts friendly deal comment. But I do think the Colts will want him to stay, just in a different role, and at lower pay. PIttman really impacts Pascal more than anything. Pascal is also in a contract year.
  14. If we can muster any O at all against the Ravens, I like our chances. Just can't have bad Phil, Bad Reich, or stinky D showing up. I think we can limit their run O, which is what they live off of. Not afraid at all of TN. I respect them, but not afraid. Smith, their leading pass catcher, also got knocked out. Not sure how bad the ankle is. Lewan looks to be torn ACL.
  15. The short answer is no. But we don't offer big dollars or a long term deal either. Offer him a moderate 2 year deal, and move him to slot where he can be more effective. Colts FO would not do that. Not sure what your definition of home town discount is, but why not? Teams aren't going to be throwing crazy money his way, and they certainly aren't going to offer a high dollar long term deal. Also consider this years WR draft class was supposed to be crazy good (who knows how it will be looked at with covid). There's only a handful of WRs in the top 32 (le
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