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  1. Not a lot of financial benefit to the owners or players, but definitely a benefit to networks. It just makes sense. More network games means more money overall just not more stadium money. Players will get more chance to rest. IMO, they just should have done it this year when adding a 17th game. IMO, it was likely a network/$ thing.
  2. I almost can see a two bye season coming up... It would make sense, make the union, and networks happy. Extend the season by a week without adding a game....
  3. Yup, basically a nit. A nit that should be easy to look at and fix, but not something I'll ever point to. I disagree. It can be balanced. I would agree if this was 20 years ago. Shared arenas is a small thing IMO. Other events could actually be managed easier if there was a systemic logic and expectation. TV obligations to the networks would be stable. Off topic, but I've flown a decent amount to away games, and also to concerts at arenas or other events at NFL stadiums. If you're going to allow flex games (getting more and more the norm after week 4), you're not really w
  4. Discussed a lot in many other threads already... But, IMO, worth discussing if the topic if it's about Indy's willingness to roll the dice on injuries in general. Fisher - big gamble on a huge position of need. Early schedule could be ugly if Tevi has to start the first month. Huge gamble. Dayo - good value in the 2nd. Young and should heal. It's a long term play, one that I'm not sure we should have taken given other needs. Good gamble. Mack - pretty easy decision IMO. Cheap, and short term. Any production will be great. Good loyalty sign to se
  5. Pro days replaced the combine. NFL established guidelines and some funding I believe. Combine was limited to medicals. Measurables are easy for most players, but Dayo's injury prohibited him from the team's pro day. BTW, Dayo's pre injury 40 was 4.7. Not great, but he's bigger, and he's more about power than KP. Here's KP's RAS
  6. A lot of time. A lot of things can happen. Full disclosure, I'm not a huge fan of spending much on back up QBs unless you're a perennial SB fav, or have a really iffy starting QB. If QB1 goes down, your expectation should be "you'll be .500" over a few games. If you count on a backup for longer than that, it doesn't matter. If your backup needs to play in the playoff, it doesn't matter. Colts are all in on Wentz. They've used 2 middle round picks on back ups. Purely my opinion, but they need to get value of either JE or SE. If not, the draft capital was a waste.
  7. I saw, that's why I'm not really down on the whole thing. I agree on the bolded to an extent, but I key on the lack of advantage, more than than dis-advantage. Over 10 years, I just see the yearly "disadvantage" as pretty low bearing. Don't get me wrong, I think the NFL should do better, but I'm far more concerned with other elements. I'd prefer more structured scheduling. In short, I'm not going to be mad that NE also got rest this year. I'm going to look internally at things we can control. Like will we choose to toss it all over the yard vs horrible run Ds.
  8. Bucs yes, IDK about the Pats. Really depends on their record at the time (assumes you're buying second hand market). I think there are two different things. There's weird performance struggles vs certain teams (curses lol), and just super dumb game plans. The 2020 Jax game and 2019 Miami game were easily the later. We absolutely did the opposite of what simple stats would tell you to do.
  9. Seahawks, Rams, and Bucs are the best home games. But Bucs are on Thanksgiving weekend. My fav road games would be either FL game, or SF. MNF vs Balt would be fun too. I like AZ but you don't like that week. Home vs Pats would also be fun. I really really want to beat both the Bucs and Pats this year.
  10. IMO it was more coaching (game plan) recently than anything else. Hoping Reich takes a different approach this year. That's what I said last year... lol... Then, we proceeded to throw it all over the field vs the worst run D in the league, and our pass D was so soft it made Minshew look like a brain surgeon. It was an unacceptable game plan gaffe. We did the same thing the year before vs Miami, but that time we did it with a backup QB who didn't get any reps that week. Not sure if Frank was planning his golf outings in sunny FL instead of watching film.
  11. I've always thought the NFL could be more structured in their schedule. I'd love to see "division" weeks where all teams play intra division games. Could do the same with cross conference and inter-division games. The whole negated bye week thing doesn't really bother me. It's not a true disadvantage, and more a lack of advantage. Regardless, it's still should be applied equally, which it isn't. I'm more bothered by travel around short weeks, especially if it's to W Coast destinations (or VV).
  12. at Baltimore on MNF The losses I originally voted on are at Titans at Ravens at Bills at Cardinals at Jags But I've changed my vote on at Titans to a W thus far in my deep dive. Toss up though. At Jags could be changed to a W too, but we all know our history vs Jax.... lol
  13. I can see the Colts being as high as two, but also failing to make the playoffs altogether. I'm deep diving the schedule now, and through the first 6 games. First 5 are tough, last 4 are easy, middle is up and down. If we do well early, the sky could be the limit. Or we could tank from there. Wentz, Fisher, Campbell, and our D stepping up or back are all major narratives. I could see both the Bills and Baltimore being as high as 2 or as low as 7. Patriots added a lot. All depends on QB for them. If QB works out, we know they'll run and play D well. Ju
  14. It's close to the same stack I'd put out there given all the pushes and pulls. I believe that list they published was based on 1000s of simulations. That doesn't mean it's correct, just means it's the most plausable.
  15. I've looked pretty deep at the roster in Philly over his tenure there. Aside from having a good OL until 2020, Philly's roster just wasn't that great. WRs were pretty meh IMO. Some decent names, but they just weren't consistent and didn't produce like other WRs in the league. Ertz led them in yardage just about every year. Sure he's great, but when a TE is your leader every year, that says something... They never really had a dominant running game or RB. Decent rushing totals a few years, but the numbers were better than reality. Not sure they had a 1000 yard or go-to RB in all the years Wentz
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