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  1. I'd use our 1st and one of our 2nds to get Herbert or Burrow, but I wouldn't mortgage future 1s. Tua is not my style. Love is throwing too many INTs, but in his defense, 3 of his INTs were against LSU. Hard to judge him given the scheme, conference, and situation he's playing in. I'd use one of our 2nds on him though. I do think he's got some skillz.
  2. That's all you got, picking on his conference? What about all the other stuff I listed. And it's not like NC State played a great schedule in 2014 and 2015. I think their best win was against a 4-8 Syracuse team. It's not like saying JG has a higher upside is controversial or anything. He was drafted higher, was ahead of JB on the depth chart when both were at NE, he was in demand, and has better stats playing for a team that has a far worse supporting cast. He's also asked to do a lot more.
  3. Way more prolific college career, drafted hire, current QBR and completion % are better than JB's, etc... He's got better touch, currently better at reads/progression. He's also doing it on a team that has a poor to mediocre supporting cast on offense while JB has probably the best OL in the league, and a top 5ish RB. Belichick also obviously thought he had a higher upside.
  4. I certainly wouldn't classify JG as a franchise guy yet. In his defense, his supporting cast on O isn't great. Most people would struggle to name any of their RBs are WRs. I do think he has a higher upside than JB.
  5. Peyton definitely. I think a good question would be, would you rather have Belichick, or Reich/Ballard.
  6. His stats have dropped off a bunch since 2016, and he's going to want a lot of cash. I don't see it.
  7. I posted yesterday that this could be JB's coming out party. He's got a great opportunity tomorrow (and the next 3 games) to be 7-2 going into the last 7 games (which should be a challenge). Houston's DBs are banged up, and they're not very good vs the pass even with their starting DBs. JB could have himself a day. It's the games like tomorrow that can start to erase a lot of the doubt out there. It won't shush all the doubts, but it would be a terrific start.
  8. I absolutely take the Pat's opponent's schedule into account when comparing them to others. I also take into account their record (6-0) and the fact that they've beat everyone of the bad teams handily. The Pats have a +142 point differential, while we have a -2. In other words, they've smashed their weak schedule, and we're not even in the positive. Doesn't mean we won't improve. Heck, we might improve and get into a playoff bye situation. But right now it is what it is, and it's they numbers just don't paint a pretty picture. Doesn't mean we won't have a Mona Lisa at the end of the season, just means we have a long way to go.
  9. He had Luck throwing him the ball his second year and had 500+ yards, so I wouldn't say he's chopped meat. Right now, JB has a sub 50 QBR, is playing behind one of the best OLs in the league, is not being asked to do much, and have played teams with a combined record of 13-17. I think a lot of QBs could pretty well in that environment. I'm not saying JB is bad, PD is great, or PD is better than JB, or anyone got the better end of the deal. It's too early to make any call on JB. Games like tomorrow and the last 7 games of the year will tell us what we need to know.
  10. Dorsett is having a pretty good year in NE.... Not the worst draft decision of the Grigson years.
  11. Not sure if you've ever coached anything, but you might have a different opinion if you had. I'm a fan of Geathers (the man), just like I'm a fan of JB (the man). I think the Colt's team is the kind of team that will make the right choices (in terms of choosing high character guys), but not all teams are, and player elected Cs aren't always the best picks. Hill for instance was a C for KC.... And believe me, when a very popular (within the team) vet player is displaced by someone new, there is can absolutely be a risk to team chemistry. And it can get more complicated if that guy is also a C.
  12. I am overall critical of players voting for all 5 spots. Like I said before, I think it should either be coach elected, or 50/50 split. Simply my opinion, but a C pinned on a guy that is not "proven", or someone that is vulnerable to be displaced by a rook (or other), is a recipe for trouble.
  13. I think it's too early to crown Willis. Love what he's doing, but it's early. Let's not forget KC's O was crippled, and our DBs were basically going up against 2nd string WRs and a hobbled QB. I'm not a huge fan of Geathers anyway, but he is a great team guy. I actually questioned him getting a "C" on his jersey, and got crucified by the "Ballard/Reich know best" crew. Now folks are calling for him to be benched, and perhaps not be on the 2020 roster.... Funny how tides shift quickly with the knee jerks.
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