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  1. TB had the #1 ranked SoS.... Colts had the #32 ranked SoS.... both 11-5... caught a break? and TB peaking.
  2. Evans and Godwin were both 1000 yard guys last year before they even added Brown or Gronk. Come on... And... Look at their O scheme compared to ours, and look at the pieces. I don't really like Arians scheme, but Tom knew he could do what he wanted. Arians is too risky, and Tom could simply be less risky. Reich was less aggressive with worse pieces, and Tom couldn't control risk averse play calling. It's not even close IMO if you're looking at the pure situation. Then add in sunny SW FL on top of that.
  3. I could easily see him being 2021's Wentz without a great OL and great WRs.
  4. I think you're reading way to much between the lines. Brady wanted to go to FL too. He had better O toys in TB too.
  5. I called it last week (Sirianni to salvage Wentz). Makes total sense, but IMO a call more to save face/cap, than to be bold and win. Could be a great move. I'm not sure how much Sirianni might have been held back by Reich's scheme, or Gannon held back by a conservative bend don't break D. total coin flip IMO. If they look really good leading Philly, it'll look bad on the Colts schemes.
  6. No thanks on Dak. Let someone else overpay for him.
  7. Just curious. What exactly has worked out so well. We got beat handily in the 2018 playoffs. We didn't make the playoffs last year. We lost a playoff game we should have won this year. The roster is/was better overall, but that didn't really manifest itself in the playoffs. If anything, it feels like teams are picking at the bones because they see good pieces at an otherwise underperforming 2020 team. Sirianni is a huge gamble for Philly. Many have called it a stretch only to try an salvage Wentz. Many have even said not hiring McDaniels was a mistake. I wouldn't make
  8. If I were Stafford and Condon, I'd be having a party tonight. So many good things about getting out of Detroit. Hope we get him. My dark horse destinations are DAL,, HOU, and ATL. If Watson doesn't go to Miami, add them into the mix. TB if Tom retires.
  9. Yup. Legal Tampering period starts the 15th. I'd guess though that whoever gets him will also be extending him immediately as part of the trade. That is unless he doesn't like were he goes.
  10. We dominated a lot of the areas of the game. Just boneheaded calls here and there. Frustrating lol.
  11. wonder if Philly's O will be conservative as hell, and pass D Charmin soft now?
  12. If we paid for him, we couldn't afford a lot of other things. His MV is around 20/year. That would leave us with only 40ish to cover QB, 2xDE, CB1, and LT. It would be ugly.
  13. You said "everyone" was shocked. See your post above. Taylor was always going to win the job out of camp. Lynn talked about Taylor like he was pre determined starter even before camp started. And he was most likely always going to lose it later because Taylor just isn't good.
  14. He never got a chance to show anything. No 2nd team reps, no garbage time. I don't know if he ever even dressed. So not really a chance to show anything, except maybe a little scout team... And even if he's not impressing, doubt they would demote him as it would put him at risk, but also tip their hat that he's not that good (potentially lowering future trade stock even if it is low). Like I said, doubt he's going to have an opportunity to show anything before the draft.
  15. Dude, do you even read camp reports? Didn't make it close lol??? I don't think I read one report that was all that optimistic about Taylor. I did read plenty of reports that Herbert was improving, then impressive and throwing darts. And also that they/Pep were increasing his load a bunch, and pitting him vs the #1 D..... Not close??? lol. OK.... I think you're the only one that was shocked. Taylor is just not that good, and never has been. Nobody was shocked he took Taylor's job. They might have been surprised how well he did, but not because he won the job. The coach
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