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  1. I'm with you. But he's the baller type, so I'm prepared to hold my breath at times... I think as the OL get better and he continues to gel with his pass catchers, he won't need to be super hero as much. The dude isn't afraid to stand in the pocket though either lol. Pretty fearless all around, and it's something I like, and hate, at times..
  2. Yup, witless wonder is a good descriptor.... Pretty sure Defo was doing the grave digger.
  3. I know most poo poo Mack, but he's got a better AVG/carry and AVG/game than Hines. He also has more big runs (not saying much because it's only 1 lol). And Hines is still the 3rd most in targets, but JT still has more yards on less targets... Folks gave me flack last year when I said JT would be just as good catching the ball. I got sad emojis lol.... So far.... Catches Targets Total Yards AVG TD JT 18 21 213 11.8 1 NH 16 24 (3rd most) 131 8.2 0
  4. I like both. Dulin except for screens which I don't like, is used in dirty work (clear outs and such), and as a possession guy. I like Coutee too. I just think Dulin would be more productive on slants than the routes he's given now then the stuff he's been given. Both guys are the same speed. Dulin has about 7 inch advantage on Coutee though (height plus vert). If I had my choice, I'd have Dulin taking slot reps, and Coutee playing motion Z. It'll be interesting to see his grades this week. I noticed more bad than good. He's had poor grades every game except for Miami and Houston IIRC. And hidden inside of a fortune cookie, baked inside a Mardi Gras King Cake... I could embrace that. Especially with PC and TY out. With either going motion into a route (not just wheel). Hope he gets his head right for next week.
  5. these are some "creative" records lol... single season career high (he's only in year 2 lol)... most in 7 games since 4 years ago (and TY been out a lot) He's having a great year, but Conti is reaching here..
  6. As long as you didn't bet on KC, that's all I care lol.. I personally try not to bet on my favs if I every bet anymore at all. Just not good business.
  7. Easily on his way to 1000+ on pace for 1200+ with a 73 AVG which is close to top 20ish. and maybe we'll see more 50/50s in the future given the success tonight in both catches and PIs.
  8. I've watched closely. He's had a ton of TE and RB help on C gap runs. Pinter has even checked in a few times. And our left side B gap AVG is the worst it's been in years.
  9. SF stunts with a T/T twist and T/DE twist. So you will see both DTs on both sides.
  10. I thought Dulin had some good plays. I think he's used incorrectly a bit, but he's doing well as a sub when given the opportunity. I don't really care for the screens either, and would like to see him on some slants. Oke got abused several times tonight. He had a few decent plays, but he was totally swallowed up several times and couldn't shed at all. Pretty sure he missed at least one T again tonight. He really didn't have to worry a lot about coverage tonight, and the QBs haven't picked on him like several others have this year. Agreed on Frank. I just can't figure him out lol, and not in a good way...
  11. They've been discussed ad nauseam so I won't derail the thread by listing all of them, but there are reshuffles that could take place and 3 guys that could arguably take over the spot. Nobody is saying any of those guys would be a perfect LT, only that it might mean getting the 5 best OLs on the field.
  12. Jones is decent, but Street is a second stringer and not good (Kinlaw was out)
  13. This is great news. Hate it for Bopete, but we needed a game where we didn't have multiple players or big names going down. Sorry. He's been bad. Not just against Bosa. And no, he didn't get a sack, but he hit Wentz at least 3 times. 3 QBHs at minimum tonight.... I've been watching him closely on games I don't have to stream. I think we have several options. They're just not popular. He's not really impressive in the run game to me. He's decent out in space vs LBs or DBs (twitter was going nuts last week over him tossing a little LB around), but one on one blocking when we're hitting the B gap has not been good at all.
  14. Agree with everything, but why the Reed over Glow comment? I didn't see Glow playing bad at all. What I did see is Fisher getting knocked back, boat raced, and overall manhandled most downs. If anything, I'm going to figure out how to replace him next week. Did you see Autry wreck Mahomes and the KC OL this week?
  15. Dude... really... now that song will be stuck in my head the rest of the night....
  16. Big game, with lots of guys stepping up on the road, and in bad weather. Had to have it, and we got it! Wentz was scary at times, but scary good too when he needed to be. Pretty obvious they were trying to get PIs on some of the calls, and SF is the most PI'd team in the league, and their DBs rarely turn around. Great 50/50s to the big boy! And some huge run pick ups too. I'm sure his QBR won't impress (maybe it will, IDK), but I'm also sure his passer rating will be at least 100, he was more than 50% in a bad weather game. Pittman is a beast. 100+ yards, and another ton (70+) on PIs. I still don't like Xs as #1 WRs, but he's proven he can step up and make the big plays as deep X or in the seam. Great to see Wentz is willing to trust him to go get the damn ball. Taylor is a beast too. Another 100+ yard game on the ground and a 5.9 AVG..... Great comeback after coughing up the ball early. 1st RB to get 100+ vs SF in 20+ games.... Mo.... another game, another TD and clutch play.... MORE MO please. Leonard .... another game, another punched peanut lol... Needed him big time, and he delivered in a pivotal point in the game. AQM and Lewis had good lunch box games. Defo didn't show much, which is surprising to me tonight. Thought he'd beast out. Fisher is still bad.... Got pushed back big time, and boat raced at times. Nice to see Dulin get some catches and nice to see Coutee get a catch (and PI). Hines is struggling in just about every facet of the game. Need him to get his head right by next week. Bonus - we were very lucky the weather allowed us to play 2x SSs tonight.... Our D was trash at times, and luckily we did enough, and SF was bad enough, to pull that one out. Bring on the Titans
  17. that's what happens when you chunk it to big boys big TD, and 3PIs (which led to our other scores)
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