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  1. That is probably still more games than the writer of that article watched.....
  2. wonder if he's irritated with Seattle too, who also waived him... lol. Sounds like he needed a year off to work on his desire anyway lol
  3. I don't think anyone thinks it's easy. I think most simply would prefer risk to settling. Teams draft and replace players every year. Just because it's the "QB" position doesn't mean fans will be content with less than average or average. If anything, they're willing to accept more risk. We're not a rebuilding team like Cinci or Miami. One side of O (running) is very good, and our OL is top 5. We're one of the better teams in terms of landing spots for a rook QB, so the risk is likely less here, than a place like Miami or Cinci...
  4. For a guy that was rated the 91st of 91 safeties in 2016, 60ish in 2017, and "retired" last year due to lack of desire, he sure does talk a lot.... Not even a given he'll play a lot tomorrow.
  5. He has a very high ceiling, but is still pretty raw. Not a polished route runner because of the way he was used, but he's tremendous with the ball in his hands. His stats (decrease from last year) are more about Tony Brown coming on, than Shenault regressing. All that said, the Colts don't need another project or tweener. If he had more experience vs the press, I'd be open to him at X, right now he just looks like an unpolished multi-use tool that could flame out if he struggles to refine his route running.
  6. Our organization is a bit different than the Browns lol. I'd also be fine taking some calculated risks. Building a roster to offset the limitations of a low ceiling QB is generally not a recipe for consistent post season success. Either the planets have to align in getting the right QB in the draft, or align to allow a game manager QB to go far in the post season. And right or wrong, ticket sales and attendance aren't very kind when it comes to a game manager QB in general. And in Indy, the impact is likely doubled given what the fan base has come to expect over the last 20 years. It's going to be interesting (Ballard). I could also see Irsay "helping" the decision.
  7. Might have something to do with it being a short week ahead, and the trainers traveling. Perhaps Kenny is getting treatment today-Tuesday and our medical staff is in NO.
  8. I've seen a lot of discussion about Love, and I don't think most people understand just how much the football program changed around Love from 2018 to 2019. Here's what Love lost (below). His 4 top pass catchers. And also keep in mind his leading WR this year is a grad transfer in, that he never played with before. Plus he had two great backs last year, and lost Thompson who was drafted by the NFL IIRC. Gone in 2019 +++All 5 of his starting OL from 2018. Edwards is the only decent guy that had any starting experience that returned. Darwin Thompson RB 153 Att 1044 Yds, 6.8 Avg Aaren Vaughns WR 33 Rec, 581 Yds, 17.6 Avg Ron'Quavion Tarver WR 66 Rec, 709 Yds, 10.7 Avg Jalen Greene WR 44 Rec, 689 Yds, 15.7 Avg Dax Raymond TE 27 Rec, 345 Yds, 12.8 Avg So imagine losing all 5 OLs, your lead RB, and your 4 best pass catchers. And you also have a new HC, OC, OL, and WRs coaches... And on top of that, their run defense is giving up 50 more yards per game than last year.
  9. Moore is out Desir and Hilton are Questionable. For NO, Out Alonso (starting OLB) Peat (starting LG) Bell (starting SS) Robinson (depth RCB) Bademosi (depth LCB) Limited in last practice Armstead (starting LT) Jordan (starting LDE) Clap (Depth C) Klein (starting SLB) Line (primary FB) With Peat out, and Armstead not 100%, perhaps we can get a little pass rush.
  10. W and Ls aren't everything when grading a QB. For instance I don't give JB a lot of credit for the Game 2 win vs TN. He had a 30ish QBR, two turnovers, only 150ish yards, etc.. We won that game, but some how folks are giving him credit for being 5-2 when he pretty much sucked that game??? People want to keep adding Ws to the record with what ifs in the place of losses, well how about adding Ls to the record for duds when we actually won. Look at what he did, not what the D or running game did, or what the special teams didn't do. In short, I don't look at Ws and Ls all that much when it comes to grading individual performance. When we're playing mediocre to bad teams, especially ones with horrible pass Ds, I expect us to beat that team, and not require FGs to do so. When every game is close because the passing O is lackluster, sorry, but I'm more concerned with the passing game than missed FGs... I also don't give to much credit for nice "moments" when their overall body of work for the game was pretty bad or mediocre. A clutch moment (like the Denver game) doesn't erase bad performance that translated to a situation that required a clutch moment in the first place. It's a circular irony. QB plays bad, team is down, QB has a clutch moment to overcome a whole game of mediocrity... That's not sustainable stuff. At most he's a game manager that lowers the level of WRs and TEs. He also puts added stress on the OL with a high time to throw, as well as extra stress on the running game because opponents don't respect the passing game.. On Love... I'd recommend that you look at his 2018 film when he actually had a team around him, and a decent coach. He lost just about everything after the 2018 season.
  11. Kelly has been booted twice, yet he's still employed. His new boss is his uncle's buddy. I've never said he's going to be good, so I'm not projecting an opinion on how he would turn out. Conversely, your assuming he'll never amount to anything based on "liking him even less" than Brissett... The only thing we know for certain about Kelly is that he was prolific in college, has behaved badly, and is he's now on a roster trying to win back trust. Obviously the Colts see something in him, or they wouldn't have kept him around. The only thing that's now lacking is seeing how he performs in game situations. The only way to do that, is to give him PT. Again, not saying start him at all. But, if the game gets out of hand, why not. And if the FO has already decided to go another direction, it really doesn't matter anyway.
  12. Purely my opinion, but I don't see us taking a 6ft or under WR this year. Unless we're giving up on both TY and Campbell, we're going either X or tweener that would be at least a full 6-1.
  13. This guy (writer) is the same guy that thought the Lions would win the NFC North last year, and that the NYGs would have one of the better O's last year... This is hilarious.... Brady's receiving corp is #1 Edleman who leads the league in drops and is only target #1 because Brown and Gordon were let go. Dorsett is their #2 lol... They picked up Sannu, but he's averaging less than 30 YPG. Brown did better than both Dorsett and Sannu in just one game before he was cut. Their TEs are pretty much non-existent. Also, JBs averages early on are a little misleading. 4 of those early games were vs teams with bottom 10 passing Ds, and we've probably played more teams with bad passing Ds this year than the majority of the league. Also, teams did not have film early on of JB in FR's O. Opponents learned quick to focus on the run and dare JB to throw. Remove the Hoyer games as they're irrelevant. Sure you can blame AV for some of our woes, but lets be honest, we shouldn't have been in a situation where we had to have a FG to win, in a lot of these games against mediocre teams. Aside from just a few games vs very bad passing Ds, our passing O has been bad to mediocre all year. Faster processor? Huh? His time to throw has not improved at all. And it's not like there haven't been a ton of film showing wide open WRs and TEs all year long...... Underrated touch? Are you kidding me. He has two speeds. Fast and faster. We should probably look at the regression of every pass catcher (when healthy) this year with the exception of Pascal. Also, if A is the Pats, like I said above, they've been a revolving door at WR, had no TEs, plus serious OL woes..... yet are still a top 10 passing O.... while we are bottom 10.
  14. It's a pretty darn good roster overall. Folks poo pooing this roster simply have a singular and Colts-centric view and little knowledge of the rest of the league. We've come such a long way in a couple years. Sure we have places that still need upgrades but if you compare the units/positions from 4 years ago, the transformation is pretty obvious. That said, it's a lot easier to improve a very bad roster, and it gets harder as the overall depth and talent improve. Replacing bad with average makes a big difference. Now we're trying to replace the average, trying to build depth behind the good, and bring in guys to eventually replace the aging good. I've said for a while, I love what Ballard is doing, but his job was easier early on. It's what he does now and in the next couple years as it gets harder, that is what is important. As far as Reich goes, I like him a lot, but I'm still on the fence with him a bit. I give him a pass for this year as his talent at QB took a major hit. The only thing I'd ding him on is lack of QB development/improvement. I don't necessarily blame him though as I think JB has just hit his ceiling and not sure he'll ever improve some of the basics he struggles with. He has had some real duds in terms of game plans though.
  15. The need both WR and DB big time. Probably DE too, or a good rushing DT. No WR1, and one of the poorer passing Ds in the league. Carr is doing a very good job given the state of WR. They have two, their own, plus one from the Bears. Both will be middle rounds.
  16. The better question is probably what type of WR we should draft. X, Z, slot, or tweener, and what should the personnel strategy be.
  17. Luck and Hoyer would have never been on the roster together, so your "4th" is very creative lol... And no, he wouldn't have been on the roster if Brissett didn't get hurt, but we wouldn't have traded for a 3rd string 3rd round guy either 2 years ago had Luck not got hurt. So what's your point.... Kelly was signed originally to likely stay on the PS for the year to prove he could behave, not come in and start or be the backup. Bottom line, Kelly won a back up job in Denver because of his play, and lost it because of his behavior, not because of his play. He got a second chance with an NFL club here, and looked good in pre season, better than Brissett looked last year in pre season (the only clear comparables). So say whatever you want, but understand that all your criticism is pure opinion which is based on zero. I get it, you like Brissett, but he's already lost a good majority of the fan base. Attendance has been impacted, and ticket sales will be impacted. It is what it is. His stats in just about every major category are below the median (21st QBR, 28th YPG, 23rd AVG), and even the INT stat that everyone keeps throwing out to say he's "good" is actually very very average if you look at INT/Attempt %. And this has been the case all year, not just since "injuries" happened. He's simply below average currently, with a ceiling of average. As far as undercutting the QB... I've never said start Kelly. I said play him if Monday's game get out of hand. And honestly if they've already decided to draft a QB, undercutting him is irrelevant. The media, fans, and mocks are all trending towards the Colts drafting a QB, so things are only going to get tougher for the FO and JB when it comes to question. He's already took issue with the "audition" question, so pretty sure he's feeling the heat. And lastly,,, the Colts made Kelly one of the highest paid PS players in the league. Why do that if he's a nothing. There are plenty of nothing QBs out there they could have paid the minimum. They could have simply kept Waker if that were the case. So assuming the FO does like him, and assuming he is keeping his nose clean, there is absolutely value in seeing what he can do in game situations, and especially if they've already decided that JB is not the future.
  18. I'm talking about game 2, which was TN. TY was very healthy that game, and TN's pass D is not good. In Hou1, JB tried to force it to TY all first half when TY was doubled and tripled. Everyone else was running wide open. Once he finally starting going to Pascal, things started to work. TY was only 6 of 11 that game. Keep in mind Houston's pass D is garbage too.
  19. I've never been a huge Hurts fan, but he's improved each year, and his numbers are pretty incredible. BIG12 Ds suck, but even so.... 71.8% 3634 yrds 11.8 / 12.8 YA/AYA 32/7 TD to INT 200.3 Rating +1250 rushing yards....
  20. TY hasn't looked good all year even when healthy, but that describes just about every WR and TE we've had (it's been an input problem)..... But OK I'll play.... , what about the the 30ish QBR and 150ish yards from JB in game 2 before OAK.... He was only +1 in TO/TD diff...(INT and Fumble).... you keep narrowing the field... but still, turds can be found...
  21. So what was the problem early in the season when JB was laying eggs with sub 50 QBRs with a healthy TY and a very productive Mack? Honest question. To me he's still making the same exact mistakes with or without TY.
  22. Nah. He still put up 3700+ yards, and that was without Harrison for 4 or 5 games. After like game 4 or 5 of that year, the games started to be very competitive for the most part. Even at 3-13, it was a ton funner than the previous year, and I think PM improved on Hairball's total by like 75% or something like that. And that was with a pretty bad team around him.
  23. So you're saying JB needs even more than the 6th best RB to offset for his lack of passing game abilities? lol...
  24. Mack is #7, while Barkley is #15 in YPG.... and the Colts are 6th in YPG while NYG are 26th... Not saying Mack is more talented than Barkley, but JB has it great in terms of both an OL to protect him, and a running game to fall back on. Jones would trade our OL for Barkley any day of the week, especially on Sundays. Rook QBs typically get ruined when they are forced to play behind a bad OL, and don't have a running game for balance.... not really just because they have to play early. A rook really couldn't ask for a better landing spot than the Colts. The only thing a rook might struggle with in Indy is learning scheme and adjusting to the speed of the game, and those are two things you only learn with playing time. Not saying we should start a rook day one, or Reich would want to do that, but all this "JB needs to play next year" is sort of silly. Every situation is different. JB may not even want to stay next year if we draft a QB. Or he could end up disgruntled. It's rare that a QB handles losing his job like Eli, but you never know. He could also handle it with grace and be happy to stay and be a backup. I do know one thing though, I don't see JB as an ideal mentor. He just doesn't have a lot of experience to draw from, nor is he great in any skill set areas.
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