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  1. Meh. We need an upgrade anyway. Would the locker room be happier with Stafford and minus Oke? Would they be happier with keeping Oke, no Stafford, and we draft a mid round LB like Moses anyway who replaces Oke. And then Oke's trade value likely declines even more.
  2. The only guys in the draft that would be realistically attainable, and worth a gamble on, are Lance and Wilson. If either were available at 12ish or later, I'd be tempted to go get (using our 1st and 2nd). Not interested in Fields at all. Doubt that happens, so I would default to my #2 preference which is find a good QB that has 5 years at least in the tank. And Stafford checks those boxes. So I'd be OK with a 1st this year and 2nd next for Stafford. I don't want to burn/waste a year at all, unless it's on a choice rook like Wilson or Lance. Just tired of wasting years if there's
  3. It's been my gut all along that this was the case given the timing. And then there was the Dodds timing.
  4. Like I said in another thread, we have a lot of holes, and there's just not that much money to go around. Tough choice.
  5. Like I said in this, or another thread, if it comes down to us and SF, and if the Lions are looking for a 1st this year and next years 2nd, then we will be at a big disadvantage. SF's #12 is worth our #21 + #54 this year. That's not even looking at next year's 2R. We'd have to throw in a player or our 2nd this year to make up the difference. I just don't see Denver as a place Stafford would want to go. And I think they'll try to get him where he wants to go. Could be totally wrong. I think it's SF, Indy, Carolina, Houston, Dallas, or WA. Like I said above, I think
  6. Here's the odds on Stafford's next destination... San Francisco 49ers +250 Indianapolis Colts +300 Denver Broncos +350 Washington Football Team +500 Carolina Panthers +750 New Orleans Saints +1500 Houston Texans +2000 Pittsburgh Steelers +3000 New York Jets +3300 Chicago Bears +5000
  7. I'd rather have a guy like Fitz than JB if we were to draft. JB might be a role model when it comes to leadership, but he's far from a roll model/teacher/mentor when it comes to reading Ds, progressions, etc..
  8. I think you have several groups of people, with different logic, etc., when it comes to the roll with Eason crowd, or just in general. And yes, the fantasy thing though is pretty funny if that's the driver. I'd prefer to with someone like Stafford, but I'm almost Ok with rolling with Eason. Not because I have any fantasy though. It's more or less a desire to simply answer a question. If you roll with Eason, you find out what he is. You either 1) tank and have improved draft capital next year, or 2) find out Eason is the guy. Either of those scenarios is better to me than rolling w
  9. Not sure how I feel on all the Rodgers stuff, but I did say in another thread I could see him in SF. I think it's way too early to make any definitive calls. I think Rodgers was just on TV today downplaying his post game comments. If I were him though, I'd definitely be looking to pull a Brady and find a sunny destination that wants to go all-in. I really like Miami for Watson. Not sure I like Watson for Miami though lol... If I were Watson, it would be my preferred landing spot. No way I'd go to NYJ over Miami. Carolina or LVR would also be good spots. I'm sure Gruden would be hap
  10. Here's the Lions team needs (farther below), so Oke would fit the bill. Given his performance and PFF though this year, not sure he'd be something that tilted the scale. If Carolina, Denver, Dallas, or San Fran wanted to be players, we'd have to make up a decent delta between draft picks. So for instance, if Detroit's asking price is a first, and next year's second, San Fran's #12 is basically worth our #12 AND our #54 out of the gate. And we'd still have to give them next year's 2nd. Oke isn't worth a #54 IMO. Rock might perk their interests given CB is a primary need. It's a dece
  11. i disagree with the adjective "very", and also think he'd need tier 1 WRs, which the Colts don't have. He's just way to limited.
  12. I don't like Jones all that much either, but I do think he could be successful in a few schemes/teams. There's a lot of other guys I like more than him.
  13. It's more nauseating that he gets a top 2 recruiting class just about every year. I think they've only been outside the top 2 once in the last decade, and that year they ranked 5th.... The talent they roll in is on par with the talent they roll out. Then add that they have x-head coaches, OCs, and DC holding clipboards as analysts lol... Just hired an x-NFL HC to be their OC... They simply do everything to win. Just far from the typical college football team.
  14. Still way to early to make a call on any of them anything. I've always liked Burrows and Herbert. Tua was a great college QB, just not sure if he'll translate.
  15. I'm voting for the tshirt!! I'd be happy with the car(r) plan too.
  16. I use them a bit differently, but I agree. I've always respected him. Really hated him (and BB) during the Peyton days. Now I'm just jealous lol... I'm hoping for Stafford too. He seems like the best and easiest fit. There's a few teams before us in the draft though with better draft pick position that I think will be in the hunt too. Going to be interesting.
  17. Yup. Not saying he's slow. He's just not electric anymore. He could get by with his size before out wide. Not so much now. After looking at the numbers/cap, I'm just not sure it makes sense at all to try and bring him back given all the other needs we have.
  18. Wouldn't be shocked to see them trade for a QB, or draft one given their draft capital. If they are not 100% sold on Tua, they need to make a move now because it's rare to have the capital they have. Whatever they do, I don't like their future much with Tua behind center. I've simply never had a good feeling about him going that high.
  19. He was simply clutch when he needed to be, and Fournette coming on didn't hurt. He even had a better QBR than Rodgers despite the 3 INTs. That was truly a bad call. I'd say Rodgers not running it a few times was a bad call by him late, and then not going for it late was another very bad call. IDK. I agree it's not as important as many think, but you have to admit Fournette had some very key contributions. You could argue it was the difference in the game. Our WRs and TEs worked pretty well when Reich allowed Rivers to use them. Take a look at the TE usage vs Buf
  20. There was a ton more than just the TY stuff. I don't totally disagree with the Rogers talk. Big shout out to horrible coaching and game plans those games.
  21. Surratt is one that I really like. The whole position switch thing worries me a bit though. I love JOK and Moses though. Moses will be there later and he'd be my pick.
  22. very different days back then. much more "corporate" these days. can you imagine a city trying to seize a team these days. or a team leaving in the middle of the night. these days, the NFL teams have power over their cities, get free stadiums built, tax breaks, etc..
  23. In young days yes... later in life, not so much lol
  24. look at the weights and measurements, not to mention the combine results, and compare players these days to back then. players today are just developed so much earlier, and better. football back then was so much more pure as far as amateurism is concerned. these days kids work out with NFL trainers in the summer at both the HS and college level.
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