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  1. Player / Snaps / PFF rating / Catch:Target / % Blue - good/above-average Red - bad/below-average Gone Pierre Desir / 694 / 58.8 / 46:72 / 64% CB1 and CB2 Candidates Rock Ya Sin / 864 / 65.3 / 36:56 / 64% (Ya Sin was grading in the 70s/80s second half) Xavier Rhodes 807 / 46.4 / 59:70 / 84% Marvel Tell / 249 / 67.6 / 22:34 / 65% Quincy Wilson / 127 / 30.2 / 13:18 / 72% Nickle / Slot CB Kenny Moore / 641 / 75.5 / 39:51 / 76% TJ Carrie / 693 / 56.2 / 46:62 / 74% UDFAs/Claims/PS guys (no real stats) Picasso Nelson Jr. Lafayette Pitts Jackson Porter
  2. It's technique work he needs, not gym work though.
  3. Banogu is/was much more raw than Turay. I also wonder how this covid situation has impacted his training. I do know that Mathis stepped back from his coaching/training duties and is doing more of a limited for-hire gig now. I think Hines and Campbell are going to tear it up this year with Rivers, and both will end up as his favorites.
  4. IDK. Rock handled CB1 duties week 8-12 while Desir was out IIRC, and also a decent amount after Desir came back. Rock's PFF weekly ratings also went up significantly in the second half of the season. He was in the 70 and 80s many of those weeks. Here's how they lined out Player / Snaps / PFF rating / Catch:Target / % Gone Pierre Desir / 694 / 58.8 / 46:72 / 64% CB1 and CB2 Candidates Rock Ya Sin / 864 / 65.3 / 36:56 / 64% Xavier Rhodes 807 / 46.4 / 59:70 / 84% Marvel Tell / 249 / 67.6 / 22:34 / 65% Quincy Wilson / 127 / 30.2 / 13:18 / 72% Nickle / Slot CB Kenny Moore / 641 / 75.5 / 39:51 / 76% TJ Carrie / 693 / 56.2 / 46:62 / 74% Who do you think is going to take over CB1? Rhodes gave up 59 catches on 70 targets giving up a 84% clip, and ended the year with a 46.4 PFF rating. That's 20 points lower than Rock's average, and likely 30 points lower vs Rock's 2nd half rating. Wilson played very little the second half of the season, and never hit the 40% mark in the first half (only 15% of Rock's snaps). His PFF was 30.2... Tell only really played in 4ish games mid season when Desier was out, and he was taking CB2 duties (only 29% of Rock's snaps)
  5. Carrie is likely depth behind Moore at Nickle. Wilson and Rhodes are likely battling it out for CB2 job. Not sure where Tell fits at this point, but love to see him develop.
  6. Oh I'm definitely not ready to move on from either. I think Turay has potential to be a 3 down guy as he was seen more as a run defender coming out of the draft. Coming off an injury and the loss of development is tough though. Who knows what he turns into, but you simply can't count on that at this point. Banogu is a total raw wildcard. I didn't really like the pick to be honest, and thought it to "cute" with all the talk of SAM use. He could develop nicely, but it will take time. On the same topic, I'm not ready to give up on guys like Campbell either, which many here act like he's an afterthought. In the limited time we did see him, he looked far more ready to be a 3 down option though than either DE. I think Fountain has been overlooked too, but a lot more to prove.
  7. Come on brother, lol... Turay was limited to passing downs before missing most of the season. Banogu was used the same and didn't look near as good. I have higher hopes for Turay, but coming back from injury doesn't help either. No way we can count on either option to be a 3 down guy at this point. I hope they pan out, but hope is not a safe strategy. You're being very convenient/optimistic here, and totally ignoring the current loss, and potential future loss of proven production.
  8. You could say the same thing about a few guys at other positions if they drop as well. Higgins has played all 3 spots, but projects naturally to X, so I'd be happy to have him. Walter who is one the most accurate mockers, if not the most accurate, has the Colts taking Higgins at 44 (taking a CB at 34). But I'd also be fine with Claypool or Pittman at X. If I'm going to worry about 2021, I'm probably going to worry most about DE (3 of our top 5 or 6) and CB (2 of our top 4 or 5) given those that will be FAs then.
  9. Only if they make PEDs legal for old players.
  10. I'm hopeful too, but any team with even a little need at QB will be talking to the top 6-8 QBs. While I doubt Love will fall to 34, I wouldn't be shocked based on the latest mocks and big boards. And if he did, I'd absolutely grab him. It would suck for some other positions that we need (WR, CB, OT), but IMO it would be a no brainer. I'm still holding onto a bit of hope that we grab one more legit FA like Logan Ryan or Amukamara at CB, and I'm starting to consider the risk of taking a guy like WR Gordon if the NFL removes the suspension.
  11. Based on our needs, I like Claypool better than Mims. I'd love either or both Claypool or Kmet. I find it highly unlikely they go WR and TE with the first two picks, and that's what it would take to get them both IMO.
  12. I'd still address WR in with the first 3, I'm just going X, not Z. WR depth is great this year, and I think we need to take advantage of the depth, not go that early. It's also a decent year for OL and CB, so our needs are pretty convenient. In 2021, we'll have a lot of decisions to make. Both QBs (Rivers and JB, Kelly as well) are FAs, as well as Houston, Autry, Hilton, Pascal, MAC, Fountain, Ryan Kelly, Wilson, Rhodes, Stewart, Walker, and Muhammad. That's a lot of starters (bolded), potential starters, or key depth. Almost a third of our roster.
  13. Austin Jackson and Cleveland will be there at 34, and quite possibly at 44 too. Isaiah Wilson reminds me of Braden (underrated RT option, not the G/T element). And I absolutely love the upside of Prince Tega Wanogho who will be there. Both of those guys should be there.
  14. I'm more worried about T, so would error on the side of taking a T/G combo, in lieu of taking a C/G combo. We have flexibility at G to an extent (Braden could move in). Q can also play C if in a pinch. Patterson, drafted as a C, played all three positions, so I think he'd be just fine in a pinch for C if needed. So all of these are what ifs about injury to the OL. What if there's injury to Rock or Moore given we're already replacing one starter with a question mark?
  15. Not Rock or Moore. But Rhodes on the other hand, he's a huge gamble, and only on a 1 year deal. Are we getting the 16/17 Rhodes, or the 18/19 Rhodes. I simply think CB needs to be one of our first three picks. And there are a few guys at the top of the 2nd I could absolutely see doing as good or better than Rock did last year. AC or Nelson getting hurt? Your draft above takes a C earliest, so doesn't really help in that scenario, unless you think a 4th round RT is going to help replace Nelson/AC. I'm all for taking OL early, just not C that early. My first 3 picks (in no order) are CB, OT/OG, WR unless Love somehow drops to 34 (which I highly doubt).
  16. I think if he sheds some pounds, he'll be just fine and be a better option than Muhammad. I loved what I saw last year early from Turay on passing downs, Just not sure he can jump in and be effective on run downs, especially coming off the injury. We're already the 3rd highest paid DL (only missed #1 by a few million), so while I'd love to have an improved LDE, I just happy to heck to add Buckner. And we've taken 4 DEs in the first 3 rounds (3 in the second) in the last couple years. Need them to step up. Yup, I think Autry will drop 15 pounds or more. He was pretty effective in 2018, so it's probably better for him to be honest. Muhammad should be very good depth. Lewis, is still young, but you have to question why he was passed up by even younger guys. Honestly I really don't want another 2nd or 3rd round project DE lol.... I expect more out of Tury after he gets back in shape. Banogu is still early in his "project" days. He was completely raw and really hope he spent off season time with someone on technique. Stinks as this Covid situation has almost certainly impacted his growth. This is a make or break year for Lewis IMO.
  17. There's only 5 (2 starters +3 question marks), plus 3 UDFA unknowns. Out of the 5, the 3 with question marks graded out 30.2 (Q.Wilson PFF), 46.4 (Rhodes), 67.6 (Tell). That's pretty concerning given the 2 with most snaps are sub 50, and the only one over 50 is the guy with the least snaps and is a conversion project. I'm just not confident in a starting 3 with one vet, one CB2 rook moving to CB1, and one out of 3 questionable guys. The OL, already top 5, could likely lose a starter and still be top 15. Our DBs where already bottom 10.
  18. Moore is arguably the only tested CB vet we have. Rock was thrown to the wolves last year and did great as a rookie. Is he ready to be CB1? The rest have huge question marks. If numbers are everything, yes we have 8 CBs for 3 slots, but we also have 13 OL for 5. Taylor isn't on the roster. As far as OL is concerned, we have 100% of our starters. CB we have 66% of starters. You suggest taking a C early for depth in case of Kelly leaving, but Rhodes is only a 1 year contract so what about him leaving? Of the 6 CBs we have in addition to Rock and Moore: Huge questions Rhodes - huge drop off an injury concerns the last 2 years Unproven Tell - huge project/conversion from S, that only had substantial snaps in 4 games due to injury Wilson - hardly played after the fist 6 games in which he played sparingly. JAGS Nelson - UDFA practice squad rook that we picked up after Jax cut him. Pitts - UDFA guy that has been waived by 3 teams before we picked him up. Porter - UDFA PS guy we picked up after cut by 2 teams
  19. I like both WRs, but not the C pick at all. No way they go that early for C. I could see them going for an OT, or an OT/G flex guy that early though if the right guy falls. Only other issue is no CB. I don't think a one year gamble on Rhodes coming back to form negates the long term need.
  20. Stewart needs to be slotted as a starter. Stewart was playing 60+% of snaps last year after he took over as starter. I'd say at minimum, the combo of Stewart/Day gets at least 2/3rds of the snaps. Autry is likely the swing guy. Keep in mind Autry was a DE for Oakland IIRC. First down, tweener, and short yardage situations Houston/Stewart/Buckner/Autry. Passing Down Houston/Autry/Buckner/Turay
  21. I'm just so excited to have upgrades at 3T and QB. The two things I wanted most, and got it before the draft. While we still need some other things, those were our biggest needs hands down.
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