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  1. He's an interesting one. Something has to be up with him. Started to emerge last year, then phtttt Blazing fast kid.
  2. I didn't include anyone on my fav Colts that didn't spend the all/most of their years with the Colts. Mr. Benny would have been on the list had he. But yes, he was all we had those years.
  3. Ah, the bad QB days..... I remember hanging with Baldi, Goose, and a few others at the Red Garter those days.
  4. Waller is 6-6 and 255 though. He was really too tall/big to play WR in the NFL. RSJ is 6-5 and 245, kinda the same deal as Waller. Not saying 6-4 is too short for TE or anything, but he's criticized for not playing up to his 6-4 lol. The two guys you mentioned are just kinda outside of the typical WR parameters. Funchess is a guy I always thought should of stuck to TE. IMO, it was bad for his career when he switched to WR. I think he would have been far more of a weapon at TE.
  5. Q would definitely be on the list. Sorry Goose. TY will be a tough one. Still too early for Leonard. Blackmon is becoming a favorite but of course way too early. Right now top 5 for guys playing, which could change game to game lol. 1. Q 2. Leonard 3. TY 4. Blackmon 5. Moore
  6. Keep in mind we have right of first refusal regardless of tender level if another team offers. Since he was a UFA we can offer him anything IIRC. It comes down to do we think a team will offer him 2.9 or more, and would we take a 2nd for him. If we're smart, we extend him before the season is over to a team friendly deal. We should have done that this offseason IMO.
  7. Favorite players (those still playing are not eligible....) 1. The Sheriff 2. 3. The little dude from Roman Catholic HS 4. The Tasmanian Devil 5. Bid D 6. Edge's buddy from the U 7. Matthis 8. The Hitman 9. Jeff Saturday 10. Goose Honorable mention: Jimmy, the funny punter. AV.
  8. I'd prefer to see what he can do at WR first. It's hard to find a 6-4/225 guys that runs 4.5 well. The big dig on him is he doesn't play to his size. That would not bode well for him in the TE space... Burton is more a bully slot/HB than TE, so very different skillset. I like Doyle and Mo as prototypical TEs. Mo needs more snaps when he's back and healthy.
  9. Became a fan the moment the Mayflower trucks rolled in. I remember that day well. Cheers to Mayor Hudnut, RIP.
  10. Bummer. Why a fan of Harbaugh specifically?
  11. No, it's been better. But can't say he won't gain. Last game we were down 21 fast, so running in general went out the door for a while. If you have friends or family in IN, you should really look at getting a slingbox.
  12. Because you go on 4th doesn't mean you're not risk averse, especially early in a game. Reich typically follows the analytics on those calls. That early call was 4&1 on the 3, and it was very early in the game. The problem was, he used Hines up the gut...
  13. Yep. And more experienced than Burrow. Probably the best O we've played thus far.
  14. I don't hate him at all. Still not sure what to think of him as a coach. But who are all the people regularly listing him as one of the best coaches in the NFL? Haven't seen him make one top 10 list. I've seen him in the 12-22 range which is average. And the high ranking (12th) I saw, even acknowledged that it might be too high.
  15. Here's ESPN's take https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/page/viewersguide10302020/nfl-week-8-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips-odds-injuries-more#inddet
  16. Yup. Like I said above IIRC, trending well, close losses except GB, and Stafford coming off his two best-ish games. He's a QB that scares me if we play soft zone. If our D looks like 1st half Cinci game, could be a long day. Just hope the O game plan is balanced and productive so we can keep up even if Stafford has some luck.
  17. General Notes 1. On paper, our D should shut down their O, and on paper, their D is below average in just about ever aspect 2. On paper, our passing game should handily beat their passing D 3. On paper, our rushing O vs their rushing D is a wash, but many of the talking heads and fantasy folks love our rush O a lot more. 4. Peterson has been their bell cow, but Swift has been more productive. Swifts carries have increased the last two games, so don't be shocked to see that continue. He has 5 total TDs vs AP's 2. 5. Stafford seems to deal his passes around, with 5 different players
  18. You've lost it.. Do you understand what an average is? We are 23rd in AVERAGE PER GAME.... We're not middle of the pack. We're bottom 10. We were bottom 5 in AVERAGE before we played Cinci and had to go pass happy to win. Again, you've lost it. Do you not understand a typical game plan tries to exploit an opponent's weakness. Jax was bottom 5 vs the run last year, did nothing to improve, and are bad again this year. Instead of trying to exploit that (like most sane coaches would), we went pass happy with a QB new to the org, without a preseason....
  19. I don't doubt he's had some bad luck. So did Pagano. And Pagano had a far worse GM, and far worse talent and depth. In 4 years with Luck healthy Pagano was 41 and 23 with 3 playoff appearances, 2 AFCS titles. He just ran into NE at their peak. Comparing Pagano 2016 with Reich 2018, both with Luck, both coaches were 10-6. Look at our skill players in 2016 lol. And folks complained about that in 2018. In short, bad luck doesn't make you a good coach. Bad luck will get you a pass though. Jury is still out. Both good and bad.
  20. Like I said, he got injured. I'll buy one year, but even then his (Matthews) attempts were low to start the year, and that was coming off a 1000+ year. What is interesting, is that his attempts only increased to norm levels (balance) after he came back from the injury and his AVG was much better too. Sirianni as a coach (not an assistance or staff) spent most of his time at LA/SD. I agree Reich has had more, but LA/SD still is the majority. I don't see him like Pederson, or others. I don't even see him like Wisenhunt. Agreed. I also wonder how much impact he has on the D side.
  21. We're 23rd in pass attempts per game right now (so now bottom 10 average), and that's not middle of the pack....., and we were lower before our last outing with 44 attempts which drove the average up. Prior to last game, we were 30.8 which would rank 28th (bottom 5). So sorry, was quoting that stat I remembered, which was an AVG from before our last game. lol I will complain when we throw too much vs bad run Ds like Jax, which was a bad game plan. And I'll complain if we run too much against a poor passing D. I know, crazy right. Trying to pass against a ba
  22. I've already listed them. You're going in circles. You admitted you were lazy, and asked me to provide sep stats. I provided them. I'm sorry they don't support your pre-formed conclusion.
  23. They've had a bad OL for a long time, and have have faired better in terms of balance and rushing AVG since Reich's departure while still having a bad OL. It's not that they didn't have good RBs when Reich was there, Matthews got hurt in 2014 and they chose not to resign him. Instead, they drafted Gordon in 2015. Gordon had zero TDs in 2015, but 10 the year after Reich left. What is interesting, is Frank was promoted to OC when Wisenhunt left, then Frank was fired to bring back Wisenhunt. Sirianni was also there those year. Both he and Frank are Wisenhunt products, which I was never a fan of.
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