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  1. I'm not too worried about Luck's injury, nor the others. However, what does worry me is how long we hold our players out due to precaution. It also seems that we give more rest days than any other team in the league. Would you guys prefer us to continue to be pre-cautious or a little bit more stern on our players to get in a good training camp/practices how I prefer?
  2. Walker seems like a great guy, but I have always thought he was a TERRIBLE QB, and is one of the worst 3rd String QB's in the league. His accuracy is bad, and I don't see the point in having him on the roster. Our defense only suffers playing against a college-level QB talent during practice.
  3. I actually like Foreman quite a bit. However, I'm starting to wonder if Ballard isn't quite comfortable enough with our top 3 RB's. We usually carry 3. Will Wilkins stick?
  4. Mahomes, Brady, Rodgers, and Brees will all be in the top 10. Luck should of been a little higher.
  5. Actually, we were super hot March-May. I think people just expect us to make the playoffs and go far with luck. If you pay attention, the Patriots hardly get mentioned either; yet they've been to the AFC Championship game/Super dang near every year.
  6. I don't believe any team keeps 4 WR. Teams keep at least 5 WR on their roster at all times. Funchess will be our No. 2 or No. 3 WR this year. The coaches seemed to be giving off encouraging signs as well
  7. Hypothetically, if she had it on Super Bowl Sunday, and we are playing: it would put Luck in an awkward spot lol
  8. We have to be near the top of the list of teams that bring in FA's for workouts, and then not sign them. I do find it interesting. I wonder if the GM always makes the decision to bring players in, or if they will allow scouts, head coach, or position coaches to request a private workout?!
  9. I've heard a lot of buzz this offseason about the confidence Ballard has in Jihad Ward. Does anybody see Ward as a potential stud at DT? I didn't know he was a high 2nd round pick 4 years ago. I am still surprised we didn't go harder after McCoy or haven't looked at Corey Luiget from SD.
  10. I don't expect Hines to be going anywhere. Wilkins would be the most likely candidate to get cut, as it's a given Williams is probably gone now after camp.
  11. But at that point, I would expect other teams to snag him off our practice squad. I guess we'll see!
  12. Does this mean Wilkins and Williams will be cut/traded? I would expect us to only carry 3 RB's week 1.
  13. Right. I don't mind the pick. I was just surprised, but if Ballard picked exactly who I want then he wouldn't be a GM right now. Excited to see what he brings to the table
  14. Yeah I trust Ballard, but I expected Williams before Sin
  15. Not happy that the Jaguars just got the two best value picks in the draft. Good for them, but sucks.
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