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  1. They always say that we have one of the top-3 easiest schedules EVERY year. Doesn't really make sense when you think about how our division fared, and who we face next season.
  2. I agree. If he can just stay healthy and learn to hold onto the ball, he should have a solid 2nd year!
  3. I was going to say Joe Flacco as well. I like this.
  4. I was basing that strictly off of his age, and if he is healthy. Safeties traditionally can play longer in the NFL than a lot of other positions. I think Berry has probably had a few offers, but is a veteran, and is waiting(or was at least planning on it) until before training camp like a lot of veterans have chosen in the past. I stated I wanted Hooker to stay. I custom ordered his jersey, am a huge OSU fan, and love the dude. This was strictly based off the fact he has been rumored to be on the trade block. Berry was a top 5 safety, and Ballard was there with him in KC. If he could get him to just be an average safety, we could likely get him very cheap on a 2 year deal. Idk just a thought!
  5. I guess because I felt the need to post it in the NFL free agent discussion as I intended for it to relate more to Eric Berry
  6. Already stated I wasn't a fan of Hooker being traded, however; I think one of the big reasons behind him being shopped around could loop back to the fact we were linked to Eric Berry. Berry, if healthy, still has 2-3 good years left. Wouldn't be a bad replacement, or even an addition to, our current group at safety.
  7. Payton said that both Hill himself & the Saints see him as a future starting QB, and hopefully their starting QB after Drew Brees' final season. Payton stayed Hill would be the No. 2 QB. It makes no sense as to why Winston would sign unless they plan to sign him now and potentially trade him later this offseason when a team needs a QB. He will play the F position this year, and hopefully take over after Brees retires were close to the exact words that came out of Payton's mouth. This is kind of a shot in the foot to Hill
  8. Why would they sign Hill to a two-year, 21 million dollar contact as well?? If I were Hill, I'd be PO that I was told I deserve the No. 2 spot by Payton, yet they do this. Good sign by them tho.
  9. Yes, he played well. But stating that Ballard and Reich didn't give him a fair shot is not true. Nobody else wanted him. He cleared waivers and made it to the PS. If he was that good, that wouldn't have happened. He could be a back-up, but even then, who knows. i like the dude, but he hasn't shown anything that grants him to be the QB of the future. I trust Ballard more than any of us. He obviously knows whether Kelley has it or not over one of us.
  10. I don't think we have room for any more corners.
  11. 49ers had the best overall draft/including the trade for Williams IMO. Ravens, Cowboys, & Bengals all did well too.
  12. ?? Baltimore & KC, the two top teams we are competing with for the next 10 years in the AFC, both just drafted RB's. As did GB. NO, Dallas, Minnesota all have top tier backs. Sorry, but you're wrong on that one.
  13. I like Tyler Johnson a lot, as well as both Hopkins & Bryant.
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