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  1. I don't know if I would do a 2nd round tender, but I would love to have him. i would pay him 3 yr/27 million and use him as the backup QB and a gadget player as well if he was willing to do that, while being the legit No. 2. Keep Chad Kelley as the 3rd/practice squad QB
  2. Actually glad this happened. Our D-Line was very average(a little below average really) this year.
  3. Hoping if Brissett is the guy after 2 seasons as a starter is a losing mentality. If you have a QB rated high on your draft board, you better find a way to get him. If JB does indeed suck again this upcoming year; we are going to be another 2-3 years out from a SB waiting for a rookie QB to develop(other than the two mentioned). That's my biggest issue. As for the 2021 QB class, Lawrence and Fields will both be gone... and there isn't a whole lot of options past those two.
  4. Very true. We Colts' fans are lucky to have him!
  5. Gonna really hurt them if they get their 1st round pick taken away. Won't have a 1st or 2nd round pick this upcoming draft.
  6. I'm not saying he is a bad QB by any means. He is a good QB. I can agree that he'll at least be better than JB I just see bust potential for all the hype... which is why I think he is overrated. Especially when they say he is potentially a better prospect than AL. I would rather have Fields, JMO. In all fairness, I get what you are saying. But W/L records shouldn't be weighed heavily when evaluating QB performance.
  7. No. He is very overrated. He won't be able to run how he did vs Ohio State in the NFL. He went against a great defense and struggled mightily until the refs bailed Clemson out. I think Fields is a better QB personally.
  8. He wasn't for the first 6 games or so of the season... seemed to have limited hip mobility and out of place a lot... but he turned into an animal the second half of the season for sure!
  9. This hasn't really been mentioned, so thought I would throw it out there. Anybody see Frank handing over play-calling duties next year?? Maybe Ballard tells him he should?? I think Frank DESIGNS really good plays to get guys open/open holes, but I think his in-game calls are often very average(hence the end of the Miami game).
  10. Yes, but the offseason is soooo long. It's going to be especially long after the draft if we know JB is starting under center in 2020.
  11. It could only be a long-term solution given the Colts also drafted a QB as well. Rivers would be able to teach a rookie QB a lot more than JB.
  12. We need to fix our right side a little bit, but our offensive line is plenty talented enough to win us a championship with an elite QB. Brissett makes our line look worse, and we've also faced some good pass rushers this year as well. However, I've said it since week 3...We need to kick Braeden Smith inside to guard and find a RT replacement tho... he is a little too slow on the first step when going against speed rushers. Hurts us when trying to throw deep(doesn't help JB is very inaccurate downfield).
  13. In some ways yes... having another offseason will help JB a lot. Hopefully it helps with his clock management as well(never seen a QB have to call so many TO's bc the game clock is running down). BUT you should already be able to see that the offense has already changed significantly for Brissett. We hardly throw the ball deep compared to last year... and i assume that's due to Brissett's down-the-field accuracy. Brissett also throws a very poor slant pattern that(fingers crossed) will improve with another offseason.
  14. Yeah, I think it's more plausible he signs as a free agent when his contract is voidable this offseason. I would rather have a healthy Cam than a JB. I like Brissett as a guy, his leadership, and his grit... but he's very slow on his reads/decision making which is hard to teach in the NFL.
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