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  1. Wow. That is a huge shift in momentum. Did it not look like their D-Lineman was already at Wentz before the ball even got to him?
  2. I'm confused. I watched him get up after being by attended to by the team doctor's, throw some balls, and act like he was good to go. Why are players so soft nowadays?? I could see if he was legit now able to walk. I WATCHED him drop back & put pressure on the ankle when throwing on the sideline. Yes, it is going to hurt to put pressure on it. But, you would think that he would be able yo tough it out for one more drive. I assume the team doctor's are who told him no tho. Wentz has played pretty * well so far this season! Reich's playcalling & our question marks at the safety position are what are holding the team back IMO
  3. We win this game down 3 with 2:30 left if Wentz is in
  4. We need improved coaching & safety play to win in this league
  5. Wdym? We have a LT with Health issues, but All-Pro potential. He is 10X better than what we have right now
  6. I'm really torn on Reich. He doesn't seem to fire our guys up. His decision-making is questionable. He has had some really good play calls, but he also his play-calling has been detrimental in several key games, too.
  7. It's not on Wentz. It's on Reich. Has given up 2 chances now to make it a one score game. Now, we are in the same position with 8 additional minutes off the clock. Not a huge fan on Reich right now tbh
  8. I just don't see the EFFORT from Davenport or Willis. When they get beat, their body language looks as if they do not even care. We also need to stop running the same run play. They have been running straight through the B gap all game.
  9. Willis is not a great coverage safety by any means. He is completely out of position A LOT. Very disappointing we let that happen on 2nd & 20
  10. I don't love those plays either. You throw that on 1st or 2nd down IMO. That is a low percentage throw. I would much rather see a crosser, screen, or curl on 3rd & medium.
  11. Big defensive drive coming up. They have all of the momentum now after a great 1st drive that we had to settle for 3.
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