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  1. Colts1324

    Future Salary Cap Use

    I expect him to go up in Rec & receiving yards as HOPEFULLY Ebron just catching the ball better will help a lot. I've noticed many of his dropped passes are across the middle, a pass Luck has gotten better at each year. It's going to be fun to watch next season!
  2. Colts D-Line for 2019: DE: Houston/FA/Turay/Lewis/Muhammad/ Sheard DT: Autry/Hunt/Ward/draft pick I fully expect us to draft a DT in the upcoming draft. That leaves us with 10 defensive lineman next year given we sign another edge rusher in FA. IF we draft a DE as well in the draft that leaves us with 11 players on the D-Line. You also have to take into account that Sheard likely wants to start, and he very well could have limited snaps next offseason. If he stays, that's great. More depth. We'll see.
  3. Yeah, I see both sides. I would expect an extension after next season. However, Ballard does always prefer to think ahead. Either way, expect Kelley to stay with us for many more years.
  4. If Kelley performs at an All-Pro Level next year, he will likely set the market for centers, $14-$15 million a year IMO. If we could get him extended for $10-$11 mill per year now why wouldn't we?? Especially if we could start the extension after next season.
  5. First one to call Sheard potentially getting cut. He's a respectable player, but he is being paid $8 million, and he can easily be replaced.
  6. Look at the most recent report.
  7. I would prefer Shane Ray to Aaron Lynch. Would be a nice signing. I've been trying to tell people Sheard very well could be cut, especially if we sign another DE. If we add another one in the draft as well, we will have to cut somebody on the outside.
  8. Not a change with AB and Tyrell Williams now on the roster. Maybe with their second pick, but I imagine they go defense.
  9. Colts1324

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    Yeah they haven’t. I said imagine as it could potentially happen. The offseason is looking a lot better with this signing.
  10. Colts1324

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    Imagine: Resigned: CB: Pierre Desir OG: Mark Glowinski SS: Clayton Geathers DE: Marcus Hunt Signed: WR: Devin Funchess DE: Justin Houston RB: Jay Ajayi OLB: Aaron Lynch I would consider that a big success. Super stoked!
  11. Colts1324

    Colts in talks with Inman

    Exactly. I think Ballard would prefer to use Funchess and Inman as insurance this year to see how Cain and Fountain develop this season. Worst comes worse, we roll with TY/Funchess/Inman, and draft a top WR next year or pick one up in free agency.
  12. I don’t think people realize that it’s a one-year deal, and he is arguably the best safety left on the market. He is still going to have to compete for that starting role with M. Farley & a draft pick.
  13. I think the reason being is that Hooker is a better overall player than Geathers, but I definitely see the comparison there. Geathers will be a good mentor to one of the safeties we draft this year.
  14. Colts1324

    Current Salary Cap Status

    I know, I’ve been checking google and the fan forum every 10 minutes hoping something changes. Pure silence