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  1. I would assume we wouldn't re-sign or extend until the end of the season when he will be a FA, correct?
  2. Same! Those were some very neat workout drills. It also appeared they had sensors to ensure they were using enough power on their lifts. It is incredible the kind of equipment top athletes have at their disposal.
  3. We don't have room for him. TY, Campbell, Pittman Jr., and Pascal are all going to get the snaps. I think we are going to let the other young guns fight it out for the 5th/6th spots.
  4. Really?? Why 4th round picks? I have never noticed that they take longer to sign on average!
  5. I'm actually in the camp that is rooting for Eason to be the backup. Cheaper & more potential than veteran backups. You know what you are getting in veteran backups, but you also know they aren't going to give you anything more than below-average starter-level play. Eason could(or could not) give you more than that. And that is exciting to me.
  6. Hmm. That would be impossible. It's equally both teams' prime time game. So, there is no was that all teams can play their Prime Time games at home. There 100% needs to be a better algorithm tho.
  7. I can't tell either. Obviously, he should of not listed Aaron Donald and Floyd as part of that group.
  8. If we go 1-4, I expect us to go 10-7. I doubt we only lose one to Buffalo, Tampa, Arizona, Tennessee, NE, Tennessee, and LVR.
  9. Wow. That is a crazy hard start to the season. One of the harder schedules in the leagues. 7 of the first 8 games are against legit playoff contenders.
  10. That's the reality. People need to realize this is a business, and they all know Tebow is likely going to get cut anyways. I think he will get cut, and the Jags will bring him in as a coach to still "excite" the Florida fanbase.
  11. For the future of our team, absolutely. For next year, it depends on the young guys' development. Paye/Turay, Lewis, Ya-Sin, Okereke, Pittman Jr, Blackmon, and JT are all expected to start and we are counting on them making a significant leap THIS year
  12. Excellent point. I didn't mean for it to come off as if I didn't know WHY he loves one-year deals as the title screams. More so, our off-seasons are going to potentially consist of a lot of tough decisions due to the fact that so many of our players will be FA's every year. I do appreciate the in-depth answer.
  13. He started 2 full season(the games in which he played). It can't hurt to bring in a vet with starting experience. I love this from Ballard. Now, he can compete with Stallworth for snaps in a battle he should be able to win.
  14. That's what I assume it comes down to as well. I'm not in complete disagreement with it, but it feels as if there is going to be a lot of pressure to fill depth and some starter roles every off-season under this formula.
  15. Almost every FA contract he signs is a 1-year deal. I don't mind the "prove-it" approach, but what happens when most of the players play better than expected?? For example, this is a breakdown of all of our expected FA's next year: RB: Marlon Mack Nyheim Hines Jordan Wilkins WR: TY Hilton Zach Pascal TE: Moe-Allie Cox OT: Eric Fisher Braeden Smith Sam Tevi Julian Davenport OG: Mark Glowinski Will Holden C: Joey Hunt DE: Isaac Rochell Al-Muhammed Kamek
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