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  1. Exactly. When Campbell & Funchess are back, he will be the No. 5 WR behind Pascal as of now IMO.
  2. That's the one area I feel Watson really struggles in. I believe he threw back to back INT in the end zone last week against GB.
  3. Imagine when we get a legit NT and another pass rusher!
  4. I like the call to go for it, not a fan of the play calls. FB five or two sneaks would of more than likely got the job done
  5. Young will likely go at No. 3 or No. 4 after teams trade up to draft their WB's. It would take 3 1st's to trade up that far granted we finish outside the top 20th in draft position. I think it's more likely we package our first and a second if we really like a guy at 12-18th ish
  6. Yeah, I agree. I think we will start experimenting with these as the season progresses. I like the idea of Hines/Mack in the background using RPO's out of the shotgun
  7. I'm not saying he is not doing his job by any means, but I just think he would be a GREAT RG rather than a little above average RT. The pressure has been coming off the edge from the right side the last couple of games when we are getting pressured. Given, part of that is on Brissett for not stepping up in the pocket
  8. I agree with the first two statements, but WR might not be an "issue," but there is great room for improvement. We have a solid WR group, but we hype it up a lot more than we should based on pure potential. I'm a big OSU fan so I do believe in Campbell, but he needs time to develop. Outside of him and TY, there is not a whole lot... especially after this year. I don't think it's unreasonable for us to sign/draft another WR in the 2nd or 3rd round.
  9. I think Smith is a very solid option at RT, but I do believe he is the weak link on the OL so far this year. Is it just me that would like to see us move him back inside and draft a tackle to compete with him during TC? I think he would be a top 5-10 guard in the league vs a top 30 RT. He would obviously need to put on some more weight, but I think his skill set best fits him at guard.
  10. I've been a big supporter of Brissett, but he has a long way to go. He consistently looks downfield, then just throws it to his RB's. His decision making is pretty solid, but he has to see the wide open guys. Deep field accuracy is also very poor. Has a good arm, but pass interference calls have bailed him out a couple of times. Excited to see where he takes us. Definitely going to enjoy the ride!
  11. I'm astonished at home bad the pass rush is. Zero sacks, and we made him move up in the pocket two times ALL game. One for a strike across the middle, and the other he threw away. Very surprised
  12. Yes. Now I understand why he is No. 4 on the depth chart. Should be No. 3 ahead of Cain. Cain is not the guy for us as of now
  13. He's slow but shifty. Some of those moves he makes in the pocket, very few pocket QB's can do that.
  14. I'm just as mad as all of you. We look badly coached and our effort is not great. But once we have our guys back, we are a very competitive team. Our top two players are out on defense. Our only WR(lol) is out. It's not fun to watch, but at least the young bucks are learning. I'm more heated about our play calling. Run, Run, Pass down 14 with 1 min left in the 3rd Q? Maybe take some chances
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