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  1. Payton and Gruden already have had covid, so he shouldn't really have to wear a mask IMO. So, no I don't think it is his fault
  2. This is the exact line of thinking I am using. The opportunity cost of rolling with Eason vs. trading for a veteran/proven talent is likely not worth it.
  3. Ideally, yes. But, we have no idea where he is at as far as being ready to becoming a starter. The Colts don't even know at this point. It would be great if he pans out to be a top 15 QB. However, you can't pass up a top QB if we have the ability to get him IMO. I'm just going to assume the Colts know what they are doing, and Ballard has many plans in place. I believe a trade for a Veteran QB is most likely if we don't resign RIvers. Brissett will be gone. Eason will compete, and will be the primary backup. QB depth chart: New QB, Eason, New Qb for training camp/practi
  4. There were 30 other teams that could have gotten him as well. It's mid-season, and he would have to be willing to sign there. He might have not wanted to sign with the Colts. He wants to be in Baltimore. He's a really good player, but you can't pay him 18-20 million a year with Buckner already making that much. He isn't worth the cap space opportunity cost IMO
  5. He has been injured he has played in 3 games. He looked really good in his last game. How do you even judge him off that lol
  6. I don't think I want Darnold. So many people think that this is a possibility. I would rather trade for Stafford, Carr, or Wentz(my top pick. Obviously, they would have to be available. I'm not even sure Darnold is better than Rivers currently. He seems to make very bad decisions, and he is already almost up for a contract extension. Maybe it's possible we bring him in for competition, but he isn't ever likely going to be a top 10 QB IMO.
  7. Why do we refuse to run the slant route?? Ever since Manning it's like we refuse to throw the underneath slant. Joe Burrow ate us up the entire game throwing the slant. And I think it would help our offense. Also, what is Michael Pittman Jr's timeline for a return??
  8. I hate the up and downs of the Colts. It's so inconsistent. I agree with everybody tho. Even our play calling is adjusted for Rivers' weak arm. We consistently throw 3-5 yard routes. It's not fun to watch
  9. I honestly am not even surprised. The Colts usually play to their level of competition. We can still come back, but we need to score on this drive. If we go down 3 scores, it's over. Reich is WAY too easy on the players. He looks like a biased father out there always making excuses for his guys. He needs to start expecting great football from his players. If they don't perform, LET THEM KNOW IT. we are so soft on offense.
  10. Doyle shouldn't get another target this game. Can't do that
  11. You have us losing to Cincy this weekend?? i think we lose to GB, Tennessee(split), Texans(split), Raiders, and likely the Raiders. that would put us at 9-7. Likely the No. 6 or No. 7 team in the AFC There is no way we trade for a QB this year with Brissett and Rivers both on the team IMO.
  12. I think everybody should WANT Dak Prescott for $40 million a year. That would instantly fix our issue & make us super bowl contenders. Granted, he stays healthy. I like Eason, but there is clear bias from the Colts fan base for young, unproven QB's. Last year, many were praising Chad Kelley as the best QB on our roster. He had never even threw a football in an regular season game. Eason was passed 3-4 times by every team in the NFL. He COULR potentially be a starter. But, not very many 4th round picks ever end up starting. If they do, they aren't very good. Tom
  13. I don't think Brady would ever come here. He wanted to be somewhere nice & warm. Also, he was thinking Tampa before the season even ended I believe
  14. Yes. He should be back mid-season I believe
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