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  1. All I’m saying is that Antonio Brown is VERY LIKELY better the next 4 years than any player we pick at No. 26. I don’t know if he would even give up a 1st, but I would be for it. The dead cap hit the Steelers have to pay him would lessen the cap hit we take on as well I believe.
  2. Colts1324

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    Ebron needs to catch the damn ball. Momentum is heavily in the chiefs favor, and this is the worst start we could of asked for.
  3. Agreed. If you look back on Ballard’s comments regarding how he plans to build this team. He said that we need 10-12 core players, and then he will be more open to adding big stars via free agency or trade. 9 draft picks is amazing, but I think we either trade up or trade for somebody with one or two of those picks.
  4. Antonio Brown and Juju both had over 100 receptions this past season. So, that’s not really a factor IMO. It would help open things over top for Hilton. Imagine trying to stop TWO players like TY. You can’t double both players. We’d easily have the top WR duo in the league. 6 years of Antonio Brown at an All-Pro level is more than any 1st & 4th round pick is going to give us.
  5. I never even thought about the possibility of a trade that includes Brissett. It furthers the belief of a reporter close to Irsay saying we are looking to upgrade the WR position in a BIG way this offseason.
  6. Does their close relationship influence Ballard to potentially look at trading for Brown? I know he is kind of a diva in the locker room, but I think Luck and Hilton could have a positive influence on Brown. Thoughts??
  7. Colts1324

    Honey Badger

    I think the biggest win on signing Clowney would be taking him away from the Texans the next 5-10 years. I don’t see the Texans letting him go, at least not this offseason. He likes it in Houston, and I think he resigns knowing his numbers will be greater playing opposite JJ Watt.
  8. Adam Humphries, Golden Tate, or a trade for Tyler Boyd is what I could see happening. I don’t see the Bengals being able to keep both AJ Green and Tyler Boyd next offseason.
  9. We won’t extend Kelly until next offseason as he has a 5th year option. I definitely agree on extending Kenny Moore. He would probably be in the 5-6 million dollar range too, which could in turn be a big steal down the road.
  10. Colts1324

    3 games to go!

    I know. I just don’t want this special season to end. I really do feel like we would go 13-3 if season were to start over today. We’ve developed faster than any Colts team I can recall other than maybe Luck’s rookie season.
  11. Colts1324

    My keys to beating the Chiefs

    I think this game is simpler than people are making it out to be. Yes, we have to stop Hill and Kelce, but it’s going to come down to two things for both teams: Red Zone Efficiency(TD’s over FG’s) Turnover Margin If we win the turnover margin and force them into a couple of FG’s we win this game. If Luck throws a boneheaded pick or two, we’re in big trouble.
  12. 100% agree with all that you said. However, say we sign 4 middle of the pack free agents(all average $8 million per year), we still will have about $60-$65 million in cap space after the draft and resigning our own guys. What do we do with the rest of the money??
  13. Agreed. We need to target a UT or DE in the draft IMO because there isn’t any studs available in FA other than the top 10 defensive players that will all be tagged or likely way overpaid.
  14. Flowers and Clark are both going to make $14+ million per year.
  15. True. Do you think if Geathers and Farley both resign, we play Geathers at the SLB some next year?