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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Luck put himself in the situation when he decided to go snowboarding. People always try to forget or sugarcoat what he did.
  2. a06cc


    Yeah this is the only problem with the team is injuries. You had depth, but even those players are getting hurt.
  3. I’m think injury and lack of depth at a few positions have caught on with the Colts.
  4. We’ll get our needs soon in the draft.
  5. Mudd should’ve never came back here. I questioned his philosophy when running the damn ball.
  6. I have no clue why this team can’t stay healthy. Health kills up year after year. The person responsible for this should be on the hot seat.
  7. Quincy Wilson turns out to be like Tim Jennings was after he left for Chicago.
  8. I’m going to let all of this go. We’re still at 500. It’s always gloom and doom after a lose. I apologize to those of you I have made comments on. Again my stands is AC didn’t lose us this game. You win as a team and lose as one.
  9. “I explained to someone else who replied I got “Jack Mewhort?” first before I received his original post”... This was what I said when I just replied you to. That’s way I responded to the person I had questioned. So yes you don’t know how to read.
  10. I’m sorry you must not be able to read apparently. So for sure I’m not even going to reply back to you.
  11. I explained to someone else who replied I got “Jack Mewhort?” first before I received his original post. If you would’ve read my other post you would’ve known that. However like I said that was between me and the person I replied to. It has or had nothing to do with you. I used Jack Mewhort as reference to try and bring across my point about Anthony Castanzo. I had nothing bad to say about him either. He to me in my mind is just an average player. Sorry if anything I said offended you.
  12. I honestly don’t care how long or about you. I posted that reply an hour ago. It’s time for you to move on like I did an hour ago... Also let the guy defend himself.
  13. Ok because I posted that an hour ago. The dude had no clue who he was. You’re the one dipping you mind in business that has nothing to do with you.
  14. Since we like to play the blame game around here... Who’s to blame Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury on? What’s it the snowboarding incident that people fault to bring up or the plug and pull Oline he was behind?
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