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  1. No that’s just not true at all. The Chargers had leads and Rivers lost them games. Last season wasn’t the only season the guy threw 20 INT’s in a season. He follows with a better season. I hoping for that trend to continue.
  2. I’m not saying he isn’t a bad player. I just feel he is over hyped. He’ll have a few good moments. My most overrated Colt is Anthony Castonzo. We got whip against the Rams. He was just getting used and abused by Robert Quinn. I’m not bashing him by no means. He’ll have his moments. I just think he’s an okay player. Glad Quenton Nelson is next to him.
  3. We have depth behind him this season. Parris Campbell will step up I have a feeling. Not worried if TY misses time. Let him heal up!
  4. No regardless of them playing in Pittsburgh or San Diego. He has lost the last time he played Pittsburgh. I’m well aware of them winning in 2012 and 2018.
  5. You sir are wrong! No he hasn’t in 2018 they beat them 33-30 and this past season the Chargers lost 24-17. Look things up before you post incorrect information
  6. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/offensive-line/2019 He does at 25 million dollars. You can sit here and seriously think paying 40 millions for two QB’s has us in a better situation? Chargers averaged 4 yards a carry last season right behind us. So what other excuse do you have?
  7. QB wise yes they are. We’re tried up in 40 million dollars with two guys. Both regardless of what good you can take out of their film. JB wasn’t given the opportunity to develop I had all of April and May to look at the overhead film. Rivers had 14 interceptions I can honestly blame on him. The other ones guys quitting on routes. He out of any QB has the most to prove next season.
  8. 25 million doesn’t make sense for a guy coming off of 20 interceptions, no MVP, nor a SB appearance. Don’t matter what you or anyone else try to make up in your head to justify the deal. I hope Rivers workouts here. NE got the better deal with Cam
  9. Ok so who cares about Rivers past. What we both know it’s the guy threw 20 interceptions last season. I’m not defending NE because like you I hate them as well. But they’re in a far better QB situation at the moment. The money proves it and also the players. I think we were the only team to want Rivers as well.
  10. Again Philip has the numbers, years and familiar with Reich. Glad you said that. He doesn’t have the MVP and SB appearance. We now have one guy coming off 20 interceptions making 25 million. Add in the fact our backup is making 15 million. They just got a guy who was a league MVP for vet minimum. BB has the first ranked defense out of that putrid talent. Ballard is building a roster as well. I hope Philip can come though. Just waiting for it to be proven. NE to me got the better deal as it stands.
  11. The coaching is far better in NE. Rivers also had far better talent to work with over the years than Cam. I’m not saying Rivers is washed, but I don’t think Cam is done either. Cam also was a league MVP. Again that’s something Rivers has never won.
  12. We’re not in a better situation ourselves. We have a guy coming off of 20 interceptions. This Cam in NE may work out. He need to sit the year he got his shoulder surgery. He was rushed back to play. Cam also made it to a SB. Something Rivers has never done. So some of you need to watch the way to comment on a topic.
  13. Hopefully there is a season. Now our running game is very important for the offense. What do we do what Jordan Wilkens? I’m more excited to see what our defense can do.
  14. We better beat them this season that’s all I know!
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