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  1. Yes last season Campbell had his knee blown up. That’s not his fault. We’ll see what he looks like during preseason. I don’t think the guy is injury prone. Just some bad luck.
  2. We also need a DT quality backup. We seen what happened when Buckner went down last season.
  3. We don’t lose a first unless he balls out this season. Good trade
  4. Very true what you said about those QB hits. May I also say those hits during a game added up. QB is effected by them over the course of a game.
  5. Only giving up one first round pick for any of this QB’s in question for availability. Mortgaging out picks can set a franchise back. I’m fine in seeing what we have in Eason or JB. I’m okay with draft a guy if that’s the plan. They will do what’s necessary. Now I’m personally hope we fix the defense. We need a CB, DE, and DT. CB: We fail to maintain coverage against mobile QB’s DE: This plays into coverage. If we’re going to rush with only our front 4 we need consistent pressure. DT: We seen what happened when Buckner when down. Don’t care if that was against Queen Henryetta. We
  6. Let’s see what we do in the draft. I’m all for letting us see what we have in Eason. If JB returns I’m okay with that as well. I will being up my reason why I believe in another thread.
  7. We may elevate one of our coordinators.
  8. Regardless if we re-sign him or not. Colts need a CB. The drop off after him is there. We’re stuck between a “Rock” and a hard place. He’s still on his rookie deal. Cheap to keep! He needs to get his head around to look for the ball a second sooner. He’s 50/50 in terms of what he gives us. There is still time for him to learn. We can hardly “Tell” what Marvell will give us. Don’t have enough of a sample.
  9. Hope he enjoys his retirement. I honestly thought it was time to find his replacement 2 season ago.
  10. Colts need an upgrade at DE and CB on defense.
  11. Played on a bad foot. Heck of a season for him
  12. Just want to say I appreciate all of you! We may have our moments where we’re at each other’s throats lol But this is a very tight community! We have a bright future ahead of us!
  13. The attempt didn’t kill us given the circumstances with our Kicker. Again if Reich would save timeouts in the two minute warning. We’d all be happy right now lol
  14. I’m not against any type of discussions. We had a good season and plenty to be proud of is all I was saying
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