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  1. 1999 week 6 Colts vs Jets. 16-13 Colts won. I’m from Sharon PA. Marlin Jackson picking off Tom Brady was truly something special. I was in 8th grade when he was a senior in my high school. He played on all 3 phases. He was truly one of the best athletes in our area.
  2. I think Ballard has done a great job. We don’t win the game against CIN with Justin Houston. He is an unsung hero on this team. He brought the defense together and spoke to everyone. Ballard bringing that type of leadership should go unquestioned. We also have depth on our roster. This was something I’ve been preaching about since 2016.
  3. How well do you believe the defense will play as we head into the second half of the season? I commend Ballard on bringing in depth along the defensive front 7. We’re getting more rotational pieces back.
  4. We lost Devin Funchess last season. Parris Campbell was injured. So I’m glad you acknowledge the fact this team on offense was injured. Yeah Chester Rogers the world beater who still on this team... You’re nuts thinking JB had weapons to work with last season. Nuts for even bringing Rogers into this discussion. I wonder why Ballard made it a mission to add pieces to the offense during the draft. He know we were stagnant on offense. Also again JB was playing through a leg injury last season. Impossible to step into his throws. He was still our best option at QB in 2019.
  5. Lack of downfield throwing... Have to click the link, but oh how some of you have forgotten. Again it’s because he doesn’t fit the narrative. He is African American so some of you wouldn’t understand. He isn’t given the same opportunities. He was playing through an injury after week 9 of last years season.
  6. No one can answer my question. Our roster is far better than it was last season. So why couldn’t JB lead this team? Number wise through 6 games had better numbers than any QB to led this team in the past 3 years. Don’t care if you gave me a crazy face. It’s because he’s African American. No one can tell me different.
  7. I couldn’t agree more. He was covering AJ Greene last game. He was going to get beat.
  8. He was at DT/DE at Ohio State. Ballard’s thinking was he could be a tweener. However at 6’3 and 270 he needed to be converted to a DE in the NFL. The day we drafted him I said he needs to play DE. Like your take here as well. Have to give Ballard credit for depth this season.
  9. I had the pleasure of looking at coaches film in April and May when NFL.com gave out free access. That film against Dallas in 2018 had me sold for him played DE. 2019 was a wash for him because of injury. 3rd and long I have no problem with him playing inside at those moments. He needs to rotate to keep Houston fresh. Turay is coming back as well. The depth we have on defense will come in to play this second half of the season.
  10. That was also a nice move by DA. These two inside were nasty on that play.
  11. I said the same as well. He needs to play DE
  12. https://amp.indystar.com/amp/3684231001?__twitter_impression=true People laughed when I said I had high hopes for him this season too
  13. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/players/game-log/2019/1877247/jacoby-brissett/ JB didn’t regress and I’d have to disagree with your take here. Deon Cain drew PI’s when JB targeted him. We also lacked depth at WR last season. The deep throws where there. Defense knew after week 9 he couldn’t step into his throws. JB couldn’t push the ball downfield. Had guts to play through an injury. Still through 6 games he out performed any of the QB’s mentioned in this thread. 11TD and only 3INT. He also had multiple games of 300 yards. In 2019 we were also one of the worst teams for droppe
  14. You’re nuts with this comment here. How it’s unfair comparing rookies to other rookies? Are they all in their first year? I also haven’t said anything negative about him. I would just like to see more productivity. That’s all I was asking for.
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