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  1. Anyone else hear we resigned AC for 2 years at 23.1 million? Nevermind it wasn’t accurate.
  2. So I was again laughed at. My source and I will keep them nameless told me he’d be ready week 1. Isn’t pain free yet, but getting there.
  3. He will play week 1 from what my source has told me.
  4. Wow really? We have to see him play against better competition. Not taking anything away from Kelly. However we need to see him play against the second teams players like Walker had to.
  5. Walker did play against better players than Kelly. I’d like to see him go up against some 2’s before I pass my judgement. He did look good tonight though.
  6. You are correct. They are keeping eyes out for other teams “bubble players”. Reich said it in an interview last week.
  7. Couldn’t agree more about this statement.
  8. Preseason does matter. It shows how hard this team practices. So for the past few year as always I expect us again to have a slow start to the season. I hope I’m wrong, but I haven’t been proven so.
  9. a06cc

    TC day 6

    Love what you said about Chester Rogers. I don’t know what will unfold during roster cuts. I just feel like you this team needs Rogers to stick around. However if Chris Ballard and the coach feel it would be best to let him go, they have a plan in place.
  10. a06cc

    TC day 6

    Need Rogers for special teams to return kicks. By far our best in my opinion.
  11. That’s part of the reason why I’m sure Ballard hasn’t selected any big names in free agency. He and Irsay have prepared for the future for signing our guys. I don’t think it will be a problem in the future. That’s why we’re saving the money we have now.
  12. Ballard has said to our guys “If you play, I’ll play” I would find it really hard to see one of our players holding out. Especially with the money we have and how Ballard has managed it. We can do contract extensions and new team friendly deals easily.
  13. Our GM finally realized we need depth. Chris went out and got it.
  14. This to me is a complete start over for his career. He didn’t have the supporting cast Manning had at the beginning. Also I have to say this about Luck. I have no clue why people are saying he doesn’t have a good touch on his throws. He has excellent touch. Remember the throw he made against the Texans to TY Hilton into triple coverage? He is finally in a offensive scheme the suits him best. He can finally throw them open in Reich offense.
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