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  1. He wasn’t using his big body correctly. Now he’s extending for plays. Can’t sit here and tell me he was.
  2. This was the Pittman I wanted to see today. I bashed the guy because he is too big and strong to not use his body the correct way. Today he did just that.
  3. a06cc


    Yeah the offense is different with those 3 out there. Campbell just can’t stay healthy though. If we bring him back fine. However if we draft a replacement it’s understandable.
  4. Cut Blankenship is the question? Year 2, but even before the injury he botched a game for us this season. Don’t trust his leg beyond 45.
  5. EJ is in the HOF. Joseph help us get a Super Bowl. JT is just getting his feet wet.
  6. He’s making his way back from injury. More time is needed.
  7. We need to get healthy. We’re in these games so that’s a great indicator moving forward. Carson has played well enough to keep us in games. Defense needs CB’s badly.
  8. We did get out coached. Blankenship missing didn’t help. CB’s were injured. Relax!
  9. Can’t agree more. We all knew we needed a CB. Even with XR coming back.
  10. Him throwing is still the same. He still can’t throw guys open. We need to cover the middle of the field, but I know we won’t.
  11. I have to head to bed early. I hope when I do we have a huge lead. If we can run the ball we’ll win this game.
  12. I’ve only got on Pittman because I believe he can do more. I will never say trade him. Now this trade Nelson is just crazy. He changed our team for the better. Once he is healthy he’ll continue. You don’t just trade someone like him away regardless of the circumstances.
  13. Luck made the decision to be there for his daughter. It was his choice and we will live with that. However the shoulder was on him snowboarding. I will not give him a pass for that. I get where Justin is going with it as well. He came here to win. Felt like he wasted what few years he had left.
  14. He doesn’t do anything that’s my problem. Could’ve had 2 TD’s today. Dropped one and didn’t extend his body for another
  15. Wonder what will be the excuse you have today for Pittman. Dude dropped a sure TD. Hasn’t done anything for the past 3 games
  16. Oh yes it did. Dude did next to nothing vs Titans.
  17. Carson will miss 2-3 games. I’m hoping I’m wrong. The injury was not on him. The OLine was getting him killed yesterday. Playing hero ball was him trying to win a game. I will not bash the guy. OLine failed him yesterday. It was expected though. We haven’t played as a full unit. They will get better as the season goes on.
  18. Putting them in the best possible position and believing in your players to execute the play go hand in hand. Because these folks you speak might not always win a favorable match up.
  19. No I like him being aggressive on 4th down. He believes in his players. The problem I have with him are the timeouts. You have to save one during the 2 minute warning
  20. Also he keeps blowing games with the usage of timeouts. What was he thinking?
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