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  1. I’m glad you caught Mack being open on that sack. I was shocked he didn’t see him.
  2. He has a stronger arm than Luck. This is JB’s first season with this roster. Holding onto the football was also an issue with Andrew as well. We’ll see improvement as the season goes on.
  3. It’s separation and how teams are blitzing us often. The passes aren’t there. The plan all along has been with the running game. If we can continue to have success there, then the big plays will be there. Have patience please. Haven’t anyone of you listened from day 1? The run will open up the pass...
  4. I was mad at Adam yesterday. We do need to bring in kickers. However I’m not giving up on him. He has also made kicks this season. Film doesn’t lie. Frank was 100% correct about the snaps and holds against Tennessee.
  5. They need to let J.B. air it out regardless of the outcome.
  6. To beat a team that put up 43 last week... I’m looking forward to getting better as the weeks progress.
  7. Like a kid waking up to watch Saturday cartoons with a bowl of cereal!
  8. I excluding the Rams game the season in which we were blown out. I couldn’t agree more. J.B. kept us in some of this games. He now has a better roster so only time will tell.
  9. Medical Training Staff. We were 31th in the league when it came it injuries. People have brought this up for years. I was going to start a thread. Does anyone else seem concerned?
  10. Our defense needs to attack more.
  11. a06cc

    Marlon Mack

    Yeah over all with the offense it was to be balanced. We started out slow, but looked good overall in my opinion.
  12. Didn’t turn the football over. If this reminds I’ll have hope. Special teams and defense need to play better. It’s usually the other way around at the start of the season. The offense was very balanced today. Something we’ve been preaching.
  13. One week and there is hope! They’ll be ready next week.
  14. Can’t start games out slow like we always do. However we didn’t look as bad so there is hope.
  15. Could age or that fact Luck retired. In an interview Mudd seemed thrilled to help out with the new scheme. As others have stated though it could be age.
  16. Why not? Everything we’ve been through these past two seasons. Could always use more!
  17. We lost our plan A, but it’s nice to know we have a plan B!
  18. I honestly hope we play Jacoby Brissett this entire season. This is a totally different set of circumstances. In my opinion the team is better overall than in 2017.
  19. I’m excited for Plan B! Let’s go Colts!
  20. Look the player we need to be concerned about actually is Quenton Nelson.
  21. Irsay isn’t to blame for any of this. The guy loves his team and us the fans. He gave that old regime so many chances to be successful. I’m not even mad at Luck. He wasn’t enjoying being in the training room year after year.
  22. No he is guaranteed that money. I’m okay with the cap hit.
  23. We have Quenton Nelson. We’ll be fine
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