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  1. With the 76th pick The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select: Jacob Eason QB Washington He’ll have 2 years to sit behind Brady and Develop, with the opportunity to become the starter in year 3
  2. Anyone have a good way of keeping track of who’s still available?
  3. I believe he had a hamstring injury all year if I remember right
  4. Bucs Select: Swift RB Georgia Giving Brady an upgrade at RB and a new runner behind there upgraded OL
  5. I wouldn’t touch him he’s a locker room cancer. He’s been the source leaking information/complaints to the media about how he doesn’t like Wentz and that Wentz targets Ertz to much. Also been rumors about him and the OL getting into arguments in the locker room.
  6. The Bucs need to protect their old QB. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Mekhi Becton OT Louisville
  7. Yeah I wasn’t targeting you with that post it was more to the broad population, that seems to never be happy with any moves and I guess you do win lol
  8. Ill try to stay on it with messaging the commish/co-commishes but just letting y’all know if my pick is at 4 am my time I won’t be able to pick till like 7/8am my time or 11/12 EST Not trying to be a buzz kill, its just because of work
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