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  1. I don't think Wilkins, Metcalf, and Sweat make it to 26th Brooks has us taking Harmon
  2. Bucky Brooks has us taking Kelvin Harmon WR NC State Here's a write up on him https://thedraftnetwork.com/2019/01/04/2019-nfl-draft-player-profile-kelvin-harmon/
  3. I don't think Ballard will trade Jacoby, did you hear his press conference?
  4. Zoltan

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    Just looking at Free Agent WRs for this year, I don't see any that will come available and be able to improve our position by a lot, best bet to improve the position will be the draft or trade and I'd prefer the draft. It's still super early and without knowing measurables can't be sure but some of the prospects are interesting for this year like N’Keal Harry or J.J. Arcega-Whiteside. It would be nice to see Hilton matched with a receiver who can catch those 50-50 passes
  5. Zoltan

    We proved to the league, that we are on the way back!

    I'm not sure safety is a huge need once we get guys back from injury
  6. Zoltan

    Excited for Deon Cain's Return

    I was just pointing out an area of weakness that may be helped out by a guy that is already in the building and was talked about as a good player before his injury, talking about drafts that haven't happened or are even close is excessive sure. As for perspective from this game it's that we have some holes that need filled but we have some talented young players and I'm excited about the teams future
  7. Zoltan

    What players should the Colts resign?

    I would definitely bring back: Adam VinatieriK46 Matt SlausonG33 Margus HuntDE32 Pierre DesirCB28 Mike MitchellFS32 Najee GoodeOLB30 Dontrelle InmanWR30 Clayton Geathers Mark GlowinskiG27 Matthias Farley Zach Pascal Others depend on Free Agency
  8. One area of weakness of many that showed in this Divisional game was the lack of consistency from our receiving corp. the fact that Inman is one of our best and a midseason addition shows how much this group is lacking at times. That being said the return of Cain next year gets me excited as he showed himself before his injury to be a sure handed WR, if he returns in shape and we add one more receiver in the offseason just like our offensive line group, we can turn this group from an area weakness to an area of strength. Excited for the future of this team
  9. I haven't been to stoked on how Coleman has been playing of late, I think he's a great back up RB but not a real starter. I'll have to look them up
  10. Honestly I wouldn't mind Blount or Ajayi, they both add a power aspect we're missing and I don't think either will be resigned by there teams
  11. Curious how strong this draft class is, is it just Harris, and Love as considered top tier guys? also does a weaker RB class make us more likely to pursue Bell? -Never trust Alabama RBs
  12. Zoltan

    Colts need a WR!!

    that's ridiculous to not put things in perspective, that's like being mad because a QB got hurt during the season and your team didn't make the playoffs yet they guaranteed a playoffs birth in the offseason. stuff happens plans change
  13. Zoltan

    Colts need a WR!!

    That was with a different coach
  14. Zoltan

    Colts need a WR!!

    Also a couple people have been mentioning Chester Rogers as being a rookie, he is in his 3rd season
  15. Zoltan

    Colts need a WR!!

    Yeah but we are in the 1st year of a new head coach with a new offensive and defensive system. Which with those changes pretty much restarts our rebuild, these are also facts