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  1. Extend him and as he ages he can move to the slot position. He’ll extend his career in that position and still be a valuable leader/mentor for younger receivers.
  2. I really like that pick up, I always mocked him as our last pick, I think competition in camp for kickers and punters is important. Like Pat McAfee talked about he didn’t try to learn how to do directional punts till they brought in someone who could for competition and it made him evolve his game as a punter
  3. I have it as a B as some were great picks and others, we will see how they do. My favorite pick is Taylor, I think we got great value there. While it wasn’t a a position of need it allows us not to have to pay Mack a ton of money if he has a contract great year. Like you see happen a lot around the league. the head scratcher for me was Glasgow, since he is a special teamer and I thought there were better choices out there.
  4. Jacoby is still a great backup. I think letting him play out his contract is the right move. Let him leave next year at free agency and let another team pick him up as a above average back-up at least then it will go towards compensatory picks
  5. I’m Amazed no one has signed Trey Adams yet, his medical report must be terrible
  6. If he lasts through the seventh, I’m looking at Trey Adams. He has had some serious injuries but before those he was a good Tackle
  7. I’m surprised that Tega Wanogho has fallen this far
  8. I want Isaiah Hodgins WR out of Oregon State. Mostly because I want someone from my Alma mater on the team but would Also be another tall reciever in the room
  9. I think Brissett will be backup because he is considered one of the locker room guys and will be more beneficial to have for Eason to learn from then Kelly
  10. I think we will carry 3 QBs this season. Rivers, Brissett, and Eason. Kelly will be practice squad if he isn’t picked up on waiver wire
  11. Im thinking Jax was gonna take him, since they are trying to trade Fournette and don’t really have a replacement for him yet
  12. It’s in the police report, but at this point I will say we will agree to disagree on this guy, because we aren’t gonna change each other’s opinion.
  13. Dude I’m 26, the same age as Chad Kelly. So I know how he grew up because we grew up at the same time. I’ve been an * before but I’ve never threatened to shoot someone or fought a bouncer.
  14. That plus the incident at Denver(where Von Miller had to kick him out of his party), the guy has a problem when he drinks. What do you think is gonna happen if you give him starter money. Cant trust him, can’t be the face of the franchise and frankly I don’t want a QB with a drinking/aggression problems to the point his teammates are throwing them out of there houses. If you actually look into his history idk how you could want him as your teams starting QB
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