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  1. These are the players that really stood out to me in the last 4 drafts 2017 Round 3, No. 84: Chris Godwin Star WR 2018 Round 1, No. 12 overall: Vita Vea DT Starter Round 2, No. 38 overall: Ronald Jones II RB Split Backfield with Fournette Round 2, No. 63 overall: Carlton Davis CB Starter Round 3, No. 94: Alex Cappa Guard Starter Round 4, No. 117 overall: Jordan Whitehead, S Starter 2019 Round 1, No. 5 overall: Devin White, LB Star player Starter Round 2, No. 39 overall: Sean Bunting, CB Starter Round 3, No. 94 overall:
  2. So I don't know how true the reports are that they hadn't talked for like 6 weeks, I know Shefter reported this, but I also saw/heard that you can literally see Hurts, Wentz and Pederson talking on the sideline during games, after Hurts took over as QB.
  3. Seems like people are making this conversation a bigger deal than it actually was. He asked about the number, Pittman said he was gonna keep it. Wentz said cool I’ll pick another. Pretty simple, no drama, no hiccup, no bad blood. Everyone trying to read into every little thing Wentz says
  4. Meh, no reason debating the past, time to look to the future of the offense.
  5. MN also had a horrendous defense early in the season.
  6. That's where I would say stats and real life differ, more throws would of been more under thrown interceptions Oh okay, I get what you are saying
  7. The field is a great time to ask why. if I see something and the coach tells me to do something that doesn't make sense I will want to know why, because the coach might not see what I see or I might not see what he sees. Either way there has to be collaboration no "my way or the highway". Brady and McDaniels are a perfect example they would yell at each other on the sidelines but no one ever got a wounded ego from it. it was also a 50-50 that the deep throw was gonna look like a wounded duck when Rivers threw it lol
  8. I would love to sign Watt for a one year deal.
  9. ^This. When someone can explain the reason why you are doing something, it leads to better results and you can improve upon it, but if you have someone who won't explain or like you said try to say the shut up and just do it. Then it makes you think "this guy has no idea what he is talking about." which makes you lose respect for the individual. Frankly most great QBs want to understand the why because that's how they go from running a system to doing all the small things that will elevate the system.
  10. Thank you for sharing that hilarious video, who would of thought that kid would become an NFL QB
  11. I think it was this podcast also (although I have been listening to everyone about wentz I can), I thought it was interesting when they said Wentz will take hard coaching but you have to earn his respect first. This makes sense to me because I'm the same way, but it makes me question his and Press Taylor's relationship granted he will be working with Scott Milanovich and Reich more than Taylor, but it sounds like he didn't respect him as a QB coach. We will never know but I wonder why? the only things I can see from the outside looking in is: He is only a couple years older than wentz, never p
  12. Just listened to it and I think that’s the best take I’ve heard about the whole situation in philly. Where it wasn’t just one person but Wentz just lost faith in the organization
  13. Was that the latest podcast? Because sounds like an interesting listen
  14. Seems like a Ballard signing to me (depending on the legal stuff, which I know nothing about) great player that is coming off injury, possibly looking for a prove it deal and a bonus of coming to indy Buckner will be getting the double team allowing him more opportunities
  15. Me too, I am really excited to see our offense this coming year. I expect it to be more dynamic and I'm thinking Campbell could be huge, if he can stay healthy.
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