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  1. Sorry guys got called for a wildfire in middle of no where alaska, and didn't have any service for a couple days
  2. So with how this draft is going I would probably look into trading my first rounder to the cardinals for Rosen and a next year 3rd rounder. Since we can’t do that I’m gonna look towards the WR position and pick AJ Brown Mississippi
  3. Cool so right now Redskins are looking for a trade back if anyone’s interested
  4. Miami selects: MECOLE HARDMAN GEORGIA
  5. Bengals so far 1. Cody Ford OL 2. ITV Smith jr. Te 3.Michael Jordan OL 4. Terrill Hanks LB Bengals needed help help at OL and Smith will replace Eifert on running downs and take away a lot of his snaps so he can try to stay healthy if not replace him in all capacities by the end of the year. Hanks I believe could be a starter by the end of training camp miami so far 1. Drew Lock QB 2. Chris Lindstrom OL 3.Connor McGovern OL Miami’s OL was made up of backups pretty much last year and aside from Tunsil at LT every position needs upgraded so after getting there QB they focused on protecting him
  6. Bengals select TERRIL HANKS–NEW MEXICO STATE maybe a bit early but I think he plays faster than what his 40 showed
  7. There's been a lot of teams with kicker problems so I would rather be proactive about looking for a replacement for AV
  8. That or Miles Sanders if they haven't grabbed a RB yet
  9. I would go with Jake Arther's draft for 1-3 rounds 1. Clelin Ferrell | Edge Defender | Clemson 2.Jeffery Simmons | Defensive Tackle | Mississippi State 2. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson | Safety | Florida (don't think he will be available but Arther has him here) 3.Terry McLaurin | Wide Receiver | Ohio State Then just add like 4. Bobby Evans | Tackle | Oklahoma (has experience on both sides so he can come in and learn, also if Glow/Smith gets hurt he can jump in at RT and if it's Glow with the injury Smith can move to RG) 4.Kaden Smith | Tight End | Stanford 5. Mark Fields | Cornerback | Clemson 6. Benny Snell | Runningback | Kentucky (Powerback if we don't pickup Ajayi ) 7. Cole Tracy | Kicker | LSU (Not sure about when is the right round to draft a kicker but we should get one this draft)
  10. Bengals are going to continue building that offensive Line, and are gonna take an offensive lineman who has already been playing in Ohio. Therefore the Bengals Select: Michael Jordan C/OG OHIO ST. @NFLfan is now on the clock 1657-1857
  11. Anyways here's my pick: With the 16th pick of the 2nd Round the Miami Dolphins select: CHRIS LINDSTROM OG/C BOSTON COLLEGE
  12. Yo can I just make my selection now, since I'm in Alaska the time difference is a lot
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