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  1. This^ Pretty much exactly what I was thinking, and what I believe Ballard is doing
  2. That's what destroyed our talent with Grigson and aside from injuries that's what has hurt the eagles since they won the Super Bowl. Sure you can go all out to try to win one Super Bowl or you can do what Ballard is doing and creating an organization that will win multiple, if you want great things patience is key.
  3. I mean to defend Wentz have you seen the Talent he's working with it's laughable. He is trying to do to much, but if he wasn't playing hero ball I don't think they win a game. That's 6 Offensive Lineman, 1 starting RB, 2 TEs, 4 WRs Miles Sanders RB Out Andre Dillard LT Out Brandon Brooks RG Out Jason Peters OT Out Jalen Reagor WR Out (Rookie) Isaac Seumalo G Out Zach Ertz TE Out Dallas Goedert TE Out Alshon Jeffery WR Out Desean Jackson WR Out Jordan Mailata OT Out Marquise Goodwin WR Out Jack Driscoll OT Out (Rookie)
  4. He’s saying all the right things, let’s just hope he’s doing it too. He could be the guy and the Coach’s will probably know if he is, by the end of this season or by OTAs during the off-season because it’s easy to do the right things when you are in season. Let’s see if he continues to work on his game during the offseason, when he isn’t meeting with coaches everyday
  5. They've been trying to trade Jeffery for awhile, no one wants his inflated contract or his cancerous personality (He was the one leaking stuff to reporters about how the offense sucked).
  6. Right now no, if he gets a SB then maybe
  7. I’d give them a 2nd round pick with a conditional 3rd round pick if he makes the pro bowl in 2021
  8. Yeah trades are fun but I think a trade this year would only hurt the team in the long run. We aren’t in a win at all cost mode and frankly the future of the QB position is questionable, which means we need all the draft capital we can get to make possible moves.
  9. Or not, probably another WR in the 3rd or 4th round and drafting a OT, CB, pass rusher or QB in the first two rounds. Honestly I feel good about our WR position going into 2021
  10. I really don't take anything out of these articles now, the Colts always talk up every player see Deon Cain. I think them talking great about every player is their way of saying nothing about them
  11. Am I the only one who wants to make no trades and keep our draft picks?
  12. Do we expect to have Leonard, Pittman, and Turay back after the bye?
  13. I'm pretty sure Williams would win that fight
  14. My only guess, is that they are limiting his carries (because it seems he's always around 12) so he doesn't hit that rookie wall at the end of the season, just like how the Chiefs brought in Bell so there rookie doesn't get overused and hits the wall during december/playoffs. Otherwise I have no idea why
  15. I could see that Williams is a hot head and took shots at Gase's offense which it seems Gase is a my way or the highway style HC (at least with his players). I'm actually surprised they haven't blown up on each other like the Browns when Hue was HC
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