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  1. I hope we resign him but I don't think so, I think EastStreet sums it up pretty well below. I agree with the devaluation and I'm thinking he will test the market and he will get a better offer from someone else possibly get the chance to be the number 1 back. I also believe we will take a RB in the mid rounds (4th/5th) next year to replace him.
  2. One part that stood out to me was when he was talking about how at one point they had a first round grade on Julian Blackmon
  3. Honestly I think there is a good chance we let Hines walk or at least test FA. I think Ballard has a price set for the RBs and he won't be willing to pay Hines much
  4. Gotta go with Johnny Unitas, He was Manning before Manning
  5. Don't be dissing socks, they are my favorite Christmas present, a nice pair of wool socks are the best lol
  6. Zerlein's 3 favorite picks of round 2 were in no particular order: 1. Elijah Moore to the Jets 2. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah LB to Browns 3. Dayo Odeyingbo DE to Colts Looks like the Dayo pick wasn't so far out there. https://www.nfl.com/news/2021-nfl-draft-lance-zierlein-s-three-favorite-picks-by-round
  7. Trade Rodgers for a ransom of picks and hope Jordan Love is ready to take over
  8. Tampa Bay is a great example of building through the draft, look at their recent draft history they have done very well aside from Brady most of their key contributors are drafted and developed. Edit: Sorry I misread your post
  9. Well depending on when you watched the tape when we were running Arians system its looking deep pass first, intermediate, then short pass last. So fundamentally a short pass could be open early but he won't get to it because it's his last read.
  10. I think it's that some fans see our former players with rose colored glasses, because of it no one except a flashy name can possible be better
  11. Sorry but Burton is not top tier, even at blocking if he was someone would have signed him for at least the veterans minimum.
  12. I just want to clarify that you would trade up for a lesser player at a position of need over staying put and getting a player higher on your board? Also not doing anything is called patience which Irsay has said is his favorite quality in Ballard
  13. I'm thinking the best player in our draft class may be Dayo. He is a freak and it seems Morocco Brown was the guy pounding the table for him giving him the nickname the human hurricane. Once he recovers and we give him some position stability (at vanderbilt they moved him around a lot from OLB to DE to DT). Not saying Kwity won't be good but I can see Dayo being great. The dude has 35" arms and to reference Chris long he said people don't realize how important arm length is for a pass rusher (he had 32 1/2" arms) and that two inches in arm length can make the difference between getting a sack
  14. Well I think you have the answer none of them were thought to be future LTs. I mean Radunz is an FCS player has to make the leap to the NFL and currently is just not strong enough to start. Little hasn't played in 2 years, while Cosmi seemed like the most promising their were questions if he had fast enough feet to be a LT.
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