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  1. After another loss, I was thinking man the team is bad. but then I remembered it was only a couple months ago that Andrew Luck was our QB. It’s easy to forget that we have been playing our backup QB all year and with all the injuries we have had from multiple WRs to Kemoko Turay. with this perspective I think it is amazing that we are doing this well, and look forward to what the front office does this off season.
  2. Unless JB wants a lot of money, and gets overpayed
  3. As previously stated I think Jacoby’s ceiling is Being like Alex Smith, we can win with him but need a talented roster. That’s why I don’t think he is qb of our future. Side note idk if it’s from him or Reich but Jacoby never really throws the ball down field
  4. Jordan Love hasn’t been as good this year but I think he may be a good addition
  5. I’m curious to see how QB Jordan Love from Utah State does in the combine, but I’d like to see us pick him up in whichever round makes sense
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