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  1. Dang beat me to the Joke. I was gonna say relatively new member, who goes by StartEason "Jacob is that you?" but hope Eason all the best going back home to Washington, they definitely have the WR to let him throw it downfield.
  2. Not worth getting worried about, until the team says something
  3. lol well looks like time to change the name @StartEason
  4. Honestly I just hope we have a convincing win in a primetime game.
  5. QB Carson Wentz Named PFF’s Offensive Player of the Week https://www.stampedeblue.com/2021/10/19/22735044/colts-qb-carson-wentz-named-pffs-offensive-player-of-the-week
  6. I saw they same reports throughout the offseason. It was a good gamble with a 4th round pick, but it seems he just can't process the game.
  7. Yeah Vrabel really gets everything out of his players, while he may be a divisional rival got to respect what he does as a coach.
  8. I think the Raiders will be beatable with Gruden gone as he was the play caller and mastermind behind their offense. Also with the injuries last night for the titans, we should have a lot better chance of beating them next time.
  9. and stampede blue just had an article saying Wentz throws the ball to short lol
  10. The opposite side to the argument, is if they don't want him to say it beat him. Personally I like it, he's usually very business as usual, so him getting fired up is fun to see.
  11. Mack needs to hit the hole, his patient style is not working against houston they are recovering to quickly.
  12. I'm getting flashbacks to the Ravens game, corners going out with injuries and the defense just giving easy gains
  13. not a win till the game is over, we learned that last week
  14. I'm playing against Wentz but I will happily lose this week if it means the Colts win.
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