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  1. I just read this article elsewhere and was going to post it here. Man, with all that's going on in our world it brings tears of joy and hope in my heart to read that. A couple of years ago during the NFL Draft a couple of former Bills players came out to announce the pick. They called up one of the Bills Mafia guys that they knew was going through some tough times battling Cancer. They got him on stage, gave him a jersey and let him call the pick. He was so pumped getting up there and the Bills fans were going nuts, haha. Pretty special bond they have up there in Buffalo from
  2. Two of my brothers are Packer fans from the 60's so they're my second favorite team. I'm rooting hard for them to go all the way. Would love to see Big V come back to us next year though.
  3. If you want to talk about losing time you just have to look at Hines for staying in bounds on his long run. If he cuts it to the outside just before he got tackled he stops the clock and probably saves a good 10 seconds there alone. Instead he stayed in bounds and ran into the defense. Bad situational awareness. Just another bullet in the foot on the day.
  4. It felt like we lost to the Jags every year that way many years ago if I remember right??
  5. He wants to get the game over with as quickly as he can?? I dunno...
  6. Nah, that one to Pitt was on Phil. No way Pitt could have stopped to catch that one. It was behind him at best.
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