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  1. This team has learned - they want - to play for each other. They are happy when one of them gets a new contract, they don't snipe at each other, etc. They are young but they play for each other. The vets are experienced and good team players and role models. Yeah, I would think this team could handle a Brady or Rivers coming in and taking charge - if that be the big name. Houston is a pretty big name and the locker room didn't seem to change for the worse. Don't think this locker room could handle an AB, though. That stuff is off the chart.
  2. Agree. I thought it was a pretty good group as well. Injuries have a way of destroying that, lol.
  3. CB's focus in the draft has been on fixing the trenches which were in more need of repair than the WR's we had. Luck made mediocre talent better so it wasn't much of a need. This year really exposed a lot of needs for the offense - WR's probably being the biggest need (if AC decides to stay). I don't think CB has ignored the WR posisition. He did draft Campbell (2nd round) last year, Fountain the year before. If Polian were still here we would have given Luck his toys, but with a very sub-par OL and DL. That was just his M.O. in my opinion.
  4. Don't know, just asking: is he a guaranteed HOF'er now? If not then stick around and ride it out as long as you can. If he is then do it until it's no longer fun.
  5. For me, it's the 41 years old loving father who seemed to be somewhat of a class act (the rape incident not being a good thing, though). The thought of raising his children being there for them...not going to happen...just extremely sad. He had so much future... I don't do death so we'll. Praying for all involved.
  6. As bad as some of his game time decisions are I really have little faith in his GM decisions, but we will learn more in the draft. (chuckle, chuckle)
  7. Lol! That is freaking funny, man. Love it.
  8. Clark at LT still gives me a nervous stomach.
  9. I dunno, regardless, we still require a LT this year. If AC comes back and goes down with an injury this team (as of today) has no legit backup for him. That injury would pretty much null that vet QB. Having AC's backup in the wings would help. As of today I am in the "take best player available" (QB/LT) camp for the 13th pick. That would probably change depending what CB does during free agency.
  10. Luck was the cornerstone of this team. This season is proof enough for me. Yeah, the WR's injury fiasco was an item, but Luck could make average receivers better. JB does not posses that quality - at least not yet.
  11. If KC can stop the SF running game they should win. Mahomme is better than Jimmy G. SF has to pressure Mahhomes or Hill will run wild.
  12. Agree, but to honest, I can watch any SB without the Pats, so it's all good. Looking forward to it!
  13. Another rule made popular by the Hoodie.
  14. You and I think alike, Gramz. The first thing I noticed were the two people sitting next to him and thought " woah! No way are those are his kids. Are they already that old??! ", haha. Still waiting for Peyton to find his way to a permanent career in the broadcasting booth. Great ambassador and spokesperson the league.
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