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  1. Agree to the bolded. Peyton would hold players accountable in real time on the field. Luck may have done so, but I never saw it happen to the degree Peyton did. I think players didn't want to let Luck down because he was a good guy. I think players were afraid to let Peyton down because they:d get destroyed, lol.
  2. So I guess everyone has abandoned Fountain? As it stands right now I think he still has a chance to be #5 or 6.
  3. Thinking about spacing lockers is almost comical when you think that these guys are heavily breathing on each other during each and every snap. I more wonder about the water bottles and towels. A lot of saliva being passed around in football and basketball both. Back to my topic of a majority of players/starters being quarantined, it won’t matter if the stands are empty, but would you pay to see a practice squad Colts team play if they sold tickets? Season ticket holders would probably not have any recourse, but I would guess the gate will probably suffer with all the uncertainty.
  4. I would ASSume that that player would be quarantined and the other players would continue to be monitored. I think the more imprortant question is: what happens when a majority of a team tests positive during the season? Does that team forfeit or are they granted an expanded roster to field a team?
  5. Hmm...Mack or Walker...? Mack or Walker...? I dunno, Walker may be just as underappreciated in my opinion, but I hear ya'.
  6. Agree. Just knowing how Ballard thinks (all in retrospect, mind you) I have a feeling Nelson was his #1 pick overall. The OLine needed a major retool and Nelson was considered a generational guard. Ballard is a trenches guy...perfect scenario all around. Sliding down to six and still getting him was genius. Love some CB!
  7. I'm good with whatever it takes to keep this kid on the team. As of today the best draft choice Ballard has made in my opinion.
  8. I wish...remember starting last year. 5-2 and some still weren't cured of complaining.
  9. Agree100%. This shortened pre-season just magnifies how important signing Rivers was. He's already familiar with the system and he has more time to learn it because the run game will be the primary feature to begin the season. AC coming back helps keep the line continuity which is also huge. Great off-season for Ballard on that side of the ball.
  10. Reminds me of that In Living Color sketch: "Keep (Bob) Hope Alive!".
  11. Okay, now I'm starting to get pumped for training camp.
  12. I'm actually thinking more along the lines of being thrown to the curb on the spite thing, lol. I've gotta go with JB. Went from starter to doubtfully getting any meaningful snaps (barring injury) this coming regular season. Unless the wheels fall off the Rivers wagon JB doesn't get another chance to shine. Mack and Hooker may or may not start this season, but they will at least be in some sort of rotation to begin the year as the rooks get onboard. Also, Blackmon isn't expected to be ready until October. I really think Hooker will be better this year due to the pressure we'll get up front.
  13. My thought is that enough time had passed - prior to the George Floyd incident - that he would have been brought onboard if he actually had better talent than those already in the league and those who would come cheaper. That's my .02 without making this too political. There have been other talents in the league with marks against them that have been added to rosters because their talent was worth the bad press. I would suspect that having the best talent on the roster is the highest priority to some owners - regardless getting some bad views from the press or the fans. I like our QB room right now. No need to add Kaep.
  14. My biggest gripe with Hooker has been when he has had to come up and make some tackles and looked completely incompetent. I think that can be improved, but his range can't be. He can cover some serious territory and QB's have to know where he is. With a projected better rush (and hopefully playing with a lead much of this year) I think Hooker will get 3+ INT's this year.
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