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  1. As of now, the Rams pick around 19 or so. Not bad at all for Jax. Could be scary in the future indeed. They're still relatively young to begin with.
  2. I still have hopes that Muhammad steps up and shines. He has shown flashes. Just needs to continue to progress. He did okay against KC.
  3. Tytus Howard will also be out. May be able to get a sack from Sheard this Sunday? Not sure who backs up Howard?
  4. Is it just my imagination or are we actually running more to the right this year? Nelson is absolutely deadly when he pulls, but Glow and Smith both appear to be holding their blocks better this year on straight runs even without Nelson trapping.
  5. Joseph being out helps a bit. I think we win the battle in the trenches. Need a huge game from Autry & Grover, though. Keep Watson contained and force pressure up the middle. Very similar to KC game, in my opinion. Hopefully we can keep the running game at least somewhat productive, but JB will have to get a few chunk plays in this one. I'm looking forward to a really close game with us on top in the end.
  6. Texans have dropped 3 TD's. Not a good showing. They should be ahead right now.
  7. Our running game is about as good as it gets right now. Putting a fullback in makes it more predictable and less versatile in my opinion. Fullbacks are old school smash mouth football. We're running the newer version of smash mouth football by having a huge front line that moves bodies and a quick back that can find the holes and burst through them. If, however, you wanted more bulk as a lead blocker I would motion Doyle from the slot into the backfield. You could do a better job of disguising what we want to do along with keeping the versatility. Doyle is a very good blocker and he can catch the ball. You could even start him in the backfield and move him up to slot before the snap. (maybe I overthink things?? haha)
  8. Man, it's going to be hard to go to sleep tonight, haha.
  9. Now that Houston game is even MORE huge with them visiting KC next week.
  10. Frank: Make sure Hank Baskett is not on the roster.
  11. Yeah, I don't know what view everyone is talking about, but the truck is coming out on the field. Doesn't look good at all. Sucks...
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