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  1. Well, we know both those guys are capable runners, so...gee...I wonder where the problem lies?? Hmm...
  2. He'll learn. Corner is a tough position for a rookie. He looks like he has the skills, though. Pre-season is the place to make the mistakes.
  3. LOL...revenge tour. I like it. If we beat S.D. then I would run with that, haha.
  4. So, to all those who wanted to trade JB...
  5. Ouch, man. That hurt. I'm 59, lol. ...though I do heal slowly.
  6. Thanks. I think Kelly may start getting the 2nd team reps. Haven't we seen enough of Walker?I guess it depends on how Kelly looks when he gets in?
  7. Students (college) pass is good as well. No pre-season, but you get all regular season games live - out of market. No replay, but only $99. Just have to know name and college the student attends and you pay up - hopefully with their permission beforehand, lol.
  8. DL is one mean lookin' dude. Glad he's on our side.
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