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  1. Bingo. I think the bolded points to how successful the starting LT will be for us until Fisher is ready to play. Excellent point.
  2. Well, I don’t see this move making us worse, so let the competition begin!
  3. Well, if the new kids on the block are as good as we hope they are the double team will have to be spread across the Dline in future years.
  4. Agree 100% about learning from the Kemoko situation. CB is definitely thinking long term here in that he wants Dayo to have all the time he needs to make the greatest impact for the D. But I’m sure I’m no different from anyone else that is salivating thinking about how much pressure this DLine can generate throughout a game. He may be ready for the playoffs, though. Wouldn’t that be a great weapon to roll out? No one would have any pro tape on him. He *could* be a complete game changer.
  5. I wonder if the number is indicative of how many games he’ll play in this year? I kid… I kid…
  6. I was just in the thread regarding the rookies signing their contracts and was like “where’s our new QB??” Now I know… Condolences to - and prayers for - the family and friends.
  7. Great news, especially for Dayo. Not sure who has been handling his rehab (I suspect the trainers/Doctors at Vandy?), but getting him in-house and working with our staff probably couldn’t be done until his pen hit the ink? Not sure how all that works to be honest. Either way I’m glad the organization can start working on his return to the field.
  8. Maybe with our 2028 pick, yeah. Honestly, though, if he's sure we're serious contenders then I think he does it. Otherwise, no.
  9. That's no issue. They'll talk about the Giants pick until after we pick.
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