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  1. ...but they don't. 24-7 Pitt at the half. Tenn is definitely in trouble.
  2. LOL. A botched Tenn punt and the Steelers can get at least a FG before the half.
  3. Well, I'm a 60 year old guy and just weighed in a couple of pounds lighter than my high school weight, BUT I work a LIIIITTLE BIT harder at it than you do, haha. My metabolism started slowing down around 30. I used to be able to eat like you back then. I could eat 4 burgers, pasta, milk followed by a shake for lunch and be ready to eat again by dinner time. That was fun. Then I hit 30 and it started staying on me. I gain 5 pounds and it gets more difficult to breathe, lol. Oh...and I hate you and you metabolism too.
  4. While my mind agrees, my scale doesn't. Believe me, I am no model, but it stays on me if I eat after 9pm. Noticed that some 25-30 years ago. Conversations like this really hurt, haha.
  5. Yeah, I think it's the canal. I see Patty Mac in the background.
  6. So, what you're saying is; losing is in his veins.
  7. It's 10:45 pm and because I got suckered into this thread I'm now hungry. Y'all truly suck, lol.
  8. Blackmon, Leonard, Buckner up the middle for the D. That is pretty impressive.
  9. This board still continues to baffle me. Weekly I see complaints about how predictable the game plan is by running on first down up the gut. Now the complaint - and I hope it is the only one - about throwing it when JT is averaging 5.7 a carry, yet it’s because of River’s arm we are back in the game. This just baffles me...
  10. Anyone know the run/pass ratio for the game? It sure seemed like we passed a lot today - which I don’t mind if it was working.
  11. It seemed like Rivers got more comfortable the more throws he made. The man was definitely feeling it today. Was throwing pretty well over the top and underneath. We will need to do that more as the schedule gets harder after the break. Let Rivers flow!
  12. One seriously has to wonder. Something is definitely wrong with this team. HC is usually to blame. May be time for a players only meeting at the half, lol.
  13. Hopefully he doesn’t think he has to this early, but I agree it may come...
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