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  1. MB-ColtsFan

    Help me out! CBS All Access

    Soooo....you want him to move overseas?? j/k.
  2. MB-ColtsFan

    Help me out! CBS All Access

    I don't have direct knowledge of this, but I would think it does not matter since it never asks anything about being a current subscriber.
  3. MB-ColtsFan

    Colts Training Camp 8/16/2018

    Which to me is odd. Didn't Basham play a 4-3 in college? Not sure why he's not playing well?? I really thought Simon would be the odd man out here. Glad Simon's picking it up, though!
  4. MB-ColtsFan

    Help me out! CBS All Access

    If you know of a student in college and they're not going to use it, you can create an account in their name (must have their registered college name and the school they attend) on the directTV site. Costs $99 a year and you can get any live game you choose. Here's the link: https://nflst.directv.com/student I've used this the past 3 or 4 years and it works pretty well. The link is always behind live TV (by a minute or more, sometimes), but it's pretty reliable. If you have a smart TV you can download the NFL Sunday Ticket app and use the account that way as well as on your phone/tablet/computer.
  5. MB-ColtsFan

    Help me out! CBS All Access

    Yep. That's what I have determined while using it (free trial) as well.
  6. MB-ColtsFan

    Stephen Holder leaving the IndyStar

    Well, personally, I consider this an upgrade for ESPN. Good luck Stephen.
  7. MB-ColtsFan

    Any traction for Khalil Mack?

    I respectfully disagree - if we're talking one draft pick and another player which we have some depth at. Mack is a game changer that makes the whole defense better. He's also aguably better than our next 1st rounder, seeing as we'll probably be picking around the 12-15 range or so. With him we could be be expediting our "3 year plan".
  8. MB-ColtsFan

    Any traction for Khalil Mack?

    If Oakland were willing to do Mack for a 1st and either Basham or Wilson I would probably do this now. I just don't see Oakland settling for that. Someone will give up the 2 1sts or a 1st and 2nd. ...and, yes, I agree that the Gruden contract is beyond ridiculous. They'll be wishing he's gone in 3 years, I'm betting.
  9. There's a different strategy in training camp FA signings (a lot of camp bodies to get through the pre-season without overworking the actually guys who will make the team) vs post-season and post-training camp signings (more tailored to long term status with the team and adding depth to the roster). Not saying that some of the camp signings can't make the team, but it's more about having enough camp bodies.
  10. MB-ColtsFan

    Colts Training Camp 8/13/2018

    Close call on Woods. Glad he got back up. I really like him.
  11. MB-ColtsFan

    Colts Sign WR Matt Hazel, RB Branden Oliver

    Yup, and we need them. Let them take a good number of snaps - especially in pre-season games. Better them getting injured than the the guys we already have at those positions.
  12. MB-ColtsFan

    Colts Sign WR Matt Hazel, RB Branden Oliver

    So, you're saying we're going to hear Luck saying "Da***t, Brandon" after a screwup?
  13. I agree. I believe his thought, in regards to FA, is to patch "small holes" rather than plug large gaps. FA will be used to get a key player, not the best on the market just because we have cap space.
  14. I think it holds the GM accountable. Does he stick with his plan or does he suddenly start spending wildly in FA to win now instead of 2-3 years from now? Does he hold onto most of his $$ for the next 4 years saying "we're not close yet"? I agree, this changes nothing as far as the team is concerned, but it does give us fans a window into our GM's thinking on building that winning team though. Just my opinion.
  15. The 2017 draft class was sort of a tweener for me. We were still in a (primarily hybrid) 3-4 defense, and Basham had played 4-3 in college, I believe. Likewise, Wilson was more of a press corner, not a zone guy. In my mind, Ballard was trying to to get some pieces he could give to Chuck to play with for one year, but also get guys who would transition well to a 4-3 when he brought in a new head coach at the end of last season. I think he had it in his mind a new coach would be brought in and he wanted a 4-3 minded DC. All this would mean, to me, that this is the 1st year of the plan. 2018 is the first draft he is able to completely set his sights on the O and D that will be used for the next X amount of time.