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  1. Prayers for successful surgery and quick recovery, Rigo!! Who can we get to replace him? Huge loss for our ST's for the duration.
  2. Thanks for opening the thread, NFLfan. Good luck today against a tough Carolina team.
  3. Dunno if we win or lose today. A lot of missing pieces on the D and a major piece on the OLine. This team has depth, though, and they do play for one another. Reich has to dig deep for an inspiring pre-game speech and has to play smart with Rivers and the O. I think it's going to be a shootout with both teams in the 30's. I'm just hoping the Colts D can get a final stop to win it. Go Colts! All day. Every day.
  4. Right back at you, my friend. Hope you guys are successful bear hunting this weekend.
  5. An expression I have NEVER understood...
  6. Agree. My son lives up in the area and he is a lifelong Giants fan. Says Eagles stadium fans are some of the worst. Don’t ever go there wearing your colors.
  7. I hear ya’. Am in the same boat with two older brothers. We did a chat yesterday during the game talking trash, lol. First half was tough, but I told them we do well in the 2nd half after making adjustments. Seeing as it went to overtime I couldn’t trash them after it was over. It was a battle just like I thought it would be. And, yeah, I love them too much, too!
  8. To the bolded...it looked like he had a bit of a chip on his shoulder last game. He was running over people a lot more last game. It seemed to carry over to this game as well. I also noticed he wasn't running as much with 2 hands. He was running more naturally. I think he is getting more confident as he gets more experience. Good burst on a couple of runs tonight as well.
  9. Love it. They deserve to enjoy this win against a really good team. They didn't give up on one another. On to the Titans!!
  10. Were they in man coverage? Great recovery to make that pick.
  11. They picked up our blitz and Rogers roasted us for the 6. pffft! Have to disguise those better.
  12. Need 7. Go up early and get the ball back after halftime. Game plan is working perfectly so far, haha.
  13. Y'all making me use up all my "likes" before the game even begins, lol. Hope our boys play this loose. Will need to bring the energy to get after ARog. Ravens just can't put the Titans away. Big series coming up.
  14. And hopefully we get Turay back by then. He'd be on a snap count but could put pressure on ARog.
  15. Big Grover was all over the place in the first half. Looked like Buckner also had a good game, but I'll have to look at the tape. I hope Pittman is okay. Heard a lot of names on the O this week. Rivers was playing with a lot of his toys. Love to see it. Looked like Pittman was catching with a lot of free space. YAC was awesome!
  16. He got punished, for sure. He will be in the ice bath tonight.
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