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  1. Well on the bright side. This losing streak were in certainly will change the Brissett as a starter conversation. Right?
  2. Wow. This season can be summed up with one word! arrogance
  3. So if they review that and it’s incomplete like I believe. Can’t the throw the PI? Because he was interfered with
  4. Doesn’t even appear to be defending anything. Nice sack
  5. Curious. Would anybody take Ginger Dalton over Brissett?
  6. See that would have been a bad coaching decision
  7. That’s a necessary hold right there! Lmao
  8. Simple mistakes The hurry up on 3rd and 4th down that ended up with Adams first missed FG. They have known since SD that Adam is effectively washed up. I think it was obvious last seasons playoff run. He kept him. They extended Jacoby. Seriously Make Frank hire a play caller?
  9. As good of decisions Frank made last season he has been equally bad this year.
  10. Since Luck has left the building can we scrap the hurry up in 3rd and 1? We fool NOBODY
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