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  1. Who is your new team now? Also I never want to see a #11 QB again. I still have nightmares about the last one.
  2. I think it’s opposite. I don’t see any teams interested or kicking the tires.
  3. Well poo, that’s all? Good god the three hardest things of all.
  4. If we give up what’s rumored I will be shocked. That’s the anti Chris Ballard
  5. Guessing the OP thought calling timeouts in the first half was a genius by Andy.
  6. Good to see Tom Moore down there.
  7. Watched the kid since HS. Would love for him to succeed.. He won’t.
  8. Please god no......Mac Jones... Vomit
  9. Well everyone loves it when Tyreke makes that hand gesture. He got it used against him.
  10. I get it, my mother was killed by a driver well beyond the legal limit. I get emotional.
  11. I begged for Indy to go after Tom.
  12. I’m certain it’s on Andy’s mind.
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