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  1. 15.8 Million and if he is cut it still cost your cap 12.5. Your essentially saving 3 million.
  2. I do think the age issue in sports seems to be lessened. No it may be chemicals more so than genes, but yeah.
  3. So when they say 14 team playoffs, they increased the wildcards to 3 per conference?
  4. Same season we beat the defending SB champs in Dome. Never forget stopping them on their 5th down. Belser tossed his helmet all the way down the field going into the halftime locker room.
  5. Geesh this was a choke job and how does your QB take a sack on 4th and game.
  6. My god you can pound these guys out of bounds with no impunity tonight.
  7. Not sure what SF was doing going into turtle mode after taking the 10 point lead, and the crowd is such a huge Chiefs lean.
  8. Officials had no business calling it a TD. No way he could see. But no way could it be overturned
  9. Andy Reid = Marty Schottenheimer. Play off KC has arrived.
  10. Then they play the game. Houston may host the AFC championship.
  11. I’m sure many said the same about Baltimore.
  12. Houston is still in the way of that matchup.
  13. Football hasn’t changed. It’s the same it’s always been.
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