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  1. Didn’t the Colts hold their own yesterday?
  2. We get it you really don’t like Jacoby. But the dude was 3rd rounder.
  3. Yeah Kelly has to prove he’s not a knucklehead. Its not not like he’s made just one or even two knucklehead mistakes. How can you count on the guy? No you cannot make him QB2 yet. With that said Walker isn’t ever going to play an NFL reg season down.
  4. When has Walker EVER looked like an NFL Quality QB?
  5. Then that dude heals slower than a 59 year old man.
  6. Why does Phillip Walker continue to even get snaps. He has never shown anything to make anybody think he is an NFL player.
  7. Jeanette Lee. She lived in Mooresville Indiana for a time. Not sure she still does since her and George Breedlove divorced. On topic of OP. Have no idea how JB will fair until I see him. But why are people so certain Andrew will be ready? If I was in Vegas I would lay my money on Brissett starting. Something isn’t right at all.
  8. Lawrence isn’t eligible until 2021
  9. Feel free to fear him. I think his stats will drop. By a bunch. He is a fine QB, but not the second coming.
  10. Just sayin, when a guy like Blake Bortles can have a 4428/35TD season, we should never use stats again for MVP consideration.
  11. And yet I didn’t see anywhere in the first post where the author tried to make these claims. I get it you don’t like Luck. You have shown over and over your disdain for him. But this attack was unnecessary and a pile on.
  12. With emphasis on passing game in this era, it may get easier for receivers than in the past.
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