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  1. Calling Paye a project is plain dumb. Also, he was going to be picked in 1st round regardless. Just hapens, it was Indy.
  2. Last year when he had one of the best pass rushing grades in football?
  3. Why wouldn’t you want the best edge rusher in the draft? Amazing value at 21
  4. My daughter has a classmate who has since moved to home school. She earned 2.8 Million last year at 14.
  5. Wentz zoom introduced tomorrow. Philly media banned from asking Wentz questions.
  6. Who is your new team now? Also I never want to see a #11 QB again. I still have nightmares about the last one.
  7. I think it’s opposite. I don’t see any teams interested or kicking the tires.
  8. Well poo, that’s all? Good god the three hardest things of all.
  9. If we give up what’s rumored I will be shocked. That’s the anti Chris Ballard
  10. Guessing the OP thought calling timeouts in the first half was a genius by Andy.
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