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  1. How does James Robinson not get drafted. He is literally better than all the backs drafted on draft day.
  2. Actually all these official in this Steelers Titans game are really bad!! How do you let that play continue on a false start by the offense
  3. This female ref needs to be fired. She is Awful!!!
  4. This team is poorly coached at the moment. So many technique issues and breakdowns it’s maddening
  5. It’s just that the Colts aren’t a good football team
  6. Remember that time last year when Indy best KC in KC? Yeah you are never as good as you think nor as bad.
  7. Not sure they were doing anything more than keep man in front of them then tackle. Last drive was garbage time.
  8. That’s totally uncalled for!!!
  9. 53.5 Rating for Lamar. Ring up Wilson’s MVP.
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