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  1. IndySouthsider

    Rodney Harrison on nbc sports radio

    Well if he is worried about his health, he is bashing a Belichick 3rd rounder
  2. IndySouthsider

    Jim Irsay tweeted today... let's overanalyze & dissect it

    You mean these guys?
  3. IndySouthsider

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    You’re making the Colts sound sinister. Amantadine has been used for in other cases as well but hasn’t side effects that are unpleasant. They didn’t force him to take the meds.
  4. IndySouthsider

    Jerrell Freeman Retires

    That FA loss seems less impactful
  5. IndySouthsider

    The big Nelson gamble

    Whatcha talking bout! We got the Big Tens all time yardage leader.
  6. IndySouthsider

    The "Soft" Label of our Colts

    Cover two principles didn’t necessarily require them to out physical the other team. Colts weren't soft en route to the AFC championship in 95. One of the best run stopping defense I can remember in Indy.
  7. IndySouthsider

    *** Colts UDFA Tracker ***

    We got Don Beebe’s son! A favor from Frank?
  8. IndySouthsider

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Well I thought Hankins was a bad FA signing by Ballard. So color me not surprised at all.
  9. IndySouthsider

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Albeit one who could rarely stay on the field.
  10. IndySouthsider

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    That’s not even remotely true. There were scores of people against that trade from the minute it was announced.
  11. IndySouthsider

    Colts draft Ole Miss RB Jordan Wilkins [Merge]

    Hines going to be used like Sproles?
  12. IndySouthsider

    I have seen 1.5 Ballard Drafts..color me not impressed

    I would not agree with your statement about the higher rounds. 64% of rosters are made up of 3rd- UDFA
  13. Except he was graded around 4th round
  14. IndySouthsider

    IND has traded back with OAK from 140

    By who? 32 teams passed on him multiple times
  15. IndySouthsider

    I have seen 1.5 Ballard Drafts..color me not impressed

    He’s not a game changer. 2 stat kid who had one big game in the upset of OSU