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  1. About JT, yep not his best effort, but still admirable, and certainly a bright future considering he was still very productive with it not being his best effort. I had to laugh when I saw this thread as I’m suspicious that this was more about an annoying little brother trying to get a reaction from the forum....and it worked! As for Frank, I’ve seen the word arrogance thrown around here a lot. I don’t see that at all. Taking those risks is certainly his MO, but I think it’s about trusting his team and knowing what they’re capable of. In hindsight, I also say take the points, but I’m a
  2. I mentioned this in another thread but at the end of today, there’ll be 3 more teams fanbases wanting to trade their coaches. I suggest the OP go to their message boards and try to put together a deal.
  3. If you wait until the end of today, there’ll be 3 more fan bases willing to trade half their team and coaches because they also want to retool their playoff caliber team.
  4. I agree except we’ll be better than 8-8. We were supposed to be 7-9 or 8-8 this year, but were a couple brain farts from being 13-3 or even 14-2. Another year of maturity for both the roster and coaches....I think Rivers/Eason can get us at least another 11 wins.
  5. I certainly wouldn’t argue against a QB upgrade, but not by mortgaging the current and near future of this team. They are right there...even with a 39 year old QB who by all measures had an outstanding season in this system. We were in every game this year except the COVID cursed Tennessee game. We beat the NFC #1 seed and essentially dominated the AFC #2 seed. This is a well coached, very good roster which suffers from the occasional self inflicted in game head scratchers. Clean that up in the off season and a lot of your problems are solved. Admittedly I’m not as concerned with the QB
  6. Sure seems like we always lose intensity with a lead. Envious of teams that know how to step on your throat when you’re down.
  7. I think it’s kind of cool that we’ll get to see TL play up close every year. The NFL tends to even things out from a talent standpoint. He’s not going to have players around him that are way better than all other teams like he’s had at Clemson. In the NFL, practically everyone is a 5 star recruit. Should be fun.
  8. Looking at the glass half full, I can see Eason as someone that had he stayed in school this year, he’d be in the discussion as a top 10 pick in 2021. And we managed to scoop him up a year early. We shall see.
  9. I wonder what Eason’s draft stock would be for 2021 had he stayed in college. First time in the same system for consecutive seasons, undeniable arm talent, and likely part of the media hype machine. Would we be talking about trading up for him?
  10. Gotta give you some credit. Usually when us armchair QBs assess a player on this site, you can go to the pre-draft analysis and find the exact same wording that the experts used. I could not find anything close to how you view JT....so you are obviously thinking for yourself and evaluating to the best of your own abilities. His weaknesses are almost always listed as ball security, for which the Colts are obviously working on, and limitations in the passing game, which is gradually being proven wrong. Besides the obvious burst and speed, his strengths are usually listed as vision, patience,
  11. Well, we took a big step in keeping Lawrence out of the division. Unless maybe we’re in a position to get him!
  12. I’ll go glass half full. If this was a normal college season and Eason stayed in school and under the same system for a second consecutive season, he’d likely be a top 10 pick next year (maybe even 2nd behind Lawrence). We got him in the 4th and didn’t have to suffer through a horrendous season or trade the farm to get him in 2021. And....instead of that season in college, he gets to spend it on the Colts, learning from a potential HOFer and arguably one of the best QB friendly coaching staffs in the NFL.
  13. Not sure yet. Both have interesting aspects. I like A better but I’d also like to see Burrow, Darnold, and Rodgers in B. Not crazy about the Jacksonville game after Christmas as I might not be in town.
  14. I’m planning to purchase one of the 4 game tickets. Not sure which one. Crazy year....I want to be a part of it. Same reason I’m still going to the 500 this year.
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