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  1. Gotta give you some credit. Usually when us armchair QBs assess a player on this site, you can go to the pre-draft analysis and find the exact same wording that the experts used. I could not find anything close to how you view JT....so you are obviously thinking for yourself and evaluating to the best of your own abilities. His weaknesses are almost always listed as ball security, for which the Colts are obviously working on, and limitations in the passing game, which is gradually being proven wrong. Besides the obvious burst and speed, his strengths are usually listed as vision, patience,
  2. Well, we took a big step in keeping Lawrence out of the division. Unless maybe we’re in a position to get him!
  3. I’ll go glass half full. If this was a normal college season and Eason stayed in school and under the same system for a second consecutive season, he’d likely be a top 10 pick next year (maybe even 2nd behind Lawrence). We got him in the 4th and didn’t have to suffer through a horrendous season or trade the farm to get him in 2021. And....instead of that season in college, he gets to spend it on the Colts, learning from a potential HOFer and arguably one of the best QB friendly coaching staffs in the NFL.
  4. Not sure yet. Both have interesting aspects. I like A better but I’d also like to see Burrow, Darnold, and Rodgers in B. Not crazy about the Jacksonville game after Christmas as I might not be in town.
  5. I’m planning to purchase one of the 4 game tickets. Not sure which one. Crazy year....I want to be a part of it. Same reason I’m still going to the 500 this year.
  6. No. You don’t lose standing or priority. If you opt for a refund on 2020, you simply approach 2021 same as usual and pay when fees are due.
  7. I don’t envy anyone in power at the moment. You can’t win either way. Lives are ruined, or ended no matter which direction you go. This thing will never be fully eradicated so at what point do you move ahead? If just one person has it at that point, it all starts over again. People are waiting for the magic vaccine, but keep in mind, we have a flu vaccine every year and we still lose 60k to 80k people annually due to the flu. Sigh....
  8. I can’t help but feel bad for the youngsters at key points in their lives during this pandemic. To the borderline rookie in any sport, this could be their one shot at making it, even if only for a year. That year could be lost, which would have devastating impacts not only on them, but also their families. Same for the college senior, who may lose their one opportunity....and they’ll have to compete with the class behind them just to get a shot the following year. And it’s not just the athlete...this year and possibly next, the graduating classes have a very limited job market and will li
  9. Great example of why patience is so important with young DBs who have potential to play in this league. I remember many wth Kenny Moore moments his first year here. Incredible that we’re now talking about him as elite, and deservedly so.
  10. Just pin the article on the bulletin board and let the players determine where they rank.
  11. If he doesn’t fall down in the Steelers game going in for a score, we’re likely talking about what a stud he is. The entire season turned on that play. Jacoby hurt on next play, never regains mobility or confidence, and well, we end up with the 13th pick. PC actually had a great game and was utilized how we envisioned...as a ‘do all’ type of player. 5 catches, 3 runs, and 2 returns, all resulting in chunk yardage and showcasing his speed and elusiveness. If he stays healthy going forward, I think he’ll be fun to watch.
  12. While all I’ve seen are highlights, they do show what someone is capable of. And he does have a cannon, and he is capable of all the touch throws as well. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of how he looks off the highlight reel. Looking forward to seeing this guy develop. And fingers crossed that we answered our long term QB dilemma with a 4th round pick.
  13. I keep thinking along these lines. It’s possible he’s the number 2 pick next year behind TLaw if he remains in school. Instead, we get him in the 4th and he spends the year learning from Rivers and an excellent coaching staff. Potential low risk, high reward pick.
  14. So now 3rd round picks are expected to be impact players right away? Used to be that you’d be fortunate if your 1st rounders made an immediate impact. I get that expectations have risen in recent years, but 3rd rounders? If lucky, those are guys you hope to see start in years 2 or 3 while learning the ropes in year 1. Might want to take a look at the most recent drafts and count how many early round picks are keys to their team’s success out of the gate. There are a few, but not surprisingly, the number is fairly low. It will be amusing to see the complaints about the 5th and 6th rounder
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