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  1. Fans speak of the draft and free agency as something that should be transformative and are disappointed when they’re not. The teams that have transformative offseasons as judged by the prognosticators are usually back in the same position the following year looking for answers. Our offseason was not earth shattering, but I do think it was ‘constructive’. Keeping most of the key pieces together with another year of experience in the same system, while potentially upgrading the QB position is huge. I’m moderately concerned with the LT situation, but I think it’s far from a ‘make or break’
  2. Indy was 12th in sacks last season. I believe 7 or 8 GM’s were replaced in the off season. He hasn’t had the opportunity to draft high except for the big Q pick, which is where your chance of drafting an elite edge rusher is. I’d say he’s done pretty good. And perhaps he managed to steal a great one late in the second round, albeit one that won’t be ready this year.
  3. Yep. Team sport. Having great players around you makes a difference. Our right guard was considered below average before he got here. Now he’s a key piece on an excellent offensive line. Not sure exactly where he rates, but I’d put him above average now.
  4. The emotion of the fan base during the draft is very predictable. Not getting a prospect is sort of like that unhealthy relationship with a girlfriend who suddenly seems like the greatest thing ever when we can’t have her anymore. GMs that can avoid that emotion build strong teams that contend every year. Those that can’t.... find themselves picking in the top 10 every year, or spending future drafts on a message board.
  5. I don’t understand the narrative that Tennessee drafted Radunz to ensure we didn’t get him. Why would a team waste a pick on a guy projected to be a guard in the NFL and with many weaknesses against lessor competition in order that we can’t get him to play one of the more critical positions in the league? So they essentially drafted the next Joe Haeg, who is very similar, so that we couldn’t get him. Maybe a good pick for them as they need right side help. Would not have been for us.
  6. I’d say we have help at edge right now with the current roster having another year of experience in the same system along with our first rounder. The free agents that people clamored for had similar initial years and there were reasons their teams didn’t re-sign them.
  7. I don’t get the love for the tackles on the board this year. After the first 2 or 3, the rest were average. I think in other drafts where you have twice as many players available (this is a very limited year), these guys would have been considered mid rounders. In last years draft, they would have likely been lost in the mix. To me, moving up to get one would have been much more desperate than taking a chance on a guy like Dayo. I’m not as worried about our line with who we have coming back. I think our LT situation will be fine.
  8. What stood out to me was the guys listed as the worst picks were ones that myself and many others were clamoring for at the time. Obviously not an exact science and very difficult to get right.
  9. I like the idea of 2 ‘nasties’ on the left side. I’ll have to bring maple syrup to the games.
  10. I’d love to have TY back, but if not, with how well WR’s are playing right out of the gate, I’d prefer to develop what we already have and get another in the draft. Would rather keep receivers on their rookie deals than pay the kind of money Golladay got. Quite a few rookies have put up better numbers over the past couple years and have managed to stay on the field.
  11. I’m kind of enjoying watching what the Patriots are doing. Throwing money around trying to play catch up. Reminds me of the Jets, Redskins, and Jaguars. Been tired of watching them methodically dominate the league for the past 20 years doing just the opposite. Good to see the desperation.
  12. One thing’s for certain...we’ll know in 7 months whether GGaffes knows what he’s talking about. And if Eason is handed the keys, we’ll get further confirmation in another 4 months after that.
  13. Not directed at you as this seems to be the general attitude in this thread. But in reality, if this roster is good enough to win with some of the names being thrown around, such as Stafford, Winston, Trubisky, Wentz, Newton, Goff, Cousins, Garroppolo, etc... then it would seem we could already grade Ballard very highly. At least much higher than the GMs for their current teams.
  14. I have no idea on Eason, but I ‘hope’ he is the guy. I agree they need a proven guy, so if they roll with Eason, I trust that Ballard and company like what they see in him and feel he can get the job done. I don’t believe they’d throw him out there otherwise. Saves us draft capital for other needs while continuing to build around a young guy with a young team. Certainly wishful thinking and more of a ‘if they go with it, I agree with it’ answer, but it would be the best scenario.
  15. Can’t say for sure. I like the measurables and potential. I sort of view him like a first round pick this year if he had stayed in school, except he was able get a year in the NFL. Don’t get me wrong, I like Stafford, but I just don’t think Stafford is someone who can work us through the playoffs. So I’d rather risk a few more losses, keep our picks, and roll with the young gun.
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