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  1. Yes, and I believe we have him for the next 5 seasons. Seems like a pretty good first round pick.
  2. If you draft a starting tackle in R1, and move Smith inside, your depth includes Glow, a 2 year starter. Elite OL, excellent depth across the board, and no need to panic when AC retires. One of many potential strategies for the Colts in this years draft, but one that covers a lot ground.
  3. 1. Kinlaw, especially if we can compliment him with a free agent DT. Would upgrade every position on defense with consistent pressure up the middle. 2-5. The 4 OT’s, in various orders. I can’t get past the fact that our entire O-line could be elite and require only minor attention in the foreseeable future. And as I believe DD iterated, it upgrades 4 spots with one pick...RT, RG, and depth at both. And makes AC’s eventual retirement palatable.
  4. Ensures an elite offensive line for years. Who knows, the new OT could force AC to the right side to finish his career. A lot of flexibility with this scenario.
  5. I like the idea of getting one of the OT’s at 13. Start him at right tackle, move Smith to his natural position at right guard. That’s a pretty good offensive line and you’ll have AC’s replacement already primed and ready in a couple years if not sooner.
  6. I agree, but it seems like we’ve lost a lot of games over the years because we couldn’t stop an average to below average QB on the other side!
  7. Call me a romantic, but I still love going to the games and feeling the energy. Love taking my wife to a different downtown restaurant for pregame and chilling out after the game waiting for traffic to thin out. I do skip the preseason games, but I’m in the zone for 8 Sunday’s a year. Have been for the past 21 years! I do understand the sentiment however. Used to love going to concerts, but as I get older, my thoughts have changed from the excitement of the band to worrying about the hassle of getting in and out of the venue. Luckily, I haven’t reached that point with the Colts!
  8. While I don’t think JB is the long term answer, I think he’s at a level where we don’t need to panic for a replacement just yet. I’d like for us to use the off-season and pick 13 on pressure up the middle and a WR. If a guy like Love or Eason is still there at 34, then maybe get them there. I think our roster is close, and you’ll see much better secondary play with inside pressure along with another year experience under their belts. You’ll also see an improved JB with better (and healthy) weapons on O.
  9. 7 wins with a back-up QB and a very young roster. And....victories over 3 of the final 4 remaining AFC teams. Frustrating, yet oddly impressive.
  10. I like the roster at this point. Even with the multitude of injuries, it’s been fairly interchangeable with similar players at specific positions. Most spots are filled with players on rookie contracts, who will now have another year of experience going into 2020. They were competitive in almost every game with backups at many key positions (including QB and WR). Not sold on Brissett as the future, but I can only speculate that Kelly had to put in a ‘prove you can stay out of trouble’ year before getting a real shot and having the team plan their future around him (we just went down that road with another QB). They did pay him extra to be on the team, so it’s obvious they like him. Anyway, I’m excited about the future. We have the money to retain our ‘hits’, say goodbye to our ‘misses’, and maybe grab a couple other teams ‘hits’.
  11. Even with all the injuries, we’re 3 or 4 kicks away from being 9-2. The roster is solid. The next man up is basically the same type of player so depth is solid and chemistry is barely compromised.
  12. No argument here, just to clarify only.....he dropped at the end of those runs to stay in bounds and keep the clock running.
  13. I seem to recall the original poster having a conniption over Ballard trading back for Nelson and passing on Darnold. That should automatically bring his football acumen under question.
  14. Ironic that people are clamoring for Pierre, who toiled with different teams for three years before hitting his stride in his second year with the Colts. Yet no patience with Rock who is light years ahead of where Desir was at the same point in his career. What I’ve seen from Rock is very tight coverage, and who rarely loses any steps on his receiver, including today. The penalties will get cleaned up.
  15. Cain will be fine. He actually gets open quite a bit, but I think he’s typically schemed as the 3rd or 4th read. I’d like to see the coaches get him and Campbell involved early but it looks like they’re mostly getting used to pull coverage down field. I did notice Cain getting a little frustrated today at the lack of attention so I think he feels your pain!
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