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  1. One million times better than Hundley. Hundley has to play turn off the TV and head out for yard work
  2. I think everybody forgets how awful Hundley has been in any game action he’s ever been given. Like Curtis Painter level awful.
  3. Davis Mills folks is completing 80% of his passes. Maybe the scheme needs to be mothballed
  4. You wouldn't be making any trades with NFL teams ever again with that behavior. I can’t believe for a second the NFL would allow trade deals to be set to where one yeamncannjust defy the integrity of the agreement.
  5. His knee touched the ground right before this photo. Since he dove head first he was giving himself up. Also, the colts scored off that turnover. It worked in their benefit since they took time off.
  6. Hilton isn't near the player he was. He's closer to retirement than a pro bowl.
  7. Funny. But yes the ones listed have missed kicks in the clutch. They have even missed XP’s.
  8. It's hilarious how y’all keep bringing up kickers way less accurate then Blankenship.
  9. If you don’t Blankenship you’re absolutely would hate Pineiro. That dude cost of the Bears some games and has an 82% career field goal success rate.
  10. Nope. They could take names of the jersey for me. I
  11. Yeah that’s totally not in the spirit of the terms. Benching him healthy. Guarantee this does not happen.
  12. I think the Colts are a good team with really really cruddy coaches.
  13. I’m certain the NFL will step in if the Colts bench him to “ save” a draft pick. That such a violation of the agreement.
  14. Have you not been paying attention. There are no kickers waiting to be signed who are better.
  15. This. This was a horrible plan to stick with. he completed 86% of his passes. I mean really.
  16. We lose our first rounder. But if Wentz plays like he did today, may have been worth it.
  17. Curious when did Rodrigo get hurt? Did we go into tonight’s game with a hurt kicker? If so that’s really bad GM work.
  18. Not sure they let you sign a kicker mid game!
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