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  1. Their defense randomly came alive late last year.. kinda like those Patriots team of 2010-2019. Just learn to lock players down in December. They were 7-6 last year, didn't look any type of special, then put the clamps on late. I'm expecting the same crap this year IMO
  2. I was shocked when the drafted him when they had Wentz.. then equally as shocked when they started him ahead of Wentz.. I didn't agree with what the eagles were doing well before he was given to us
  3. Buccaneers 31 vs Eagles 25 Dolphins 22 vs Jaguars 24 Chiefs 31 vs Washington 27 Rams 27 vs Giants 13 Texans 20 vs Colts 28 Bengals 24 vs Lions 17 Packers 28 vs Bears 17 Chargers 31 vs Ravens 30 Vikings 23 vs Panthers 24 Cardinals 30 vs Browns 33 Raiders 20 vs Broncos 17 Cowboys 31 vs Patriots 17 Seahawks 16 vs Steelers 17 Bills 35 vs Titans 31 10-6 45-35 overall
  4. Well.. with the Ghost back we could possibly see campbell break out. 20+.. probably not. but I'm sure the Titans are getting cooked Monday night. But I feel you.. I've lost interest but they TY news has given me a bit of a spark this past hour!
  5. This is gonna be huge. our WR's were starting to settle in TY is such a good route runner and he will take eyes off of Pittman
  6. Same, I'm not very loud anyways, but I'll def do like a "lets go!" oh I got excited when Pitt scored. but I make absolutely no noise when losing. just sit in disbelief and vent on here lol
  7. Maybe I'm crazy.. I mean i would never threaten anyone's life for anything. But wouldn't it make more sense to at least threaten the other team? Like not your own!! I mean I could see being so mad you might want to egg Lamar's house or something ( I don't encourage that) but what sense does it make to threaten someone on your own team!
  8. My good Lord, seriously?! I was * Monday night, not gonna lie. But the most "angry" thing I did was turn the TV off as soon as Brown caught the ball in the endzone.. I walked up the stairs in silence since my girls were sleeping. Got in bed quietly, didn't mention anything about the game to my wife, and watched a bit of her show with her.. That's how I coped. And like you said coming onto the forum and grieving with ya'll helps alot too. But come on.. these dudes are everyday people. I believe Julian Blackmon's family has been on michael pittmans youtube channel. They are just regular people, and some fans cant separate that, and put them on a pedestal .. that's horrible
  9. 10 - 6 this week,, sucks it took the ultimate meltdown from my favorite team to hit my goal this week,,
  10. Dang.. now I understand why the Manning's didn't want to do Colts broadcast.. could you image how Peyton would've been last night?
  11. I wish I could agree with you.. I didn't have big expectations this whole season. Even thought we'd lose to the ravens but when we manhandled them for as long as we did and still lost it doesn't feel very good. And we may have a few "easy" games coming.. some big time teams are still ahead. including the top three teams in the league right now .. shall see...
  12. Excellent takes. The playcalling was stellar last night. All the misdirection and a sense of urgency from Wentz. We felt we could run the ball at will. And I will not question franks decision to try to milk more clock and settle for a FG. we would've been up 11 with what 4 mins to go. Who TF know we'll have the kick blocked. Everything came together for the Ravens in the last quarter while we just couldn't cover anyone anymore. It was pitch and catch Dree Brees vs Colts style. Lamar will NEVER have another passing game like that... until we see him again..
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