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  1. You good bro? Where you been??


  2. oh.. did I miss this? Congrats on becoming a mod? You weren't always were you? lol

    1. NFLfan



      Thank you! 


      No, I was not. I'm a newbie mod. :)

  3. I wish I knew how to caption photos.. but.. 5 year old me and my mom with a belt.. if you catch my drift
  4. I didn't watch football all day today. Just looking at some highlights I had no clue the chiefs broncos game was in the snow... 2nd year in a row eh??!
  5. Def dont mind the chiefs! How loud was that stadium really?
  6. Fair enough... But I'm still sick to my stomach hearing about the great after every win.. 20 years is a long time
  7. Lol def not cheering for them this year..
  8. Very atlanta falcons thing to do today.
  9. The real joke is the dude getting another ring. Ronald jones is running like him brown. Leonard fournette just fell into their laps. Gronk decided he loves football again. And now antonio brown cleans up and finds a team when the coach say absolutely not.. smh..
  10. Again.. who exactly soul their soul? #7 on the index finger.. God, I hate this
  11. Tom brady to be the all time touchdown leader... Drew you gotta step it up!
  12. I feel so bad for fitz. Seems like such a good dude too. He gets around...
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