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  1. Chrisaaron1023

    Week 7 QB rankings Interesting rankings, once you get past the Sam Darnold crap, only for them to rank him 22. Our boy is ranked pretty far up there for a one win team. People recognize his great play lol
  2. Chrisaaron1023

    Why we should destroy the Bills.

    not gonna predict any games anymore.. well with the exception of Patriots games of course.. I just hope we play well get some sacks and score some touchdowns. Not expecting our team to win anymore.
  3. Well since football is no longer a "grown man's game." Where can I sign up to play QB for a few thousands a year?
  4. Even if Nate Pickerman has a bad day, it's not the QB i'm worried about. They've gone back to back games throwing for crap and almost been 2-0 in those games Their defense is killin it. And Our offensive is droppin it
  5. Chrisaaron1023

    Interesting Read About The Receivers

    I think it is a mental block.. a couple dropped passes leads to no confidence. Especially with Chester. Poor dude. Maybe just thinking too much.
  6. Chrisaaron1023

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    And bro, I'm cheap.. just double my salary I'll finish out the year for 80k... and I won't complain.
  7. Chrisaaron1023

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    Yupp. I played in high school. Extremely quick.. I'll just run crossing routes all game! lol
  8. Chrisaaron1023

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    Anybody know when/where open tryouts are?
  9. Chrisaaron1023

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    ...... wait a min
  10. Chrisaaron1023

    The Bills are not a cupcake team

    I was talking to a Bills fan, telling him it must be nice to have his QB throw from 82 yards and win a game. And granted he got injured. But he had 84 yards before he left and they were beating the Texans!!
  11. Chrisaaron1023

    You're the GM

    I immediately thought the same lol
  12. Chrisaaron1023

    I should be angry right?

    lol honestly it's probably 50-50 this year. You saw the Luck, Mack int. You saw the Wilkins won't go down fumble. The pascal tip drill Int. maybe not 50-50 lol.. but boneheaded plays
  13. Chrisaaron1023

    The Bills are not a cupcake team

    Seriously, even if Interception Peterman plays. We are doomed
  14. Chrisaaron1023

    Patriots vs Chiefs

    So dumb
  15. Chrisaaron1023

    Patriots vs Chiefs

    Let's go d!