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  1. Yes this, when we had the debates of who was better.. Manning and Brady were both playing. And I always thought Manning was better.. than the narrative started changed to this whole GOAT thing... My lord, how can one be the greatest of all time, when not even the best playing today? . If you wanna crow him.. then crown him. He was the worst QB out of 4 in the conference championships but lets continue to go back 10 hell 20 years for him. The Chiefs are far superior, just smacked.. I mean smacked the snot out of the "hottest team in the NFL" The whole league drank from the kool aid
  2. Lol are you. Better than me.. and I'm not even that bad I don't think lol
  3. Awww.. I think Rachel Bush needs so consoling right now...
  4. But we know Tommy already did this so.. I can't be surprised with a bucs won huh?
  5. Allen is ridiculous to sack... Let see well brady's wall of china is against the Chiefs
  6. Yes, I don't even want it to be close.. How embarrassing if the Bucs get absolutely smacked in their home game
  7. Oldest coach in the league.. Hottest team in the NFL here. Outscored 38-6... Mmhmm. Have fun Bucs
  8. If they don't quit letting Wilson feast early.. last 4 years seem to be on repeat. Fire out of the gates, then turn into a ground and pound team around week 6 and suck
  9. Yupp. Because when new faces come in that's gonna be the key. Look at R Wilson. Was off to such a fast start... They his team left him lol now he's what 32 and not really a threat
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