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  1. Chrisaaron1023

    NFC parity

    I was just randomly thinking.. we all know the NFC has slot more competition and parity (since I've only seen like 5 AFC teams in the Superbowl since I've been born) buuut! Wasn't the NFC west considered the worst division in football for awhile? Now all 4 teams have been to the bowl in the past 10 years. Lol just wanted to share my random thought. Happy Friday!
  2. Chrisaaron1023

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    Just adding some firewood here. Don't mind me
  3. Chrisaaron1023

    Joe Flacco to be traded to the Broncos

    I think, thats good for Denver...
  4. Chrisaaron1023

    Antonio Brown Madden Curse?

    Wow I was a firm believer in the curse for years.. I can't keep up with the new maddens anymore. although i didn't get to brady last year, I believe the curse lives on!
  5. Hahaha I saw this... just hilarious.. he's gonna fire the coach and trade everyone
  6. Chrisaaron1023

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    This mostly... I was furious after the Seattle and Atlanta superbowls.. I just didnt care this past sunday and even listened to sports radio the next day.. But I've always thought, that Brady is a good QB but not even the best in current day (forget about all time) He listens to his coaches and follows the game plan like everybody else on that team. And they ALL thrive in that environment.. Lets rattle off some names who have gone and and prospered... The Media hypes this crap up of GOAT so much, even Tom Brady is cringed by it.
  7. Chrisaaron1023

    SB ratings hit a 10 year low

    I honestly have no clue.. I thought the same thing. Tom Brady was booed very loudly at Superbowl 50 when they brought the former MVP's out. To chanting "Brady".. Perhaps things have changed in a few short years.
  8. Chrisaaron1023

    SB ratings hit a 10 year low

    They were chanting for Brady. And 3rd downs even featured the freaking Gillette horn... poor rams. But again why move to LA.. The Saints would've had a much bigger following seeing as they're so close. But that would've * Falcons fans off I'm sure. Just what a shame the NFL season ended like that..
  9. Chrisaaron1023

    What can we learn from the pats??

    Didnt Hogan (in a patriots uniform) Make Gilmore (in a bills uniform) look silly multiple games? My grandma could play CB for the Pats and shut down Juilo Jones.
  10. Chrisaaron1023

    SB ratings hit a 10 year low

    I heard about this on golic and wingo.. if you think about it.. it was just a home game for the Patriots. The Rams have no fans anymore since moving. Saints fans weren't watching.. And AFC fans weren't watching.. I admit I watching the whole paint drying session. Just for the sliver of hope. Lol but it's okay. I'll probably skip Superbowl 54 between the Patriots and poor opponent.
  11. Chrisaaron1023

    The new is SLICK!!!/Questions and problems (merge)

    I know i'm late to the game.. but i've been visiting other fan forums lately... ours is head and shoulders above the ones I've seen. Good job to whomever this may concern lol
  12. Chrisaaron1023

    Finally got my Colts tattoo

    ayyye! looks nice bro
  13. Chrisaaron1023

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    I've often thought this... who am I born in 1990 to judge who the best ever is? Heck i barely saw John Elway play. The debate USED to be who the best in the game was.. Brady or Manning? Now we've gone too far.. ever? Lets see Brady play the 85 Bears in 1985.. Lets take Johnny U to 2019, or Frank Gifford. Lets just keep it to todays game. Who's the best now!
  14. Chrisaaron1023

    Marvin Harrison's Hall of Fame speech

    Marvin will always remind me of my grandfather especially his mannerisms during the speech. He was probably talking about TO..
  15. Chrisaaron1023

    I think I speak for all colts fans right now

    Brett Favre was there for 30 secs...