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  1. Hahah Raiders fans cheering for Thomas Brady.... that's arguably worse than us.
  2. I am thinking what you guys are. Odd number of games.. and the whole schedule (which flows so well) will be off by 1 random game. Division games 6 AFC division 4 NFC division 4 Identical seeds 2 And what....... Choose your own squad? Identical seed from opposite conference? That's gonna be weird. Wonder what they come up with
  3. i really dont care about a 17th game.. but i'm okay with only the 1 seed getting a bye. That's cool in my books.
  4. Dont care.. i just want a belichick and brady split. Someone's gonna fail miserably and I'm gonna have the time of my life
  5. We probably would've liked that better lol Just a terrible pass by Favre.....
  6. Maybe the early 00's eagles? But man the saints.. 2010 lost to 7-9 team in the playoffs 2011 lost last secs TD pass from Alex smith 2017 Minneapolis miracle 2018 the NFCCG shaft 2019 another last sec in to the hands of Minn. It's like when the beat us in the super bowl, our heartache and pain was just passed on to them LOL
  7. I've been mentioning recently how similar Drew Brees and Peyton Manning's career has been (including just godawful playoff heartbreaking loses). I saw another one that I had forgotten about for Drew this morning. I'd acutally say Drew and the Saints have had more.. Now I'm a young guy, I obviously know about the early 90's Bills, but are there any other teams\players they have had more heartbreaking playoff outs??
  8. AV has been a Colt longer than he was a Patriot. why he with the Patriots there lol
  9. Very true.. this game wasn't about flags and missed calls. So refreshing
  10. Man I don't know... the best offensive statically that we've ever seen couldn't even get a first down..
  11. Did Chris Ballard help the chiefs?!
  12. But that is it.. they did come back to earth this year. The Ravens took that role this year. Even if they went to foxboro they probably wouldve won still.. And with that said. Watch out for the Ravens next year when they "come back down to earth"
  13. Chiefs... Gotta spot a 10 point lead before playing football
  14. Down in the 4th driving... This time Andy Reid had a QB that could hold his puke in...
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