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  1. Wasn't it the Patriots that injured cam?
  2. Who did Bill sell his soul to? Just great... I need them to go away. But it'll be nice to see them still winning without Brady
  3. I've been watching him and Kiana since a little before the draft. That is exactly how he is in the vlogs lol. Just super calm and slower pace of speaking. I saw nothing out of the norm in this interview. I can't wait for #86!!
  4. Meh.. the AFC will have 3 teams IMO fighting for the chip for the next for years. Ravens, and Colts... but i just may be a homer
  5. Say what you want about Brady weapons.. how many times have we seen just WIDE TF open WR's for the Patriots when they were clicking? Just ask the Steelers That patriots coaching staff was something else..and Brady is literally going from Dink and Dunk to SLING IT! Not as much 1 yard Faulk-Vereen-Woodhead-Lewis-White passes that go for 12 yards a pop.
  6. You are very lucky. goodness hahah. Not bothered.. only thing is I feel like we go to Houston every year on a thursday night. We may not have to this year, but we still gotta TRAVEL to a division rival. How about giving us one in Indy?
  7. lol I get up at that time too.. but Prime time games means.. no children awake. so i get to watch in peace!
  8. When did they start allowing teens? like 10 years ago? I wish he could Rep the 6 still!
  9. Actually didnt we open 08, LOS with a Bears loss?
  10. lol but where is this game? We seem to have a Hex on us going to Cinci.
  11. Well, no international games this year.. not that I care. But an inch turns into a mile...
  12. I know, some of ya'll wont care. but this is pretty cool to me! Getting to see the hours before and the moment he joined our squad! 6:42 if you don't want to watch the whole thing!
  13. Yupp this is gonna start happening more and more lol it's pretty cool seeing a different side to these athletes. I've been following Jimmy bulter on YouTube. You'd never think he was an NBA all-star looking at his YouTube life lol
  14. Dang! We got a big boy. I already subbed to him and his GFs YouTube channel. Dude seems pretty chill lol
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