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  1. Chrisaaron1023

    Predict the 2018 NFL MVP

    Aye you're back. Congratulations on everything! lol But no, not weird. Falcons came the closest to beating the Champs last year..Just a few bad breaks last season. I have a gut feeling they will come back stronger this season.
  2. Chrisaaron1023

    Obscure Colts Game

    What a nice guy
  3. Chrisaaron1023

    Bengals Week 1

    I did capitalize Luck my bad lol
  4. Chrisaaron1023

    Bengals Week 1

  5. Chrisaaron1023

    Bengals Week 1

    exactly.. i think we can win this game! but then again playing the Rams week 1 last year wasn't supposed to be that hard... then they go out and win 11 games last year . Hopefully the Bengals don't have that same Luck
  6. Chrisaaron1023

    Predict the 2018 NFL MVP

    Yeah, I was just thinking of scenarios where a WR could win. Sadly, I think the only way is if a starting QB gets hurt for a good chunk of time and the WR keeps ballin out with the backup. OR! The QB would have to have monster TD stats to the wide out and loads of turnovers..
  7. Chrisaaron1023

    Denver-Minnesota (8-11-18)

    Mini will be a force in the NFC this year. It'll come down to them and the Falcons.. IMO
  8. Chrisaaron1023

    Predict the 2018 NFL MVP

    Sadly, didn't Mr. Brady already break it? I will say. Matt Ryan. I think Falcons bounce back this year, starting week 1 with a big win against the champs.
  9. Chrisaaron1023

    So... Uh...

    needs handlebars to look more hilarious!
  10. Chrisaaron1023

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    no explaination needed. Get better son
  11. Chrisaaron1023

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    Dannnng! Gameday chat is back bro!! Here we go Colts! I'm happy for Andrew. Just go have fun!!
  12. Chrisaaron1023

    Time Travel. A look back

    I thought it was ridiculous.. lower than the lower Browns.. but oh well.. doubted The Colts and an injured QB before.. we all know how that turned out
  13. Chrisaaron1023

    What will you be looking for this Thursday vrs. the Seahawks?

    I just want to see the horseshoe in a game! it's gonna be so much fun!
  14. Chrisaaron1023

    Bears vs. Baltimore (8-2-18)

    I think that's crazy
  15. Chrisaaron1023

    Malik Hooker & Clayton Geathers have been CLEARED!

    Here we gooo ball hawk!