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  1. HECK NO! lol. I still want one to Retire before the other... for obvious reasons..
  2. Yupp. We think alike. When I build a team in Madden i start with two shutdown corners. Then i actually switch LB's and EDGE. I will punish you with press man or zone and then destroy you with the edge rushers.
  3. Every GD time they knocking it away or are an inch from knocking it away! I just really can't believe they are THAT good at covering guys.. There's never a wide open guy. I'm sorry I'm just completely done with that Logo on the field and helmets..
  4. Let go Mahomes! Is Tyreek Back this week?!
  5. Daniel Jones is Josh Allen.. can't throw to his own team mates. Good Lawd that game was frustrating. Next up for the Pats... your local high school.
  6. I predict we can and will have to sack Watson at least 6 times! P.s. is Leonard gonna be okay by then? I saw Josh Allen get laid out against the Patriots for about a minute. And didn't miss a game. Darius showed symptoms after a game, and misses a month? Lol what's the concussion protocol in the NFL?
  7. First Sunday in my newly bought home. Colts win a primetime game against an undefeated team. What a way to kick off the first of many many Sundays!!
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