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  1. Well at least doesn't look like we'll get any cold weather games
  2. Lol Aaron trying to get outta green bay too (the only threat in the NFC)
  3. Anti.. climactic.. see you in Green next year buddy!
  4. Get hurt doing what? Playing golf. His offensive line becomes the best and he won't get hit
  5. lol i love how that snuck ochocinco into the photo shoot miss that dude. Anyways jerseys are so similar to the browns. it's not fair lol
  6. That was cold what that man did to him lol
  7. Dang.. if this is true.. Its just crazy you grow up watching and idolizing these people you see on TV. Some of just freaking weirdos you would never give them the time of day to. Like really who TF does that? Just freaking take of your business your self bro lol. Rubbing your thighs and abs does it for you?! My my my..
  8. Yeah.. I meant to type the Saints. But autocorrect... So titans get lucky A-ints... Geezuz! Hahaha
  9. Injuries happen. But wasnt paris supposed to come back last year at some point? We never heard from him again.. he's probably still out
  10. Yes this is true. But my bro Titans get the Saints
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