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  1. Chrisaaron1023

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

    It was so excited having the ESPN coverage for those games. 2k5 as well. Coming in from playing outside on a cool fall day and popping this game in was a memory i will hold dear forever.. I'm still on Madden 17, couldn't see myself with 18 because of that dumb cover LOL... but it all seems the same... I keep asking myself if madden is so great.. why can't they get Aaron Rodgers drop back and pass mechanics right? lol that's all I'm waiting for.. it's been like 7 years madden...
  2. Chrisaaron1023

    Lesean Mccoy accused of domestic violence

    So sad.. I hate to see that.. I hope whoever did this will pay the penalty
  3. Chrisaaron1023

    Let's rank some QBs -- 2018 offseason

    wow.. what a breakdown.
  4. Chrisaaron1023

    NFL removes Color Rush

    Hahah I think some people are missing the story here.. "Thursday night games" are no longer color rush. But teams have the option to use them on Sunday 1 oclock, 4 oclock, or night games. You WILL still see these jerseys guys lol sorry..
  5. Kuzma HAS to start and Lonzo HAS to fix his shot and learn to play off the ball. This will be is the first time Lebron has played with a TRUE PG.. it'll be interesting.
  6. *tears* I love how you worded that lol. I saw a potential starting lineup for the Lakers, that'll have Lebron trading half that team away too. PG. Lonzo Ball SG. Kentavious Caldwell-Pop SF. Brandon Ingram PF. LeBron James C. JaVale McGee
  7. They spoke about moving Ball to the Spur.. they denied that.. no way Ball and Lebron can coexist the court lol. Lavar will be complaining the best player in the world controls the ball more than his "boy"
  8. Chrisaaron1023

    NFL removes Color Rush

    lol they will still be around.. just teams now have more freedom as to when to use them
  9. Chrisaaron1023

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    noooo That sucks.
  10. Chrisaaron1023

    Things I love (and hate) about the NFL

    The last few years I've really tried to not care too much about other games. I'll put them on, but if my daughters want to watch a movie, or the wife wants to go out to the store I'll go. They usually understand when the colts are on. So I act like the other games don't care as much to me. I can periodically check up on the scores. I must Cherish the young years of apple and pumpkin picking with the little ones. Soon enough I'll have all Sundays to football again
  11. Chrisaaron1023

    Things I love (and hate) about the NFL

    Night games are tough on us early risers (I'm at work by 6 am) but honestly it's just too constant. All day Sunday, and Monday night's are pushing it. Throw in Thursday night, and then Saturday's later on. My wife hates me during football season lol
  12. Chrisaaron1023

    Things I love (and hate) about the NFL

    Although it's just beginning to be summer, football season brings the fall crisp air. Earlier nights, hoodies, and the holidays. Not that football really has anything with those. But those are some of my enjoyments. I love having Sunday afternoons filled with action, heartache, and joy. I love watching NFL pregames and seeing the players warming up on the field across all the stadiums. I love hearing the CBS and FOX theme songs. And scrambling to set my fantasy lineup before 1:00. Getting all my Colts gear on and my Sunday Lunch and getting ready for the game. Things I dislike.. 1. Watching the Patriots win 2. Too many commercials 3. Thursday night games every week.
  13. Chrisaaron1023

    If you could..

    Ditto Ditto!
  14. Chrisaaron1023

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    BAHAHAHAHA!! I'm really happy to see this. But too funny this is breaking news! LETS GO ANDREW!!
  15. And Iggy was the difference between the Rockets series going 7 games too. Andre's strip of Love on the Baseline was a huge play in the game