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  1. Buffalo, killed me in mulitple ways last night. Not only did the Titans stay 2 games ahead.. I had zack moss, bills defense, Beasley, and bass on fantasy... it was my fault. I lost by 6 points. I benched Beasley because you neglected him the past two games.. You held on a kickoff return TD. Decided not to give the ball to your RB once one inside the 10 yard line And didn't kick a FG to tie the ball game. I have words I'm not allowed to use on here for you.
  2. Most random thought tonight.. why do NFL players get the water squirted into their mouths by someone else??!
  3. Because T.Y. runs such crisp routes. he is the one receiver we have who can constantly get open. ZP is a highly under-rated route runner IMO too. Good game yesterday I unfornunalty didn't get to see if all because of daughters dance recital, so I cant comment on the game as much.. but I will say. Since I started following the Colts in 2003 I haven't seen as many big runs as Jonathan Taylor has provided in a year and a half. We always used to be so methodical running the football. 5 yards 8 yards the occasional 15 yard burst. Buy my oh my Jonathan shows no mercy it's exciting!
  4. I wanted to change my browns pick as soon as i found out Chubb wasn't playing.. but the only other time i switched.. the jets made me pay.. oh well. 10-3 so far
  5. I thought the NFC was going to be cake this season. But they are pretty top heavy. Cardinals 5-1 Cowboys -5-1 Bucs 5-1 Rams 5-1 Packers 5-1
  6. Baker is horrible.. I thought the browns were supposed to be explosive.. OBJ cant get anything!?
  7. Booooo!! I'm still bitter from last week.. but I do like Lamar. He just looked more like lamar today and not Dan Manning
  8. I caught the most important 2nd half of the game lol good game guys.. now let's go bills!!
  9. Makes me even more mad.. so you mean to tell me we were dominating the 2nd best team in the AFC and then got lucky to lose... Smh
  10. Ballet recital. I get back to this pretty good! We've had some pretty big chunk plays huh 10 completions only And 200+ yards for Carson
  11. Their defense randomly came alive late last year.. kinda like those Patriots team of 2010-2019. Just learn to lock players down in December. They were 7-6 last year, didn't look any type of special, then put the clamps on late. I'm expecting the same crap this year IMO
  12. I was shocked when the drafted him when they had Wentz.. then equally as shocked when they started him ahead of Wentz.. I didn't agree with what the eagles were doing well before he was given to us
  13. Buccaneers 31 vs Eagles 25 Dolphins 22 vs Jaguars 24 Chiefs 31 vs Washington 27 Rams 27 vs Giants 13 Texans 20 vs Colts 28 Bengals 24 vs Lions 17 Packers 28 vs Bears 17 Chargers 31 vs Ravens 30 Vikings 23 vs Panthers 24 Cardinals 30 vs Browns 33 Raiders 20 vs Broncos 17 Cowboys 31 vs Patriots 17 Seahawks 16 vs Steelers 17 Bills 35 vs Titans 31 10-6 45-35 overall
  14. Well.. with the Ghost back we could possibly see campbell break out. 20+.. probably not. but I'm sure the Titans are getting cooked Monday night. But I feel you.. I've lost interest but they TY news has given me a bit of a spark this past hour!
  15. This is gonna be huge. our WR's were starting to settle in TY is such a good route runner and he will take eyes off of Pittman
  16. Same, I'm not very loud anyways, but I'll def do like a "lets go!" oh I got excited when Pitt scored. but I make absolutely no noise when losing. just sit in disbelief and vent on here lol
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