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  1. Hahahah were so good at holding we even hold when the other team is running
  2. this the Steelers getting "screwed" again? That's be hilarious
  3. Sounds fishy... But then again nothing in 2020 has made much sense regarding this sickness.. wear a mask "to" you table. Then remove it to eat. Because covid has 45 mins to wait before it pounces. We've been playing pin the tail on the donkey for 9 months now Good luck Broncos.. and good luck Colts
  4. Love his channel! I found it interesting that Julian Blackmon looks so small, but plays soo big lol
  5. Yeah that's ridiculous.. no human can control sickness. That's what making this whole thing ridiculous... You can try your best but running from sickness hasn't worked since the beginning of time. Such a shame we really put people down during this time..
  6. meh... that really sucks. But 4-5 games we've played, we've put up Points. Offense is gonna have to keep it up!
  7. Go away Covid... nobody likes you.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving colts fam be safe and enjoy with family!
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