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  1. Had the Colts won the SB vs New Orleans, that 2009 team would be considered one of the best teams of all time. The undefeated season debate would still rage on, then. lol
  2. I would prefer to have Wentz over Tannehill. Therefore, I rank Wentz above Tannehill. Lawrence is currently unrankable, imho.
  3. I am a little surprised that the 2nd can become a 1st, but a 3rd & a 2nd is pretty much very close to what I was expecting. So now we must hope for 2017 Wentz, sans the injury. Go Colts!
  4. He was in 2017. In fact, he was one of the front runner MVP candidates, but then got injured late.
  5. Here’s a question ... do most of you think that Trevor Lawrence is like Manning or Luck, a can’t miss prospect? If he is, thinking back, what plethora of draft picks would you have been willing to give up to move up from a mid-late draft slot to take Manning or Luck? Further, if Lawrence is such a can’t miss guy, would the team’s ability to further build be crippled by giving up what it would take to get him?
  6. As that day approaches, if I am CB, my offer will keep going down.
  7. Pat Kirwin did - he shared how insiders were raving, how some were saying nobody can sling it better that he can. I took note, so when KC moved up to take him, I also took notice of that. Mahomes is no surprise to those that really paid attention.
  8. I still think, if it’s just Wentz, not more than a 3rd this year or 2nd next year, max. Hey, I could be wrong, but that is how I value Wentz and the Philly situation. If Ertz is also involved, well then that does complicate matters.
  9. If the Colts trade for Wentz, and I do me IF, I predict they will not give up more than a 3rd rounder this year or a 2nd next year. If the price is higher, then I predict Wentz will not be coming to the Colts. I predict that my prediction has a 50/50 chance of being correct. Honestly, I would not be disappointed if the Colts get Wentz. There was a time I was thinking, wow, he’s looking better than Luck. Then he got injured and hasn’t really been the same since. Can he regain his prowess? Time will tell. Go Colts.
  10. I agree about Manning’s quick release, but based on what I saw, not even his quick release would’ve saved him. He was already under siege before his missed year and it was far worse than anything he had before faced. I mean, it’s all now conjecture at this point, but I know what I saw and my opinion at the time is as it is now. No way an aging Manning with a questionable arm coming off of his injury year could’ve survived on the near talentless Colts that Luck somehow saved. And remember, it was the new regime
  11. Manning is an all-time great. One of the very best, bar none. However, after 2011, Manning would’ve been DESTROYED behind those porous lines of the Grigson era. I remember vividly thinking at the time, thank goodness for Luck, for as great as Manning was, due to lack of mobility, there is just NO way he could’ve thrived with the post 2011 Colts like the physically gifted Luck was able to. After Luck’s comeback of the year, had he been physically (& mentally) right, Luck would’ve been back on a HOF trajectory. As a fan, it was just an uber disappointing punch to th
  12. In reality, I think that Luck’s words of congratulation to Castonzo for retiring on his terms, are most telling. Would love for Luck to come back, but despite all the recent rumours, it is just such a remote, unlikely possibility. I have no issue of people dreaming about, though, especially during an in need of a QB off-season. Soon enough, when the Colts do make their move for a QB, the rumours will be put to bed for good, for if Luck WERE actually entertaining a comeback, the timing is now. For it not to happen “now”, that shows definitively his intent.
  13. Funny, Robert Mathis tweeted this ... “ROBERT MATHIS The1st @RobertMathis98 I think if every fan in LOS that booed Andrew that infamous night wrote him a heartfelt apology letter, it would get the ball rolling” Get to work, Colts nation! ;)
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