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  1. Taylor should never have less than 15 carries in a game and he should be getting 20-25 touches (runs & passes) per game. He is just such an electric game breaker! The ONLY reason Taylor shouldn’t be in the game is because he needs a for real breather. Only then should Hines (or Mack) replace him. Wanna use those other backs, then scheme them in at the same time with creative player groupings, but you leave Taylor in! That way, defences have to account for him, which opens up a lot of alternative play action and misdirection plays. Colts offensive play calling needs to become elite to turn this offence loose!
  2. Simply put, the Colts cannot realistically win the division if they lose this next game vs the Titans. Before the game vs SF, I said the Colts need to win 3 out of the next 4 games, with 1 of those wins having to be vs the Titans. I am now looking for them to go 3 for 3 in the next 3 games, starting with victory over the Titans. Lose and kiss the division championship goodbye. Lose and a wildcard slot becomes even more formidable of a goal to accomplish. Losing is not an option. Colts need to step up. Go Colts!
  3. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2021/10/21/22738100/colts-wr-t-y-hilton-reportedly-restructures-contract-to-create-extra-salary-cap-space
  4. Unless the Colts really up their game, the best I see them going is 10-7. At this point, though, it feels like 9-8 to me, which really sucks because right now the Colts should be 4-2, not 2-4. The Titans’ victory over the Bills last night really hurts the Colts’ playoff chances.
  5. Colts need to win 3 of the next 4, with the game vs the Titans absolutely being a win.
  6. IIRC, this is what happened last year … when the Colts would win to get into position, the Titans would unexpectedly beat teams they were expected to lose to.
  7. If the Colts don’t win this game, they are done for the season. I predict the Colts will win big. Go Colts!
  8. On SiriusXM’s Moving The Chains, Pat Kirwin advocated that trading Mack has to be for a player and he tossed out Tardif’s name. If I recall correctly, Jim Miller said he’s not so sure you want to trade Mack at all at this point. Unrelated, both Miller & Kirwin said they’re really impressed by the Colts, that they’ve been decimated by injuries, but despite that and the 1-4 record, they think they’ll still be in the mix for the AFC South title.
  9. Because Reich didn’t take the 90%+ single PAT after the 2nd TD, instead going for the much lower % for the Colts 2 pt try in a panic because the first TD extra point was missed. Giving away early in game give me points early in games are coaching decisions that continue to cause the team to lose games. Of course, there’s other reasons, but that single point was the difference between a 2 score lead and a three score lead. Reich seems lost in the illusion of analytics rather than looking at scoring differentials and game flow.
  10. I didn’t see it mentioned, but I guess one nice take away is ending the Ravens rushing 100 yds + per game streak, stopping them from setting the record.
  11. To Frank’s 2nd guessing, well DUH! Newsflash, you’re the HC ad the O play caller, you should know well in advance about this. <face palm>
  12. The 3rd down run call there was atrocious. The play action pass could NOT have been better set up than it was in that exact moment. Ravens sold out to stop the run and it would’ve been SO easy to pass for the 1st down off the fake run. I am just utterly disgusted by what I consider to be brain dead play calls in critical game changing moments and by Reich continually leaving points on the field. Early on, your having your way of it … and then you make the bone headed decision to go for 2 points in a panic just because you missed the extra point on the 1st TD. Reich, EVERY point matters! Ugh. So frustrating.
  13. A single point on the 2nd TD & the game would’ve been a win. Reich keeps leaving points on the field and it keeps costing the team Ws. Wentz is the man if he can be protected and if Reich can get his game decision making sorted out.
  14. I feel like the Colts will now lose. Hope I am wrong.
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