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  1. A few more roster spots, absolutely! I think it madness that it hasn’t gone to a 50 person game day roster.
  2. Well you can’t grade the cost to get a player looking at just this year’s draft. You have to grade in full context. It is entirely not accurate to say a 3rd for Carson Wentz, so A+, even if the discussion is THIS draft. That’s my point. Btw, I like the rest of your post.
  3. Wentz = 3rd this year and a first next year (barring injury). If he becomes the franchise QB for multiple years as a top 10 QB, then yes, it’s an A-A+, but let’s not pretend it’s just a 3rd rounder.
  4. Last night on SiriusXM Late Hits show with Bill Polian, Chris Ballard was asked by Bill to comment on the OTs, saying I know the answer, but for the listeners … Chris then talked about “prototypical” LT measurables that keep showing up on the most successful LTs over the years. Implication being none of this year’s crop were prototypical like Ballard desires. He qualified that by saying there are of course exceptions, and that this years OT class was full of good players. My take away being, although this year’s class was full of good O-linemen, none of them that were available had the meas
  5. Here’s what YahooSports had to say / grade ... “Picks: 1-21: Michigan EDGE Kwity Paye; 2-54: Vanderbilt EDGE Dayo Odeyingbo; 4-127: SMU TE Kylen Granson; 5-165: Florida S Shawn Davis; 6-218: Texas QB Sam Ehlinger; 7-229: Charleston (W. Va.) WR Mike Strachan; 7-248: Penn State OG Will Fries Favorite pick: Odeyingbo It was about a round sooner than I thought he would go. The reason for that is the torn Achilles that Odeyingbo suffered in January, an injury that likely will make him a PUP list candidate and carve into his rookie season. Regardless, if we look l
  6. The problem on Fisher, as I understand it, is that he won’t be good to go until mid season at the earliest. Almost like he’d be a signing for 2022. Maybe I’m wrong or what I’ve heard is wrong, I mean, if not for his injury, I’d be all for signing Fisher.
  7. I understand Ballard’s assertion that Paye was their highest rated player on board, but retrospectively, given the 2nd round run on OTs and the Colts’ selection of Dayo Odeyingbo in the 2nd, I can’t help but think the “team” would be more well rounded if they had instead taken Darrisaw at OT in the first. That way, 2 needs seemingly filled, most importantly LT, rather than having doubled down on the DL, to the detriment of the OL. Of course, perhaps it will be that both Paye & Dayo will become super effective stud game changers on the DL and Ballard will have somehow more than
  8. Amen. I was so disappointed at that play. I feel like it would’ve been game over, knockout punch delivered. Everybody talks about hank basket, but the Garçon drop was the real game changer.
  9. My “piling on Grigson” was saying he did not se-sign Wayne to the one final year that Wayne was seeking. I to this day feel that it was a travesty to not give Reggie his final go, which ultimately led to Reggie’s retirement after signing with the dreaded Pats. I think Grigs owed Reggie the courtesy for his signing on for 2012 and beyond at a below market deal and for all Reggie brought to the Colts over the years. I never mentioned anything about Grigson’s track record, both good and bad, but now that you brought up the piling on topic, I will say this ... Ballard’s re-signing TY
  10. If you are a coach, is it not impossible to speak in any way other than coach speak? I mean, when a coach speaks ... it is what it is.
  11. I am very happy that TY got the contract to come back. Something Reggie was denied by Grigson when he wanted one last year.
  12. We’ll, his 2012 was epic and it flowed into 2013. Was just going off the top of my aged head.
  13. I hope the result is similar as well, for imho Reggie’s best two years were his 1st two years with Luck!
  14. Expanding on what Kirwin had to say in loving the signing ... Sam Tevi played 1,024 plays last year and gave up only 1 sack. 26 years old.
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