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  1. rockywoj

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    Tweak is simple, make it just like if a FG is scored on the first OT possession. Other team gets a chance to possess the ball. It should be the same for a TD. I mean, how is a TD really any different than a FG? One type of score justifies giving the other team an opportunity, but a different type of score does not? That's dumb. Just make the simple change, both teams are to be given a chance to possess the ball on offense. Once both teams have had one possession, it becomes sudden death. So in the examples from yesterday, NE scored on the initial possession, so they should then KO to the KC and the Chiefs get a chance to score the tying TD and extra point. In the Saints / Rams game, nothing would have changed. Saints received the initial possession. Brees tosses the INT. Rams get their possession and score for the win. Fair.
  2. rockywoj

    Andrew is PFWA comeback player of the year

    Well before the season started, I confidently proclaimed that Luck would win comeback player of the year, this year. It’s posted several times here at the forums in various threads. So confident was I that I even made a bet with a real life friend. I expect a lot of beer to soon be coming my way as payoff. lol
  3. rockywoj

    Ballard press conference

    Well remember, his first Colts draft was with Grigson’s draft crew and picking for Pagano’s scheme. This past year, he had his own draft crew in place. He gets a pass for his first draft.
  4. rockywoj

    Reality check

    8-0 at home, 5-3 on the Road ... 13-3 and a first round bye.
  5. The way the Chargers are being manhandled by the Pats makes me feel better about the Colts’ performance against the Chiefs. Weird, but true. lol
  6. rockywoj

    The Day After Analysis........ 2 Cents from Deano

    The bold, spot on. I just don’t understand why you don’t keep the defense always guessing, with the run being a very real option to have to account for. Ergo, always keeping an RB in the formation.
  7. rockywoj

    The Day After Analysis........ 2 Cents from Deano

    I also find it to be borderline laughable, these comments saying Leonard needs to beef up and drastically improve. He’s an All-Pro in his first year and very possibly going to be DROY, for goodness sakes. Trying to shine a light on so called Leonard short comings are, quite frankly, utterly ludicrous!
  8. rockywoj

    The Day After Analysis........ 2 Cents from Deano

    I very much disagree that Rogers is a keeper. If he’s on the team next year, it will, imho, be because the Colts failed to adequately upgrade their WR crew. Also, I have seen nothing from him as a returner that makes me think you need to keep him.
  9. rockywoj

    It all came down to this...

    Stopping them on 3rd down, but then giving them the 1st down due to penalty = take 7pts off the board for the Chiefs. Add back the Vinny misses and the Colts were right in the game, 17-17. As as bad as it seemed, this game was there for the taking. Missed opportunities and errors did the Colts in. Oh, plus good game by the Chiefs. 2019, Go Colts!
  10. Key Stat from Moving The Chains . heading into this weekend, of the 4 home teams remaining, the Chiefs had the 2nd best defense at home. Their defence was not nearly as bad as being hyped.
  11. Just 2 guys to cover ... Hill & Kelce. How hard can it be?
  12. Quentin Nelson is a BEAST!
  13. Yup. Coming down pretty good.
  14. Definitely snow accumulation over night. Currently a gentle whiteout! Perfect conditions for the Colts in their all-white uniforms. Go Colts!
  15. Well, the Uber drivers were talking about how bad the weather is. Understand, I’m from Canada and the weather I am currently seeing here in KC makes me go pffft, no big thang. It’s warm and the snow is comparatively light.