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  1. If memory serves, in the most recent NFL.com 4 round mock draft from a day or two ago, they had the Colts taking Shenault with their first pick of the 2nd round and they had Eason falling to the Colts in the 3rd round. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001107683/article/fourround-2020-nfl-mock-draft-buccaneers-nab-rb-in-round-2
  2. Remember how well the so called washed up Charles Woodson was for the Packers from age 30-36, making the ProBowl 4 times? Perhaps with Rhodes his career will entail a similar rebirth! I am an advocate of this low risk signing. Really nothing to lose in giving Rhodes the opportunity to recapture his stellar play. Somewhat unrelated, I wonder if S Eric Berry is still in play. Hmmmm.
  3. A+ for the trade. Fingers crossed that Buckner doesn’t end up getting injured.
  4. I think Brissett would serve as an excellent backup. I don’t care about his salary, for it’s not coming out of my wallet. Ergo, bottom line, Colts are currently a stronger, deeper team with Brissett as Rivers’ backup, than without him. Go Colts!
  5. 13th pick for a young all-pro DT in a position of need? Bloody A all the way!
  6. I am almost thinking that if the Colts don’t sign Rivers, it’s simply because his asking price was too high. If they do sign him, a 2 year deal sounds about perfect.
  7. Always been a bit of Brett Favre in Rivers. To be fair, though, as I understand it, Rivers was under siege last year. And, imho, this talk about his arm being shot, being a wet noodle ... simply ludicrous assertions.
  8. I said it several weeks ago, I would not be surprised if Tua ends up being the Bengals’ pick.
  9. Austin Hooper being paid as the best TE in the league = overspending, imho. Way to go Browns. lol
  10. I agree with the both of you. Based on how their mock proceeded, I’d rather Kinlaw. I know there’s a lot of expressed concern because of his injury, but it sounded like he was unblockable during the Senior Bowl workouts. If he checks out medically, Kinlaw would be another key piece in building a truly formidable defence.
  11. I’d rather get an actual extra pick, like Foles and a 3rd. Taking on Foles just to move up 4 spots = kind of meh to me.
  12. As in they trade Foles and a draft pick to the Colts to take Foles off their hands? Then maybe. I still am of the opinion that QB remains a position of need, though, even with that.
  13. They can announce that they have agreed in principle to a deal, but they cannot actually sign free agents until Wednesday, unless said free agents had previously been actually cut. Rivers was not actually cut.
  14. I feel compelled to again emphasize that, imho, Foles is a journeyman / top flight backup type of QB. I would not, at all, advocate for the acquisition of Foles.
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