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  1. I thought Hines did a fine job on punt returns.
  2. I am not blaming him, but you can bet there’d be all kinds of blame being cast at Vinny if it was he that was only 66.67% on his FGs, missing that last key kick that would’ve put the Colts up by 7. So my point is, I find it curious, that’s all I was saying.
  3. Curious, not a word about the new kicker? If it had been Vinny that missed that last FG, right now I am pretty sure there’d be a very popular “replace Vinny, he lost us another game” thread.
  4. And yet it had no impact on the play. Guy mostly remained occupied by Nelson, but then when he did break free, Brissett had already rolled right and threw the ball. Ergo, irrelevant play.
  5. If Tua falls to the Colts because of his injury ..... but otherwise, I prefer continuing to add to the team. Keep building the defense and add WEAPONS!
  6. One of the blocked kicks looked like a low trajectory issue. The one that was blocked and returned for a TD, that was in no way on Vinny. Just a total line blocking breakdown.
  7. During the broadcast of the last game, one of the commenters mentioned that Vinny has been fighting an injury all year, which has prevented him from following through on his kicks. Likened it to a golfer doing a chip swing, with minimal follow through. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt in that they have some inside knowledge, not just making that up. Ergo, this latest move makes perfect sense, especially if the Colts are very confident that Vinny is retiring after this year. Secure the kicker you’re interested in right now. Prudent.
  8. Yet another winnable game that slipped away. That is 3rd, maybe 4th time this year they gave away games they should’ve won. tough when your # 1 WR was meant to be your 4th or 5th. That is why one has to take the poor O performance with a grain of salt. But still, very disappointing.
  9. The thing about Ebron is that he is what he is. Drops were always going to be a thing with him, but in return you’d get some amazing, key plays. Just the price of having Eric Ebron. I think love him or hate him, though, he was an excellent signing that yielded dividends. A shame his time with the Colts might end like this.
  10. Contain Watson, cover Hopkins. Simple. Oops!
  11. Just wow. Down by only 3, yeah offence has been sluggish, but the Debbie Downers on here. <roll eyes> That “trash“ defence just came up with a key pick. Great opportunity here, now! Go Colts!
  12. Not only was he hit while doing the QB slide, but the guy hit him helmet to helmet. Real good jobs, refs. <roll eyes>
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