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  1. What, no Campbell?
  2. He was also FAR better than Bradshaw, who is also in the HOF. It is sad how Jones never got the legacy recognition he was deserving of. My Rushmore is Unitas, Montana, Marino, & Manning. Brady is the winningest, but to me, from a day to day talent standpoint, he was more the benefactor of great all around teams, than a do it yourself immense talent. He’s in my top 6, though, to be fair.
  3. Debatable, perhaps, but he was a league MVP and an all-time warrior. I still say Jones is the best QB not in the HOF, and if not for injuries, he surely would be in. Unitas, his status, with reference to the era, is undeniable. Arguably one of the best QBs ever that set new standards not overcome until the modern era.
  4. Good qualification there, as I was about to say 4th, but then noted the emphasis on ”Indianapolis”. Thus, I agree! Such a shame we didn’t get to witness Luck’s true potential realized. If we had, there might not have needed to be that “qualification”.
  5. And to think, there were more than just a few here at the forum that laughed at the notion I supported, which was taking Big Q with the 3rd overall pick. As it turned out, though, the trade Ballard pulled off moving down and still getting Nelson was brilliant, thus making the selection of a Guard a little more palatable, though some still complained that it was too high of a spot to select a Guard. I stand by the notion, though, that Nelson was well worth that 3rd overall pick, if that had been what it came down to. A notion that has been reinforced over and over and over by Nelson’s performance and growing reputation as a teammate that makes everyone around him better. Go Colts!
  6. A good’ol Winnipeg boy.
  7. One of my favorite position coaches ever. RIP
  8. If one accepts the premise that the Colts are to be much improved over last year and a serious playoff contender, looking at the schedule, those first 7 games, they should be 6-1. First game being a division game, it’s a very important tone setter and might serve as an important clue as to how the season might actually go. Go Colts!
  9. If he’s not motivated for this season, a contract year ... and not just any contract year, but THE most lucrative contract year he is likely to ever have in his career, then Hooker has BIG time motivation issues. That being said, I don’t accept what you say about him not being motivated.
  10. I propose this topic be moved to Colts Football. Shula is my all-time favourite coach and he became Colts coach in 1963, the year I was born. Though most may remember him as coach of the Dolphins, he was extremely successful as the Colts HC for the better part of a decade. An indelible part of my Colts love! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001112598/article/don-shula-dies-at-age-90-iconic-coach-left-indelible-mark-on-nfl
  11. Ballard has a very impressive bar! Frank Reich needs to hire Ballard’s interior designer to spruce up that bland space of his. lol Irsay’s Theater room looks impressive. For a cool billionaire, I’d expect nothing less. Loved the video series! Wish there were more team productions like this giving an inside glimpse throughout the whole year!
  12. From what I have been reading, the price of exercising the option is middle of the road affordable, so I personally don’t see a downside. If he performs closer to expectation, then he’s affordably locked in for an extra year. If totally unhappy with his upcoming performance, then trade or cut him.
  13. I didn’t think there were any real head scratchers. “None” should’ve been an option. i graded it a B, although, if I factor in the 13th pick in the 1st round for a young All-Pro / ProBowl DT, that would bump my grade to an A. Pittman is filling my perception of the biggest need, but I am most intrigued by Taylor. Voted best RB in college football two years in a row? THIS could end up being the most impactful get in the draft. A lot of people were mocking Eason to the Colts in the 2nd. Getting him mid round is such a better value / a good flier. If Brissett isn’t traded, Colts roll with Rivers, Brissett, & Eason. Chad Kelly might get another year on the practice squad.
  14. I was quite disappointed that the Colts didn’t draft Josh Jones when he was there for the taking.
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