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  1. I think you have a misunderstanding of mental limitations if you think your mental state has anything to do with heart! If someone is mentally unable to do something, it's the same thing as being physically unable to do it they simply can't do it! Mental limitation will shut anybody down just as fast as a broken leg or back!
  2. I think your statement is accurate! That's the scary part. How long will it take to find someone better!
  3. Looks just like him! I just stated the same thing few minutes ago!
  4. He doesn't throw interception because he doesn't take any risk. Rarely does he throw to a covered reciever! Game manger for sure! I dont think he sucks he can win some games but dont think he wins many!
  5. Its laughable people that thinks he is more than a back up. He is what he is a backup. His stats are almost identical to his 2017 stats. Scared to take a chance because he knows he can't accurately throw in tight windows.
  6. Can anyone that backs Jacoby Brissett please tell me what he does good? Accuracy cannot be taught you either have it or you don't he clearly doesn't! I was hopeful he would be the answer but he clearly isn't!
  7. I feel asleep at half time. That's a first for me! This team has given up! Brissett is far from the answer. If we roll with him next year we will probably get 1st overall pick!
  8. I disagree on Brissett being a Franchise Qb. It seems to me he is to safe with the ball and doesn't take any calculated risk plays and never trusts his receiver to make the play. Only seems to make the safest plays.
  9. I use to go to the sports bar that had the ticket. Didn't take long to figure out it NFL Sunday Ticket was a lot cheaper than hanging out at a bar eating and drinking.
  10. If a player, who satisfied (a) and (b), but has not satisfied (c), contacts the ground and loses control of the ball, it is an incomplete pass if the ball hits the ground before he regains control, or if he regains control out of bounds. In Ebrons case he was out of bounds
  11. I agree no catch. He clearly bobbled the ball and even switched hands out of bounds trying to secure it.
  12. Hilton was considered a runner after catching the ball and running . Ebron was trying to complete the catch while going to the ground bobbled the ball and also switched hands while out of bounds. I believe it was the correct call
  13. How can you say He lied. He obviously was trying to and wanted to get back on the field or he wouldn't have been doing any football related drills for rehab. He my not have gave us the full disclosure at what was holding him back ( mental health) but I strongly believe he tried his best to get back on the field and he just couldn't shake it! Celebrating another man being booed in front of millions because he made a decision to better himself lol. News flash he owes you nothing nor does anybody else you are entitled to Nothing.
  14. Was the right decision for Peyton and the team. Irsay did what was best for the team and Peyton benefited from it. Peyton Manning will always be my all time favorite player but even I knew that it was the right decision then and now!
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