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  1. I use to go to the sports bar that had the ticket. Didn't take long to figure out it NFL Sunday Ticket was a lot cheaper than hanging out at a bar eating and drinking.
  2. If a player, who satisfied (a) and (b), but has not satisfied (c), contacts the ground and loses control of the ball, it is an incomplete pass if the ball hits the ground before he regains control, or if he regains control out of bounds. In Ebrons case he was out of bounds
  3. I agree no catch. He clearly bobbled the ball and even switched hands out of bounds trying to secure it.
  4. Hilton was considered a runner after catching the ball and running . Ebron was trying to complete the catch while going to the ground bobbled the ball and also switched hands while out of bounds. I believe it was the correct call
  5. How can you say He lied. He obviously was trying to and wanted to get back on the field or he wouldn't have been doing any football related drills for rehab. He my not have gave us the full disclosure at what was holding him back ( mental health) but I strongly believe he tried his best to get back on the field and he just couldn't shake it! Celebrating another man being booed in front of millions because he made a decision to better himself lol. News flash he owes you nothing nor does anybody else you are entitled to Nothing.
  6. Was the right decision for Peyton and the team. Irsay did what was best for the team and Peyton benefited from it. Peyton Manning will always be my all time favorite player but even I knew that it was the right decision then and now!
  7. I still do not side with the booing. The emotions I get, but booing someone before we even know the details just doesn't paint a good picture as a person. To me he is dealing with way more than a ankle injury. I am wondering if he has a severe case of depression of some sort. Mental disabilities do not discriminate because you have money and come from a great family. There are plenty of people that has committed suicide when everyone around them thought they had the perfect life. I pray Andrew finds piece rather that be away from football or coming back in a year or two. Still love our colts and hope we move on from this sooner rather than later. Next Man Up
  8. I think he can win some games but I do not think he is the answer. I hope he proves me wrong. Man this really stinks
  9. Shame on all the fans that booed him off the field. I am not from Indy but have always heard of Hoosiers hospitality. This was a display of poor class. That man owes us nothing. He has taking a beating and looks to be mentally broken. I hope he comes back to the stadium for one last goodbye. This was horrible.
  10. not unhappy everything is good i just thought 20 post was a lil much thats all it has to be some kind of rules and i understand

  11. Sorry you are unhappy. We are just trying this new rule out to address a high volume of posts from new members that did not follow the site rules.

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