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  1. Free Agent Lt and draft one in the top three rounds! I don't want to see Nelson or Smith in at LT.
  2. I don't think ty should be in the game for a hail marry
  3. Challenge that play really! Frank you are kidding me
  4. Reich needs to learn the game of momentum! He clearly handed it right to them with the cute pitch to Taylor and going for it on 4th. If you are going for it on 4th just hand it to Taylor 2 plays in a row!
  5. I agree if you ever lose a 17 point lead the majority of the blame should be on coaching.
  6. I am all for being aggressive but take the 3 and take lead up by a touchdown
  7. The ball was already moving before he made a football move. Should've been incomplete pass especially since that is what was called first!
  8. Last year we ran the ball even if they stacked the box or not. That's why I was saying we must use the passing game to establish the run. To prevent them from stacking the box.To me its obvious we are missing Mack and no longer can run the ball if you know we are running
  9. We are 25th in the league in rushing despite the fact we are top five in running attempts per game. Frank at times seems to be stubborn on his play calls trying to force a running game that we don't have. I know we must run the ball to keep them honest and wouldn't prefer to air it out but it seems to me we need to open up the Passing game to establish the running game.
  10. My dad and I was talking Colts football yesterday, I made the statement that Leanord was the closes thing to Lewis I have ever seen. He may not be as good at the moment but his play and fire sure reminds me of Lewis. Our defense feeds off of his energy
  11. I think you have a misunderstanding of mental limitations if you think your mental state has anything to do with heart! If someone is mentally unable to do something, it's the same thing as being physically unable to do it they simply can't do it! Mental limitation will shut anybody down just as fast as a broken leg or back!
  12. I think your statement is accurate! That's the scary part. How long will it take to find someone better!
  13. Looks just like him! I just stated the same thing few minutes ago!
  14. He doesn't throw interception because he doesn't take any risk. Rarely does he throw to a covered reciever! Game manger for sure! I dont think he sucks he can win some games but dont think he wins many!
  15. Its laughable people that thinks he is more than a back up. He is what he is a backup. His stats are almost identical to his 2017 stats. Scared to take a chance because he knows he can't accurately throw in tight windows.
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