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  1. I know, but aren't they both fragile?
  2. Are you talking about Hooker being to fragile?
  3. I've been watching a lot of football since the late 60s and it sure looks worse to me. The game has changed a lot as has the officiating. I'm in favor of the replacement refs. The mistakes these guys make every week is way beyond acceptable. Again maybe it's more than that.
  4. Just don't understand why they are getting worse. Officiating has never been this bad collectively. Starting to wonder if there's more to it than human error??????
  5. That would be great as he's available most every Sunday.
  6. All of our Ohio State players are on the shelf.
  7. I would like them to cover the receiver sometimes.
  8. I just haven't seen his impact yet this year. I was looking for him to be a dominant edge rusher. https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/_/id/14048/justin-houston
  9. I was talking about Justin Houston on the Colts.
  10. Houston has been a disappointment so far. I thought he would be able to generate the pass rush the team needed.
  11. Maybe they could trade for Dontrelle Inman.
  12. Are they on the discount rack?
  13. Add Lewis and Hooker to the injury history report. Colts have not been lucky with these Ohio State players over the years.
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