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  1. He would be a wasted roster spot and wasted resources. This guy not only drops way too many balls, he doesn’t even go after them.
  2. Contracts aren't worth the paper they are printed on. Players don't want to honor a contract, they renegotiate or quit.
  3. If you are right season ticket sales will more than likely be down. I’m done driving two and a half hours one way since the late 90’s. My friend that has four is also done, but we are old fans so the driving versus the perceived product pushed us over the edge.
  4. I guess it depended on when they found out that Luck was considering retirement. I have no idea when that original conversation took place.
  5. Looks like they could have traded for Tannehill.
  6. Once I was ready to retire it certainly was for me. Mentally can’t wait to leave the job and was just doing enough to get by. If he gets hurt just watch to see how fast he comes back. Oh those hamstring injuries And sore backs are a +.
  7. Once a guy thinks about retirement he already has then mentally. He probably will never be all in even with a big fat contract.
  8. Stick with Brissett and fool some people they are actually trying to win.
  9. They probably realized they would have to get a real job.
  10. I would highly doubt Prescott or Brees would be available. I would also doubt if Herbert would fall to us unless they trade up which seems unlikely.
  11. Maybe they will bring in Eli Manning. Stranger things have happened.
  12. These guys make so much money today that playing a few years sets them up for life without being a cripple down the road.
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