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  1. Wonder how so many Bengal fans were there with such limited tickets available?
  2. Pretty hard to get chemistry when he misses so many practices.
  3. Joe Namath changed the perception of the AFL being able to play with the NFL. You’re right about the stats, but it’s not always about stats. In his case yes for me. I’ll give you one that doesn’t IMO Lynn Swann.
  4. It’s really tough to answer that. Every era has different criteria. Today QB’s and WR’s all have big numbers as the game has changed. Super Bowls are not the defining act for me to declare a player HOF worthy. Many players are in the hall which I don’t agree with. The hall is too watered down and some are in due to being in broadcasting and they get votes buddy system. Lol! Being an old timer watching games in different eras, there is no clear cut statistics answer. I will say when a player comes up for consideration for the hall, it’s pretty easy to determine if they are truly worth
  5. Just to be clear, I posted that the Rivers signing was a poor one. I don’t agree with everything the Colts do and that doesn’t make my opinions ridiculous or wrong just because you don’t agree.
  6. He’s played a long time so he has numbers. He’s been durable so kudos to him for that. Sorry to disagree, but don’t see him as one of the all time greats.
  7. I certainly don’t think HOF when I hear Phillip Rivers name mentioned. The hall has been watered down so maybe you get him in.
  8. We also know everything about Rivers for the past 17 years and it’s not all that either.
  9. The Chargers would not of let him walk if they thought he had anything in the tank. Herbert could have played or learned behind Rivers, but they moved on. The mistakes Rivers made is beyond explanation for a 17 year veteran.
  10. Rivers has had many poor games during the past few years. That’s why the Chargers parted ways with him. Now the Colts are going to end up wasting this year with him.
  11. He’s the player that Hooker wasn’t.
  12. Hilton is more than capable of a breakout game but, doing it consistently is the issue with aging players.
  13. Terry McLaurin is doing pretty good so far. Wish the Colts would have taken him.
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