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  1. I would take Nick Foles over him.
  2. He hasn’t been healthy for the past two years, so looking forward the odds are against it. He needs to prove he can play out this season healthy and productive to get an extension.
  3. Then they need to play the starters more than 6 to 8 plays during the pre season. The Colts haven’t been ready to play once the regular season starts.
  4. I guess he can sit home and count his 97 million dollars he made in a short time.
  5. I like this draft a lot. The one move I wouldn’t have made was trading down and missing out on Lattimore. Aside from that, don’t think they could have done much better.
  6. Cephus looked good on the couple games I saw him play.
  7. There is no way to have done any research in the minds of the Colts brass in knowing what players they would have selected had they stayed put. No one on the planet would have had Leonard going that high. There are other players teams take that are not rated by the various services that are a head scratcher to the casual fan. The Bears took Kyle Long high years ago going from memory. We just don’t know who anyone takes during the draft as trades, anticipation, emotion or other factors occur during the process.
  8. You don’t know who the Colts would have selected had they stayed put.
  9. If you really believe that is going to happen very often then good luck. That pick was a fluke and when it was made it was highly questionable.
  10. Extremely sad news to hear. Curtis was a hall of famer in my book.
  11. The Colts have had more than their share of players made of glass. Why consider players already that have been hurt in college? Players like this are free agent signings and not draft picks.
  12. Take the best player with your pick. Missing a player trading down is a lack of confidence. Trading down if it doesn’t work out then it’s not as big a mistake. Colts need difference makers not just volume. Ballard can get volume on undrafted free agents.
  13. This signing certainly does not rule that out. He only has 4 lifetime carries.
  14. With all the money he’s had available for free agency, his spending or lack of spending has been questionable.
  15. I hope you’re right, but seeing I believing. I don’t like Gordon as he fumbles to much for my liking.
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