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  1. So was Jacksonville last year a hard game for us.
  2. That says all one needs to know about Leno. Cut a left tackle and keep an aging non productive tight end.
  3. If Leno is an upgrade then I question why the team signed all these other guys that really can’t play. They aren’t any better than Clark. Should have drafted one rather than signing up quantity over quality.
  4. That may be, but why cut one of the most prized positions on a team when he wasn’t all that expensive? It would make sense to cut Nick Foles to save bucks if Leno was as good as some think.
  5. Have you seen Leno play much? I have seen him a lot and he’s not all that great. The Bears don’t think so either since they let him walk and drafted his replacement and put all their eggs on the rookie.
  6. I like some of these free agents more than some of the draft picks. Glad they were able to get them.
  7. Eason obviously doesn’t have his athleticism, but until he is given a chance we don’t know how good or bad he is. He may have great upside and would certainly like to see him play some.
  8. And scouts said the same about Trey Lance yet he has a lot of upside potential allegedly.
  9. Like the pick as it strengthens the roster.
  10. You think he makes the team and I don’t. We just have differing opinions.
  11. Disappointing pick! Put me down for a bust.
  12. Absolute home run pick. Getting a pass rusher is great news.
  13. If the so called talking heads get 5 correct that would also be good.
  14. I don’t think that position deserves that type of money. Unless cap money goes up a ton just can’t see paying linebackers that type of coin. Paying linebackers huge money has not worked out for many teams in the past.
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