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  1. I thought Chad Kelly was no longer with the team.
  2. That’s really too bad you disagree with me. I may not be able to sleep tonight.
  3. He may not be a problem, but he is not the solution. Colts will not win a championship with him. Sign him have another pretty good year maybe and waste another year. Maybe I’m along on this, but winning the super bowl should be the goal. With Rivers that ain’t happening. If they resign him then we know the club is not all about winning.
  4. The league is and has been an opportunity for recycled head coaches for a long time.
  5. Throw in the rights to Castonzo, Luck and trade Hooker and Clark and a second round pick. They will take it. Oops forgot Bill O’Brien is no longer there.
  6. Le’Raven is the next man up now.
  7. He will be the next Ohio State bust.
  8. I hope he is gone after that boneheaded play yesterday. Can’t tolerate mistakes like that from barely productive players.
  9. Throw in Hooker with a St Elmos steak and see if anyone bites.
  10. Special thanks to Turray! His bonehead play cost a touchdown.
  11. And many here didn’t like the draft pick. Lol
  12. He enjoyed the pro bowl a few months earlier and when he quit it really screwed the Colts and the fans. The timing couldn’t have been worse. And to cap it off, Irsay gave him 26 million to have a nice day. As a fan it really chaps my *.
  13. The Ohio State players the Colts have drafted for the past 20-30 years have been underwhelming to say it kindly. I again hope they take a hard pass on them. It just hasn’t worked out for the Colts.
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