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  1. They are getting close to calling me and you up.
  2. That’s to bad they got him and the Colts didn’t. Really thought he could of helped. Maybe he didn’t want to be a Colt or Ballard never tried. I guess they are still all in on Turay.
  3. You think Frank is the answer and I don’t. You and the owner believe he will lead the team to a Super Bowl or two and I don’t believe that. So we disagree and hope you are right and I’m wrong. We will all be happy should this result happen.
  4. Colts ain’t winning no SuperBowls with Frank making in game decisions like he has been. I will stick by my beliefs and say Frank isn’t it.
  5. Do what it takes as that guy plays with passion and attitude.
  6. That must be it, as I would have liked to see him get a chance in a game. Certainly something behind the scenes for this to happen. I thought he was a steal when drafted. Again too bad it didn’t work out.
  7. What year are you predicting this? Colts have beaten Miami and a terrible Texan team each with one win each. Being realistic it’s possible but highly unlikely.
  8. You must be infatuated with the word bust. It’s your word not mine.
  9. They would be laid off for not being able to do their job in most public and private companies.
  10. It’s truthful. Send Campbell and Turay out of town. Need healthy productive players on the roster. Can’t keep coddling drafted players because it looks bad. This is reality in the NFL.
  11. Wasn’t able to watch the game. What happened to Campbell?
  12. Turay you got to be kidding. This guy plays like 5 snaps and is always hurt. Ridiculous to keep him around.
  13. Then bring the heat if they can’t cover anyway.
  14. Frank has been failing for awhile yet he gets an extension. They must think he will get better. Frank admitted he was to conservative in the 4th quarter Monday. When will his mistakes end?
  15. Give Eason a chance in a game then it will be clear. Frank is failing as a coach with his in game decisions yet he still has a job.
  16. I don’t care for Eberflus either, but without a pass rush no defensive coordinator will be much good.
  17. What do you think about the Colts lack of defense?
  18. Something is wrong. He signs big extension, doesn’t hardly practice, didn’t play exhibition games, and is now hurt. The Colts were either stupid at this time to give that extension, or they were duped by Leonard on the injury.
  19. From when I’ve seen him play in college, the thing he does well is run fast. Not sure he brings much else to the table. Maybe they can make him into a decent player.
  20. Looks to me that there are no wide receiver threats to make a play. Our tight ends are below league average and the line has played poorly. Play calling has been abysmal On top of it. Red zone scoring touchdowns is virtually non existent due to this.
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