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  1. Pretty much almost every really good back is an exception to the rule.
  2. Like that rookie wall that AP hit? Or so many other great RBs that went on to have stellar rookie years hit? I think such concerns are an illusion. When you have a stud, you work him! For the record, the premise of this thread is not necessarily specific for not running more during today’s catch up, but rather, that in general, the Colts keep not using him as a primary feature back. To me, you want to establish him as a weapon that opposing teams are stuck in trying to game plan for. The great backs, teams fear them and have to account for them. You WANT teams to be
  3. After the game vs Cleveland, on NFL network, I believe it was Charley Casserly that was reciting how well Taylor is doing running the ball vs how poor the Colts running game is when Hines or anybody else is in there (Mack excepted), and his point was he simply does not understand what the heck the Colts are doing NOT sticking with Taylor and giving the budding star all the opportunities possible. Today, again 5 ypc average, but on only 12 carries, plus 4 rec. for 55 yds. I completely agree with Casserly. I find it to be, well, just bad that Taylor is not being given a
  4. At the beginning of the year, how many here would’ve been right pleased to be sitting at 4-2, I wonderrrrrrr.
  5. I said it in the game day thread ... I think Blackmon is the bright spot of the season so far!
  6. Now watch Reich call 3 runs in a row into the line from tight formation. lol
  7. I am really souring on Reich’s play calling. Now, when you need to run the ball a bit in an attempt to takeover the play clock, two bad pass plays in a row. This was meant to where Jonathan Taylor takes over. <face palm>
  8. Classic go to the well too often. That 3rd run in a row has become such a painful m.o.
  9. I consider that drive a defensive fail, despite the consolation.
  10. Even IF Reich was ruled a catch, it was first down and only a small first down. Why waste a challenge there? Questionable at best.
  11. I’m beginning to feel like I have time warped back to the 1980s. <face palm>
  12. I liked your post, even though I dislike your saying they’ll split with the Titans. ;) lol Good chance you’ll be right, but Titans have not impressed me at all in their three games. Feels like they should’ve lost two of those three. Plus now all the Covid issues, I’m just not respecting them.
  13. Bengals W Lions W Ravens L Titans W Packers L Titans W Texans W Raiders L Texans W Steelers L Jaguars W Final record : 10-6, win the division.
  14. The thing to remember about “point spreads”, they’re not meant to indicate which team “Vegas” thinks is a better team, but rather, the purpose of the spread is to try to equal out the betting, half the bets on one team, half the bets on the other. That way, the house can’t lose because they profit on the juice, with the rest of the betting offsetting each other. To the game, I suspect it will be a tough game and a bit of a litmus test for revealing where the Colts are really at.
  15. The thing I have noticed, it’s like Reich keeps going to the well (the run) too predictably often. Yesterday, several times, but there was one occasion late, they had just had a decent gain, and I yelled out, “play action fake the run here, it’s too obvious that you’re going to run again!” Instead, predictably, Reich went to the well again and Hines was nailed for a loss on the failed run play. Man, it was just set up so perfectly for the fake run, and Reich missed it again. I agree in that I too have not liked our red zone play calling. It’s imperative that the Colts so
  16. Last drive of the 1st half, missed FG. Followed by 1st drive of the 2nd half, drive sputtered out. Colts really has a chance there to put this game away. Hope that beautifully set up chance to deliver the knock out blow doesn’t come back to bite them.
  17. This is how IR should work in future year, too, imho.
  18. I recall being surprised that the Colts took Campbell instead of DK Metcalf. Given injuries to Campbell, retrospectively ...
  19. The thread should be locked, as the topic was in relation to the first game, which is now ancient history.
  20. I cannot say for sure, but I have no recollection of his unexpected drop to us on draft day being because of a sudden injury concern. I do recall pundit consensus being that the Colts got s steal in having Hooker fall to them.
  21. Fair point. For me, though, when I hear a player being called a bust, I equate it to the name caller implying he’s a crap player, talent-wise.
  22. You ignore the point of my post, that being that he was undone by injuries. As a rookie he was balling, but then suffered that devastating injury. His 2nd year was a year of just trying to get back to peak health. His 3rd year, yes a little bit of a disappointment, though he kept getting nicked up, so again, his progress was set back by little nagging injuries. This year, finished by injury. If your definition of “busy” includes for injuries, then go ahead a stand by your assertion, for that’s your prerogative. For me, though, and many others, “bust” cannot he used on players
  23. Man, I hope this doesn’t turn into another Hooker situation.
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