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  1. Though to be fair, if you had traded for him, you inherit his 1st round contract. Now if he clears waivers, he’s likely looking at vet min.
  2. In both cases, I didn’t think Brissett did enough to have warranted the calls. Aside from clapping hands, his body was not bobbing and weaving and trying to cause deception. They were marginal, bad calls, imho.
  3. Mack & Wilkins looking like a very effective 1-2 punch. I actually prefer Mack as an RB receiver than Hines.
  4. I feared total déjà vu to last year’s very similar scenario in OT ... Colts are 4th down, come to the line for a surprising apparent gamble to go for it. Lots of barking, fail to draw the other team offside, then call timeout. Clearly now going to punt it. Nope, they come back out to go for it again, but last year it failed, they failed to convert. After the game Reich said no regret, he’d go for the win 10 out of 10 times, there. This looked like the same thing, but thank goodness that this time, after taking the timeout, but coming back out to similarly go for it anyway, they managed to convert. Just wow.
  5. So you want a kicker that had two bad games in a row to quit? Yeah, that would be really classy. <roll eyes> I have a better idea ... he fights through two bad games and proceeds to be old reliable for the next 14 games plus 4 playoff games, then retiring as a SuperBowl champion.
  6. I will gentleman bet you that Vinny remains Colts kicker for the whole year, barring injury that puts him on IR.
  7. Tough game, but a game I felt the Colts should win. They should be 2-0, but they are 1-1, which is where most people figured they’d be sitting at, at this point, even before Luck retired. Very concerned about Vinny, but still not in support of the panicked calls to can him. Would take another game or two of him laying eggs for me to change on that.
  8. Run or pass? I say gotta go for the 1st down here, to try to put this game away, instead of just running the clock, but giving the ball back to their offence.
  9. Wow, I had a honorific flash back to that OT decision last year!
  10. I have to say / admit, I have been impressed by Rogers today.
  11. Glowinski is the weak link on the OL. Need to draft another OG stud to complete the line.
  12. Agree with the announcers there, that should not have been PI. No blatant evidence to make it challenge worthy, though.
  13. I know they’ve tightened up the false start penalty for QBs to reduce all of the head bobbing and faking out they do, but on neither of those two FS penalties on Brissett did I see anything excessive. Ergo, I think those are nonsense penalty calls.
  14. No wasted movement in Wilkins’ run, there. Very decisive.
  15. I didn’t hit that point last year until the Colts were 1-5 (with a healthy Andrew Luck at the helm). lol
  16. I completely agree! And it’s kind of laughable how the announcer was going on about the DB’s perfect technique, not commenting on his hold / illegal contact.
  17. There WAS interference or a hold on TY there, but it was a bad throw. Disappointing given that Brissett had a lot of time to scope the field. When the camera showed him releasing the throw, I thought it was going to go to a wide open receiver.
  18. Rewatched it 4 times ... the snap was bad, throwing off the timing ... BUT the holder did well to get the ball back into position. Tough on Vinny’s timing, but he should’ve made it anyway, given that the ball got into position in time.
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