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  1. Right now it's The Maniac! I want to purchase his jersey but don't want to jinx the contract negotiations, will wait until a new contract gets signed.
  2. Good player, good guy, heck of a career. Congratulations Antoine & good luck in your next venture!
  3. You think he's an extremely slow healer? An ankle fracture + dislocation is a very serious injury, believe me I know all too well. He may never be the same again. Does anyone know of any NFL success stories where a player had this injury, then came back to form in 1 year? Or even where they came back to form at all? Unfortunately Turay's best football days may be behind him, though I hope not.
  4. Yes he did, and the Colts went 3-13, with him throwing the most interceptions (28) in the league. While he may have benefited from those early snaps, that year's team did not. The Colts believe that they are a contender this year, and thus want to maximize their chances this year. I think even the worst Rivers haters would concede that he gives us a better chance to win this season than an unproven rookie, no matter how high management regards Eason. Couple that with the fact that they had already paid Rivers $25 million dollars to be our starter, and there is no way that Eason was starti
  5. Great info. Thanks! I was curious about the above question posed by Dontevergiveup too. It seems relevant. In addition, is there a metric that takes in to account whether the receiver got seperation by his own route-running, or if he was schemed open? In other words, did the receiver get the seperation by his own skill, or did the coach's play get him seperation? That seems helpful when determining if it was indeed the receiver's skill, or the coach's skill. Finally, it seems that frequently dumping the ball off to a RB would increase the seperation numbers, as
  6. I doubt that trade happens, unless it results in good value regardless of position. If you listen to Ballard this team is built from the insides out. There are other teams out there with great wide receivers (Dallas & Atlanta off the top of my head) that aren't very good teams. I get that you really like Rivers the player, but the colts are about the entire team.
  7. That's silly. So if we don't trade for an elite WR, the best we can do is 3-7 for the rest of the season? I disagree completely, and hope we don't make that trade, unless it yields good value regardless of position.
  8. I was one that hated the pick, mostly because of the injury. He's been flashing early though, and if he continues to develop I will happily eat lots of crow!
  9. IIRC Hooker started off on fire, and had 3 picks in his first 3 games. Maybe Blackmon gets his 2nd next week?
  10. That was a solid all-around game. More of those, please! I like Autry, and had high hopes for him at DE this season. He has looked really good rushing the passer. However he seems to sometimes have difficulty setting the edge against the rush. Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe I've just been spoiled watching Sheard set that edge, but it seems like Autry is always going for the sack.
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