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  1. I think 10-6. We'll lose a couple winnable games early & have people worrying. Then later in the season we will gel & win a couple of hard ones. By playoff time we'll be rolling strong & hopefully make a strong push. I'm excited for this season!
  2. Well you mention his name and, just like the devil, he reappears... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/04/21/rob-gronkowski-agrees-to-play-for-the-buccaneers/
  3. What a great thread! Oh the memories... I watched that game at a small restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, surrounded by people that had no clue about it. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have scheduled a climbing trip to rural Thailand during a Colts post-season run. However the Colts had limped & dragged to a spot in the playoffs, looking tired and very, very beatable. This, combined with heart-breaking playoff exits in prior years (especially that crushing loss to the Steelers the year before) led me to think it was fine to schedule a last-minute flight to nowhere. The day before the game I had found a restaurant with satellite TV. Nobody there knew anything about the game, but despite major translation difficulties I managed to get them to promise to show the ‘American Football’ game, if I showed up with some cash. The first half of the game I was obviously not happy with the results, and was drowning my sorrows in copious amounts of excellent Thai food, crappy Thai beer (ugh, Chang!) and crappy Thai weed. The Thais noticed my unhappiness and, typical of the culture, tried hard to cheer me up. However throughout the second half I was visibly very excited. The Thais, always happy to celebrate, were getting into it with me, despite not knowing anything about American Football. I went wild on that 4th & 2 call, and so did the Thais, despite having no idea what a ‘4th & 2’ is. By the end they were cheering louder than me! The victory presented a challenge though; I was due to be boated in to a rural climbing location the next day, with limited connectivity to the outside world, and wouldn’t be back to civilization for a month. But there was no way I was going to miss my Colts in the Super Bowl, even if I was on the moon, so I went about searching for a solution. A few days before the big game I found a beach-side bar, way on the other side of the bay, that agreed to show the Super Bowl. Of course the kick-off was at 6am Thailand time! Knowing the locals were often on ‘island time’ I was nervous that the workers would party all night and oversleep, thus negating my long-awaited Super Bowl. The morning of the big game I woke up at 5 am, walked down to the beach, and hiked & waded across the bay to the Railay Peninsula. I had barely slept the night before, due to both nerves about the game & my partaking in the all-night beach parties. I stumbled groggily up to the bar a little after 6am, just before kickoff. I was not the only patron; in addition to a few few sleepy-eyed Thai workers there were a handful of old, large Europeans (including 2 huge guys in Speedos) all of whom were rooting for the Bears! Boooooooooo! I may have started as the only Colts fan, but by the end of the game I had the Thais on my side, and we were all cheering away wildly! It was fabulous! Those were two of my all-time favorite Colts games. It was a unique way see it in these games, but not how I would have planned it. If I had thought we would go to the Super Bowl I would never have booked that trip & risked not being able to see the games. And in strictly a football sense, it would’ve been more enjoyable to watch the game in familiar surroundings, or amid a sea of Colts fans. Good times! Thanks for the memories!
  4. I am hoping for Mims early, and /or either Kalija Lipscomb or Dezmon Patman late. Also IMO there are no TE's worth drafting before round 3 or 4.
  5. I like Ballard a lot, and think he is one of the better GM's. However that doesn't mean he is above criticism. I wasn't a fan of the JB contract, and more recently criticized the release of Desir. Overall though Ballard is very good, and way better than Grigson. I see good things in our future!
  6. No way do I want Frank Reich replaced my Marvin Lewis! I'm not happy with this season either, but there are a lot of reactionary posts lately. I guess that's to be expected, but it seems like people could use some perspective. I don't want a coaching change, but even if I did, it certainly wouldn't be Marvin Lewis. People are complaining about FR being too vanilla, but he's a mint chocolate chip with sprinkles compared to Marv Lewis.
  7. IMHO this is good news, depending on the salary numbers of course. Doyle is a good all-around TE, and also he rules lol.
  8. Cam anyone recommend an alternative to ESPN'S gamecast? I have been getting fed up with all the glitches on gamecast, but haven't yet found a good alternative. I just want something that: 1: Displays the scores 2: I can click on the game to get the gamecast for that game. 3: has the play-by-play & all the relevant data like gamecast does. Might anyone have something that they recommend? I appreciate any assistance. Thanks!
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