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  1. I think that if they pick him up on waivers, they also pick up his current contract. His contact is part of the reason that Dallas let him go. I don't think the Colts go after him, but if they do, it would likely be via FA on a cheaper deal.
  2. Haha I love that kid! Go Pens! PS: Sorry I don't have anything more substantial to add.
  3. They traditionally have, and I have been getting it for a couple years that way. However the discount hasn't appeared yet this season,and I am not sure if it is going to be offered this year.
  4. Thanks for all the updates!
  5. I would love to have them do a Colts game!
  6. I think that's great. Too bad none of our guys are on that list. Bring back Daniel Adongo! lol.
  7. You're right, Byron Jones is overpaid. I (and likely others) thought that when he signed that contract. Maybe BJ should have his contract reduced? Just because 1 person gets overpaid doesn't mean everybody has to be overpaid. That is part of the reason I dislike everyone 're-setting the market.' Occasionally one team makes a boneheaded contract by drastically overpaying, so then other clubs are expected to match it, because that is somehow now 'the market.' I could spend $1,000,000.00 on a Hyundai, but it would still be a Hyundai; no one else should be expected to be that daft. Also FWIW I personally wouldn't want us to trade for Howard, even at his current contract, though many will likely disagree. -Cheers!
  8. Another Colt on the Covid list, Julian Davenport, per PFT. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/29/colts-place-julien-davenport-on-covid-19-reserve-list/
  9. The Colts are coming to Phoenix on Christmas day, and I am going to attend with a contingent of Colts fans. Might anyone be road-tripping out this way for that game? The desert should be gorgeous that time of year.
  10. Right now it's The Maniac! I want to purchase his jersey but don't want to jinx the contract negotiations, will wait until a new contract gets signed.
  11. Good player, good guy, heck of a career. Congratulations Antoine & good luck in your next venture!
  12. You think he's an extremely slow healer? An ankle fracture + dislocation is a very serious injury, believe me I know all too well. He may never be the same again. Does anyone know of any NFL success stories where a player had this injury, then came back to form in 1 year? Or even where they came back to form at all? Unfortunately Turay's best football days may be behind him, though I hope not.
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