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  1. IMHO this is good news, depending on the salary numbers of course. Doyle is a good all-around TE, and also he rules lol.
  2. Cam anyone recommend an alternative to ESPN'S gamecast? I have been getting fed up with all the glitches on gamecast, but haven't yet found a good alternative. I just want something that: 1: Displays the scores 2: I can click on the game to get the gamecast for that game. 3: has the play-by-play & all the relevant data like gamecast does. Might anyone have something that they recommend? I appreciate any assistance. Thanks!
  3. I remember watching that game in a bar in Phoenix, with a bunch of co-workers who liked football but could care less about the Colts. We had our own side-room & TV. Everyone left except my girlfriend & 1 co-worker. We were screaming so loud the server ran back to see what was wrong. Good memories!
  4. The one position group I didn't see on that list was the QB. What was JB's PFF grade last week or for the season?
  5. DynaMike

    San Diego

    Check out Stone brewery or Port brewery.
  6. Thanks for all the updates!
  7. If the question is who starts on week 1, then I would guess Wilson. However by the end of the season I think it will be Rock.
  8. Does anyone know what happened or the extent of the injury?
  9. I'm excited for Dulin and think he has the potential to be a very good player. However our WR room is packed, and it will be hard for Dulin to survive cuts. Ideal situation (for Colts) is probably stashing him on the practice squad until next year, hoping he doesn't get snatched up by another team.
  10. That was a good read. It was IMHO the best of the FMIA guest writers so far.
  11. Two rookies on the list! These two are only going to get better. I can't wait.
  12. Luck is definitely much better than Watson. Otherwise there are some really good quarterbacks on this list. Like others, I think Luck will have a big season and end up much higher on these lists next year.
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