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  1. That was a solid all-around game. More of those, please! I like Autry, and had high hopes for him at DE this season. He has looked really good rushing the passer. However he seems to sometimes have difficulty setting the edge against the rush. Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe I've just been spoiled watching Sheard set that edge, but it seems like Autry is always going for the sack.
  2. Thanks for all the info! However didnt Rivers play at NC State, an ACC school? I recall him winning over my Irish in the Gator Bowl.
  3. What a great thread! I watched that game at a small restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, while enjoying lots of excellent Thai food & crappy Thai beer (ugh, Chang!) while surrounded by Thais who couldn’t care less. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have scheduled a climbing trip to rural Thailand during a Colts post-season run. However the Colts had limped & dragged to a spot in the playoffs, looking tired and very, very beatable. This, combined with heart-breaking playoff exits in prior years when we seemed to have much better teams, led me to think it was fine to schedule a last-minute f
  4. True, but Mathis should've won it in 2013 over Luke Kuechly!
  5. Congratulations Robert Mathis on a well-earned honor! He's definitely one of my favorite players.
  6. I would not be in favor of signing him to The Colts. This has nothing to do with his kneeling or social justice work; I just don't think he's the right kind of QB for our scheme. Personally I think he was a decent QB in the right system, but he doesn't seem to me to be the type of QB that can thrive in any system, and more specifically ours. Add to this the fact that he has not played for several years and it's a hard pass for me. I, unlike others, wish him no ill will, and hope he is successful & happy in life. However I think our QB room is better without him.
  7. I think 10-6. We'll lose a couple winnable games early & have people worrying. Then later in the season we will gel & win a couple of hard ones. By playoff time we'll be rolling strong & hopefully make a strong push. I'm excited for this season!
  8. Well you mention his name and, just like the devil, he reappears... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/04/21/rob-gronkowski-agrees-to-play-for-the-buccaneers/
  9. I am hoping for Mims early, and /or either Kalija Lipscomb or Dezmon Patman late. Also IMO there are no TE's worth drafting before round 3 or 4.
  10. I like Ballard a lot, and think he is one of the better GM's. However that doesn't mean he is above criticism. I wasn't a fan of the JB contract, and more recently criticized the release of Desir. Overall though Ballard is very good, and way better than Grigson. I see good things in our future!
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