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  1. Why was he released now and their season just ended? A bonus if he's on roster on January 20?..... to possibly hook up with a team still playing and possibly go to Super Bowl
  2. But we don't know how he calls plays, do we? He might be worse than Frank.....or better?
  3. Holding a team to under 30 doesn't quite deserve to be called 'great'. Not that you did but these days many do lol. Imo, a championship team needs a franchise QB that plays at high level in post season while the Defense isn't porous. A defense that makes you work for what you get against them and capable of making a big play like a sack/interception.
  4. Your right. There really aren't any great defenses. At least not for any length of time. Sure , a few teams D will play at a high level for a while, but not game in/game out for a significant time. While the great Offense's, with the Elite QB's, are there consistently.
  5. The Eye test says he doesn't have nearly the physical talent as Watson.... Just my opinion, but we'll see soon enough I guess.
  6. If your going to mention Quincy, why not include few of his fellow draftmates like Hooker, Banner, Bashaam....
  7. I'd kick the tires on Goff. He's definitely a upgrade on what we currently have, lol, and think will be on a 2021 Rivers version. I'd prefer Wentz and probably Stafford. Winston is interesting...maybe our QB whisperer, Reich, can reduce his interceptions? Big Vertical passing game is what colts football is used to(Jones, George, Peyton, luck) seeing. Could be a good fit for us if turnovers are reduced.
  8. The Jags & Texans will have the 2 Best QB's in the division. It's not that hard to build around Watson & Lawrence......I'd like to move to the NFC East.
  9. Definitely will beat them if the game is legit. But how often are big games with brady legit??? Because of the cheating and laying down factor, I think the bucs are a Lock to win.
  10. I seriously doubt tua's game will ever resembles Watson's.
  11. Already you want next weeks predictions?? Can't we at least hear what Dakich, JMV, and Venturi say? Or see if Mahomes is playing?
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