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  1. I agree the offense with Bruce Arian's was not a good choice with our OL at the time and a rookie qb. There were plenty here glad Arizona hired him away fearing he would get luck killed. Funny thing, the offense was supposed to have changed with Pep but didn't seem to change much lol.
  2. Like you said most of us knew luck would not be another Peyton, how many are? So its not fair to luck to be compared to him. However, we didn't see/hear luck put the extra time with his receivers. We all know how manning did. We also never heard luck lived in the film room.. We all heard luck had a photographic memory and was very smart yet he didn't call many audibles, and take charge of the O like some of the greats. He didn't seem as obsessed or hungered for multiple SB's like the greats. Some of us knew/sensed he could walk away early. It was rumored in fact he wouldnt come back from his year of absence. I think Colin cowherd was just one of several who said it. EVEN YOU my friend, said something like "Luck walks to the beat of a different drum". Do you recall? .... There were other posters here that said he may walk away early. Irsay, as we all remember, remarked on his delay in coming back that it was between his ears. I wasn't surprised, in fact I told people that he could retire early. But I didn't think he would as early as he did, before his contract was up. And certainly not a week before the season started,Quitting on Fans, organization and coaches, and teammates. I guess you missed it if it wasn't written on PFF or your other favourite sites. Sometimes you have to look at things with your own eyes and see things for yourself and your very own opinion instead of just relying on websites. But having said what I said I sure wish we had him instead of rivers AND not praying/relying so much for Eason to be our next great qb.
  3. Honesty can't say I've intently watched rivers every play in every game over the years. But I would say he's better at pre snap reads which of course helps him being better at quick post snap reads. One of the reasons Luck held ball long was his lack of pre snap/quick post snap reads compared to the more dedicated and more prepared qb's. And of course there's the Availability Factor, Rivers has NEVER missed a game due to injury while Luck was injury prone and then Retired roughly a decade before other QB's putting the Franchise in a bind.
  4. Yeah, but how many FG's will he miss before he hits that last one?
  5. I'd like to get me some Colts masks. My brother said he found some(I don't know which site) $20. for a 3 pack. I seen the pics, I kinda thought they were a little pricey and kinda plain. Lol
  6. Hopefully the QB's will wear masks AND practice social distancing.
  7. I think we will sign Rivers and draft a QB in 4th round.
  8. OC vs HC(disagreement on play calling) Brady vs Belichek( who really was responsible for all those tainted SB's) Polian vs comedian Jay Mohr
  9. Freeney & Mathis, IMO, Best pair of pass rushers ever!
  10. Our 2nd half season swoon IMO were because Reich was handcuffed by his conservative play calling because of brissets lack of passing skills AND Vinateri's awful kicking. Our QB & K play should be improved this season with the addition of Rivers and whoever our new kicker is. Our D should also improve by not being on the field as much with a improved O.
  11. Well some can look at this 'continuity' negatively 'cause we lost 5 out of 6 last games.
  12. Wouldn't it be something if in 2020 Rivers won Comeback Player of Year, MVP of year, and Super Bowl MVP!!! And of course Father of the Year lol.
  13. Brady is a system qb, meaning he needs to be in a 'system that cheats'
  14. That was one of my Dad's all time favourite songs, from Showboat I think? Brings back memories of him. And Mariah from Paint Your Wagon.
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