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  1. I almost moved to SF with a girlfriend. Always thought about it.... but I think if I moved out west now I'd move to Long Beach. But Palm Beach is great, except maybe the humid, thunderous summers lol. And soon Sports Betting may pass here and won't need to fly to Vegas.
  2. That's great. If your a golfer, SF is like 120 miles from iconic Pebble Beach golf course.
  3. Yankees starting pitching starting get in a groove....and they need it with their erratic hitting and all those strikeouts. Lol After Preakness, Yankees in town vs orioles tonight..... would have been nice to be in Baltimore today.
  4. ..is just about 1 hour away. Filled with controversy because of Baffert, who else. I think the baffert's horses #3 Medina Spirit and #10 Concert Tour will show early speed and go around to the finish line.... #5, the favorite, is capable of making it a 3 horse race, at least till the stretch and probably set the race up for someone to show up late and splitting them up. Should be interesting..... By the way, I've seen 2 Preakness stakes in person. It's a mad house and lots of fun in person.
  5. I'm expecting to attend colts vs dolphins and vs jags in Jax.
  6. Are you saying the nfl and owners are in it for the money?? No Way. .... lol I'm sorry you couldn't tell I was joking and being sarcastic....
  7. True..... if he can get more length I think he'll be ok. The thing is if we're going to play significant games in January and possibly in inclement weather, you'd prefer to have a kicker that can extend farther than 40 yards in October.
  8. Hmmn... interesting. Interested seeing details of contract and what that means to Blankenship. We definitely could use a upgrade at K.
  9. To Undo this injustice, especially to colts/dolphins, the nfl should get rid of all bye weeks entirely. Tough it out and play every week like they did in old days. Now about Prime Time games, I think all teams should play their Prime Time games at home to make it fair. That's up to the schedule makers to figure a way to do that.
  10. I don't agree about him being extremely athletic and having the tools, especially after a 9 year absence. BUT I DO highly expect him to make the team and contribute. I'm looking forward to seeing how 'Divine Intervention' plays it's hand.
  11. It would be nice if it snows in Arizona and the colts can play a white Christmas game.
  12. I wish you were touting his W-L record, division titles, playoff wins instead.
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