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  1. LJpalmbeacher2

    What does Cox do better that Swoope?

    This Thread title is really begging for a punchline lol.
  2. I heard some say he's 5'8". I think he's much faster than Flutie and more athletic. Rumor is Arizona's new HC loves him and could draft him #1(I think they have the first pick) and then flip Rosen. https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/nfl/cardinals/2019/01/14/kyler-murray-2019-nfl-draft-projections-oklahoma-quarterback/2574284002/ It will be interesting for sure.
  3. LJpalmbeacher2

    Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo

    Hmmmm..... Surprisingly for sure. They must have someone already lined up that they really like I'm guessing.
  4. LJpalmbeacher2

    I believe in Reich but his KC gameplan was terrible

    Lol.... Law of averages I guess. Maybe playing the #1 seed on the road in a winter storm had a little to do with it too?
  5. LJpalmbeacher2

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Ballard was part of chiefs staff that brought in less than choir boys. And here he's brought in Jalen Collins. Maybe it's more of a issue of the money that a Brown/Bell would want? But this team needs speedy playmakers to be brought in. It doesn't have to be Brown/Bell, but definitely some.
  6. LJpalmbeacher2

    Luck did not play well comments are simply false

    For whatever reason(s) the offense AND Luck played horrible. ZERO first downs until like 2 minutes to go in the first half.
  7. LJpalmbeacher2

    Matt Slauson 2019?

    This reminds me of the Mewhort situation last season. Of course Slauson wants to try and come back. Try making comparable $$$ in the real world compared to a nfl contract. Like Mewhort, Slauson may come back and take up a valuable roster spot and wind up on IR and them retire. Leaving Colts to look in the scrap heap for his replacement. If he's so valuable as a coach type mentor then bring him back in that capacity. I don't think we can depend on him as a player for a full season.
  8. LJpalmbeacher2

    Concerning Super Bowl

    Last night after chiefs game I was so down I went im bedroom and fell asleep without even eating dinner. Didn't watch rams/cowboys game. I woke about 1:30am. I didn't watch pats/charger game either. Checkd score seen its a Blowout. Bad football weekend. I might catch Saints game but don't really care who wins.
  9. I think your wrong. The pats window is closing. In 1 to 2 Decades it will be over......maybe? Lol
  10. I think your wrong. The pats window is closing. In 1 to 2 Decades it will be over......maybe?
  11. LJpalmbeacher2

    Concerning Super Bowl

    Since this question is for Colt Fans who mostly despise the pats I'm starting this topic on colts side. Feel free to move. If/when the pats beat the chiefs will you watch the Super Bowl? (seems we go through this every year)
  12. Yes and on that one throw the refs will throw a flag on the defense. Lol
  13. LJpalmbeacher2

    Irsay's tweet for tomorrow's game

    Of course his tweets are harmless. And his veiw about us playing well in bad weather were a popular belief to many. What was Disappointing were the strategy and gameplanning of our coaches and the horrible play of our offense, especially our qb.
  14. LJpalmbeacher2

    Irsay's tweet for tomorrow's game

    It was something, have no idea what tho.... I don't know if it was physical or mental or what. Maybe his shoulder is weak in cold weather? I don't recall him zipping in any passes. If he did it was very few. Or maybe the moment of a Big Game was too big for him? It shouldn't have, he's had playoff wins before, in fact just 7 days prior. It's just Disappointing our leader who you want to carry his team on his back like Unitas, Jones, Peyton puts in a klunker at a time like this.
  15. LJpalmbeacher2

    Irsay's tweet for tomorrow's game

    I didn't like his expression even before game started. And Simms, Florio's partner, said Mahomes was throwing and handling the weather much better than Luck in pregame warmups. And props to Mahomes. A QB with just a fraction of experience compared to Luck, completely out threw him and showed much more command and composure in this big game than Luck did.