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  1. I heard during one of the games that the Texans have won the South 4 out of 5 last seasons. And I know the Jags won it the other year. That's 5 conseqitve season without a Division title and only last year's wildcard playoff appearance! And seriously doubt we're winning it in 2020 or anytime soon, especially with Brisset or whoever Ballard gets to play QB. The run on us having Franchisee QB's (Unitas,Jones,Manning, Luck) are probably over....at least for awhile. Which will probably put us in REBUILD for the unseeable future.
  2. Trade Downs are definitely a possibility with the Colts.....it saves $$$.
  3. I fear we are now back in the Dark Age. The term I dubbed from the end of Bert Jones era to the Peyton Manning era. Those 2 Decades of Colts football was mostly sad. We did have a couple years that gave us good times BUT the success of those few seasons weren't sustained for long.
  4. I forgot to also list Mariota. So I guess JB is like ranked 6th in our division? Lol
  5. Actually, doesn't Jax have a backup QB(Minshew, I think) that's also better than jb?
  6. I agree with you. But I'll add that I've seen 3 out of last 4 games and think Frank's playcalling was bad in them also.
  7. Our offense needs are multiple. QB, WR, RB and improved playcalling.
  8. I don't get to watch too many colt games. But I've seen like 3 out of last 4 and agree playcalling/ play designs not stellar. It's hard to win with sub par qb play and play calling.
  9. Tough to overcome the team being so undisciplined, Brissett and Reich's playcalling.
  10. Not sure if the report is true. But If so it would have been nice if he sold.
  11. As a Quitter he certainly don't deserve no ring of honor. But if the Colts add a ring of shame.....? Lol
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