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  1. LJpalmbeacher2

    WOW Nobody seem to see us winning this Sunday.

    I didn't hear him BUT my brother said he heard him complain something along the lines that the colts haven't put a better team around Luck. Something like Luck has to carry the team. Like I said I didn't hear it but my brother said he did.
  2. LJpalmbeacher2

    WOW Nobody seem to see us winning this Sunday.

    I would guess he's more a Luck fan than colt fan.
  3. LJpalmbeacher2

    Will Mack Play Sunday?

    I sure hope he does. This is the second season and we still haven't seen him much.
  4. LJpalmbeacher2

    WOW Nobody seem to see us winning this Sunday.

    FWIW colin cowherd loves the colts +6 points.
  5. LJpalmbeacher2

    Hurricane could impact Redskins game

    Good for you. Enjoy the games AND the Philly cheese steak sandwiches!!!
  6. LJpalmbeacher2

    Le’Raven Clark: Healthy Scratch

    I know its not your veiw and agree it could be ballards veiw. Which of course explains why the lack of big FA signings and the departure of talent like Melvin, Hankins, Andwrson, Simon, Mingo etc...
  7. LJpalmbeacher2

    Le’Raven Clark: Healthy Scratch

    So winning in regular season isn't as important as evaluating/developing players for the future even though we have a franchise QB NOW?
  8. Yeah, kinda hard to beleive, right? Lol Maybe 1 day we might get a real RB too? Nah, probably not.
  9. LJpalmbeacher2

    Cornerstone players of the future for Colts

    Where do you begin when there's so many?
  10. LJpalmbeacher2

    Do you think the Colts would ever go all in?

    No, never will we go 'all in'. BUT the way ballard drafts we won't need to. The man is a Draft guru, a genius.
  11. LJpalmbeacher2

    And Next Is The Skins With A. Peterson

    Quincy will like that. His best game so far was in Buffalo in Blizzard conditions.
  12. LJpalmbeacher2

    Monday night football

    That woman announcer was Un-listenable AND the audio/visual had the feel of a small college matchup on thursday nights..Ugh... Couldn't watch for long.
  13. LJpalmbeacher2

    Colts 2018 stat rankings after week 1

    It's obvious Ballard & Eberfus have this Defense going in the right direction. It will only continue to be a major force in the upcoming games and seasons and is a nightmare for opposing OC's to gameplan for!!!
  14. Maybe because he has decreased arm strength he's putting more weight and better throwing motion into his passes to make up for it?? I don't know because I haven't seen colts games/highlights yet. So I guess I'll have to go by what is said here. Curious tho, has Luck thrown Deep passes much? That should be a good indicator of his arm strength.