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  1. Yes, besides the brady thing, first team to play SB in their own stadium would be another interesting story line.
  2. They are this year, a serious super bowl contender and built practically overnight. In fact I'm picking them to beat Steelers in SB.
  3. With Mack & Hooker injured and contracts expiring we may not have any draftees from his first draft on colts roster which was not that long ago. The QB position presently and going forward is not looking so rosey unless Eason, a 4th rd. Pick emerges , or a trade for a quality veteran happens. Our receiving group is one of the weakest units in league and getting worse every year as TY ages. And Ballard still has a overall losing record. Having said that our Defense is much improved, it's biggest weakness is the soft, big cushion philosophy they sometimes employ. Afte
  4. I don't think you just made Mack's wife and/or family happy. I like Mack, I had him in my mock. I hope gets enough to take care of his family and live comfortably for the rest of his life.
  5. So how many generations does your lineage go back to Nostradamus?
  6. He scored winning TD in overtime but called back for offensive holding.
  7. AZcolt just missed going 13-0. Dan, I was honestly going to change to picking cards over Seahawks caus the Seahawks would still have 2 game lead over brady if the win. I'm sure brady would like a bye and HFA in championship game. I did pick my 5 team parlay(but didn't look at lines before picks)
  8. Yeah your right. But still feel we should have been 6-0 with our schedule.
  9. Ok..... I predict Rothlisberger throws 1 pick.
  10. Yep, the same one who's not a statue in the pocket and is still mobile at about 6'5 and 250... The same one that's won League MVP and has taken a mostly average organization at best to a Super Bowl!!! Plus he's a lot cooler and a snazzier dresser.
  11. I'll take Cam over Rivers. And especially going forward for next couple years.
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