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  1. I like Mock 2. We get 2 needed Offensive draftees early which is rarely the case in mocks around here.
  2. I don't see why everyone laughs at Clinton-Dix's deal?
  3. LJpalmbeacher2

    Gettleman-Ballard Pre-Nup

    Lol....thats what I call 'fantasy football'
  4. LJpalmbeacher2

    FA Agency Day 2 and beyond.

    Good for them. Jerry said he's not getting any younger and wants a SB asap.
  5. LJpalmbeacher2

    No QB in Round One?

    Hmmm.....so your saying there is a chance.
  6. LJpalmbeacher2

    No QB in Round One?

    0%. I think Murray is going 1st overall. And this QB class may be underrated and in a few years may go down as a better class than '18. Baker looks to be the real deal. I'm not sold on Darnold being anything better than average. Especially developing with the Jets. I'm not sold on Allen even being average, especially with the Bills organization. Lamar Jackson may never develop into a adequate passer. Rosen's career could hinge on his next team. He may wind up being 2nd best in this class. Murray may be a Generational Talent. Haskins has all the skills to be a top pocket passer often compared to Big Ben. Locke I think Elway likes and will draft him. I expect at least 3 to go in 1st round. And if the Cheaters don't trade for Rosen I think they will use a 1st on a QB to groom as Brady's successor.
  7. LJpalmbeacher2

    Free Agent Visits

    Ajai definitely has some talent. 3 200+ games that I can remember. The only question is his seemingly chronic knee problems. If healthy, and that's a BIG IF, Mack will have someone to share some of the load without a significant dropoff in talent.
  8. LJpalmbeacher2

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    We have pics. But so far no video, I guess thats a good thing. Lol https://www.totalprosports.com/2019/03/18/photos-of-robert-krafts-red-headed-masseuse-revealed-pics/
  9. LJpalmbeacher2

    Gettleman-Ballard Pre-Nup

    I hope we can get Barkley from them.
  10. LJpalmbeacher2

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    There's other rumours if someone wants to search..... https://www.nj.com/giants/2019/02/nfl-rumors-seahawks-russell-wilson-and-wife-ciara-want-giants-new-york-thats-a-smart-odell-beckham-trade.html
  11. LJpalmbeacher2

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    I live in Lake Worth, Fl. suburb of West Palm Beach. Part of my exercise routine is to cross LW bridge walking and walk on beach.
  12. LJpalmbeacher2

    Talks with Geathers this week

    I say he gets 3 years $22 mil. Whatever he gets from whatever team, I hope the Guarnteed part is to his liking. Not to long ago some thought he shpuld retire because further damaging his neck would be dangerous. So I hope that when he walks away from playing he has enough money to take care of himself and family financially. https://cowboyswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/18/dallas-cowboys-randall-cobb-clayton-geathers-2019-free-agency/
  13. LJpalmbeacher2

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    No links but I've heard it on tv and my brother said he heard it last week. And today I heard on Florio & Simms say something he's not wanting to sign extension now or something?
  14. I didn't watch vid....yet But I too like watching Voch's videos.
  15. LJpalmbeacher2

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    If he leaves I think Carroll will soon follow. Then the team that was known as the Legion of Doom will be the Team of Gloom for a long, long time.