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  1. If he were to be traded I would have hoped the Ravens got him. Of the teams mentioned I guess KC or SF.
  2. Personally I dont care about Irsay's money. But paying people $25 million after they retire and then not spending a nickel in first waves of free agency doesn't sound like a good approach to building a winner...... and EastStreet posted above of the effect of paying him.
  3. It was good according to Frank.....and at he very least he didn't quit on the team.
  4. Well we paid luck $25 million after he retired and quit on them. Paying minimum amounts of money to players trying their best to make it isn't a bad thing. And certainly won't matter to NFL owners.
  5. His mother texted Gisele "is it really winning when you cheat"? She said refs influenced the SB for the Bucs.
  6. Is Eason still getting paid and is his rookie deal guaranteed for next season?. As a 4th rounder I guess it's less than first day draft picks....anyway I hope atleast he's getting paid for this and atleast next season too.
  7. Yeah but since then they've added OTA's.
  8. Freeney & Mathis were maybe the Best Bookend DE's in history of the NFL. Do you really think they have that much potential? That pretty big shoes to fill.
  9. You rather watch teams like the Marlins who go out of the way to cut payroll and give their fans(if they have any) a inferior product year after year to root for? I get it, it's often unappealing to see the marquee players constantly going to the top teams, and I admit the Dodgers are a bit ridiculous A pitcher had some domestic trouble or something and they replaced him with Matt Schetlrzer lol.... but it's also bad to see the bottom dwellers continually getting rid of what few good players they have to save money and have no linterest in competing. I'm not really a Dodgers fan(but am luke warmingly rooting for them lately)i'm a lifelong yankee fan and like 90% of yankee fans are tired of Hal and his self imposed salary cap to fatten his bank account and tearing down the YANKEE BRAND.
  10. Ok, that's 7- 32-18..... I need 3 more for Lotto.
  11. I get a blue or white T Shirt and draw a 7 on it(white or blue) for Bert Jones. I use a pastel oil stik and then spray it with hair spray to seal it. I only use what's handy. That's about all pastel oil stiks are good for because I tried but don't like using them for art. They resemble crayons the way I use them.
  12. Well, he goes missing every year in the first week or two of Free Agency. It's rumored thats when irsay sends him to some remote locale on a paid vacation.
  13. ....but his interviews after practice were so good lol. But seriously it's not a surprise, colts didn't seem to think he could do the job. I was pulling for him because I like a QB with big arm strength. Maybe he can learn and come back....hope so, atleast somewhere.
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