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  1. LJpalmbeacher2

    Last Years Draft

    I haven't checked out the over 200 players that were drafted. Only the ones we drafted I guess. I think according to you, it was a terrible draft class overall and no team had a good draft. Is that what your implying? Well then isn't a GM's job, especially a genius like ballard to know the '17 draft class is weak AND SHOULD get talent through trades and FA? Bottom line is this team Did Not add much talent in '17 offseason. Your narrative is now jusifying a not so good '17 colt draft class by saying the entire class was not so good and ballard did as well or better as most other GM's. Lol. We won 4 games following that offseason.
  2. LJpalmbeacher2

    Last Years Draft

    What does other teams drafts have to do with our team?? The goal in the draft (and entire offseason) is to add as much talent as possible, not compare with other teams hits/missses in draft. Besides, most other teams rosters have more talent than us AND and probably added talent in Free Agency. Something ballard is against doing. We can't afford to miss on draft classes as much as other teams since were behind in talent and don't look to supplement in FA as much as other teams.
  3. LJpalmbeacher2

    Aaron Rodgers

    Very true and I think they will make plenty of changes after this season. Besides firing McCarthy I hope they change philosophies by giving the best QB in football some talent on the field and sidelines. There's no excuse for the Packers not to strongly contend for the Lombardi every year with Rogers as your QB.
  4. LJpalmbeacher2

    Last Years Draft

    Lol to the Bolded
  5. LJpalmbeacher2

    Last Years Draft

    ^^^ this^^^
  6. LJpalmbeacher2

    Hooker downgraded

    The thing with Hooker is his game is SPEED & RANGE. He's not known for his physicality or tackling ability. Evidence on his whiff on Moncreif. So knee and hip injuries is concerning with him.
  7. LJpalmbeacher2

    Last Years Draft

    So far Hooker, a 15th overall pick, is not giving the production you would like for a player drafted that high. Injuries of course not helped. He missed the entire 2nd half of season last year and has been nicked up and not so productive so far this season. We hope he can get and stay healthy and at least be a decent, consistent starter going forward. But I'm sure his durability AND availability going forward has many colt fans worried. Quincy so far has not been good. His future with team is questionable. Bashaam was cut. Banner was cut. Mack is a major talent. Only questions on him is durability/availability. Hairston is a decent nickel corner on a team that is lacking in secondary talent. Certainly not a "core" player that we hear so much about building through the draft. Walker is still pretty much unknown going forward. Some good play earlier but reports on here lately not as good. He too, like Hairston a player on a weak unit. In summary Mack may be the only player that can be above average. The book is still out on Hooker. Everyone else looks like they will only be 'just another guy' or Ballard will move on from them. Anyway thats my opinion. If you truly like/excited by the '17 draft class thats fine.
  8. LJpalmbeacher2

    I Wonder??

    Well.... I think Polian staffed Dungy's Tampa 2 accordingly (Hof talent pass rushers Mathis, Freeney, and safety Bob Sanders) and just about everyone says it was the defense to blame that Peyton only won 1 SB here.
  9. LJpalmbeacher2

    I Wonder??

    It's probably Ballard's preferred D system. One where corners are zone corners and get paid much less than press man corners. JM was probably told pick a DC that uses a cover 2 zone.
  10. LJpalmbeacher2

    Last Years Draft

    The 2017 Draft WAS NOT GOOD. Especially when considering that the draft is how ballard preaches you build throufh the draft, not free agency or trades. Hooker is NOT bringing back a high draft pick in trade. For a 15th overall pick he's looking more of a miss considering where he was taken.Imo, I just hope he can be healthy going forward, which I doubt, and be a decent starter.
  11. LJpalmbeacher2

    why so many CBs?

    Maybe their hoping what they lack in scheme and talent they make up in numbers?
  12. LJpalmbeacher2

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    Looks like ballard is 'kicking the tires on him'.
  13. LJpalmbeacher2

    Ballard will find us that RB

    Well, I sure hope it's not a UDFA. Late round picks and udfa rb's haven't worked out too well for us lately. It's a important position and warrants adequate resources to secure a good one to go along with Mack.
  14. LJpalmbeacher2

    Nathan Peterman released

    Will there be a team that will "kick the tires on him" ?
  15. LJpalmbeacher2

    Give it up for Tyquan Lewis

    The first few posts in this thread are very different than the ones before this post. Lol.