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  1. In a perfect world , the coaches would love to have the veterans involved with mentoring the rookies in their transition to the NFL. But in reality the veterans would rather avoid injuries, by, working out on their own and being ready for the season. Being this is a business, I can understand the veteran's point of view. They feel that you already know what they can do so why risk the chance for injury. From a coaches point of view they see this a chance to elevate the rookies, leaning curve. This is the quagmire of the game unfortunately. That is why we really need to change the pre season concept that we use to have, to evolve into a more modern solution for the future. Bottom line is the pre season of the past needs to evolve to fit the needs of todays format.
  2. We really need to come to terms for what preseason is really about. 

  3. We need to come to terms with Preseason for what it is really about. 

  4. With what has happened in the past couple of years at running back, I am so glad that we have gone the platooning, competent, players, instead of having a primary diva, as our main running back. This just goes to show, that we don't need a running back, that is going to hold the rest of the team hostage, holding out.
  5. Folks ! it's pre season, don't over analyze everything. The A game is never going to materialize in the preseason, if it did then I would be concerned, lol
  6. Let's face it very few established veteran players want to play in preseason games. some not even in practice, with the chance that they can get hurt before the regular season, starts. They feel that they can minimize the chance of injury better, if they work out on their own, And be ready for the regular season. The up and coming players need this time to get up to speed with the vets. I know the coaches, in a perfect world would like to have the veterans also with them, but I can see both, the coaches, and the veterans point of view. The fact that this is a business, veteran players have to look out for their selves.
  7. I think he doesn't want to end his career on this note yet. He wants to leave a better mark before he is done.
  8. I keep telling you to rub some dirt on it to make it better, but no one will believe Peyton. I for one have great belief in Manning's statement. LOL
  9. The biggest difference between Peyton & Andrew is, Peyton rubbed some dirt on his injuries, and Andrew forgot to do the same earlier in his career.
  10. The schedule, looks a lot more daunting based on what each team did a year ago, but as you well know a new year brings uncertainties to every team in the NFL. Injuries play a major role in each teams goals. Obviously, we will not be overlooked as much this year, but that will be our challenge. We seem to have more depth going into this season, so the expectations will be higher. I think that not putting ourselves in a hole to start the season, is a major goal to shoot for.
  11. As long as this particular situation is not resolved, it will be a topic of conversation.
  12. They definitely upgraded their QB situation, in Foles, If they have a decent offensive line this year, they will be the team for us to beat in our division.
  13. I think it just solidifies most peoples opinion , that running backs, are not worth the money, if you just platoon decent ones in a rotation. The fact that these players can hold out to so call hold the team "hostage", is not what you want for your team. I hope that this doesn't becomes, like the NBA, a strictly players driven league, where the team no longer has any say so, in shaping their team.
  14. It's always possible , depending on injuries, but if we don't have major injuries, I see us moving forward , in the right direction this year. to be a player in the AFC championship.
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