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  1. horseshoecrabs

    Those pesky Patriots's are not going away easily!

    Yea, well now at this stage "They are those pesky Patriots that wont go away!" lol
  2. horseshoecrabs

    Reality check

    Enough, with worrying about next year's schedule, You don't know what the Next's year's teams are going to do. Regardless at some point you have to beat the best anyway, so in the end it doesn't matter. Win your division, Win enough games to by pass the wild card round, and then let the chips fall where they may.
  3. horseshoecrabs

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Yes we do need playmakers, but not at a cost to the overall team chemistry. The last time I checked it still a mindset, If and when we do get FA's they need to also buy into the team concept, and to be humble enough to be about the team, not only about your own goals. Your stats will eventually speak for their self, so you will ether prove your worth for the team, or go into free agency , if you decide money is more important to you than a Super bowl, then buy all means go to another team.
  4. horseshoecrabs

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Chemistry is the key , along with, mind set. Talent is important , but most of all it's a mental game , along with talent. Just sticking with talented players on a team is no guarantee, that you are going to have a great team Coaching obviously is important , but if your team doesn't buy into the concept of the overall philosophy of the team, then your going to be mediocre, at best. The one point that I want to stress is that with a young team you want them to grow, as a team. Yes, you would like them to have some FA skilled vets In certain positions , but , you want them to be all about the team, not look at me , I am great.
  5. horseshoecrabs

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    We need a good fit in FA, someone , who would complement our current core, not someone who would distract from our current philosophy, Somebody who wants to be part of our team concept , not a player's who it's about me . I'm the star, in my position, Try always to make me look good. It's always about me. win or lose.
  6. horseshoecrabs

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    I agree with Superman, but we need to, pursue, with caution with who we pick in FA to personify our goals as a team efferent , as to not distract from our team's goal. We are a young team that needs to build on this year 's success. We need players that are all about the team's goal, not about me as a player. I understand that this is a business , but in my mind it is the teams success in the final analogy , that defines the success of our team.
  7. horseshoecrabs

    Reality check

    you have Enough, with worrying about next year's schedule, You don't know what the Next's year schedule is going to bring. Teams that excelled this year could be worst, along with teams that were bad last season could be hot! regardless you have to
  8. horseshoecrabs

    Pagano to Bears

    Hey maybe, if he would have had a better GM from the get go, he would have kept his job. I'm just saying that the leap to head coach doesn't always correlate for every coach. But if you payed attention to my post, you would see that there is more coaches that are great at specializing in a particular aspect of coaching than just being a head coach. Pagano did make a lot of bone head calls as head coach, and time management plays. But you are a little sensitive to what I am saying, Capers, Philips, among a slew of other assistants, over the years, especially Patriot's assistants, have been cherry picked in the NFL as well as college. Just like in business, you can excel in certain aspects of a company. But that does not always translate into being the CEO of the company. That is not a knock on Pagano. Maybe in the future he will become the Belichick story and prove people wrong . I know Capers had that opportunity, but in the end he saw where he was needed, as well as Wade Phillips. Ok ? no harm no foul.
  9. horseshoecrabs

    Joe Flacco to Jaguars ?

    Yea, the hand writing was already on the wall for Flacco, when they drafted Lamar. but he seemed to be a good sport about it.
  10. yea, I thought it would be a little more competitive game today. but that was not the case. The handwriting was on the wall from the get go. Boring game!
  11. horseshoecrabs

    Pagano to Bears

    Pagano , like a lot of coaches can excel in a role playing assistant , that suites their expertise. There is a lot of good assistant coaches that just can't make that leap to head coaching. Capers, Wade Phillips , come to mind. I have nothing against Pagano, I think he is a caring human being and I wish the best for him in his new role.
  12. horseshoecrabs

    Colts draft spot

    I hope that we win enough games to make it to the teams with a bye week, It's great to win your division, but you need to win it and get out of that wild card round or your making your journey a lot harder. To be a division winner, and to still be in the wild card round, just doesn't cut it!
  13. Leave it to the Patriots to be a factor in the end as the status quo. Just when you think that they are done ,they wont go down easily. I still think that KC has the stuff to beat them, but with New England's game planning, you never know. I just hope their mystic won't get inside of KC's head.
  14. horseshoecrabs

    Saints really need to step up there game if they want to beat Rams!

    It's theirs to win or lose. It will be interesting. But the Rams have a lot of talent, so they better play with more urgency against them, than they did against the Eagles.
  15. horseshoecrabs

    Some Day After Thoughts to Share.....

    At this point we will get better, the foundation, and the coaching philosophy has been instilled. We will continue to get better with next year's draft picks and get the right kind of Fa's that fit into our system. This is a major concern in FA's that we get players with the right mindset, that will fit into our young core group of players. We need all the guys on the same page, with the mindset that it's all about the team, not being look at me, I'm the star.