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  1. The locker room chemistry is crucial. You want all of your team to feel that they are contributing and of value to your overall success. " Esprit de Corps"
  2. horseshoecrabs

    Would you rather?

    I would rather have a team that is competitive every year. Most of the Manning years only got us to the Super Bowl twice. with one win, But at least those years was a great ride to watch as a fan each season. And just because we came up short during that era, it didn't take away from it. A lot of people were critical of that era but, not many other teams made it past the Patriots ether. You take out the x factor (Patriots) during that time, I think it would be a total different situation.
  3. horseshoecrabs

    Dolphins sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Makes you wonder what is going on in upper management for the Cardinals to be in this turmoil. I thinks Arians only retired to get the heck out of the situation there. His comeback to coach in the NFL shows that.
  4. horseshoecrabs

    Potential FA Targets prior to Draft

    When the dust settles after the draft, FA and training camp, It's going to be an interesting year on how we look going forward after next season is over. Then the questions will be, did we move forward from last year? Maintain, Or regress?
  5. horseshoecrabs

    Collins Gone

    And probably no on else for that matter. They will only look for value in FA and that will be more likely after the frenzy settles.
  6. horseshoecrabs

    Best Position Group - Pre-FA and Pre-Draft

    Still want to see more progression in the short yardage power running plays, with this line we are building now, there shouldn't be any excuse. I like play action pass sometimes to keep the defense honest, but not on every short yardage play.
  7. horseshoecrabs

    Did the Colts inquire about Brown?

    No matter how good talent is, if you turn into a distraction to the team it creates more problems than it's worth.
  8. horseshoecrabs

    One stance I refuse to back down from this offseason.

    Ballard is not backing down from his stance ether, he has said all along, as far as FA's go he has his on system of what their considered worth at their position is to this organization. He might love a certain FA and what it would mean to his roster. but if they don't jive with his numbers he is not going to pull the trigger on them. It's as simple as that.
  9. horseshoecrabs

    Darius Leonard vs Dwight Freeney

    Freeney, was a pass rush specialist! that was his forte. Leonard seems to be an overall more versatile player, at sniffing out where the play is developing and being there at the right moment. Both are good at what they do. So this seems silly to compare.
  10. horseshoecrabs

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    Each era of football has it's dynasty's at the time some longer than others. But the one constant I have seen decade after decade for the last sixty years is as time moves on it fades. The NFL (NOT For Long) has a way of reinventing itself. over time. What seems extremely relevant in the present has a way of fading over time. As the game changes in the future newer fans will only be interested in what's going on in their present time and limited past. The more time that passes to them will be the same old argument from past dominate teams, Like oh those old guys couldn't be that good in todays era, the game has changed, bigger and faster players, better training now, rules are different, The game will always evolve over time ,But the fan's point of view stays the same with each generation. So if you are a Patriot fan enjoy your world , because it to will become a thing of the past like most other fan's teams has had to endure over time.
  11. horseshoecrabs

    Coaching Vs Talent

    Having your team mentally prepared each week, regardless of your opponent is also the mark of a good coach, as well as the ability to make the right adjustments as the game sometimes dictates you have to do as it progresses
  12. horseshoecrabs

    Mudd Article

    I think Irsay recognizing that we needed a complete culture switch, was the catalyst the team needed in moving forward the right way. Ballard's hire obviously, was the first step in the right direction. Everything else seems to be falling into place for the team, and with the coaches, that ended up here.
  13. horseshoecrabs

    NFL Believes the Colts won the AFC South

    Regardless of Houston winning the division, It worked out that the matchup was the Colts beating them to represent, the AFC south in the rest of the conference match ups. Not the on paper, South division champs Texans, lol . I seriously doubt. If Houston would have played KC, the results would have been any different.
  14. horseshoecrabs

    AAF league

    This league is more about developing players to play at the NFL level, with out the big money politics of the league and owner's involved. It's a through back about the love of the game, like it was in the early stages of the NFL. I don't know if it will have longevity, but it's a nice refreshing concept. Only at this stage is hard to get excited about a team until they have played more.
  15. horseshoecrabs End of Year Draft Grades

    Even as great as Marvin Harrison was early on at speed routs down the field, Toward the end of his career he did not have quite the separation he once had to get free on the fly and it showed a lot. Yardage after the catch went down and his threat went down.