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  1. horseshoecrabs

    The Pagano era....all over again?

    Or if some of you are that dissatisfied, you Could change teams to one that won't embarrass you to be a fan of. The negativity is worst than the Colts losing this game.
  2. horseshoecrabs

    Patrick Mahomes is gonna be good

    On pace to beat Peyton's 55 td record for the year.
  3. Guys, I know you are a passionate bunch but please don't panic over this game. WE hung in with the current Super Bowl winner last year and played a competitive game. I was pleased with our progress. We are a rebuilding team that played very well considering who we were up against. This is the NFL. Look what happened to the Vikings beat buy the Bills! stuff happens week to week. At least we were competitive, And did not get stomped.
  4. horseshoecrabs

    Big D deserves Kudos again

    Hey It was a close one again, And our Defense deserves a high five for keeping it close, In the off season we were worried about the D but I think that we are a lot better than we thought we would be at this point. The defense is keeping us relevant for now. Offensively if we could have a little better running game and a little better production in the red zone, then we are on the upswing. Keep it up Colts!
  5. horseshoecrabs

    How long is Constanzo going to be out ?

    Hey my beef is only CrazyColt telling a fan that "Hey if they waited for Luck all this time why not wait that long for our LT. I hope Constanzo does get back on the field no question about it. But to compare the two isn't fair.
  6. horseshoecrabs

    How long is Constanzo going to be out ?

    There is 14 guys above him in the NFL And I Guarantee you, If he still has nagging injuries that prolong his return, The Colts won't have the patience that they had with Luck. Do you not understand why I questioned you original analogy to the previous post you told the other fan about them waiting for luck are does you perspicacity behooves you?
  7. horseshoecrabs

    How long is Constanzo going to be out ?

    Yea but they will not wait as long for a Lt as a Franchise QB . Point made?
  8. horseshoecrabs

    How long is Constanzo going to be out ?

    Come on man Really, How many LTs are compared with Franchise QB's have you seen. I am not debating your importance for a left tackle, But to compare him to Luck's situation is asinine. That's my point. Maybe he will work out after time, But to think they would wait as long as they have for Luck is a ridiculous analogy.
  9. horseshoecrabs

    How long is Constanzo going to be out ?

    I think it's a stretch to compare him to Our franchise QB situation Really?
  10. horseshoecrabs

    Interesting Chess Match Next Game

    I would hope you two are just Colts fans and not debating your perspicacity level. Please.
  11. horseshoecrabs

    What are you expecting?

    Only seeing us win this one, if Luck carries us, and the defense creates turnovers in key situations . Not to be pessimistic just realistic. We need to over achieve to win. But it can be done.
  12. horseshoecrabs

    I vote Mr. Nyheim 100 yds this weekend.

    Sorry guys if we are going to win against the Eagles it will be on Luck's shoulder not the running game.
  13. horseshoecrabs

    NFL made a mistake, it’s been fixed

    That is a great foundation to build on for the future. Keep it up big D.
  14. horseshoecrabs

    How long is Constanzo going to be out ?

    I agree this might be pre mature but, Their comes a time when if he can't get back on the field and be productive, then you do have to think about moving on, it's the nature of the beast. that doesn't mean he might move on somewhere else in the future and be great, but time is not on his side as a Colt, You have to remember this is a business and the old saying Not for long! NFL. you can only stand by so long and hope injuries correct their self . But you also have to be realistic too.
  15. horseshoecrabs

    Patriots are closing in on a deal to sign Josh Gordon

    I think they (Patriots) gave up a number 5th round pick