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  1. Looks like down the road, we haven't seen the last of those Manning boys in the NFL.
  2. To put it in a nut shell on the Colt-Chiefs game that night, "Even a blind squirrel can find a nut, once in a while"
  3. Maybe JB forgot his " Snickers Bars" after the beginning of last season, An he was just not himself. That theory could explain it.
  4. If the Patriots don't end up signing him to a 1 year contract, then obviously they think he has nothing left to give. Why in the world would we want him. The Brady Era is over, people need to quit remembering him the way he use to be and face the reality of his best playing days are over. It happens to all of the great ones. Time catches up to every athlete.
  5. When the leg problem before training camp started, I thought, maybe just being cautious. Then as time went on, OK maybe this is more serious than they are letting on. But when Luck announced, he was retiring, right before the season opener, All the wind blew out my sails, It felt almost surreal. This could not be happening, no not now, I tried to be optimistic, as the season started, and it looked like we had hope after Luck maybe, Then once the wheels started coming off the reality set in. The signs were there, But we always hope for the best.
  6. I'm sure you are right, but in this year's draft and FA we should, address more attainable upgrades to our roster by not reaching early for a QB.
  7. We could also draft for needs other than a QB, Roll with Brissett one more year, save some cap space, and go all in for Trevor Lawrence in next year's draft if we crash & burn.
  8. It boilies down to this we need to think past jacoby as our future QB. We have got to create a future qb for years t come as our savior, simple as that.
  9. Still think even though we won handily, against the Panthers due to running game key turnovers, great punt returns, The inability to throw the ball long, is a major concern, Now it might be some receiving issues, but I did see some replays where receivers were open and Jacoby was not picking up on seeing the whole field. When he does pass it is always short passes that most defenses seem to exploit, and do not feel threaten about his long ball threat. Until he shows that he can stretch the field long, this is a problem against better teams.
  10. I'm just hoping that we can at least play a competitive game and be physical, give it our best shot.
  11. Injuries is something every NFL team has to try to overcome, When you have to have every starter playing, to be competitive, Then it shows that we still have a lot depth positions on our squad to fill.
  12. Maybe if they had won more Championships, in their team's history, it wouldn't had mattered, as much.
  13. Just glad Jacoby is back, if only TY could be ready to play.
  14. Maybe Quinton Nelson Will be our starting Full back , in short yardage plays, LOL.
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