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    <img alt=":1colts:" data-emoticon="" src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/default_a1colts.jpg" title=":1colts:"> I have been a colts fan since my dad got me interested back in the 1958-1959 colts championships

    He was a big Johnnie U fan and I have been  a fan ever since of that horseshoe. something about it just

    is iconic to me, I hope they never change that horseshoe! There has been a lot of history about that helmet as I look back and I hope it will be more moving forward.

    I lived the past of the colts good times and bad, than most people in this forum and I find sometimes some post are too many people trying to impress other people with there own ego


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  1. Having the right QB for your team is a step in the right direction, Even the Rams came to terms with that. with all the talent they had ,they stunk up the place and became competitive this year with a competent leader.
  2. My point exactly, as we are as a team right now, it makes no since to waste having a rookie more or less to go through the growing pains of development. Even as highly regarded as Tua, was for Miami, they are already looking for someone else. If a future quarterback means someone who will be with the team for 15 years or more , we will be waiting a long time.
  3. If Ballard thought Eason was our QB for the future, he sure is keeping it a Secret.
  4. I stand corrected. "They hadn't won a playoff game in decades" considering the few times they were in the playoffs, in decades was so memorable. loI. Good catch Spanos
  5. The Bills are hungry, on a role, in the playoffs for the first time in decades, playing at home and an outdoor team. I got to tell you the scenario doesn't look good for us, But on the bright side ,we made it to the playoffs the score is 0 to 0 and I still will be cheering them on ! GO COLTS!
  6. My prediction is this thread will get shutdown by a moderator with any integrity. LOL
  7. King Colt , I resent your bigot implications because number one you don't know me , and I doubt very much you are of American heritage. So unless you speak for the American Indians, that by the way have a much better case for why they are not the minority , since this is their land then all races should just give them back that what were there's' I would not have any trouble in complying to them Would You?
  8. Typical hog wash that our society as decided out of the blue that the past is bad no more statues of the founding fathers, and if it is not presented in a positive past then we should destroy that past history part. because it's offensive I call it selective history to heaven forbid not embarrass anyone about what the past history was. What's next ? there was no Roman Empire or Spanish inquisition, or American revaluation , or world war 1 or 2?, because we ended world war 2 by the atomic bomb? Or they were not Hebrews in Mosses time that were slaves' in bondage. Every race, even the so called White race were at some point slaves or in bondage to the society at some point in history . so my point every Race , religious belief, etc.,,, were in bondage at some point in time. So do we just wipe all of this out of history? or do we learn from our mistakes of the past and move on. '
  9. I think that the false news channel like "CNN and others have created a must comply with leftest democrat's view on how to comply on peoples right to disagree. They want you to feel that you have no opinion on the matter. and if you don't agree then you are a bigot
  10. Looks like down the road, we haven't seen the last of those Manning boys in the NFL.
  11. To put it in a nut shell on the Colt-Chiefs game that night, "Even a blind squirrel can find a nut, once in a while"
  12. Maybe JB forgot his " Snickers Bars" after the beginning of last season, An he was just not himself. That theory could explain it.
  13. If the Patriots don't end up signing him to a 1 year contract, then obviously they think he has nothing left to give. Why in the world would we want him. The Brady Era is over, people need to quit remembering him the way he use to be and face the reality of his best playing days are over. It happens to all of the great ones. Time catches up to every athlete.
  14. When the leg problem before training camp started, I thought, maybe just being cautious. Then as time went on, OK maybe this is more serious than they are letting on. But when Luck announced, he was retiring, right before the season opener, All the wind blew out my sails, It felt almost surreal. This could not be happening, no not now, I tried to be optimistic, as the season started, and it looked like we had hope after Luck maybe, Then once the wheels started coming off the reality set in. The signs were there, But we always hope for the best.
  15. I'm sure you are right, but in this year's draft and FA we should, address more attainable upgrades to our roster by not reaching early for a QB.
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