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    <img alt=":1colts:" data-emoticon="" src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/default_a1colts.jpg" title=":1colts:"> I have been a colts fan since my dad got me interested back in the 1958-1959 colts championships

    He was a big Johnnie U fan and I have been  a fan ever since of that horseshoe. something about it just

    is iconic to me, I hope they never change that horseshoe! There has been a lot of history about that helmet as I look back and I hope it will be more moving forward.

    I lived the past of the colts good times and bad, than most people in this forum and I find sometimes some post are too many people trying to impress other people with there own ego


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  1. My point exactly, as we are as a team right now, it makes no since to waste having a rookie more or less to go through the growing pains of development. Even as highly regarded as Tua, was for Miami, they are already looking for someone else. If a future quarterback means someone who will be with the team for 15 years or more , we will be waiting a long time.
  2. If Ballard thought Eason was our QB for the future, he sure is keeping it a Secret.
  3. I stand corrected. "They hadn't won a playoff game in decades" considering the few times they were in the playoffs, in decades was so memorable. loI. Good catch Spanos
  4. The Bills are hungry, on a role, in the playoffs for the first time in decades, playing at home and an outdoor team. I got to tell you the scenario doesn't look good for us, But on the bright side ,we made it to the playoffs the score is 0 to 0 and I still will be cheering them on ! GO COLTS!
  5. My prediction is this thread will get shutdown by a moderator with any integrity. LOL
  6. I don't know if the timing is right yet, with the roll the dolphins are on now I say if it ain't broke don't try to fix it yet. Tua will end up getting the starting role, but for now like in Vegas they should let it roll
  7. The Catch 22 we have is we have a team that was designed for Andrew Luck and he decided to retire. We are almost to the point where we don't have enough time to break in a rookie from the draft and waste a year are two. Very limited on young QB talent already veterans out there who haven't become damaged goods.
  8. Sam Darnold ? really? I think the Jets have already ruined him. Like Houston did to David Carr.
  9. You can always throw a lot of blame and excuses around for the loss of a game. If your waiting to have every starter healthy and ready to play each game, then your dreaming, All teams have to deal with it. If most people thought Rivers was magickly going to come to the Colts and all of a sudden going to play like he was ten years younger , Well it's not going to happen. Rivers mobility or lack of is a glaring problem, He doesn't have the whole field vision anymore, but think that is due to him trying to slip rushers and stay in the pocket. When he moves out the pocket he's too slow makes
  10. King Colt , I resent your bigot implications because number one you don't know me , and I doubt very much you are of American heritage. So unless you speak for the American Indians, that by the way have a much better case for why they are not the minority , since this is their land then all races should just give them back that what were there's' I would not have any trouble in complying to them Would You?
  11. Typical hog wash that our society as decided out of the blue that the past is bad no more statues of the founding fathers, and if it is not presented in a positive past then we should destroy that past history part. because it's offensive I call it selective history to heaven forbid not embarrass anyone about what the past history was. What's next ? there was no Roman Empire or Spanish inquisition, or American revaluation , or world war 1 or 2?, because we ended world war 2 by the atomic bomb? Or they were not Hebrews in Mosses time that were slaves' in bondage. Every rac
  12. The question is will they play game time ?
  13. What glaring needs do we need? is it all about our Defense or does our offense decides to show up? Is it Rivers inability to be mobile out of the pocket? or the blocking for him? or drives that are short and wears down the defense ? How as a team do we need to over come these problems Do we really have a chance to be competitive with the elite or will we at best just be average. If so think about the future and address our future need. Obviously the QB situation in the future is the most glaring one. We need to address that before we have to rebuild again for the next future Franchise QB
  14. Hey Dingus , We both agree there is not as easily answer as the NBA and The MLB so we are stuck in purgatory LOL
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