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    So we survived the first week of our playoff.

    I like this, a lot better than talking about a high draft choice next year.
  2. horseshoecrabs

    Brian Baldinger on Q

    "Flirting with disaster "
  3. horseshoecrabs

    The Swagger is Back Baby!

    Is it premature? Sure it could be, but we are digging ourselves out of the preverbal hole to start the season with some solid play from our coaching staff , all the way with the current roster. I feel that our growing pains are starting to pay great dividends for the future of what this organization envisioned. No matter what your perception of this year's expiations were , this has to bring great joy in the direction that we, as Colt fan's have. It looks like the current roster has bought into the, grow and find our own identity. I am so proud of the way we have came back this season. It could be the start of great things for us. Any Thought's on this?
  4. horseshoecrabs

    The Swagger is Back Baby!

    yea, my proofreading has much to be desired, but it is because of the enthusiasm, as mentioned by lucky colts fan. lol
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    Big game at home next week, Tennesee!

    Well, we have another, division game next week that is looming big for us at home the Titians! Being that we are playing them at home this a good chance to make a statement. The fast start we made in the Jaguars game might be what we need to do to progress this year. I feel that what we needed against the Jaguars is needed in this game also. Any thoughts to this game? Regardless of what we thought of the Titians in the past, they have proved to be a solid team. so it wont be easy. I feel that this is a really big test for us, more that the Jaguars.
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    Looks like the defense has regressed back to normal

    The offense has gotten better.
  7. horseshoecrabs

    Luck looks awesome!

    Andrew looks like the competitor we knew he was before he got hurt. He is ready for things to come next year to compete for a championship . I think with a good FA & draft next year that he can take us to the promise land. We are not to far off from being elite, with the right add on talent. The coaching seems to be heading finally in the right direction. With some more key players we will be right back in the talk of a championship next year if we keep moving in the right direction.
  8. horseshoecrabs

    Luck and manning.

    I agree with Bott. Manning is a special player in the fact that he was a consummate student of the game and his thirst for always learning, never satisfied with the statis quo, Is what you want as a team leader.
  9. horseshoecrabs

    Luck and manning.

    Luck has more similarities to Peyton than you might expect. Though they are different the one intangible that they have is to elevate the talent they have around them. The great QB's like Brady (I want to choke at saying this,) Drew, ectee.. Make players at their position better they probably deserve.
  10. horseshoecrabs

    Looks like the defense has regressed back to normal

    I really think the defense next year will be the main focal point on moving on. We had to dedicate the offense this year for Luck's sake. The fact that the offense is now being productive and with a few tweaks next year will be awesome, Brings back the focus to next year's FA and draft be geared more for the defense. Remember that we are in a rebuilding process and it seems that we are heading in the right direction. I have a gut feeling that next year's FA and draft will be a defensive focal point.
  11. This was a great way to build on our progress to put our team on the upswing as a team of the future. We have a 3 game wining streak. We have an uphill climb to finish the season, but regardless, we needed this win. We have a ways to go but obviously Luck is back in form. I feel that our organization is moving in the right direction. with the right FA and draft next year we can be a force really soon then. So far I think next year should be a defensive draft, with a few tweak's on offense via FA or draft. Next year the sky could be the limit.
  12. horseshoecrabs

    Great Win! Let's build on a turning point!

    With the question marks that we started the season with from player personnel. coaching. Lucks future, This a win- win this season. Anybody who doesn't see this is delusional, We should celebrate the progress we have had this year so far.
  13. horseshoecrabs

    Great Win! Let's build on a turning point!

    We already are where we were last year. That being said , how we progress is just icing on the cake. What I want to see the rest of the year is to keep getting better, to build on our foundation as a team. This will what really make our rebuilding stage this year successful.
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    Colts playoff chance thread

    Folks we needed this win at home and we held off and got this. This is a great step in the right direction instead of folding. We won just like what the Browns did to the Falcons. But let's not get ahead of our self. This is a year where we build on progress to fill the holes we need to address next year in FA and the draft to get in the mix for a championship
  15. I know that the NFL is a business and sometimes you lose guys to free agency, But one guy I really liked ,we had was Garcon at WR. It's too late now for wishful thinking, but he would have been a good receiver to be a Colt, during his carrier. He was an excellent possession receiver during the late Manning years. I will always see him as Manning induced product, But obviously he had talent beyond Catching for Peyton.
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    Bye week Stories

    I like to watch red zone, when A lot of games are on at the same time. but It's definitely leaves a more empty feeling when your team has a bye.
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    Will the Colts wear blue pants this season?

    They only wore them for 3 games and that was it
  18. horseshoecrabs

    Will the Colts wear blue pants this season?

    Please , I remember them from god awful teams decades go. Let it be buried in the past with those seasons.
  19. We definitely have our work cut out on the rest of our games, being a good portion is conference games, That ways heavily on our finish for the rest of the season. Other than Dallas, Miami, and the Giants, this can define our progress this season. Any Thoughts? I (personal pronoun) Hope we will not have a top 5 draft choice next year.
  20. horseshoecrabs

    Heavy on the conference games in the latter half of season

    My bad, I should have posted "division" games. not conference
  21. I still think Cain from Clemson, could be a player down the road for us. Just have to see how it pans out next season.
  22. So as fans, even Garcon is not someone you liked? my goodness, You have high standards. I sure am glad I am not a new stand up comedian in an audience that you guys judge lol.
  23. Yea, a lot of dropped balls, 625 catches, For 7,798 yds 37 tds, in 147 games for not the number 1 receiver for the Colts.
  24. And you base your Locker room hearsay on what evidence?
  25. Was he a Number 1 receiver? obviously not but, a good complement as a clutch possession receiver ? yes