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  1. Just glad Jacoby is back, if only TY could be ready to play.
  2. Maybe Quinton Nelson Will be our starting Full back , in short yardage plays, LOL.
  3. But if you add Sanders to more games than he missed in his career, Maybe Manning would of had more Super Bowls at INDY. then if you subtract Manning from 2006, then even with Sanders we might have not won. See how this Adding and then subtracting can change things?
  4. Well I guess the NFL see things differently, As the suspensions will be leveed.
  5. For someone who insists that he just wants to play in the NFL. It would seems he demands a lot of , what other teams need to do to hire him. I don't know to many other businesses, Where it seems that the one that wants to get hired, demands the terms of the interview.
  6. If you can't see he is on the down swing of his carrier, his body, is beat up, he can't run or scrabble the way he use too.. and he chokes in adversity. pouts instead of developing mental toughness , Then maybe it is you who is speculating on what he might me able to become down the road. Tic Toc. A QB is a different breed, When you are use to winning , the same way you did in college, and your skills , that got you to that level deteriorate, Not everyone can reinvent their selves. The only one in recent memory, that changed his style of play and still was relevant for a while was Randell Cunningham, He had a similar style of play as Cam.
  7. It's really a more of a sad thing than a funny one that is going on in the NFL. If some players have really mental issues it's something that should be addressed.
  8. There is no excuse for any of that behavior in the NFL, Miles Garret, seems to have a rap sheet on doing the wrong thing on the field, recently this year , and it seems he has escalated it to the point of what transpired last night. Regardless, of what you think of last night's video replay, There is a major concern in the escalation in behavior problems , this year that Miles Garret has been involved in. There is a pattern , That should not be over looked, It seems if you looked at his past problems , that his pattern seems to be escalating, and that should be a red flag to what is going on with Miles. The major concern at this point should be , Miles does need mental help in the future , if he want's to stay in the NFL.
  9. I hate to burst your bubble, but I have know Cam since his days at Auburn. I thought out of their National Championship that he would be a big factor in the NFL. I have followed Cam since his days as Auburn. I have met him from college, and know him, So before you think you can judge me , make sure you know the facts! Cam was , I repeat was an exceptional talent , but now given his body wear , and his inability to learn from his mistakes, despite his mental blindness. in the NFL. He is on the down swing of his career. Mental readiness has a lot to do in your NFL career. I will always admire what Cam did for my beloved Tigers in College , But that does not always transpire in the long term in the NFL. Buy the way my sister and brother in-law live in Alabama and for 45 years pulled for Auburn, so don't give me that crap that we don't know about Alabama players. Sorry to go off on you "jvan" but don't just assume you perspicacity is above everyone else's knowledge .
  10. Hey, they say games can be decided by inches sometimes , We have been very close in a lot of our losses , I luv what Adam V has meant for this team, but putting your devotion aside for a hall of famer and being analytical, Regardless, who has kicked for our team this year, barring the hall of fame kicker we love , We have got to be better at points after TD and FG percentage in clutch games , no matter who our kicker is! This has to get be better! If Adam can turn it around, then fine, but we can't keep doing this over and over. We really do at this point need to look in the future for a younger leg accurate kicker, and also maybe a punter.
  11. If we had everybody healthy, then we would have a great chance to make waves but, we do not at this point have the luxury of great depth. But I feel Jacoby at this point is a must to have healthy, if we are to make any waves in this division.
  12. So long as we are not a player in it. Cam Newton regardless, of what his talents use to be, never matured mentally, in the NFL. He sulks too much when things don't go his way, instead of being a man and learning from it. Very child like in his maturity as a player, and with the mileage on his body now, he is only on the down swing of what's left of his career.
  13. Just goes to show, don't always buy into the media preseason darlings pick by the so called experts.
  14. If it was easy, then everyone would be honored. So if anything, I bet they liked the fact that what they did was special, and it wasn't easily duplicated.
  15. Regardless of what you might like or dislike about Jacoby, When the team loses it's starting QB no matter who he is, It's going to likely effect the whole team's from a buy in leadership perspective. When Peyton was out we sucked as a team, same with Luck, And not with just us but the same with all the other NFL teams that went through it. In todays NFL, very few teams have very good back up QB's. Years ago you had more of a luxury to have a quality back up, but , it's hard to have a quality back up anymore. Jacoby can only do his job. what the coaching staff decides as the game goes on is not up to him. And he has no control over missed extra points or missed field goal attempts.
  16. There is no one out there, via FA or the upcoming draft, that I would give up more years that I can see right now over a healthy Jacoby that knows the current system. When the time comes, It will be right, but not out desperation. I would rather try to progress, for now, than take a back step for a few years waiting for the perfect QB to develop.
  17. We will move forward with Jacoby, but without him , very doubtful. that is the nature of the beast.
  18. The rest of the league is up in air , but if the Colts can finishes with Jacoby as a QB, then we have hope. I think that barring a set back with Jacoby, we can be a competitive for the AFC south division. We must do what we did last season that is, get on a roll and win!
  19. Don't want to be a doubting Tomas , But reality is a Strang factor.
  20. We had the luxury of a franchise QB for 2 decades, that being said can we win without one? The Eagles showed us that , but that is under the perfect conditions Other wise we are just treading water for the time being , hoping for a miracle.
  21. When Jacoby comes back we will be back to being competitive, but until then, we will regress.
  22. I can understand settling for inferior back up QBs if you have a franchise QB, Peyton did it all the time with Sorgi, but he was a iron man through most of his carrier. but to have a good but not franchise type QB the second guy up is crucial. We have no back up that can take the team forward unfortunately.
  23. Don't think so, we still would be an average team trying to over achieve.
  24. I like what Jacoby has done for the Colts, My biggest pet peeve on him is not consistently being able to stretch the field, when needed. I'm not putting all of the blame on just the receiving core.
  25. Don't know, if there is really a savior in next year's draft, but we do need a franchise QB eventually, for the long term.
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