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    AAF league

    This league is more about developing players to play at the NFL level, with out the big money politics of the league and owner's involved. It's a through back about the love of the game, like it was in the early stages of the NFL. I don't know if it will have longevity, but it's a nice refreshing concept. Only at this stage is hard to get excited about a team until they have played more.
  2. horseshoecrabs End of Year Draft Grades

    Even as great as Marvin Harrison was early on at speed routs down the field, Toward the end of his career he did not have quite the separation he once had to get free on the fly and it showed a lot. Yardage after the catch went down and his threat went down.
  3. horseshoecrabs

    Kyler Murray chooses NFL over MLB

    The thing about MLB is you have to pay your dues before seeing if you are even considered ready to play in the majors. In the NFL it's pretty much sink or swim from the get go.
  4. horseshoecrabs

    Peyton Manning Does It Again

    I missed that too. Super funny! thx, for posting that Barry.
  5. horseshoecrabs

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    During our run in 2006, Manning also, with an effective running game, learned ball control, instead of just trying to score a TD on every play. This helped our defense, stay fresh, and not be on the field constantly.
  6. We ended up on a good draft last year, will everyone agree that if we did as good or better than last year that we are in good shape?. This next season we will probably be more active in FA if the players are available, that suits our mind set. so is this going to be move forward or status quo for next season? I think that we will get even better. What are your views?
  7. actually he could be better than last year, that is my point
  8. Please your opinions are really important.
  9. horseshoecrabs

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    Balance is the key, And I strongly believe Ballard will do this that on each side of the ball next season via Draft , FA and walk-ons. offense and defense.
  10. horseshoecrabs

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    This more or less resembles, you trying to prove only your analogy is right dude . It's only your opinion just like it's only mine, So don't get to sacrilegious on us to justify your point. You can't win. sucker just like I can't It's hearsay .
  11. horseshoecrabs

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    Don't think that every thing you justify makes you right
  12. horseshoecrabs

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    Your splitting hairs to justify your point
  13. horseshoecrabs

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    If you listened to what the point I was trying to say, it was no matter what defense you put together on paper. It doesn't always equate to what you do on defense by playoff time. A good example of that is the 2006 Colts playoff run to the Super Bowl. During the season we were horrible on stopping the run, but as a whole we came together in the playoffs . With Solid ball control on offense, By this I mean even Peyton saying, He had a leaning curve to resist from scoring quickly and learn to control the ball on offense, for. ball controlling drives , to help the defense out, and not letting them get tired .
  14. horseshoecrabs

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    Brady had the perfect system to have his career under. The main Question is, could he have done it with another team like Peyton did it.
  15. horseshoecrabs

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    Darn Clayton Colt! did you ever consider trying out for a Gm position ? Your perspicacity, definitely only relates to your perspective. Us only lonely, uninformed fans thank you for your knowledge. We will wait patiently for next words of wisdom.
  16. Sorry Superman, did not realize this was a already discussed thread. must have missed the original , Sorry, would not have posted it, if I had knew. 

  17. The current winner of the coin toss, either scoring a TD and winning the game , "not giving the opposite team a chance on offense" vs "if you kick a field goal, then the other team has a chance on offense in OT" needs to be relooked at. It seems like it still isn't all together fair. Does anybody have any thoughts on how it can be improved? One scenario , I thought of was both teams "regardless of if the coin toss winner scored a TD" gets a chance. That could bring in the two point VS extra point try, to weigh in on the tie breaker.
  18. horseshoecrabs

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    New England 's defense is ranked 22 second in the pass, 27th in the rush, yet, here they are in the Super Bowl, Explain that.
  19. horseshoecrabs

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    If we were just basing the defense on paper then the Patriots should have no chance at winning this Super Bowl. But my point is that . without an consistent offensive ball control it doesn't matter a whole lot., how on paper, your defense stacks up in this era.
  20. horseshoecrabs

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    It's called ball control on offense keep your defense fresh!
  21. horseshoecrabs

    Will you be watching the SB?

    Oh lighten up. Old time football fans have their opinions, since they have watched a lot of decades of the NFL, So learn from their experience. It's alright for us to be cynical, Times has changed over the years, but your perspective is based on what you know as a fan.
  22. horseshoecrabs

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    No matter how many studs you get on defense, in this era, offense seems to be the priority to win in this league now. Keeping your defense fresh by ball control helps out tremendously, even with less than stellar defense. The Rams on paper have a hell of a defense but, they have not dominated. Same goes for the Texans, on defense, on paper looks good but, in the playoffs ? non factor.
  23. horseshoecrabs

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    The cost will dictate how long he stays with us, He has his moments. but the drop passes is a major concern in the clutch. Dole has been a work horse at TE. He was definitely missed at the end of our season run.
  24. horseshoecrabs

    Little confused

    My bad, Attack
  25. horseshoecrabs

    Will you be watching the SB?

    or you can record it, and if you hear the Patriots won, it's time not loss, and If the Rams win then watch the recording.