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  1. coltsfeva

    Reich's offense

    I don’t think they’ll be Manning’s offense 2.0 because Reich / Ballard have been influenced by other offenses and because Reich likes to substitute packages, contingent on specific player talents. That being said, I would love to see a marketable improvement in screens and the occasional stretch play.
  2. coltsfeva

    TE Group

    Travis is on IR but you’re right about Swoope, he’s an unrestricted FA.
  3. coltsfeva

    TE Group

    Pretty good group, especially if Doyle comes back healthy: Doyle Ebron Alie Cox Swoope Travis Hewitt Its going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Doyle, Alie Cox and Hewitt can block. Enron is a mismatch in the passing game and both Swoope and Travis have potential in the passing game. Who do you think will be let go? I don’t know if they can use the practice squad to hide somebody but this group can be one of the team’s strengths. There’s untapped potential in Alie Cox, Swoope and Travis and maybe they find a gem in the late rounds or an UFA. Maybe find a trade partner for one of them. Like I said, its going to be interesting to see how this shakes out.
  4. coltsfeva

    The Safety Position Moving Into Next Season

    Funny how a guy can go from “the next Bob Sanders” to a bust. His 40 times ranged from 4.38 to 4.54, so he’s not as slow as some would suggest. His size (6’2” - 220) suggests he has the body to defend the run and he does have the potential to get better in coverage. The knock on him coming out, was that he missed a lot of tackles and I think we’ve seen improvement there. Maybe part of his weakness in coverage is due to inexperience. My hope is that experience will help him in coverage. If Geathers has his best year, he can be pretty darn good. We talk about continuity on the Oline. Having continuity in the secondary (and LB corps), is just as important. Geathers is versatile and that shouldn’t be overlooked. Mitchell and Fairley are solid backups but there may be someone in the draft worth taking, but I’m not sure if Safety is as big of a need as passrusher, receiver, corner or even an Olineman.
  5. coltsfeva

    Stampede Blue on Braden Smith

    Venturi was right but failed to mention Glow was banged up. He did ask reasonable questions; is Smith a step up from Glow at guard, and should the Colts draft/sign an outstanding RT? They’re going to go over those two positions with a magnifying glass and I feel confident they’ll get the best 5 in there. But like others have pointed out, that’s a lot of money for a backup.
  6. coltsfeva

    Do our backs have this in them

    Amazing group of running backs the Colts have had: I was at the Eagles game in 99. James ran that sweep for 62 yards and a TD, right in front of me. It was like a blur... I’ve always wondered why he didn’t have a whole lot of long runs for TDS and I think it was because he had so many runs where he had to break tackles so the DBs were able to catch him. But, the things that impressed me was his ability to get low, always falling forward, his ability to block and catch.
  7. coltsfeva

    Antonio Brown Madden Curse?

    As dynamic a player as he is, I wouldn’t want him. It’s guys like him that become a detriment to a team, should they start off the year slow or lose a couple of games.
  8. coltsfeva

    Colts hype video

    Created before the playoff game with Houston, but still gets me pumped for next year. I wonder if Ballast will add a name or two to the ones listed? A difference maker or two on the D-Line, a shut down corner or a receiver that requires double coverage? If you haven’t seen it, its worth a look
  9. We did. Of course we were missing: Mack Doyle Castanzo Hilton among others.
  10. LOVED Roger Carr. He was 6’4” and could run like the wind. He used to chase deer in the offseason to keep in shape.
  11. coltsfeva

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t there 52 other players and some pretty good coaches on his sideline? To view these two reasons as PROOF of his being the GOAT unequivocally is short sided and media fodder.
  12. coltsfeva

    What can we learn from the pats??

    The Pats don’t beat themselves. They also have an ability to change schemes during the game, both offensively and defensively. That comes down to coaching and executing. Personally, I want to see the Colts own the bye next year and go against a healthy Brady & company. To see them beat the “unbeatable” Pats in Indy and in the near future, be the stumbling block for the Pats to get back to the SB. You can’t do it with sloppy play , bad game planning or being predictable, offensively and defensively. But Reich can outcoach Belichick and with a good off season, they could have the talent to team to keep NE from sniffing another championship.
  13. coltsfeva

    Andrew Luck Wins Comeback POTY

    Where are the fans that wanted to trade him?
  14. coltsfeva

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    Before you assume I will substitute Manning, Unitas, Montana, Elway or anybody else, my first reason discounts any of them: Reason #1. It is totally subjective. Brady is among the greatest but to single out anyone as “greater” than these other QBs is foolish. Football has changed over the years and Brady hasn’t had to deal with DBs mauling his receivers like Otto Graham (who has 7 championships), Starr (who has 5) or Unitas (who has 4). Reason #2: Defense wins championships In his 5 Championship years of 2001,2003,2004,2014 and 2016, Brady’s defenses have ranked 6th, 1st, 2nd, 8th and 1st respectively. (Points given up). Reason #3: He cheated and got caught. Part of being great is playing by the rules. Mr Brady’s legacy will always be tainted and that in itself does enough to disqualify him in many people’s mind. Reason # 4 Brady NEVER had to match wits with Belichick. That’s a big deal. Belichick is a master of the game (even without cheating). Opposing QBs and coaches have found that out the hard way. Brady doesn’t possess the strongest arm, he’s not the most accurate, he definitely can’t out-scramble others that have that ability, nor is he the most cerebral. So, how can he be the “GOAT”? Bottom line is, there’s no GOAT. But he’s definitely one of the most accomplished. Too much is contingent on coaching, opposition, strength of team, era, etc for one player to be “absolutely” the greatest.
  15. coltsfeva

    Ballard is doing what Polian did

    One thing Polian said he regretted was not having a dominant DT. He eventually got Booger.