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  1. All kidding aside: If the Colts are serious about competition at every position, I want to see what he can do with the first stringers. If he stinks, at least they gave him a shot. He could end up being a solid backup
  2. The Colts have not had a whole lot of success with ex-Eagles: Herrimens Hank Basket Trent Cole Agular has a reputation for the dropsies PASS (please)
  3. Actually, I’m just about to turn 65. I do remember a 14 game season and 154 in baseball. I just thought it would keep some continuity.
  4. This might be heresy but if they are going to 17 games, why not make it so every player has to sit one game? If they don’t do something like that, records (passing and rushing yards for the for example) will not mean as much. Besides, players are missing games anyway as it is. It would add the strategy as well. I wish they would leave things as they are but money talks.
  5. I’m hoping for a DT at 13, QB at 34 (if Love or Fromm are there) and WR at 44. If AC retires, that changes everything.
  6. Some “music” today is mindless dribble, void of melody and sophistication. Winton Marsalis has tried to get kids to get interested in Jazz and Classical to give them alternatives to this kind of garbage. Is the term “Rap Artist” an oxymoron?
  7. If fans think he’s headed for Canton, that is overrating him. If, in the other hand, fans think he has shown enough potential to compete for a backup spot (or even start), that’s a reasonable stance. The Colts saw enough to sign him. That’s got to count for something.
  8. I hear what you’re saying and if Smith stays at RT, great. But if his natural position is RG and we draft somebody to play RT and eventually fill in at LT, that would be great too.
  9. I have a Luck Jersey but I’ve been thinking about which Jersey I should buy next. This video has convinced me #56 is the one to get. Dude is a monster. I still think we need a RT do Smith can move to guard. Love his humility and talent.
  10. I wonder how the receiving corps (no pun intended), will be with a healthy Funchess, TY, Campbell, Pascal and draft pick with an accurate QB at the healm? It’s hard to judge the talent with injuries that occurred and with Brissett throwing. Maybe it’s not as dire as some believe?
  11. For 20 years, I’ve thought of Brady being sacked as one of the most fulfilling plays in the NFL. If he ends up here, I’m sure I’ll get used to him being a Colts and...(gulp) actually rooting for him but it goes against every fiber of my being.
  12. I know this is only his HS highlights but Charlie Woener looks like he could be a late round steal. He’s currently ranked 20th among TEs but is 6’5” and 245 lbs with sub 4.7 speed. He wasn’t utilized much in the passing game at Georgia but looking at these highlights, he’s got some YAC ability. I know the TE position is critical but I wouldn’t put the need above QB, DT, EDGE or OT. Mo Allie Cox may blossom this year and Doyle is solid, if he can stay healthy.
  13. I enjoyed this. Arch looks like he’s got some potential. Maybe this thread belongs elsewhere but I’ve said it before, bloodline does matter both in the nature and nurture sense. That may be a reason Chad Kelly is still on the team.
  14. On a related note: I wonder if we will ever see reduced travel to Europe (ie Concorde), to make the trip doable? Even a 3 or 4 hour trip would be an improvement.
  15. Should have been called in the Saints game as well...IMO As far as the Colts - if Fromm is there at 34, I’d be happy with the Colts drafting him. He’s not Mahomes but I think Reich could develop him into a solid QB
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