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  1. coltsfeva

    Jordan Wilkins

    He’s got that jump step that reminds me (a little) of Le’von Bell. Pass pro is a big issue- hopefully , he’ll be coached up to be above average or at least decent at it.
  2. coltsfeva

    Touchdown Music

    Of course! My bad... I corrected it, thanks!
  3. coltsfeva

    Touchdown Music

    I was wondering what music gets played when the Colts score at LOS ? Even though they’re not one of my favorite groups, I think “Back in the Saddle Again” by Aerosmith would be cool. Anybody else have any ideas for song snippets when they score or cause a turnover, hard tackle or beginning of the game?
  4. coltsfeva

    Colts WR Deon Cain working out with NFL Legend

    Which is why Marvin was so dangerous! I remember CB say you couldn’t tell if it was coming to Marvin because he ran his routes the same way, regardless if he was getting the ball or not. And Marvin ran some deep routes as well.
  5. coltsfeva

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    With Reich/Ballard’s emphasis on speed, I’m assuming they are building the team with turf in mind which is fine. But I wonder if teams that have real grass fields, make adjustments easier to other venues that have turf, then visa-versa ? Is there an advantage either way, knowing you have to play on both, during the course of the year?
  6. coltsfeva

    Nelson at RT?

    My guess is they will consider all options but I like Howard at RT, with Good, Clark and Haeg as backups. They didn’t move Kelly to guard and I doubt Nelson would be moved to tackle. Nelson is going to be a GREAT guard. Why mess with that?
  7. coltsfeva

    Colts Achilles Heel

    While I agree things have to be proven on the field, I guess the thing that I find a little unrealistic on their part is the assumption that nothing has changed from last year.
  8. coltsfeva

    Colts Achilles Heel

    Listen to these “experts”. Some of what they say may be true but some of what they say is said out of ignorance. They are still claiming the Oline is an issue, the run game is inadequate and the defense will mimic what was done last year, discounting not only the draft but scheme and coaching changes. I think some will be surprised at the changes this year.
  9. coltsfeva

    The Quenton Nelson Story you've wanted......

    This was a good breakdown too.
  10. coltsfeva

    Indy Special

    I know I’m being unreasonable and they do deserve credit, but Eagles fans are the worst. I’m glad they beat the Pats but they are my second most hated team (after the Pats).
  11. coltsfeva

    Indy Special

    I for one, am soooo sick of Philadelphia being some kind of “new” thing. Kudos for the Eagles beating the Pats but they had s bit of luck on their side when Rogers got hurt and when the Vikings beat the Saints. Living near Philadelphia is tough this year and they deserve a ring, a Lombardi and all the accolades that go with winning the SB. But can we pump the brakes on copying their “blueprint” ? They gave up 33 points in the SB and beat 2 playoff teams during the season. The Philadelphia Eagles are the most overrated team in the NFL.
  12. coltsfeva

    Nate Burelson has Colts at 10-6

    Just so you know, I’m not a big fan of GMFB (it gets kind of silly at times to a point I have to turn it off). But I saw this and thought Colts fans might be interested. To those (like yourself) who think the thread is a waste of time, I thought I labeled it to avoid you having to read it. I take everybody’s projection with a grain of salt and that includes those who are projecting 6-10, 7-9, 8-8 etc. I mean, we don’t even know what the roster will be, come September. So who really knows? But at this time of year, it’s interesting to me to hear some misconceptions from the National Media. Take his point about losing to the Jags twice because they won’t let Andrew “throw it all over the place” ( completely discounting the Colts run game).
  13. coltsfeva

    Nate Burelson has Colts at 10-6

    Well put. Yeah, I saw the typo and changed it, thanks.
  14. When you look at the schedule, you realize how difficult it is to predict how tough an opponent will be, let alone how good the Colts will be, come the fall. I see games he has us winning as possible losses and games he has us losing as possible wins. I don’t think 10-6 is unreasonable if Luck is playing well, the Oline is dominate and the defense improves. All signs are pointing up. Like to get your thoughts (scroll down to the NFL network video).
  15. coltsfeva

    Sometimes We Forget

    Andrew Luck healthy with: A new offensive philosophy Time to throw More dynamic run game New weapons Solid Special Teams Better Defense Improved strength and conditioning Call me optimistic but I’m looking forward to this year! GO COLTS!!