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  1. Positives: Good “jumpball” ability Good blocker Good hands Good football IQ Negatives: Lacks elite speed Lacks explosiveness Needs to improve route running I remember Polian emphasizing what they (back then) looked for in a WR (and I don’t think it’s changed) Soft hands Football IQ Ability to make adjustments when play breaks down I wonder how much the Rivers signing had to do with the Pittman selection?
  2. Just watched through the Colts’ first drive: I know it’s just a video game but I can’t wait for the real thing...hoping we see it. Three things seemed unrealistic: No Johnathan Taylor Smith is wearing 76 The Jacksonville stands are full(they didn’t fill up in the real thing ).
  3. That instance was just plain wrong but can we really say “no black person can eat a meal without being harassed”? That just seems like a stretch to me. The individuals that perpetuate bigotry should be dealt with on an individual basis, because (as in this case) it’s ugly and shouldn’t happen in America. Most of my friends of color are decent people and I’m proud to call them friends. And most would agree the current narrative has gotten out of hand. I’m sorry if I offend anyone but BLM is doing more harm than good.
  4. I love his play and he’s a decent human being but he lives in a country where he has the opportunity to make millions. He lives in a country where we’ve had a black President, Congress, Supreme Court Justices, Doctors, Lawyers, CEOs, Entertainers, Athletes and others who have worked hard to become successful. Are there racists in this country? Absolutely! But I don’t buy the narrative that police brutality is the most agregious issue the black community faces. Not when over 7,000 are killed by black on black crime (75% unsolved because people are afraid to speak up), 74% of black children grow up in single family homes, gang violence, a 13% high school graduation rate and other more pressing issues than the rare instance of a George Floyd murder, which we all agree should not happen and should be punished. I do hope some good will come out of all this but I unless ALL perspectives are given validity (or at least be heard), and an honest, open dialog can happen, we will end up missing the mark on exactly what needs to change.
  5. They tabled the “4th and 15” option for teams coming from behind. If the elimination of a running start is what the problem is, why can’t they just allow the kicking team 2 or 3 extra yards, so they have a better chance to get to the ball? I may be oversimplifying the issue but to me, it makes more sense than the 4th and 15 option. Thoughts? https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-tables-fourth-and-15-onside-kick-alternative-proposal
  6. My favorite line was Peyton saying; “That was a tough shot with all the crowd noise”. I watched most of it. Good to see Brady flub a few!
  7. Glad you’re okay bro! I just hope people are careful as things open up. They have to realize it’s not just their health they’re risking but NOT doing so. As far as the Colts; 10-6 to 12-4 seems reasonable, depending on health.
  8. I’m cautiously optimistic that: The season will be played The Colts will go far in the playoffs (due to the schedule which is no cakewalk). There is talk of putting mannequins in the stands, or possibly some players from the Grigson era, which would be roughly the same.
  9. If the Colts were in a critical game and had 3rd and 5 to have a chance, I’d feel safer going to JD.
  10. Good piece with some insight into his upbringing, high school and college days. Going to be exciting seeing him in a Colts uniform!
  11. Hard enough to make accurate predictions on Division winners. This year? I just hope there’s a season! That being said, the Colts have as good of a shot as anybody
  12. A dark horse at DE might be Autry. He could get more reps outside and might be an upgrade there over Sheard (although Sheard was solid there).
  13. Was hoping for one home Sunday night game. Personally, I would rather not have Booger on MNF or Romo on a game. Both talk way too much!
  14. I would agree and the fact that they didn’t play him at the end of the season is still a “head scratcher” to me but but the same token, the fact remains that they did sign him to the 53 man roster and included him in the competition for a roster spot this year. Option 4 would be ideal for me, especially if they can get something back for JB.
  15. I say yes because the Colts can keep Mahomes off the field and control the clock. A lot is going to depend on their passing defense (pass rush and secondary), when he comes off the bench.
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