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  1. I liked when Freeney talked to Paye. If Paye and Dayo can give us anywhere near what Freeney/ Mathis gave us, these two picks will be worth it. But that’s a long way off. Plus, we’ve never had a guy like Buckner and the other depth we have now.
  2. “Never pet a burning dog” Steve Gadd
  3. The Colts ranked in the top ten in points scored and given up. They were a top 5 special teams unit. I saw a defense that tackled well, a creative offense and a solid special teams unit. Wentz could have the best years of his career in Indy. Lewis is improving. A healthy Turay and Campbell can be difference makers. A secondary with another year’s experience could be better. Who knows how this team will perform this year but I’m excited to see incremental progress as young players develop. I don’t get the doom and gloom.
  4. Although it’s not an option, my grade would be incomplete; They’ve strengthened their Dline, they like the TE/fullback and added a piece to their secondary. The big question on most fans’ minds still remains: why not a LT early? But there are still options; FA, existing tackles on the squad that may be the answer, if only for a year. I have full confidence in Ballard to find an answer. Time will tell.
  5. I thought Holden played well, when he was in there. Davenport and Tevi have experience. There’s day three possibilities of guys that may have not been coached properly. And there are teams that are going to release tackles through September. There’s a couple of FAs out there as well. I know this much: they’ll come up with a solution. Maybe it will be a one year deal and they will find the long term solution next year, who knows? In Ballard I trust...
  6. I can’t help but think Ballard and co. will have an advantage over some other teams, considering the circumstances of the 2020 class. They’ve been pretty good at finding talent late in the draft. The consensus is that they need: A starting LT A difference maker at DE Depth in the secondary A dynamic TE An explosive WR HOW they meet these goals is anyone’s guess. But it’s good to know, they have a solid nucleus and just need some pieces to contend for a championship. (This is assuming Wentz balls out and the existing team is healthy). The
  7. Nick Harper “zigs” instead of “zags” after fumble recovery in 2005 playoffs
  8. People will say Ballard doesn’t do anything in Free Agency. But signing from within is important since guys know the system. Carrie played well last year, for the most part. Good to see these kinds of signings!
  9. Good post! People who complain about Ballard should be glad they aren’t Eagles or Texan fans. Sure, you can “buy” a championship team, via FA but I like what Ballard is doing. There’s question marks on our receivers, CBs and DEs but some of that is health, some experience and just getting better. All three areas could be solid and even a little underrated at times.
  10. Average? Few playmakers? Are we watching the same team? Are not Darius Leonard, Bobby Okereke, Kenny Moore, Xavier Rhodes, Johnathan Taylor, Julian Blackman, Deforest Buckner, Grover Stewart, Quentin Nelson, Jack Doyle, Micheal Pittman and Neihem Hines playmakers? The Colts are above average in tackling and are well disciplined. Maybe they don’t have a “superstar receiver” (which may be a result of the play calling to spread the ball around), but their receivers are pretty solid. They have guys that haven’t reached their prime yet and if you consider guys coming back from
  11. A little too early to say Lewis, Turay and Banagu don’t amount to much. Not every pass rusher is going to excel right away. I don’t think they’re as bad as some suggest but the jury is still out on them.
  12. Good point. I guess my concern is that he will be facing better teams in the playoffs and may be under more pressure, than in the regular season. He looked bad last year, when pressured but to your point, he may be fine, if the line protects him.
  13. I thought Holden played decent, until he got hurt.
  14. I have to admit, I was disappointed the Colts didn’t get Stafford and ended up with Wentz. I hope my fears turn out to be wrong. I guess my biggest fear at this point, is not, will we see the 2017 Wentz (I think he’ll be okay and could have a great regular season), but will we see the 2020 Wentz again in the playoffs? I hope not. He’s certainly got a chance to prove the doubters wrong. Reich said in other quotes; they’re going to run some RPO. It made me wonder, will we see the return of the stretch play, that Edge ran so well? Maybe an occasional 2 back set? I’m getting
  15. Great news! TY is also savvy enough to get open, when a play breaks down and Wentz has to scramble.
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