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  1. Rock went from “garbage” to “our best corner”. Makes me wonder how much is talent and how much is simply technique and communication. Example: The first TD (long pass against BoPete #33). Why did Blackmon roll to that side? Maybe they’ll pick up Flowers and maybe they’ll just coach these guys up but when they were healthy, they dominated Baltimore. Here’s hoping the secondary gets healthy and starts to gel.
  2. Funny how a loss affects people. That game was close and they dominated Baltimore until they started losing secondary players. If Blankenship makes the winning field goal, no one is talking about not being able to beat a playoff team.
  3. Do you always find a dark cloud in every silver lining?
  4. As fans, we know losing hurts. Some fans remain optimistic, some look to blame somebody and some, unfortunately, take things way to far. So when our beloved Colts lose a game like they did Monday night, how do you handle it? Snap at your significant other? Kick the dog? Punch the wall? Or do you do something as *ic as the poster below did (threaten a player)? Disgusting! I find coming to the forum to find like-minded optimists the only thing that helps, (that and a few days to recover). This fan base is divided between the “glass half empty” and “glass half full” camps. I just hope this poster is not part of this forum. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/10/12/colts-julian-blackmon-death-threats-ravens/
  5. What’s a puzzle to me, is that when the Colts lose, all of the great plays of the game are forgotten. The evening is summed up as “a nightmare” and the team is “average” or “mediocre”. The cries of “fire Reich”, “fire Ballard”, “get rid of Eberflus” are everywhere. What I saw last night was a team getting better and even though there are some definite things to work on and ultimately, it was a loss, there is time to get things corrected. Adding TY, Smith, Nelson, Willis and Carrie will help. The difference between winning and losing is so narrow in this league. The Colts are improving and this season is far from over. Thanks to the OP for this thread!
  6. Colts fought hard. They are going to be fine. But I expect these kinds of comments out of frustration.
  7. Even though the Colts lost last year to the Ravens, the Colts had held them to just 18 yards, in the first half. Eighteen. One key for me is contain. Houston and Autry were great at containing the bootleg (at least for a half). If Paye is healthy, he and Mohammad can be decent at containing Jackson. He’s going to get his yards but so are the Colts. (Baltimore has had issues tackling this year.) If Leonard is not 100%, they might use Moore to “spy” Jackson. I like the Colts chances.
  8. Colts score go ahead touchdown with an “Ally-Oop” to Moe Alli-Cox with 6 seconds left. Colts 24 Ravens 17 By the way, Jeffery Goreman coined the term Ally-Oop, as it pertains to the Colts
  9. As someone posted “both” should have been an option. I remember SB III and how mad I was at Namath. Reveled in the SB V victory over Dallas. Saw a lot of games with Bert Jones at the helm. Then in Indy, Harbaugh, Manning, Luck, Rivers and Wentz. I can understand people from Baltimore proper not wanting to root for the Colts now. But these memories are intertwined in my life and I can’t just drop some, they are a part of me, the good times and bad. One thing I wished they had continued in Indy was the C-O-L-T-S, COLTS cheer. It was amazing how each letter resonated in Memorial Stadium!
  10. Wasn’t this a thread for Colts/ Dolphins predictions? m My 2 cents Colts by 10 Colts 24 Dolphins 14
  11. I had a Danish for breakfast yesterday, yummy!
  12. You may be right but I doubt it; there’s multiple teams looking for a RB and there may be some competition for him.
  13. After watching the Tennessee game again, I saw a few plays where we had pressure on Tannehill and he either ran for a big play or threw for one. Sometimes the difference between winning and losing is a broken tackle or a slight move to avoid a tackle. And if those games were won (instead of lost), not many would be focused on weaknesses or inadequacies. It’s just the way things go. Winning cures a lot. As far as the rest of the season; who knows? I do believe they can still go 10-7 (or even better, if things go right).
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