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  1. coltsfeva

    Jalen Ramsey Comments...

    Here is the problem I have with Ramsey: guys like him are poison to a team, should the team start to lose. Critical comments start to come out, directed at their team. (and NO, I wouldn’t want him on the Colts).
  2. coltsfeva

    Who is the team to beat in our division?

    Well, since this Colts team has never lost to the Jags, Texans or Titans, I’d say we have as good of a chance as the other three teams....just sayin...
  3. coltsfeva

    Jalen Ramsey Comments...

    He should have stopped at; “I really don’t think” and left it at that.
  4. coltsfeva

    Colts Training Camp 8/14/2018

    I’m not overly concerned: Geathers, Hooker,Turay and Lewis (if healthy) could help. Not only because of their talent but they could make those around them better. It does take time to gel, but history has shown teams can make dramatic improvements in a year. They may not be a top ten defense this year but if the offense can be top ten, a middle of the pack defense can get them to the playoffs this year.
  5. coltsfeva

    Big Bodied Receiver

    Ballard’s philosophy is to build through the draft, primarily. Although we may pick up a FA, we really don’t know what we have on the roster just yet. Let’s see how these young WRs pan out.
  6. coltsfeva

    How did you like the play calling?

    I’ll give you three words that are much worse: RUN MARSHAN LYNCH!
  7. coltsfeva

    How did you like the play calling?

    I find it ironic that Reich is applauded for passing to Turbin on 4th down but Pagano called the same type of play, (Turbin dropped it) and Pagano’s and *. I’m as glad as anybody we made this change but why don’t you leave the man alone. Like you said, you have a “right” to keep whining about the past, but why be like that? Is that the way you were raised ?
  8. The word I’m focusing on is might....pretty please with a cherry on top ? If it’s true, we’ll have to live with it. If not, we’ll all breath a sigh of relief. Either way, I’ll wait for Reich to address it.
  9. coltsfeva

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    It’s been a long time since we’ve seen #12. I’m psyched ! GO COLTS !!
  10. coltsfeva

    Colts Playmakers

    If I would have said;”has playmaking ability “ who would be on your list ?
  11. coltsfeva

    Colts Playmakers

    So, the term “playmaker” is probably subjective but for the purpose of this thread, let’s define it as “players who have shown to be or have the potential to be above average players”. My list: Luck Nelson Kelly Mack Hines Swoope Doyle Leonard Autry Desir Geathers Hilton Hooker K Moore Rogers Wilkins Woods Again, it is subjective but there is talent on the Colts. It’s been long time since the Colts have been good and I know there may be some pieces to add but when people say this team is devoid of talent, I can’t help but think of the players on this list and strongly disagree.
  12. coltsfeva

    Time Travel. A look back

    Things could very well go bad this year (injuries, inexperience and lack of talent showing, new systems being learned, etc.). But those of us that are optimistic can see where things could come together quickly and 2018 be a playoff year. Last year showed us that the gap between where a team was projected to finish (20th) and where they ended up (1st), could be surprising. Truth is, nobody knows. To me, I’d rather have hope till there is no more reason to hope, than to concede mediocrity. As many have said, there are some talented players on this team, contrary to the National media’s mantra. Now, it’s up to the team and coaches to prove them wrong.
  13. coltsfeva

    Slot WR?

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Hines utilized as a slot. Do we have anybody that’s an Edelman type (quick as well as fast) ?
  14. coltsfeva

    Colts Training Camp 8/6/2018

    Another thing to consider is the new rule for lowering your head. That needs to be practiced. Besides, it’s not an “either/ or” situation. Players can play physically but be smart in the way they tackle and run.
  15. coltsfeva

    Colts Training Camp 8/3/2018 (Birthday Edition)

    Happy birthday! I was 23 once