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  1. Another aspect of a guy like Ramsey is; will he miss games either by suspension or a “bad back”, should the Rams faulter?
  2. Bleacher Report on which team has the advantage. Should be a close game and the team that makes the fewest mistakes, will ultimately have the advantage. I do think coaching = advantage Colts but we will see. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/gallery/indianapolis-colts-houston-texans-position-breakdown-week-7/
  3. Thank God the Colts weren’t going to give up consecutive 1st rounders for this guy! Talented player, but when things go bad, he’s the type to cause dissension. It’s like going after a woman that looks good but will leave you, when times get tough. “Sometimes, the best deals you make are the ones you don’t make”. Bravo CB!
  4. One of the encouraging things I see about the Colts this year is the reduction in penalties. The old adage of; “more games are lost than won”. No friendly fire. Keep Watson in the pocket and press their receivers. Stopping the run is critical. They might load the box and dare us to pass. Missing Roby and Joseph hurts them and this will be a good test, not only for Brissett but for Reich, in scheming guys open.
  5. Brady never had to outsmart BB. But he’s a great QB. So are the others listed but it really is subjective. Being a drummer, people ask me who the greatest drummer was/is. It really comes down to what you prefer, once you’re get to a certain level. In football, our opinions are affected by who we root for. But we know Brady wasn’t the most accurate, the fleetest of foot, had the strongest arm or was heads and shoulders above the others, as far as being cerebral. You can’t deny he had a great career but how would the others have done, with BB, their whole career? I would be surprised if Brady didn’t acknowledge how fortunate he was to have played where he did. Whether BB was great because he was smarter than everybody else or because he “bent” the rules is another question.
  6. I’m fine with Brissett for now, hoping he develops, as the year goes on. If he gets hurt, Hoyer could be a decent backup. But Kelly could have a higher ceiling that either. Time will tell.
  7. After the Jets & Browns, they have the hardest part of their schedule: @Ravens @Eagles Host Cowboys @Texans Host Chiefs I’d be surprised if they win all of those and I could see them losing a couple of them. And the Browns are no gimme.
  8. Their “Achilles heel” is their Oline and disrupting their routes with press coverage. I know their starting tackles were out and they lost Wynn for the year, but even if healthy, I think we win some against them in the trenches. I noticed last night, that the Giants success was related to playing press on the corners. The Colts have the players on defense to bottle up their receivers. I like the Moore / Edelman matchup. You’re not going to totally take him away but you may be able to limit YAC. You really don’t need a spy for Brady, so that helps. But the primary hope for Colts fans (should it come down to Colts @ NE) lies in: The ability of Frank Reich to game plan His success against him in Philadelphia The Colts run game Inexperienced players gaining experience including Brissett. Rookies like YaSin, Okereke, Campbell, Cain, Willis and Banogu are gaining experience and providing depth. Vets like Mo Allie Cox, Quincy Wilson, Kenny Moore, Rigoberto Sanchez, Tyquan Lewis have yet to realize their potential but are all striving to get better and be consistent. I guess the biggest question mark for me is; Can the Colts develop into an efficient (let’s say top 15) passing team and hit the “chunk” plays when needed? Will we see Jacoby’s passing game mature ? Right now, it’s only speculation but it would be fitting to play them in the AFCC and see Brady sitting on the sidelines, watching, “The rivalry is back on”. CB
  9. For the sake of my sanity, I have to assume he’s done, but if things were right for him to come back (he wants to and we get trade partners for Brissett), I’d do it in a heartbeat. Adding a deadly long passing game to our current team and adding an influx of new talent in the draft, takes this team to new levels.
  10. I’m not sure the Patriots history (other than the coaching staff), has any relevance to overall team experience. Houston, TY, Doyle and others have experience. 6 deep in quality pass rushers? Against who? I’ll take my chances with the Colts Oline. “Their depth blows the doors off ours” A little hyperbole there, don’t you think? I’m not going to say Brissett is in Brady’s class but no one would say Brissett is better than Mahomes, either. Keep Brady on the bench. He becomes irrelevant. Well, first of all. You have a different definition of “class” than a lot of us do. I wouldn’t use “class” and Patriots in the same sentence. Secondly, if I’m not mistaken, the Pats are banged up on the Oline and I think the Colts would be able to get pressure on Brady, if they press their receivers. So far, you’re right about their defense; they are playing good ball but, they really haven’t played any juggernauts. I just wonder if the gap between the two teams isn’t overblown in the media and in some fans minds.
  11. Interesting golf analogy to team philosophy. My first thought was: can they beat NE with the same blueprint or do they need to improve their passing game, should they end up in Foxboro in the AFCC game? Can they beat the Texans?
  12. From the perspective of his holders. You can scroll down to Hunter Smith, if you’d rather not read the NE years. One of the things that stuck out to me is that he’s always taken it personally, when a team brought in other kickers. So, how much credit goes to AV for his 13 points in the Chiefs game? Is saying he was the sole reason we lost the Chargers game, any different than saying he was the sole reason for us winning the Chiefs game? Did you think he was done? Do you still have concerns or are you in a “wait and see” mode. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out this year. Will he be the GOAT or scapegoat? Maybe greatness is not defined by how many times you succeed alone but what you do when you fail? GO COLTS! https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27791574/you-ready-old-man-holders-share-their-adam-vinatieri-tales
  13. If it was up to some fans, we could have had Parkey. Glad Reich stuck with AV.
  14. Glad you mentioned AV: if he got criticized for the first two weeks and became the sole reason for the week one loss, then it would follow he should get some credit for his points Sunday night. You could make the argument that the Colts would have lost, if not for him.
  15. I would think schemes change, depending upon opponents or situations, even within a game. Here’s a breakdown from Baldy, regarding the Defensive coverage last night. (He needs to learn how to pronounce the players’ names). http://www.nfl.com/videos/baldys-breakdowns/0ap3000001063387/The-blueprint-on-how-to-slow-down-the-Chiefs-Baldy-s-Breakdowns
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