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  1. I don’t feel confident about backups at OT, especially LT. Last year showed as much when we went 1-4 without Castonzo.
  2. With Fountain out, I could see TY, Funchess, Campbell, Cain as locks. Unless Rogers is replaced by Hines or another player who is dependable and shows a little more “big play” potential, Rogers makes the 53. That leaves one spot for WR which Pascal, Johnson or Hogan may take for now. The need to (possibly) have to carry 3 QBs affects the equation. Fountain could also be placed on the “designated to return” list.
  3. Who knows really? Best case: Luck heals and is fine for the year. Worse case: This lingers and the Colts fall behind in standings. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly worked his way into the backup role, although Ballard said they liked Brissett. Even if they lose Luck for a game or two, if he returns week 3 completely healed, (and they are 1-1 or even 0-2, they’ll be fine.
  4. The “bright spot “ I read in the article it’s his left leg which wouldn’t seem as critical as his plant leg.
  5. Keep in mind, Jim Irsay is not a doctor.
  6. The advantage of a trade is you can determine your trade partners. Would hate to see Mo Allie-Cox, Fountain or Cain in a Patriots uniform.
  7. R U pumped? I am. Everything is gonna be alright.
  8. One of my favorite Colts. Hope this rubs off:
  9. You can see where “length” is an advantage when he tips a pass or beats a stiff arm to get the ball loose.
  10. The hope is that this year, we would have some depth and even though it wasn’t pretty last night, I think the depth will be better than in years past.
  11. I’m retired so, everyday is a “vet day”.
  12. NFL Gamepass is worth the $99/yr. You can view preseason games live and reg/postseason games on delay. No commercials either!
  13. I forgot that NFL Gamepass allows preseason games live. I got it two years ago and love it. Love to watch the “condensed games”.
  14. I know it’s highlights so you can take it with a grain of salt but there was some impressive plays on both sides of the ball. If Andrew can get (and stay) healthy, this year should be fun to watch:
  15. I know S Smith is small but Parris looks to be pretty solid.
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