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  1. If you’re scared, get a dog!
  2. I’ve had to listen to some games and heard over and over: “Luck with time to throw”. Nice to see some positive threads!
  3. coltsfeva

    Wed injury report

    Good news! Hopefully, they can put together their best game this season and beat the Raiders. 3-5 at the break with all but 1 Division game to play.
  4. coltsfeva

    The Bills are not a cupcake team

    Do, your saying having starters can make a difference in a team.... I don’t think that’s true in Indy. Most fans here ignore that, when they want to +itch and moan.
  5. coltsfeva

    Despite the loss, Colts could be 2 games out

    Believe that if you want. For me, they are two games out with 10 to go.
  6. Titans down by 14 at halftime Jags down by 24 at halftime If they lose, Colts will be 2 games out of the Division lead I know everybody is frustrated: this one hurts a lot. If the Colts were manhandled in every loss, I’d have zero hope for this year. But that’s not the case. They’ve been in every game and so many of the mistakes, penalties, etc. are correctable. To those who have given up on this year, that’s your prerogative. It won’t be easy but no one in the AFC South looks unbeatable. I’ll side with Reich and the players on this one. One game at a time. GO COLTS!!
  7. coltsfeva

    Running Back by Committee?

    It will be interesting to see if they line Hines up wide and use another back, in the backfield here and there. The Oline is a question mark: maybe with Castonzo, Nelson, Kelly, Smith and Clark, they’ll get the run game going. (Unless they keep Smith at RT and use Boehm at RG or another combination). Like I said, the Oline is a question mark.
  8. coltsfeva

    Mathias Farley to IR; More Injury News

    Fair point. I did come across this article that echoes my contention. It seems players that have been injured or out for awhile due to other reasons, need time to get their legs (in this case, hamstrings) in game shape. I’m not saying it’s a majority but it has happened.
  9. coltsfeva

    Mathias Farley to IR; More Injury News

    Injuries are a funny thing: some are due to poor conditioning, some are a result of the nature of football and the size/speed of modern players and some just bad “luck”. And while some teams that are healthier than others, there are no teams that are immune. If there is a bright side, it is that some players that wouldn’t normally be getting playing time, are gaining that experience and building depth. Maybe some will stick next year and we will hopefully add some critical pieces. It stinks to have so many players hurt but it could be worse.
  10. Can’t disagree more. Geathers is second in tackles this year.
  11. coltsfeva

    This week vs. the Jets

    It’s a revenge game for me: 2011 playoffs 2003 playoffs 1969 SB Gosh, I’m old....
  12. coltsfeva

    Which scenario is better?

    This narrative of “the Colts lack talent” is getting old: Taking into account injuries, I think the Colts have more talent than some would concede. Do these players have talent ? Luck Leonard Hilton Mack Doyle Ebron Nelson Kelly Castonzo Hooker Smith Turay Hairston Hunt Hines Moore Desir Walker Sanchez Venitiari Ridgeway Geathers Autry You could argue that some can’t stay healthy, some are inexperienced and some aren’t playing up to their potential but to say they lack talent on this team, is inaccurate, IMO. The biggest question in my mind is, can they get and stay healthy and play together enough to gel ? Nobody is running away with the AFC South. Don’t count the Colts out of contention for the Division.
  13. coltsfeva

    Can we be better than a 1&4 team at this point?

    I like Reich’s emphasis on being 1-0. Beat the Jets. I don’t think anybody in that locker room is thinking “just wait until next year”. Some fans (and “analysts”) tend to focus on lack of talent, without regard to asking if things are correctable or not. The Colts are a young team and inexperience comes into play, as well. The division is still within their reach but things (like getting healthy) are going to have to fall into place.
  14. coltsfeva

    Colts Practice 10/8/2018

    That’s good news! Say what you want, the Colts destiny is still in their hands.
  15. coltsfeva

    Colts Need an Elusive Running Back Soon

    I remember the 2006 game against the Jags. 375 yards on the GROUND! Everybody was saying how the Colts couldn’t stop the run and would never make any noise in the playoffs until they got some Dlinmen, that could stop the run. Dungy calmly said; ”we have the guys, we just need to be a little sharper “. Frank Reich is now saying basically the same thing. It’s hard to accurately assess how good a runner can be with some of their best blockers out. Should the Colts get healthy, the running game should improve, hopefully we’ll get a chance to find out. Until then, getting someone else via FA just seems like overreaction.