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  1. I think there might have been 2 or 3 seasons where he averaged over 20 yd per catch. RIP Mr Orr Does anyone know if his corner was away from the blacktop? For those who don’t know, there was a field gymnastics track around the field and a few feet at one or two corners were that track (I think it was blacktop or clay.
  2. I listen to Philadelphia sports talk and see what a mess the Eagles are: Over the cap Bringing in FAs that aren’t working out Bad drafting I’m just glad we have Ballard. Unlike Grigson, Ballard gets feedback from others. The Colts rank 10th in passing YPG and 8th in Avg. yards per completion. I think the receivers have some potential and are not as bad as some might think. When Ballard came in, he said it was going to take some time, he was going to build from inside out. This team is a work in progress but it is headed in the rig
  3. The Lions have won two straight and have some beef in their DTs. Going to be interesting how Eberflus adjust, if they stop the inside run. They play a lot of man and it will also be interesting to see how Reich/Sirianni adapt. I’m hoping for a Colts win but this game might be closer than I initially thought. Colts 20 Lions 17
  4. Like Dallas or NE ? I like the idea of trading Jacoby. Both Dallas and NE may be in need and there may be others, that could be interested. NE makes more sense for Jacoby than Dallas, as he would have the opportunity to start next year, if he can turns things around. What you want to trade Jacoby? Would you do it for a 3 and taking his contact off the Colts roster $$ ? What do you think he’s worth, with competition on the market? If they did trade him to another club, would you then: a. Make Eason backup and add Kelly to the practice squad ?
  5. There are situations that call for “predictable” plays to be called: 4th and 1, qb sneak, running down the clock when you have the lead, 3rd and long, pass, etc. Have you forgotten the 7step drop mentality that got Andrew Luck killed and influenced his early retirement? I’ll take Reich over that, any day! I have to disagree that Reich isn’t creative (I’m assuming that’s the point of your comment). I would agree that he’s still learning and has made some calls, he’d like to have back (the pass to big Q). We don’t know how many of those failed calls were to bad executi
  6. Both true statements. I was only pointing out his work ethic.
  7. I got a lot from Eason’s press conference: He’s not at a place where he needs to be, to be a starter. He’s learning from coaches and from watching from Rivers and Brissett and determining where he would go on the play. He’s doing extra work to make up for the lack of playing. There’s good communication between Rivers, Brissett, Siriani and Reich. I know there’s those out there that think we’ve got to move up in the draft to get “the Guy” but what if we already have him? I was checking out some QBs drafted in later rounds that
  8. There’s probably some names missing but I was curious who you like listening to or reading, for Colts content? I like Kevin Bowen and Rick Venturi. There are some on this list that are a little too negative, for my liking.
  9. So, which is more realistic: the glass is half full or half empty? I don’t agree that someone who is optimistic is necessarily unrealistic. When I look at the team, I see some flaws that have to be corrected but I see a lot of potential. You might be right; maybe they’ll end up at 4-7 by week 12. But I could also see them at 7-4 or even 8-3, considering Baltimore, Tennessee and Green Bay are at home.
  10. To your point, aren’t we getting Leonard, Cox, Pittman and Turay back? If you’re scared, get a dog!
  11. Can you imagine what this team would do with another awesome draft and Andrew?
  12. I think it’s more of a matter of him making bad decisions under pressure. This is pretty apparent in this breakdown of the Cleveland game. On the pick six, he had Pascal open and Taylor in the flat, but he telegraphed the pass to Hilton. I don’t think he would have had issues getting the ball to Pascal or Taylor. He had time to throw but just made a bad decision. Correctable mistake. On the safety, he had Taylor in the flat but was under pressure and I wonder why they didn’t go max protect. More of an issue of play calling and something both he and Reich can learn
  13. Came across this, I’m pretty sure it was in a previous thread but it does show you how much Olinemen depend on one another and that he’s quick to praise AC, Kelly and the backs. I do think we’re going to see Taylor rip off some big gains, once he gets his timing down.
  14. Buckner said in his latest interview that the DLine is still getting used to each other. As a whole, this team is a work in progress: Rivers timing with the receivers Taylor’s timing with the Oline Dline getting used to playing together Things always look worse, after a loss. Give it time, we’re going to be okay.
  15. And see if Lewis can give you some reps!
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