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  1. Maybe not. But there’s something I’ve seen building over the last three years in INDY that leads me to believe he could have some of the best years of his career and that, could help us go deep into the playoffs. You have to take in to account the team he’s been playing with.
  2. What if, Stafford plays the best football of his career with the Colts? It’s not out of the realm of possibllity with the team around him. And I like his athleticism and guts; https://youtu.be/8rvIwyikbRU
  3. It may come down to who puts up the best draft capital/ player to be traded/ cash scenario for the Lions. He still has two years on his contract. I do wonder how Stafford’s age (33) coincides with the development of Eason: If they do get Stafford, (and he has his the best years of his career in Indy (which could be a reasonable assumption, with this Oline, running game, play calling and receivers), then sign me up. Does anybody know how many times they can call up a practice squad player? (either Eason or maybe a journeyman qb).
  4. One aspect to think about; if you were Stafford, where would you want to play to have the best shot at a ring? I’ve got to believe NO and Indy are the most appealing teams. But the Lions hold all the cards (I think). I trust Ballard to do his due-diligence and make it work, but FA signings are many times overpriced in the initial phase.
  5. I used to think so. But I feel bad for Sirianni: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bleedinggreennation.com/platform/amp/2020/12/4/22151708/howie-roseman-nfl-draft-eagles-study-bad-philadelphia-performance-comparison-picks-general-manager
  6. I listen to Philadelphia sports talk radio and most Eagles fans are saying; “Who?” The difference between the Colts and Eagles is the GMs. Howie Roseman is a terrible GM. He’s whiffed on draft picks, done some bad FA deals and paid more guaranteed money to Weintz than KC did to Mahommes. I know he’s won a SB but that team is a mess and there’s rumors that Jeffery Laurie has a big say in their draft picks. Good luck to Nick but as long as Roseman is there, he’s going to have challenges. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bleedinggreennation.com/platform/amp/2020/
  7. Good post on Hilton: One critical element, regarding Hilton is; who’s going to be throwing to him? People say he’s declining and to some degree that’s true but he really hasn’t had a “gunslinger” throwing to him since Luck and I believe that effects people’s perception of him. I like Mack but he may warrant better money elsewhere. If Taylor went down, it would be nice to plug him in and having running backs with “fresh legs” at the end of the year, would be key in making a postseason run. Hooker is expendable. I hope they find a way to keep Rhodes. (It’s going to be intere
  8. I hope not! There’s some real character issues there are far as being a “team first” guy, performance under pressure and cost.
  9. By the way, I listen to Philly sports talk a lot and many callers credit Reich for their SB win. Funny how a HC can call 60 plays in a game and point to a few that didn’t work out (many times due to poor execution), and label him a “terrible play caller”. The ignorance of some fans is bewildering.
  10. We saw this year how a player (JT) can get better with time and experience. Many talked about a “waste of a draft pick”, before he started getting his timing down. Yet, no allowance to learn and grow is given for a coach by some. (Belichick was fired in Cleveland, before he went to NE). People point to his failed calls and disregard his successes. One thing I can say for this team: there’s no “finger pointing” and that’s a sign of high character. Wish I could say the same for some fans.
  11. 470 yards of offense, 2 penalties and 53% 3rd down conversion rate. Not a terrible day. The missed field goal? It was similar to the one for Tennessee that went in. A game of inches....
  12. True. But Elway was 37, maybe a better example.
  13. Didn’t they say the same thing about Peyton?
  14. I guess it depends on your perspective: people that talk about his “bad play calling “, don’t give him credit for all of the good calls during the year to get us in the playoffs. Nor, do they consider bad execution of a play that would have worked. We’re all disappointed and it’s pretty common to hear knee jerk reactions, borne out of frustration. I’m okay with Frank and Ballard. A good draft will help.
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