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  1. I thought this was hilarious. I’ve always liked the Packers. Then again, I’m sure some of you have had to deal with some obnoxious cheeseheads.
  2. If you can get NFL Game Pass, it’s worth it. I listen to the game on the Colts app (you can also listen on game pass, then watch the game on Game Pass, after it is over). Not perfect but worth the $99.00/ season.
  3. I feel your pain! Two Colts games for me in less than 2 weeks. I just hope they show up big time!
  4. One thing I noticed about Glowinski: his initial blocks are good but many times, I’ve seen him not finish (like Nelson does). He’s standing around, not engaging the defender to the whistle. To be fair, I don’t have specific instances and it may be the exception but I noticed it, watching the TN game.
  5. There were a couple of games where Rigo had touchbacks on punts. It got me wondering why teams aren’t “coffin kicking” as much as they used to. Is it because they think they could get a muff, or is it a matter of it being difficult to do. Ray Guy was a master at it.
  6. I don’t know if it will take that long for Taylor to get his timing down. It very well might be but I could see it happening this year. I do expect him to break some long runs this year but that could just be the fan in me hoping for the best. We shall see.
  7. I was impressed by the TN play calling. After watching the game again, I expect a tight rematch. The Colts played well and if they can get Turay back, look out. As far as Indy sports talk guys, most predicted TN would win. I hear a lot of negativity from guys like DD, JMV, Mike Wells and Steven Holder. Even K Bowen predicted TN. I’d be willing to bet, most of us Colts fans, living in other cities, resent the home team.
  8. Depends on who’s doing the single covering
  9. Funny how general statements like this are considered “non-bias” and “intelligent”. Is Reich perfect? No. But I’ve seen a lot of creativity and pragmatic use of personnel from Reich, along with the occasional mistakes. I’m not saying Reich can do no wrong, but after a loss, things get magnified and people are quick to assess a player or coach, based solely on their mistakes and disregard their accomplishments.
  10. The problem I have with the mindset of “he is who he is” (especially after a loss), is there is an assumption that bad play can’t be corrected. It reminds me of 2006, when Jacksonville ran for 375 yards (I was at that game). The narrative that year was; “the Colts can’t stop the run, they’re going no where in the playoffs !We need to go out and get somebody”! Dungy just responded by saying; “ we have the right guys, we just need to be a little sharper”. My point is, we’ve seen Rivers play well. He had a bad game. He just needs to be a little “sharper”.
  11. Unfortunately, I was at that game..... I had a couple of beers and I was yelling all the way out; “come back Andrew, please come back”! That was a good old fashioned butt kicking. Fortunately, I was also at the 2006 ? game, that ended 55-21 Colts. Manning threw 6 TDS. The fans were hospitable.
  12. Kinda strange seeing #12 move so fast. Harris is exciting to watch. Another weapon in the slot, which makes me wonder how Frank will mix Harris, TY, Hines and Campbell (if he gets back). Here’s an article on Darius Jackson. He’s 6’ 230 lbs. Probably just insurance but maybe they’ll use him as a fullback, on short yardage situations, with Doyle out. https://www.colts.com/team/players-roster/darius-jackson/
  13. Here’s the thing: when it comes to the Colts, who do I trust? Reich says they have the right guys to win it all. Some will argue that, that is just “coach- speak” and the Colts are no where near a championship team. We shall see. Guys like DD and JMV are pretty negative. I guess it’s “cool” to be that way. Monday morning QBs with 20/20 hindsight. I stopped listening to both.
  14. Good post. Much is made of our “sub-par” receivers. Other than TYs early drops, I’m not seeing a whole lot of drops on the team. Rivers had a bad game. If the Colts are going to do anything in the postseason, Rivers has to hit those throws. This team will get better (if they stay healthy), as they play together more. There’s nothing that can’t be corrected. Reich made the statement he is more convinced than ever, this team has the right players to win it all. He said the same thing in Philadelphia in 2017. Stay tuned!
  15. I’m with you. Even though we lost today, the Colts showed they are more than just an average team They need to clean up some things and put this game behind them. They’re 5-3 and could still take first place Thursday.
  16. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a better LB than Lawrence Taylor. Leonard has a bit of that “dawg” in him that Taylor had. He’s definitely a playmaker that can change a game.
  17. I would argue that this is the deepest roster I’ve seen from the Colts in a long while. You can’t fix everything at once and although the OL needs depth, the long-term answer for QB has to be addressed, Taylor needs to get healthy and develop his timing and the narrative that the Colts WRs are below average is a bit of stretch. I’m glad we didn’t go after Brown; he’s fine as long as you’re winning but he’s the first to cause problems, when things go wrong. The Colts are under the cap and have some decisions to make with their own players. Has Ballard been perfect? No. But
  18. More than anything, we’re a team that is getting better as the year goes on. There’s obviously an issue with Taylor’s timing but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him break a few this year. Wilkins and Hines are steady and I don’t think we’ve seen their best. I’ve seen plenty of runs this year that have gotten 5+ yards. I agree they have to play better but if by your title, you think we can’t run the ball, I disagree. That being said, your point of opening up the run game by passing, makes sense.
  19. Keep Lamar on the sideline by running the ball. He can’t hurt us there. Need a big run day from our backs and some dink and dunk.
  20. At one time, conventional wisdom would say, making a basketball player into a TE wouldn’t work. There may be a situation where it would make sense to consider it.
  21. I’m talking about next year but you’re right, if Burton has a big year, the Colts might just want to keep him. But Patmon does have some talent and is close to TE size, should the Colts decide to cut strings with Burton. They’re going to have to pay Allie Cox. Maybe they’ll get a good one in the draft. Whatever they decide to do, this group could be a strength next year.
  22. He’s 6’4”, 225lbs and ran a sub-4.5 40 Maybe he could put on 10lbs and replace Burton? Don’t know if he’s any good blocking or if that’s something that would need to be developed, but they say he’s been impressive. Thoughts?
  23. I think there might have been 2 or 3 seasons where he averaged over 20 yd per catch. RIP Mr Orr Does anyone know if his corner was away from the blacktop? For those who don’t know, there was a field gymnastics track around the field and a few feet at one or two corners were that track (I think it was blacktop or clay.
  24. I listen to Philadelphia sports talk and see what a mess the Eagles are: Over the cap Bringing in FAs that aren’t working out Bad drafting I’m just glad we have Ballard. Unlike Grigson, Ballard gets feedback from others. The Colts rank 10th in passing YPG and 8th in Avg. yards per completion. I think the receivers have some potential and are not as bad as some might think. When Ballard came in, he said it was going to take some time, he was going to build from inside out. This team is a work in progress but it is headed in the rig
  25. The Lions have won two straight and have some beef in their DTs. Going to be interesting how Eberflus adjust, if they stop the inside run. They play a lot of man and it will also be interesting to see how Reich/Sirianni adapt. I’m hoping for a Colts win but this game might be closer than I initially thought. Colts 20 Lions 17
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