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  1. I'm saying B right now but this draft could very well turn into an A. I think Parrish is going to come out the gate putting up impressive numbers. All he has to do is get into space. TY will command doubles, Ebron is going to eat in the middle, and hopefully Funchess is going to draw some attention.
  2. He's 31. Wait until he's let go. Sign him to 1-2 year deal.
  3. Tbh, if TY has enough help where he isn't double-teamed every play, then this group may look even better.
  4. I liked the signing. Boom or bust. Luck tends to make his WRs better so I can't wait to see what he does. We're going to need it because I'm pretty sure teams are going to watch TY and Ebron. If he could put up at least a 600yd year, that would be more than enough for our offense. Last year, the 3rd leading receiver for yards was Hines. 2nd was Ebron and 1st was TY. That is sad.
  5. I don't mind this at all. Before, we wouldn't even attempt to sign guys. Now, we actually go out and bid. I rather the team go out and bid and pull out then to not try at all. Ballard is right, we have guys to resign before we think about splurging in FA. I think we'll see more splurging once our core guys are mostly resigned. But all in all, glad to hear we weren't stagnant. I understand it's FA and you'll overpay to get what you want, but those guys went for a lot.
  6. If anything, there should be a "Draw" category and Hooker should be there.
  7. Yeah, they are. But in the playoffs, being the better team doesn't win you games. We are Colts fan. If anyone knows that, it's us! In the playoffs, being the better prepared and disciplined team usually wins. We lost because we weren't. The Pats continue to win because usually they are.
  8. Yup, we make that Fg and it's a ball game for sure. We would've been down by 10 after Chiefs almost put up 300 on us in a half, that is almost impossible. But as you said, we truly beat ourselves more than the Cheifs beat us. It's a good loss. Lessons to be learned for sure. Hope players come back with a chip next year and start off 5-1 instead of 1-5.
  9. My top 3 Reasons why we lost in order: 1) Penalties 2) WR group laid an absolute egg 3) Outcoached Defense played well against the #1 record setting offense, Oline played well with the circumstances, Luck can't force WRs to get open and make catchable catches.
  10. First round pick should be a rusher or corner. Our second pick, the Jets pick, (if it stays a 2nd round pick, we may try to move up) should be a WR. And if it's true the Steelers want a 2nd round pick for AB, give them ours or the Jets pick.
  11. Nothing but respect for Reich. We looked like what I expected to be honest. I expected more of a fight, but we didn't look lost, just no ready...which is a HUGE difference. We had a rookie head coach, coaching in the playoffs for the first time as a HC against a perennial playoff HC. We were the youngest team in the playoffs by far, so I expected us to make a lot of mental mistakes and penalties. And tbh, we still could have won this game. The first half was ugly, but the game was winnable. I am ok with this. If we would've beat KC I would've been surprised. I am not surprised that we did not win. This team is headed places. Another good offseason and experience...and this team just may contend for the AFCC and maybe even the SB.
  12. If the Steelers want a 2nd round pick for AB I’d say we give them the jets pick. Our receivers aren’t doing anything out there.
  13. Offense: Beat them up. They have the 32nd ranked defense. Have sustainable drives to eat clock. Try to avoid quick 3andouts and quick scoring drives. The longer we stay on the field, the less chances KC gets to score. Defense: We can't let it turn into a shootout. If it does, the better offense will win and that is by far KC. Get pressure on Mahomes. If they do score, make sure we win the TOP battle. Need to limit KC's offense.
  14. It’s amazing what. Ballard and company has done in a year and a half. and it’s not like we had an easy schedule. We played in the toughest division (going off of number of wins) and played some tough opponents outside of the division. this team is legit.
  15. Yeah Bell, were gonna have to pass.
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