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  1. Welp, look like they have bigger problems now. lol
  2. #TheBlueStampede Crowd should yell stampede every time the defense gets a sack or interception
  3. If this seasons finishes out, that game is going to hurt us. Titans have their own problems right now with COVID, but they were 3-0 and looked like they were picking up where they had left off last year.
  4. Rigo is a stud and now we have the defense that can take advantage of the good field positions he gives us. We haven't faced a high-powered offense yet to give our defense an actual test. But at least it's not like usual where we make bad offenses look like the Cheifs (The Jags game was a fluke lol)
  5. He was wrong about the team part but he was right about Luck...
  6. Phillip safe behind that blue wall
  7. Phillip Rivers really turned him into Antonio Gates lol jk But I’m happy. I’m happy see some talent that we’ve developed produce on the field. He is a big target.
  8. This is how you know he's doing his job: https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2020/09/24/displaced-deforest-buckner-denico-autry-has-been-beast-colts/5851509002/
  9. Well worth the 13th. And we have him locked up for a while...that’s the best part
  10. If Hooker isn’t willing to come back on a minimum incentive contract then I’d say it’s his time to go. He’s had chances here to shine and he has but injuries won’t let him. if I was him, I’d honestly take a contract, play behind Blackmon and train to get my body right.
  11. The play I was impressed with is the same one. He closed in and put his helmet on the ball and it was clean tackle. The helmet on the ball is definitely a vet move. he’s a hitter for sure.
  12. what I hate about those days is that people really don’t understand how bad our team really was because luck masked a lot of our weaknesses kind of like how Peyton did.
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