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  1. probably was sent to someone who shared it with the boys and then from there who knows.
  2. So if they are a bad team at 4-1, what does that make us at 1-4? I get where you’re going with this, but if we don’t show up for the easier part of our schedule this post will not age well at all. And tbh, the way we played against Miami, I don’t think this post is going to age well.
  3. Im honestly done with Reich and eberflus: on Reich: he’s not the sole reason why we lost this game but he’s apart of it. As a head coach, you cannot continue to be apart of the reason why the team is not successful. Week after week we are on this board speaking on points that Reich left on the field. And the common theme since he’s been here is that we cannot play 4 quarters of football. Carson said it best, we have to finish games. We played 2 quarters of football and then decided to play the last 2 quarters on pilot mode. You’ll lose every time. eberflus: his scheme is just not working. I don’t care about injuries, the result is the same every year no matter who we have for personnel. We continue to let qbs feast and catch back up. It’s a reason why qbs tend to have good games against us. once again, there are other reasons that contribute to the loss but those happened in action. The choices made at the top did us in.
  4. its call being apart of the “Good Ol Boys”. If you feel comfortable doing something, it means that you’ve been doing it for a while. I mean don’t get me wrong, as men, we’ve all had conversations about attractive women in our workplaces. But sending pornographic material of them to each other in the workplace without consent from the woman? Wow. That’s bold.
  5. Good riddens. In ANY job/career you speak like that and you’re gone. This isn’t cancel culture. his comments were racist, homophobic, and misogynistic. my question is why did he feel that comfortable to say it to an owner? we’ve all cursed our bosses and co-workers. But have I never brought a persons race, gender, or sexual orientation into any of my conversations. It’s just unprofessional and shouldn’t be in the workplace period. good bye gruden.
  6. - I think Ballard got one with Qwitty Paye. First NFL action is he showed out. Good pressure and got a sack. I think he’s gonna eat when we have our starters out there. Buck and Grover should take a lot of attention so he should get a lot of 1v1 opportunities - It’s so good to Ben Banagou continue to have a good preseason. His name was hot in training camp and we see why. Injuries has plagued him so far so hopefully he stays healthy and can be a good DE. I think Ballard has possibly put together a nice young DE core with Paye (rookie), Turay, Banagou, and Muhammad (rookie) - our defense is going to be legit again. The depth looks good. Ballard has done a good job putting together this defense. Most of the talent is homegrown. - Sam E has a lot of growing to do. His arm isn’t there. Right now he’s a check down artist and teams know. Threw 2 picks with one of them being a pick 6. He need time. I still think he can develop into a good qb but right now he’s solidified his spot as the 3rd qb - Jacob Eason was rocky when he took over from Sam but he had a good second half. Touch is still a problem for him but he made good reads and the correct throws. Probably was worked up taking over from Sam but once he settled in he once again looked like a pro. I would be fine with Eason starting week 1 if wentz isn’t ready - Good to see Mack out there. It’s sad Wilkins isn’t gonna make the team because I don’t see us keeping 4 running backs but he deserves to go somewhere and shine - everything else was pretty meh or not worth mentioning. Will say doe I would like to see more of our offense starters out there bc rn this offense is giving me anxiety
  7. Mega-"Strawn" is probably going to stick because of the comparisons.
  8. - I liked what I saw from our QBs but I'm leaning towards Eason. I like his arm. He was throwing bullets into single and double coverage and it was getting there. He'll need to learn about touch. Also, his pocket presence needs to get better quick. I liked Sam, but I feel like it was more his legs getting the job done. He'll need to get better at throwing people open. His arm might be questionable but he definitely has that playmaker ability. Right now, I think Eason is the man but Sam might BECOME the man. - Michael Strachan OMG! He's going to be a problem. Get him in single coverage and with a QB who can put it up and GG. Liked what I saw. Hope he becomes our 4th WR behind TY, MPJ, and PC. With the right coaching, he could be the steal of the draft. - Disappointed we couldn't see Paye, but Turay and Ban was solid. - Good to Mack out there! But he's missing that cutting ability he had before he got injured. He'll get it back, but he's lucky he resigned here. He'll have time to run behind Wilk and JT. Wilk looks solid also and ready to go. With JT, Wilk, Mack, And Heim I don't see why this unit cannot move the chains. Whoever our QB is, they should be handing the ball off a lot IMO. - Defense was honestly stout. They were on the field a lot and was holding it down. Gave up some big plays but these are our backups. Depth on defense is looking GREAT! - We need to fix LT!!!! - IDK what's going on with Rock but come on man.
  9. To add on to the Herbert/Fields convo, that is completely hindsight. I can’t remember anyone on this board at that time saying QB was so of a desperate need that we needed to trade up. Majority of us were saying that we needed a DT/NT. So many people were hurt we got Buckner instead of staying put and drafting Kinlaw. I can’t imagine the blowback if we would’ve got Herbert or Fields and have yet to find our stud in the middle. It’s not fair to Ballard. Buckner has been as advertised and Grover is another good find by Ballard. We can’t hit on every pick and signing. If we would’ve traded up to get fields or Herbert, chances are we don’t have Buckner OR Kinlaw.
  10. Believe it or not, some people thought JT was better than Saquan
  11. Wouldn't say people didn't think he wouldn't live up to the hype, but about 70% of the board did not like that pick (or at least 70% of the posts were negative).
  12. DING! People were out on AC until Nelson got here.
  13. The consensus is that he needs coaching and the talking heads trust the Colts can do it due to our staff. I like the pick. I get ballards thinking. We weren’t guaranteed to get an edge of high quality in the second. We can still get a starter quality tackle in the second.
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