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  1. DING! People were out on AC until Nelson got here.
  2. The consensus is that he needs coaching and the talking heads trust the Colts can do it due to our staff. I like the pick. I get ballards thinking. We weren’t guaranteed to get an edge of high quality in the second. We can still get a starter quality tackle in the second.
  3. He has to and I think he will. He had a strong showing when he came back. But once again he has to. TY is dangerous still but he needs help. They double him with a corner and safety because no one else can break from their man. Hopefully a blossoming MPJ and healthy weapon in PC he can get that help. Hopefully we start lining up Hines on the outside to create mismatches also. Only thing I'm concerned about right now is WR depth (as long as MPJ and PC shine) and TE. If we don't have a TE that can get those LB'ers out of position our passing AND rushing is going to suffer.
  4. I’m hoping PC is everything they say he’s going to be and Pittman blows up.
  5. My dream would be grab Kyle Fuller, resign Rhodes to a friendly but fruitful contract.
  6. I don’t ever jump to conclusions when it comes to stuff like this. But the timing is...odd.
  7. Figured this was going to happen. No one was taking a chance on him. He can chill here and rehab and collect a cool check while the youngins hold it down.
  8. If Rock can get the man coverage part down he’ll be real solid for us. We knew he was a project coming in. I think his draft position is also adding to bad press he gets.
  9. Pretty much you're letting us know how Grigs rode the back of Luck to his payday. Ballard has built an all-rounder and won less games while Grigs had Luck playing with lacerated kidneys and winning games. Grigs should be charged with attempted murder how he did Luck.
  10. Honestly, Ballard robbed the eagles. At worst: we gave up a third round pick and 2nd round pick if he plays bad At best: we gave up a third round pick and first round pick if he plays good Ballard is a genius. Still have $69 mill for free agency, still have our first and second round pick. We can still fill our needs and didn’t have to use any of our current capital to do it. How I personally feel about wentz. We’ll see. Maybe he returns to his 2017 form. Maybe he regresses. How I grade the deal. 100% colts win
  11. Deshaun - I want out Texans- THATS TOO DAMN BAD JJ- I want out Texans- Always a Texan! You are incredible! We support you! None better than you! We love you!
  12. I agree, he did get us to 11-4 but he's not the future. And right now we have to take the opportunity that we have now to get someone who's going to be here for the next 5 years. In the NFL, you don't get many chances to get a QB. We miss this opportunity to get Stafford or someone else and we might not see another opportunity like this for a while. I mean look at the situation now. Luck has been retired for how long, and we're still talking about getting a QB.
  13. I still remember the uproar of this board when we took him lol
  14. Pushed out the door = "Hey Phillip, we believe you did a good job but we're going to move on from you." This is being blown out of proportion. The reality is that Phil isn't going to get it done. Good team and heart guy but a noodle arm, bad toe, and statue like pocket presence isn't going to get us far in the playoffs.
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