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  1. I jumped up and screamed when Bob Sanders stopped that 4th down conversion. I’ll never forget that moment.
  2. Even if we traded the pick, I wouldn’t have trusted polian and his son with drafting. From 2007 until his firing, the drafts were HORRIBLE. think we made the right move in drafting luck. Made the wrong move by making grigson his GM.
  3. Too many to name but here’s my top 3: Rock - beefed up dline means the DBs job should be easier. Rock was coming into his own after be thrusted into the role his rookie year. With the improved dline and pass rush, he should be better Campbell - same reason as rock. Beefed up supporting cast. Pittman and ty will be able to demand attention which should allow Doyle and Campbell to eat underneath. If he’s healthy, he should produce big time for us. Turay - played 4 games last year and had 1.5 sacks and 5 qb hits before his season ended. With the beefed up line and a fully year of rehab and conditioning, turay should be picking up where he left off last year
  4. Great post and good read. agree on all points. Our depth on the OL is good. Happy Ballard fixed this line. you’re right about the character of our line. Hard working and tough. That’s what you want out of the big guys. 0 diva attitude. and I can’t wait honestly for Eason to take over. It’s new territory for colts fans. Well, for fans who followed the team since the 2000s. All we’ve known was about security in luck and Peyton. I wonder if Eason is the next one. He has all the traits.
  5. Fully healthy I think so. On paper, this is probably the most balanced we’ve been on both sides of the ball.
  6. TY has been one of my fav colts since he’s been here and I’ve always stuck up for him. Still to this day I think fully healthy he’s a top 10 threat. hes never had a legit #2 since he’s been here and this year with Pittman he may finally get the help he’s needed
  7. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to score with them, so it depends on our defense and tbh idk because we haven’t really seen our defense at full strength. our defense is good but it will mainly depend on our pass D. Gotta see how things play out. Will Buckner provide enough pressure on the line to let our LBs and DEs eat? Will our Rock and Kenny step up and play to their potential? Will Hooker stay healthy? Will Darius and Anthony continue to have lapses in pass coverage? lot of questions to be answered for our pass defense. But I will say, a good pass rush will answer all of those questions for us. Hopefully Buckner is that missing piece and our young gunners can continue to progress
  8. If things were to work perfectly, our offensive core when it comes to positions outside of the OL and TE would be: Eason JT Pittman Parrish thats pretty dope tbh.
  9. yeah um JT was in competition with Saquon when it came to being the best RB in CFB for the past 2 years. He also had a VERY good line at Wisconsin which he’ll have here also. No comparison at all.
  10. If anything, the colts grabbed 2 contributors in the second round alone. We NEEDED offensive playmakers, we got them. 2 of them. And count Buckner as our 13th pick. thats 3 contributing players in one year.
  11. Funny story since madden 2001 on ps2. I got my ps2 for Christmas and one of the first games I had was madden. At that time I didn’t know much about football besides my hometown team the ravens and community leagues and what not. So not knowing anything about ratings or players, I went with the first blue team that I liked, which was the colts. So ever since then I designated the colts my favorite just off the color lol. But as I got older, I got into football and sports more and started actually liking the team because of the team. PS: I made that object you see in my profile pic for class lol
  12. exactly. That didn’t happen a lot in the grigson era. A lot of his guys were out of the league in 2-3 years.
  13. I don't mind that the players OL left had good production because we still had one of if not the best OL in the league. Which means they were either cut for 2 reasons: - Couldn't make a starting job but got offered one someone else - Too expensive to be a depth player Those are good problems. Not too many players leaving and performing better which means we may be doing good on our part when it comes to making decisions.
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