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  1. Yup, we're honestly not there yet. And it's not like Brady is wowing people either. He threw for 199 yds in their win. That Bucs has a lot of talent. We honestly outplayed our expectations. The Bucs have kind of underperformed.
  2. I agree, but honestly, I don't think we need to be in win now mode because we have too many holes to fill. Now, if we have a good draft and FA then that is possible. But we're at the point where we have to keep our talent first before mortgaging our future
  3. No, Tampa Bay made sure Tom was set up nice. He has way more weapons than us. I'd say the defense is on par but Bucs made moves. Bucs are in win now mode, we are not. We are in a rebuild but still competitive phase.
  4. I'd have to agree with you on that one. I'm really hoping we can grab one of these disgruntled QBs (Not 100% on Wentz, but Stafford and Watson) or Eason steps in and plays well. We knew the QB position was going to need some attention in the next 2-3 years. We're still feeling the effects from the Luck decision. Usually when a team loses its star QB, they go through a period of bad records and rebuilding. We've kind of done that on the fly due to Ballard good drafts and FA signings. But we can't outrun that problem forever. It's catching up and it seems it's catching up quickly.
  5. Has the Texans ever had a Top 10 anything on offense? lol If BOB had any input on those moves then that's enough right there to say that money is not being well spent. Maybe rushing. Anything else? They had the Passing title due to Deshaun and his greatness and that's it. That team is horribly ran.
  6. I’m down for bringing TY back. But we have to put him at the slot. He’s not a number one anymore. keep Pittman on the outside and sign a true #1. a true number one can change this offense. Look what it has done for the bills.
  7. I can't point to one thing that the Texans have done to make his job easier in the past 2-3 years. I'm surprised JJ hasn't expressed his displeasure with the Org.
  8. I agree with that. He could've handled it better. Honestly, This is part of the business that sucks. Great player. Crap org. He can either retire or continue playing. Morally, I think he has every right to be angry. But you're right, from the business he only has 2 options.
  9. Lol at Watson doesn’t have the right to complain. Maybe he doesn’t want to end up like Peyton who had to get illegal surgery done on his neck or Luck who retired early from a promising career.
  10. honestly, I think he has a right to. Watson doesn’t deserve any of the stuff that’s going with that team. Takes his best option away he still was the passing leader. Texans failed him. He probably didn’t trust him. And when they pulled this move it was the last straw. Can’t play for a team you can’t even trust
  11. No Brainer So easy Ryan Grigson could've made this decision.
  12. Offense: B, running game was great. Passing game was meh. Playcalling cost us some games but we finished with 11 wins. Defense: A, would be an A+ if we finished number one but a top 5 defense is pretty good also. Passing Defense was our weakness. Special Teams: A+, Kickoff and punt teams showed out this year. Rigo and Blank were solid as usual.
  13. Some people said he was better. Some people think he was actually the best RB in CFB. The main detraction of JT was that they thought he was a product of his OL.
  14. This. This is what Reich should've did last week. The going got tough in the second half again but we stuck with the run and it paid off. We're not a finesse team. We need to continue to punch these teams in the mouth with JT.
  15. Honestly, if Mack is JUST starting his rehab process with the team, his market isn’t that big. - he’s a running back coming off a significant injury - he’s 24, so you can pretty much write off 25 due to recovering from the injury so best case is he’s back in full form by 26. - he doesn’t have the best injury history and he’s coming off probably the biggest one in his career - he’s a running back im thinking he resigns with us. Not too expensive but slightly above the minimum. Allows him to get paid at his own speed due to us having JT and Heem. He’ll be
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