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  1. I don't think any of the young QBs have shown enough for me to be desperate to trade for them(and if they had shown enough, they probably wouldn't be available for trade). The one that I can probably stomach us trading for(depending on price) is Darnold, but I don't think he's a surefire starter by any means, so... In reality I prefer us draft our QB of the future. This has several advantages: - they will be cheaper for longer(rookie scale contracts are no joke... if you get a good QB on rookie scale contract you are in very advantageous position in regard to the cap... you ca
  2. I don't know where they got that number but it's not correct.
  3. I don't think I have seen it stated anywhere, but there is a lot of Seattle influence on that staff and their requirement is 32". If you take a look at the corners Ballard has drafted or brought in: Quincy Wilson 32 1/4" Kenny Moore 32 5/8" Rock Ya-Sin 32" Pierre Desir 33" Marvell Tell 33 1/8" Xavier Rhodes 33 3/4" T.J. Carrie 31 7/8" Isaiah Rodgers 32 7/8" Nate Hairston 31" It's probably not a 100% firm, no exceptions type of requirement but you can see here what we are talking about... pretty much the only exceptions are
  4. I know, I'm just pointing out... it's the one thing that ties ALL of the corners Ballard brings in. They all have long arms. In fact when you watching CBs for the draft, you can pretty much ignore all the short arm corners for the Colts, especially in the early rounds.
  5. Yep, if I had to bet, I'd bet on that one...
  6. Are we sure Turay is going to come back and if he does that he will be in good enough football shape to play meaningful snaps? This injury has been quite bad it seems... it's more than a year already and it seems like he's still not quite ready. This is not a knock on him... just unfortunate circumstances, but it's possible we might not get much from him this year... or ever...
  7. I don't have access to the all-22 tape so I can't say what the reason is, but it's possible there is a reason outside of Reich and/or Rivers. For example, I am not sure how well he runs routes and how often he actually beats man coverage one on one. Rivers has never had trouble targeting TEs... in fact he loves targeting TEs. This was the same with Luck and Mo wasn't getting tons of targets with Luck either. No idea... I'd love for someone with access to all-22 to break down if there is something specific to Mo himself that's stopping him from taking the next step as a receiver.
  8. Honestly... I have no idea what is realistic to ask for. Also it's kind of a moot point unless Dallas actually want Jacoby. Gallup is not realistic IMO, he is probably worth a lot more than Jacoby and they might not even want to trade him. I guess the easiest trade is for a draft pick. So yeah... get the best pick you can I guess?
  9. I'm moving on to BYU vs Texas State I think I will be watching mainly the BYU offense in this one. edit: I won't be sharing too many impressions from this game because Texas state seem to be horrible defensively. I will just say, Zach Wilson looks good again. He has NFL type of throws every single game. wth, Zach Wilson?
  10. I'm watching the game now. I'm liking what I'm seeing from Hutchinson, too. Both him and Paye fit very well the HWS mold Ballard likes. Paye seems kinda raw. I'm starting the 4th quarter and I don't think he's had a sack so far. Is he going to get them all in the 4th? He's had 2 TFLs though, I think... edit: yep... he's getting some pressure and some sacks now. Some of them are from the inside though. I want to see him win more consistently one on one against a tackle. edit2: and just as I typed that he got a great win to the outside on the right tackle. Nice use of hands and clos
  11. Kwity Paye is listed at 6'4" 272 and reportedly ran 6.37 3cone! If he does that at the combine it will be the second best time of all time. At ANY position! This includes all the small quick receivers, all the most agile cornerbacks, etc. At 272!!! Aidan Hutchinson is listed at 6'6" 269 too so... again... pretty good size for our scheme.
  12. Seems like there are Colts scouts at the Notre Dame vs Pittsburgh game too:
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