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  1. I'm going to be boring and very predictable but the reality is our success this year depends on how well our passing offense functions and in particular how well Rivers plays. He doesn't need to throw for 4000 yards but he does need to be efficient, to have some situational big plays and he needs to make the defense at least defend the intermediate to long passing game, thus opening up opportunities for the run game with less stacked boxes.
  2. Seems like he was interviewed on first day of pre-k and reporter asked if he's going to miss his mom to which he replied "No!" but then started crying It's been a very popular meme ever since.
  3. Great, hopefully he avoids any injury lists for the remainder of the season.
  4. I think it's possible the huge potential inflow of players wanting to enlist is the reason there won't be a supplemental draft. They didn't want to decimate next year's draft with a non-essential and not televised event.
  5. Eh... if he truly wants back on the Colts, he's welcome. I'd love to have this quality of QB again and I think this team will be incredible with him under center. If he wants back on another team... he's welcome back again. We can use the extra picks he can return... especially in a draft with so much quality at QB that the 2021 draft seems will have. Lets say Washington gets no. 1-3 pick and wants Luck in order to compete right away. I'd absolutely do it for that pick... maybe some other stuff thrown in. If he wants to stay retired... again he's welcome. I have resigned myself to the idea that he's not coming back anyways. He was an absolute class act as our QB and I hope he's happy and content with his life either way.
  6. Yep, same... was very high on him before the draft. Felt kind of disappointed and frustrated last year... both with his injuries and with the way he was playing when he was on the field. He does have some special traits so... here's to hopefully Rivers and Reich uncovering some of them this year.
  7. Thats less than ideal. If there is a group that we cannot afford losing rotational players from it's the secondary. I don't blame them, they have to do what they have to do for their own and their family safety, but it sucks for the team.
  8. That's it. Enough is enough. I'm done with the NFL.
  9. Just wait. Every year we get tons of those. For now it's one and to be fair it seems like it was away from camp.
  10. Like clockwork, camp starts hamstring and other strain injuries galore: Also it's the day to cut down the roster to 80 players and cuts have started.
  11. Yah, like Chloe said Riech mentioned they will do mini improvised competitions during before and during practices and it will be true competition for the spot. I personally don't expect us to keep both and I don't think whoever gets dropped will get through waivers easily.
  12. The bolded makes tons of sense - we've already seen that teams don't value Chad Kelly enough to claim him off waiver wire, while the same is not true about Eason.
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