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  1. I want a WR in the first 2 rounds too. The value will be great. This class is special and IMO it will be such a waste if we didn't come out of this draft with a premier receiver. I think you can probably get a really good WR in the second round too.
  2. I loved Campbell. I thought he could be special. I thought we got a steal in him. Now... I'm not closing the door to him being a good receiver... he's been injured and he's a rookie in an offense without consistent passing game so hopefully he has better year next year, but the early signs are not great.
  3. There definitely has been some miscommunications on the secondary, not just the safeties but the corners too. I haven't watched all-22 for Hooker specifically either so my impressions are based on similar film viewing to what you see, so take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Here's another disappointment for me not only this game but this whole season - our absolute and utter inability to involve Campbell in the offense. This is the last time I get fooled by a gadget guy from college. If you take ~100% of your snaps on gadget plays or slot plays, there probably is a reason for it. Namely - you cannot win regular WR reps, which he seems to not be able to do now in the league too. It's so frustrating watching Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown, Micole Hardman, DK Metcalf, Hollywood Brown, Terry McLaurin(OMG McLAURIN!!!), etc all produce for their teams and we have undrafted guys and people off the streets play better than our second round pick.
  5. For whatever it's worth(no idea if you value PFF, but at least they have a system of evaluation and actually watch every player on every snap), PFF has him rated 80.9(before this game)... This is a top 10-15 safety in the league.
  6. The thing is... I actually feel like Eberflus has had a pretty good season so far, before this game. Every once in a while though, he would have one of those games where we are getting absolutely cut up by the opposing QB and he would have either zero idea or zero desire of actually adjusting and trying something else.
  7. Hooker has played pretty well this year from what I've seen. The problem is that safeties(especially free) are incredibly hard to evaluate because they are not really in the frame a lot of the time and only get seen when they take a bad angle or whiff on a coverage. They don't get seen for the other 40 snaps where they do their job and make the QB not throw into their coverage. For whatever it's worth, this game was especially bad and there were multiple plays where Hooker indeed seemed out of position or took bad angles, etc. I don't think this was a good game for him.
  8. Now that we are officially out of the playoffs, I wouldn't mind... It's not like I will be rooting for losses, but I surely will be taking them much more easily and would be happy to end up with a top 10 pick rather than one in the 16-18 range. It will be much easier to get the QB Ballard wants.
  9. The biggest disappointment was that Eberflus couldn't adjust to the Bucs losing their best receiver and we still gave up like... 400 yards in the air and close to 40 points. The secondary looking confused and not on the same page for the full game was incredibly frustrating too.
  10. Another game where he looked much better in the first 35 minutes or so and then couldn't complete a pass to save his life. He was having a very nice outing in the first half or so, I thought - he completed some long passes, he kept plays alive and made some plays out of structure. This game is hard to give much of the blame to Jacoby, simply because the pass defense and defensive playcalling was the trashiest I've seen recently. It rivaled anything Pagano ever did. With that said, the inaccuracy in ball placement and continuous rifling of passes without much of any touch put on the ball was part of the reason we couldn't complete some important 3d and 4th downs. On the last couple of drives he threw like... 4-5 badly inaccurate passes and got lucky that at least couple of them didn't get intercepted. Have to love that he shook off his shyness when it comes to throwing it downfield. He has the arm to do it, wish he had better anticipation and timing, he could be a special thrower if he did... Unfortunately, this is part of the game that rarely if ever improves significantly.
  11. Well of course I jinxed him... I don't think he did much of anything right after I praised him. But this is much more on the pass-defense and Eberflus than on Jacoby.
  12. I don't want to jinx him, but Jacoby is having a hell of a game on multiple levels. Maybe his best game this season.
  13. PFF's Steve Palazzolo ranks the QBs in the league: https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-quarterback-rankings-entering-week-14-2019 Jacoby is ranked 29th of 30 ranked QBs(there are additional 3 that he says he doesn't have enough info to rank. Only QB ranked lower than Brissett is Panthers' Kyle Allen: I'd probably rank him higher than some of the QBs above him, but the stats paint an ugly picture.
  14. Furthermore - this is the best strategy when it comes to QBs. If you don't have a franchise QB you are screwed in the league... so... when you don't have one you try and try again until you get one.
  15. Because they don't need to be touched to be down. If knee or forearm, etc touched the ground the player is ruled down.
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