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  1. stitches

    Leonard - Silver Linings

  2. stitches

    Leonard - Silver Linings

    PFF's grade on Leonard this week is... 52.1.
  3. stitches

    Dear NFL

    Don't quote me on that but as far as I remember they didn't show replay of the play until after they had snapped the ball for the next play.
  4. stitches

    Dear NFL

  5. It's interesting that they have Risner ahead of Jonah Williams who I loved watching in the several Alabama games I've seen. I have not watched Risner at all and I should probably make time to see him. PFF seems to be extremely high on him. He reportedly had an amazing season last year and hasn't skipped a step this year.
  6. stitches

    Leonard - Silver Linings

    Baldy is a huge fan of Leonard.
  7. stitches

    The Margus Hunt Appreciation Thread

    This defense as a whole has been great! I love it. It's sometimes frustrating how easily they bend, but damn, they sure as hell are trying their hardest not to break and in most cases they succeed. Hunt, Leonard, Sheard, Walker...hell even Turay made some plays today. I thought this defense will be better than people anticipated, but I didn't expect it to be THIS good this soon.
  8. stitches

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    I think he's overthinking some of his decisions because he knows his arm-strength is not up to his usual level, so he probably is doubting whether he can fit this ball in that window or throw far enough for this or that route with the required zip. What used to be natural for him, he now probably has to re-calibrate on the fly in his mind with some of the best athletes flying around him trying to take his head off... and the lackluster protection doesn't help either.
  9. stitches

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    I think it's time to judge what's happening by the deeds of those involved rather than by their words. They've been saying Luck is not limited, they've been saying he can make every throw, etc. I'm sorry but I can not believe that when I watch what's actually happening when Luck is on the field. I got chewed up here in preseason when I suggested that Lucks' throws lack zip and float in the air, that even the relatively long ones he attempts looked under-thrown and flutter and hang in the air. This is indisputable now. Judge them by their deeds! Reich is dink and dunking with him and Luck just had a 4.1 ypa game!!! This is about the average for running game, not passing game! He is obviously designing his gameplan with the limitations of Luck's arm in mind. And the previous 2 games weren't much better in that regard either. Those are 3 of the lowest YPA games he's ever had: You can excuse taking Luck out for the Hail Mary as much as you want but that does not happen to 100% healthy/functional QBs, especially ones that have never before had troubles with arm-strength. Luck is obviously limited. Now the question is will this improve with time, because if it doesn't .... boy oh boy.... are we in for a wild ride....
  10. stitches

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    We desperately need playmakers in the receiving core. So many wasted opportunities. I would draft a WR next year pretty high.
  11. stitches

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    On a positive note. Our defense has been much better than expected, especially after the way they started the game.
  12. stitches

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    We cannot continue dink and dunking it THIS much... I understand trying to keep Luck out of harms way but this is becoming ridiculous. 10/16 for 35 yards, 6 rushing yards on 5 attempts from the RBs. wth is that? You won't win many games like this. Offensive line looks horrible.
  13. I'm watching Oregon vs Stanford. -Justin Herbert is awesome! if I were a team needing a QB, I'd draft him no. 1 without batting an eye. Athleticism, accuracy and ball placement, arm strength, progression reads. I love him! I think he will be great. -Not so enamored with Costello from Stanford, lock onto his target from the snap, doesn't really go through progressions, or if he does they are simple and half field progressions. I've heard people hype him as a potential NFL QB... I don't see it. -Stanford has another set of two TEs who will probably play in the NFL... I think the one with number 82 is named Smith... I like him. Good route runner, physical at the catch point, good hands... seems to have good size. -I have no idea why they are not using Arcega-Whiteside more. Watching this game and Costello continuously ignoring his best receiver is borderline criminal. His technique on establishing position for jump balls and winning the jump ball in the red zone is a thing of beauty. I have no idea how most teams would stop that if Shaw or Costello actually decided to use it with regularity. AW also seems to have good speed, not certain about his route running, but looked sharp getting out of his break on one of his long gains. -I wouldn't draft Bryce Love in the first 2 rounds. Maybe in the third... but I don't think he's as special as his stats from last season suggested. IMO he made a mistake returning to college. I can see his stock dropping significantly this year. -no. 13 from Oregon Mitchell,WR... he was open all day long. Someone to watch... seems shifty and a good route runner. @NewColtsFan, I'd love to hear your input on the Stanford prospects. You might include others I haven't mentioned(Holder? I've liked him for a while, how is he coming back from injury?)...
  14. Here are some notable prospect in this game: WVU: David Sills V, WR Gary Jennings, WR Yodny Cajuste, OT Will Grier, QB Kansas State: Dalton Risner, OT Reggie Walker, EDGE Those are 2 highly ranked OTs and 2 interesting WRs with size.