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  1. Allbright is well connected and has sources. Usually about the Broncos, but I wouldn't dismiss this report out of hand.
  2. Watson would be the best option but also the most expensive. It's also the most unrealistic since the Texans are unlikely to trade him to us. Next best option IMO is to go get one from the draft. Next - Wentz and Stafford... The rest are various degrees of meh to "I sure hope not"
  3. BTW with BOTH of those the first trade up was done BEFORE the draft and included not picks, but players as the main pieces. Eagles traded Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso to go from 13 to 8 and the Bills traded from 21 to 12 by trading Cordy Glenn to the Bengals. For reference the Eagles trade was done on March 9th(6-7 weeks before the draft and the Bill trade was done on March 14(5-6 weeks before the draft) So... here's a challenge. Construct a reasonable plausible trade up from 21 to... the 10-12 range by using some of our players. Who would you include in such a trade?
  4. Yep, I've been saying this for a while. This is what the Bills did and what the Eagles did to get Wentz. They made a trade to the 8-12 range and then jumped once more to get the guy they wanted. If we want to get to top 3-5 IMO we will need to do that.
  5. Ballard refused to commit to him being a back up let alone starter. Eason is probably not playing this year either unless something really funky happens.
  6. That would be the ideal but Wilson is a bit of a pipe dream at this point. It's possible he goes no.2. Or if not 2, very possible top 5. We probably would need to do a 2 time jump in the draft to get to that spot if we even find a trade partner there. Your plan sounds good until you start apportioning the money. Lets say we have about 70M of capspace. 10-12M are for rookie contracts. That's 60 Nelson 15, Braden 15, Leonard 15. Those are conservative. In reality all those might require more. So we are at 15M left. You can probably get only one of your desired FAs for that money.
  7. That last part IMO is the most important one and an option that the more I think about the more it becomes clear as day is the best one for the team. It just makes too much sense and the class is too good. What's worrying is that there are about 15 teams with unsettled QB situation or aging QBs that might be lining up to get one of those QBs too... so... it might be hard to get in position for one, but at the end of the day that's part of Ballard's job and why he's being paid his money.
  8. Yeah, the more I think about it the more I land on this being the best option.
  9. I agree, I'm just not sure with all our young players' contracts pending going the Stafford route wouldn't limit us by taking away both cap AND high value cost controlled assett(1st rounder+). But having a very good QB is still priority so... that's why I'm putting him pretty high on my list... In reality, the first 3 of my options(meaning Stafford is included) are the only truly desireable ones. The rest are varying degrees of acceptable to meh to depressing. I'm still willing to give him a shot, if he's not too expensive. But it would still be just a shot and I wouldn't want
  10. With Ballard not wanting to committ to Eason being even the backup right now, IMO the chance Eason is the guy is not very high. At least not next year.
  11. Here are my updated preferrences: 1. Go get a high level talent from the draft. If you need to trade up - trade up! 2. Wentz (if the price is right) 3. Stafford 4. Darnold? (if the price is right 3d or lower) 5. Matt Ryan? 6. Carr/Garappolo type 7.... Mariota/Winston type? 8. Brissett? I guess?
  12. Pretty much nothing if overthecap numbers are correct(about 1M), This is part of the reason it makes it really bad for Philly to trade him - they still have to keep paying him tons of money.
  13. Last year was an obvious outlier in Wentz' career. He definitely was in a mental funk, but make no mistake... he is an extremely talented QB who has the ability and skill to be one of the best in the league. Just an example last year he had 3.4% INT%, That's double his INT% for the rest of his 4 year career. The previous 3 years it was 1.2%, 1.6% and 1.7%. which were some of the best in the league. To me last year is pretty clear aberration rather than the norm.
  14. From what I'm getting one of the reasons they fired Pederson was because they want to keep and resuscitate Wentz. Seems like their relationship was irreparable and Pederson wanted to move on from Wentz, while Roseman and the FO couldn't see a good path for it so they want to give him one more shot with a restart with different coach.
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