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  1. I tried to go a bit different with this one:
  2. The draft network has a draft machine/simulator. I like most of your pick. I don't love the Rapp pick too much.
  3. not really... i feel like I was the only one who was in love with Butler BEFORE he tested. I guess most people just thought he would test like Harmon did. I never thought that. To me it was easy to see on tape Butler is MUCH better athlete than most of the contested catch specialists in this draft. I think people are going back to the tape now and rewatching it with new appreciation for what Butler does do well. A ton of analysts have bumped him a ton on their boards. Just watch what's happening at the draft network.
  4. BTW listening to Cosell on Tennessee radio right now... he's hyping Butler like crazy. It feels like he thinks he will be a superstar. He doesn't say it, but the superlatives he's piling up on him are quite something. He's usually measured... with Butler he's effusive with his praise.
  5. You are killing my dreams. But you are probably right. What if they are BPA? I think we will be set at WR for the foreseeable future with such a draft. This makes me want to do a mock... let me get back to you...
  6. Would you be upset if we got Hakeem Butler AND Parris Campbell in the second round?
  7. He will end up very high on my personal board. Can I ask you to take a look at a receiver I like and one that is around that whole group on the chart above of Harry, AJ Brown, Harmon, etc... It's Dillon Mitchell. Have you seen him? And if you have what do you think about him?
  8. I don't know what the condition was... but there is footage of the Ferguson 3 cone. I cannot see anything being wrong with the field. It says he slipped FIVE times and that this was his 7th attempt(maybe he was extra cautious at the end, but even that information should give you pause about his balance and proprioception) :
  9. He was faster at the combine... I don't know what to do with those that cannot get better for the pro-day with so much stuff going their way and everything being set up for them to improve on their performance. I remember Teez Tabor being the same(ran worse at pro-day). IMO it points to more serious problems ... as in... failure of preparation, lack of determination and drive to improve, etc. I would be very skeptical of players like this. And it's a shame because i liked Holyfield on film.
  10. I mean he looks a bit stiff... but those are especially bad. Out of every single defensive lineman at the combine(this includes players 90-100 pounds heavier than him), only one was worse at the 3cone and none were worse at the shuttle... How is this possible?
  11. Yeah... I've noticed him getting some info almost simultaneously with the big fish and now he even beat them to the leak. Good for him and for us as a fanbase. And of course, Holder follows with: I wonder... do you think he has a source or he's just relying that the other guy is correct and want to seem in the know? How many times can he write a variation on the same tweet 5 minutes after someone else breaks the news, without he himself breaking ANYTHING... EVER!
  12. Oh I completely agree... especially the first one you posted was incredibly vapid and confusing at the same time. I was just sharing his explanation about it.
  13. I honestly have no idea what they teach those people in journalism schools. I cringe everytime they ask something of the sort "how exciting is it to...", I swear it's like they are fishing for soundbites only so they can write their 200 word columns and be done with it. and as I'm typing this... here is one that might have some insider info: