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  1. Favorite - Hooker, Q, Leonard, Pittman, Campbell. Agree with @Supermanthat Hooker had the chance to be special but his career got derailed by injuries. I still feel like if he gets in the right situation and scheme he can be very good and revive his career. Loved Q(my best player in that draft), loved Leonard(compared to others)... I had him as an early second and he was picked early second, but compared to other people not liking the pick I was pretty high on Leonard. Loved both Pittman and Campbell picks, lets see if they make me look foolish. Loved Hines... loved the Tell pick especially wh
  2. Keep in mind that a lot of it is based on us having 4 games against 2 of the worst teams from last years - Texans and Jaguars. Even though Jaguars are supposed to take a step forward even projections for next year put them at about 6 wins and the Texans are projected to be even worse than last year. So this accounts for some part of it and skews the calculations a bit. The rest of the schedule is kind of tough though.
  3. I don't know what Superman meant, but yes, Q and our other 2018 draftees are eligible for extensions and can be signed right now if the two sides agree to contract extensions. For example, Frank Ragnow already signed his extension with the Lions through 2026 last week: https://detroit.cbslocal.com/2021/05/10/lions-lock-up-frank-ragnow-through-2026/ Ragnow was 1st rounder in the same class as Q, Braden and Leonard.
  4. I was having similar thoughts a while ago - how can we have so much money tied in the OL and isn't this detrimental to the team? The more I've been thinking about it the more I feel like... it's all about allocation of resources. Every team has limited resources and if you allocate too much resources to one area you might be hitting the point of diminishing returns. For example... would you rather pay 40% of your cap on the no. 1 OL in the league or 30% on the no. 5 OL in the league? And where is the cut off where it all becomes excessive spending that can be used better elsewhere on the roste
  5. Strength of schedule based on last year records is not great. Too much turnover and changes year to year. Vegas lines or some sort of advanced analytics projections are probably better for SoS. Here's one based on Vegas over unders: https://theathletic.com/news/nfl-strength-of-schedule-steelers-raiders-seahawks-lions-bengals/wa372YuigYZB This one thinks we with the 5th easiest schedule.
  6. Wish they would make some version of this presentation available to the fans even if they had to censor some sensitive/secret information.
  7. Darius Leonard didn't sign his contract until July 23d. It's alright, folks. With the new CBA there is nothing that can really happen. Sooner or later the contract will get signed.
  8. I didn't know who he was either. Colts do that the second half the regular season - sign young players they've seen something promising in to future contracts and try them out. Glowinski was one such player. We claimed him off waivers after he was released by the Seahawks in December. He trained in our building in the off-season, made the team and by game 6 of the next season he was starting. From then on it's all history, as they say... Now if you follow how many of those we sign toward the end of the year(many... around 10+ players every year), you would be justified in not payi
  9. Agree on pretty much everything. I think several positions have potential to be better than last year: WR(better health, internal development), CB(return of Tell, internal development of the young guys - I really think both Tell and Rodgers had some intriguing moments in their respective rookie years, I want to see how they develop... hopefully Rock gets better too), EDGE(this is a controversial one because I can see it going both ways - Paye could come in ready to play and wreck the league and Kemoko might return to healthy play... the biggest reason that EDGE doesn't worry me is - they are n
  10. So... what's your answer to the ultimate question now that the roster is to a huge degree complete? Did we get better? My answer right now is - it's a wash... and the deciding factor will be Wentz.
  11. IMO Deon Jackson is the one that has the best chance. It's possible we take him over Wilkins whose contract expires at the end of the year. Plus he got the biggest signing bonus if I'm not mistaken...
  12. I can't see any of the UDFAs making it this year. The roster is too deep and/or has players we've invested draft picks in recently at the depth.
  13. For someone who supposedly doesn't like taking chances, Ballard surely is taking some huge risks with some of his most valuable assets and resources.... 1st and 3d on QB coming off his worst season in the league(and coming with 4 year 100M contract), 10M for LT coming off a late January achilles rupture, 2nd round pick for another player coming off late January Achilles rupture. Last year he spent a 3d on another injured player. His first 1st rounder(Hooker) was another player who was healing an injury at the time. Kemoko was another one with serious injuries before the draft. He
  14. It's like those reporters and "insiders" have been in a coma for the last 4-5 years and have never seen how Ballard operates.
  15. I don't think Ertz at this stage of his career is a big upgrade of our group.
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