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  1. Here's my thoughts... I don't know how much you can consider some of those surprising/unexpected, but I will include here positions/players that I don't see many mock drafts containing: 1. IMO CB is a real option in R2 and thus the players that make sense here are the ones with long arms - Trevon Diggs, Bryce Hall, Jeff Gladney 2. The low key day 2 toolsy/explosive/athletic EDGE. Ballard has taken 4 in his 3 drafts(Basham, Turay, Lewis, Banogu). He's taken at least one EDGE player every single year on day 2. Players that I think fit the criteria here are: Terrell Lewis(2), Yetur Gross-Matos(2), Julian Okwara(2), Josh Uche(2-3), Jabari Zuniga(3), Alex Highsmith(3)... 3. Flyer on James Morgan from FIU on day 3.
  2. There are sources from the Bengals saying Mims will be Bengals' #33 pick if he falls to R2. Those are not to be underestimated because the same sources were saying Mixon won't fall past the Bengals in R2, too... So yeah... even if he falls in the 2nd round, he very well still might not get to us at 34.
  3. If he were healthy he probably goes late R1-early R2, but from what I've heard his injury was pretty bad(we are talking about Gordon Hayward type of ankle injury) and with the corona virus throwing medical checks and interviews into disarray, it's possible a lot of teams would avoid drafting him. He may fall to R3-4 maybe? No idea if we have all the medical information we need from him and if he will be cleared by our staff, but if he is, he is indeed a great fit for our system and for what Ballard seems to like from our DBs. If he's medically cleared, I personally would be perfectly fine if we drafted him even in the 2nd-3d round range. I think he's a high level talent with great physical traits, physicality and instincts to play in our system.
  4. The Jaguars select Alex Highsmith, EDGE, Charlotte @John Hammonds is on the clock, if I'm not mistaken.
  5. Don't look at his stats, watch his play on the field. He played with some of the best talent on some of the most efficient offenses in college football. He was throwing almost against air most of the time in Oklahoma. A ton of his production was highly schemed and much more a result of the Lincoln Riley schemes than his natural talent as a passer. Throwing the ball was never the problem with him. He's one of the better throwers in this draft. He has plenty of arm strength. His problem is his processing of the game, again, similar to Brissett. He has big trouble throwing with timing and anticipation, he has serious trouble going through progressions in timely manner, he locks on first read consistently. He also drops his eyes when pressured and takes off. IMO he just won't be able to be efficient enough as a passer and executor of a conventional passing attack for a team to not make some serious changes to how they run their offense. You don't even need to listen to me about it. Look at how Oklahoma ran their offense this year. One of the most creative offensive minds in football decided to run the ball 60% of the time and include Hurts in the designed run game. The only team in the NFL that runs that type of offense is Baltimore at 57% run. That's why I said I don't want us to be the team taking that experiment on our hands... I don't think he's good enough passer to run conventional NFL offense and I don't think he's athletic enough to run Baltimore-Lamar like offense. Of course, that's just my opinion, so take it for whatever it's worth..
  6. Keep in mind that this information is obviously coming from Tua's agent. No QB needy team has the incentive to bump up Tua.
  7. Jaguars select Leki Fotu, DT, Utah. @twfish is on the clock.
  8. He is big and he's strong. That's how he sheds tackles and gets away from defenders. I didn't know Hurts is a power lifter. That explains some things I've noticed in his film - his willingness to take on hits on his runs. I'm still not sure this is a wise thing to do for his long-term health.
  9. The Ravens have built the entire offense around Lamar as a running threat, rather than as a passer. It's very likely you would have to do the same with Hurts if you draft him. The problem is... Hurts is a very good athlete... he's nowhere close to the athlete Lamar is and has nowhere close to his elusiveness. So the question is - can you have similar success? I don't know... I think I would just prefer for someone else to make that bet. It surely will be fun to watch as an experiment, though...
  10. Speed yes... JB is probably stronger than Hurts. That's actually one of Brissett's biggest strengths. As passers they play very similar game and exhibit the same weaknesses. They also are both considered strong leaders and great people altogether. That's what I meant with my comment.
  11. Jaguars select Leki Fotu, DT, Utah. @twfish on the clock if I'm not mistaken.
  12. I mean... you seemed to really like Brissett too so it's not a surprise you would like Hurts.
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