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  1. Todd McShay's Top-32 for the 2019 NFL Draft:
  2. Slauson chimes in too: ... and Ryan Kelly too: Seems like they are mainly addressing Holder's tweet about him being just a motivator and not good technical coach.
  3. stitches

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    @Superman @Mr. Irrelevant PFF just came up with a small video on Oliver, I thought you guys might enjoy it:
  4. stitches

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    Why not though? IMO the discontented part actually might play in a positive role in a trade(by dropping the value the Steelers might be able to get). To me the discontented part should not be a factor(unless his discontentment says something egregious about his character I guess). But overall that's pretty much the only way to get a generational type of player in a trade - he needs to be discontented and he needs to want out, otherwise teams just don't trade away their superstars. I agree that giving up a premier pick + giving up huge salary is kind of a double tax on the team and this might make it hard for Ballard's evaluation and the other team's asking price to match.
  5. stitches

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    I think that's overselling it a bit. I think Ballard trusts his scouting and evaluations and as he's said multiple times he has numbers/value for every player on the market that he won't go over and IMO if it makes sense for the team and if the evaluation meets the demand(be it from the player or from the team holding his rights) he is/should be willing to make a trade for any type of player(be it big time receiver or back up QB)... Now I think the realities of AB's contract make it almost impossible for the price from the Steelers and our evaluation to match simply because the Steelers would need hell of an offer to trade their best receiver while at the same time eating up his contract(at least on their salary cap) and not being able to replace him because of it.
  6. stitches

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    We were second in 2014. Since then we've been bottom 5 every year. We lack playmakers on offense.
  7. stitches

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    On the question of talent vs character concerns. I have to agree with Ballard and you on this one. I do think talent ultimately matters most, BUT... it only matters if the character of the team can absorb a player with character concerns without this detracting and subtracting from the collective talent of the team.
  8. stitches

    Colts want Adam Vinatieri back (Update) (Merge)

    Those usually don't last. The Panthers for example tried to stash Butker on their practice squad but the Chiefs(a team with exceptional special teams coach) snatched him almost immediately. There are way too many teams in kicker purgatory every year. If they see you are using a roster spot(even if on the practice squad) for additional kicker they will know he's good and they will sign him.
  9. Here's the official thread to post and document everything we can gather as information about the players the Colts have shown any interest in during draft season. I'm starting with an interesting tidbit from the all-star games that have already started: Colts met with Nevada LB Malik Reed for nearly an hour at the NFLPA Bowl:
  10. stitches

    What the colts need to contend in 2019

    Not as well as I'd like. This is part of the reason I'm not super high on him in general.
  11. stitches

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    It's worth point out that according to some NFL people an average starting RT(what Braden was this eyar) provides more value than a top 10-ish RG so I understand them. I'm of a similar mind BTW... I want to see Braden for one more year at RT. If he continues his development and improves steadily I'd be OK with keeping him at RT.
  12. stitches

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    Yah, Agree with the general point. IMO Donald had better tape and better production coming into the league though.