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    Bass playing and collecting, reading, traveling, computers, colts football, and iu hoosier basketball to name a few.
  1. Just kinda wishing - with the emergence of the OL - that we had a beast of a big power back that could make these 4th and 1's automatic. That's all.
  2. Maybe we should be carrying a beast of a fullback. Comment if you see fit.
  3. Great kickers at this point in the season are few and far between. Any possibility of bringing Pat McAfee in for a try-out would be fine with me. Even though he wasn't kicking the field goals during his days with the Colts, my guess is he could still be a good choice - with a great back-story. Anyone know how Sanchez is with field goals? If he is good and doing both was too much for him, move him to field goals and let McAfee do the punting temporarily. I say - keep it in house - and give Vinnie all the time he needs to heal that groin.
  4. I like to think of him as FRANK LLOYD REICH - one of the master architects of these 2018 Colts. A lot to like, a few things to love....
  5. LOL, actually I am hoping that when Andrew wins a Super Bowl - I can somehow manage to get his signature on the Unitas/Maning ball too and make it a trifecta for the ages!
  6. A large autographed poster of Johnny U, a smaller autographed poster of Manning, and a football signed by both of them.
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