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  1. Just kinda wishing - with the emergence of the OL - that we had a beast of a big power back that could make these 4th and 1's automatic. That's all.
  2. Maybe we should be carrying a beast of a fullback. Comment if you see fit.
  3. Great kickers at this point in the season are few and far between. Any possibility of bringing Pat McAfee in for a try-out would be fine with me. Even though he wasn't kicking the field goals during his days with the Colts, my guess is he could still be a good choice - with a great back-story. Anyone know how Sanchez is with field goals? If he is good and doing both was too much for him, move him to field goals and let McAfee do the punting temporarily. I say - keep it in house - and give Vinnie all the time he needs to heal that groin.
  4. I like to think of him as FRANK LLOYD REICH - one of the master architects of these 2018 Colts. A lot to like, a few things to love....
  5. LOL, actually I am hoping that when Andrew wins a Super Bowl - I can somehow manage to get his signature on the Unitas/Maning ball too and make it a trifecta for the ages!
  6. A large autographed poster of Johnny U, a smaller autographed poster of Manning, and a football signed by both of them.
  7. Great Post! And the progression is there - in his first year Andrew got us to the playoffs - second year, we won a playoff game, third year, we won two playoff games. It's a great progression and it takes a different sort of concentration and a lot of experience to win in the post season. It isn't easy - as Peyton proved time and time again. As mentioned, we are definitely overachieving and playing with house money. Will be fun to watch either way, and a victory would not be a surprise to me. Give Andrew enough time and he will figure any defense out - but either way I love how Andrew is progressing as we go along. It's kind of miraculous when you think about it.
  8. This is so hilarious. It was REALLY important to all those who said he wasn't. Now it's so obvious that he is, but quite suddenly - what do you know? It doesn't matter..... LOL
  9. No revisionist history at all. I was wrong about Brazil and openly and quite humbly admitted to that. Brazil is unfortunately HISTORY, not revisionist history. No one rewrote anything including me. Still a lot of folks don't feel Hilton is a #1, that is the plain funny part. Nice try.
  10. Seemed to be a lot of opinions about this as we entered the season. So, has he convinced the naysayers, or is Hilton still NOT a #1 receiver? From the IndyStar: Hilton is off to a historic pace. Through three seasons, he leads Harrison and Wayne in receptions (214 compared to Harrison's 196 and Wayne's 172) and yards (3,289 to Harrison's 2,478 and Wayne's 1,899). Harrison remains tops in touchdowns (21 to Hilton's 19 and Wayne's 11). Either way, it's good company to have. Harrison was named a Hall of Fame finalist Thursday night. Hilton's proving he belongs in the conversation.
  11. No but the New York radio media is all over it and those close to Rex are saying NO WAY he will be a co-ordinator - so forget about rexy... You don't have to believe me - it's all good.....
  12. Rex will either be a head coach or a media darling. No co-ordinator position for him, it's pretty much written in stone here in New York according to those closest to him: Link here: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/12/02/rex-ryan-may-have-a-multimillion-dollar-tv-job-waiting-for-him/ Rex Ryan may have a multimillion-dollar TV job waiting for him Posted by Michael David Smith on December 2, 2014, 6:02 PM ESTAPDon’t cry for Jets coach Rex Ryan when he’s inevitably fired in four weeks. He’ll do just fine without a coaching job. Ryan, who’s always quick with a quote and would be a natural for a TV job, will make $3 million to $5 million a year if he decides to go the media route next year, industry sources told Richard Deitsch of SI.com. PFT has separately heard that a multimillion-dollar TV offer was being readied for Ryan around this time last year, before Jets owner Woody Johnson decided to keep Ryan for another season. “He pretty much has everything TV networks would look for. He has personality, he’s not shy about his opinions, and he’s a colorful character,” ESPN senior coordinating producer Seth Markman told Deitsch. “I think he would be successful whether it is in studio or doing games. When I close my eyes and listen to him I hear a little bit of John Madden in him. There is going to be a lot of interest in Rex if that is what he wants to do.” That kind of money may make Ryan think long and hard about whether he even wants to keep coaching after he’s fired, as he surely will be at the end of this season. And it almost certainly means Ryan wouldn’t take a defensive coordinator job next season. Ryan was jovial as usual when asked today about the talk that he’ll be sought-after by TV networks in a few weeks. “I have no idea,” Ryan said. “It must be how handsome I am.” Making millions of dollars a year as a broadcaster will put Ryan in a position much like Jon Gruden: He’ll remain a prominent figure in the NFL world, and his name will continue to be mentioned when coaching vacancies open. But he won’t be in any hurry to take a coaching job, until he’s sure it’s the right job.
  13. I would trade a loss today against the Pats for a win in the playoffs against them and/or Denver in a heartbeat. Today means little compared to when we see them and/or Denver in the playoffs...
  14. Let's see - last I looked this thread was about Pep and YES I think he would be a fool to leave Luck period. Last I looked the topic was: Pep Hamilton: NFL's Hottest HC Candidate? (Merge) I don't see Bruce's name anywhere. NO, I don't think Bruce was a fool. I would appreciate it if you would not speak for me or put words in my mouth. Speak for yourself.
  15. Seems like apples and oranges to me. I was very happy for Bruce. He had been kicked around in this league forever and earned it. Pep is still learning the ropes.
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