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  1. QB, OT, C, DT, DE If it is a foundation to build from: OT/OG, DE/DT If you are trying to win that season: WR, CB/FS
  2. I live outside Oslo, Norway Watch all Colts games on gamepass, live or the next day if they are in the middle of the night here
  3. He is not that old. It’s a basketball player with the same name that’s 26.
  4. I would have invested the resources in both free agencies and the draft differently the first few years. It’s too easy to pick specific players with hindsight, so I won’t mention specific players. After getting a gift with being able to draft Luck, I would have invested heavily in the offensive line. The next priority for me would have been the pass rush and the defensive front seven. It’s pretty general, but I think concentrating more on this position groups would have built a better and more balanced team.
  5. Another thing that doesn’t get mentioned much and don’t show up in any stat, is the fact that Luck (as far as I can remember) don’t have any almost interceptions. Except for the three interceptions, there hasn’t been any throws where defenders almost get it, drops it, get in each other’s way or similar. That to me is also a big positive that is promising for the future.
  6. I not sure if I misunderstand you or not, but the link provided took into account a projected starting lineup. And Reitz can’t have been part of their projected starting lineup for the Colts. «For the second consecutive year, the Philadelphia Eagles have the oldest projected starting offensive line in the NFL. Last year they had an average age of 29.6. This year, they're slightly younger, at an average age of 29.2. Here is where they rank compared with the rest of the NFL» Anyway I am not interested in starting a discussion and I agree that an offensive line needs time. The Colts have both several inexperienced linemen and have had several changes on the offensive line. So it will take time before they reach their potential, both as individuals and as a unit.
  7. I don’t take any side in this discussion, but you at least should read and understand the information before you incorrectly comment on it. There are no way a Colts line with Reitz can be that young. Castonzo (28), Mewhort (25) and Kelly (23) were obvious starters. On the right side they must have used some combination of Good (25), Haeg (23), Reitz (31), Harrison (25), Clark (23) and Thornton (25). With a line of Castonzo, Mewhort, Kelly, Haeg and Reitz you get an average age of 26. So clearly they did not have Reitz in the projected starting lineup they used to get an average age of 24.6. The starting lineup against the bears had an average age of 24.8.
  8. How did you know the pick before Goodell had announced it?
  9. Wow! Before Jalil Brown was brought in, all five CBs on the roster were on the injury report. Hopefully there are just minor problems.
  10. As I understood it, they were talking about why Gruden didn’t take a timeout to try to ice Vinatieri. He said he didn’t want them to remove the snow so he did not call for a timeout.
  11. Normally I agree with most of what you say but I think some of these grades were a little too generous. This makes me wonder what you have to do to get E or F. I also wonder if you took the penalty on a field goal attempt, that gave the Steelers a first and goal (ended up being a TD), when you gave the special team A-.
  12. That’s true, but that wasn’t a deep pass. The pass couldn’t have been more than 10-15 yards or so, most of the yards were after the catch.
  13. You also said in that post that anybody off the streets could play as goodl as Trent and it was that statement that I really don’t agree with. And you are not the only one who have made similar statements. Tipton and Herron played well in PRESEASON against second and third stringers. Boom has looked promising and I agree that he should get a few more chances to see what he got, but if I were Luck I would rather have Trent protecting me and be my safety valve than Boom.
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