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  1. Yes, of course that injury a pretty important. But if the Colts are not obsessed with him playing (much) this year but is looking more longterm (which most drafted guys are anyway), it is an intriguing pick. But yeah, we fans wants immediately satisfaction. I really can't be worked up over them picking Dayo when there was no elite LT around that pick anyway.
  2. Very pleased to see things play out like this. While the draft is always a probability game (even in the first round) it have irked me for some time that our edge pass rush have been so mundane for so long. Hopefully we have hit some greatness with Paye. Question for those in the known: is he a great run stopper and decent edge setter? Or on other words, a good 3 down guy?
  3. So far, things are going according to what I assumed/hoped it would. Hopefully we will get a quality OT today in second round and I will be at ease.
  4. 2nd Weakest Position Group could be S, LB or maybe even CB and to be honest I scares me a bit that they all fell into the same “group” as being the rest of the defense after the DL. Not good. I picked S, but LB is not great beyond Leonard.
  5. With his injury history, I don’t think he will get more than one year prove-you-can-stay-healthy offers, so if the price is right it might be worth taking that risk on. Might turn out to be a nice bridge option for us. Everybody can get injured week one, like Funchess so I’m open if the price is low.
  6. First and second round are locked for a DE/edge and a T.
  7. If you count fourth round early, then maybe.
  8. At this point in time our edge pass rush situation is very dire to say the least.
  9. Well, the fun already started yesterday for fans of some other teams. Today will probably be the same lackluster show for us Colts fans!
  10. Slightly off topic but when does stuff like this become official? Looking forward to hearing from Ballard, Reich and hopefully Wentz himself.
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