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  1. LOL @ 14. Tampa Bay: Tom Brady, QB That is crazy, that guy is a 6 round pick at most!
  2. Yes, but... ... each off season we have been hyped over “da’ best WR group we had In a looooong time” or something along those lines. And then reality sets in. The players behind Hilton never seems to catch on. I have no doubts about Pittman, but who knows beyond that?
  3. That 2017 Draft is turning into a bit of a joke honestly.
  4. I will take option 4, thank you very much!
  5. When was the last time the Colts drafted a (hopefully) future QB that turned out be a bust? I think that was Jeff George back in 1990, right? 30 years ago. Fun fact, it is.
  6. Yeah, I fear that those first three bolded ones require the kind of experience that you will only get with real NFL games so that is tricky as that would be learn-as-you go with a lot of lost games. Does he miss tactical awareness or the ability to process fast enough? Does anybody know?
  7. Frank and the rest of the offense crew will have their job cut out for them teaching him up, but there is hope! I like hope!
  8. I don’t wanna see this: Ballard trades down and miss the great WRs left. Then he take a DE nobody have heard about and a RB. This board will go nuclear, LOL!
  9. Hmmm, didn’t Seahawks offer him over 17 mil (per rumor)? I would only take him on a one year deal because he needs motivation ($$!) to excel apparently!
  10. Hey man! Duron Carter was soo good that he could throw the damn ball himself, outrun everybody and catch it as a TD! Every time! Stupid Colts to let him go!
  11. Yep, that was pretty insane. Especially when you think about one of those two could have help Andrew Luck not getting so much hurt. We might even have him still!
  12. Of course they know more than me, but I still think they got too cautious or stubborn for not giving him at least some limit play time because the battle was lost at that point. It would be a free ride, nothing to lose I would say?
  13. I’m still very disappointed that we didn’t get to see Kelly play some in the last couple of games. Would be nice to have a feel about whether he has what is needed in the NFL. Not pleased with Reich’s decision on this.
  14. Exactly, but my fear is that keeping him could work the other way around: What if JB have a problem with going from starter to backup? If he is not 100% behind Rivers, and it shows, this locker room can down the toilet in no time. If JB comes out and rally behind Rivers and really mean it, then great. I have no problem with JB being the backup QB, but how often have a loved, dethroned QB worked out? If JB takes a pay cut as a token of acceptance, it would work out, I think. Then he is free next season and can get his chance there.
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