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  1. Our first round pick isn’t exactly at a premium spot so maybe not that bad when I think about it.
  2. The rumor that Lions and Stafford might both want to split up makes me warm up to getting him for a couple of years until we figure out the long term solution. But I don’t want to give up a first round pick so we need to be patient and if it works out, great, if someone else want to pay dearly for Stanford, we should immediately bow out of the bidding war.
  3. It feels like it because that is exactly what it is!
  4. Peyton and Rodgers could/can showcase magic, everything else is just numbers and statistics. Plenty of cases to name Brady the GOAT, but I don’t care. The play of Peyton and Rodgers could/can put a smile on my face, not seen anybody else reach that elusive quality yet. But yeah, I’m just a blind romantic *.
  5. Feels like Watson is going to Chicago...
  6. Deshaun is never coming to Indy but something is up. He might move on which could stir up the QB carousel. Interesting.
  7. I have to say that I’m a little confused about what Ballard wants in regards to Rivers. He wants him back, but... but what? If Ballard had higher praise for Eason, I would start to wonder whether he want Rivers back as mentor QB for Eason. Maybe start with Rivers, then ease Eason in kind of thing. But that also feels like silly talk.
  8. So an OT in the first round. Then we only need a QB, a productive edge rusher and a top CB. No worries, luckily those three are not premium positions so we will easily sort that out!
  9. Very interesting. So Bust rates among first-round picks for OT is only 19%. I will take that.
  10. Fully agreed with the major concern regarding missing both a top (longer term) QB, edge rusher and CB. You can’t get all that in one offseason normally without paying through the nose with trades and money. It will be very interesting how Ballard handles this.
  11. Hmmm, not exactly a big endorsement of Reich! I’m sure they meant something else, but that was funny!
  12. Rivers might very well want one more year at Indy. The question however is whether Reich and Ballard want to pass up the opportunity to get someone like Wentz that have more mileage after all. This is a very fluid situation right now.
  13. Well, there is a chance that both we and Titans lose the next week. After that, We should win over the jags, and then Texans pull off a narrow win over Titans. play offs sorted
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