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  1. For those of you that dislike the trend of providing more guaranteed money, consider this: it is the first time these young men have a chance to secure the future for their families, be it a quality college or healthcare or whatever. Maybe the wife can even quit a cruddy job, who knows. Remember that the guaranteed money is pretty much always about covering for a nasty injury that could detour, or even end, their careers.
  2. Injuries galore incoming!
  3. So true. I was watching his presser yesterday as I wanted to get a feel for him after some of the negativity surrounding his personality on the draft day, and I LOVED how happy and excited he was. I had a little fear that some of the fan base would buy into the negativity prematurely and make it a rough start for him, but I don’t think so anymore. I think he and Latu are both going to be playmakers for us, if not this year then very soon. Have a feeling they bring exactly want this team needed to finally take off. They bring a lot of faith to me, together with Richardson and Steichen. Can’t explain it, but the pieces to the puzzle is suddenly to see on the table.
  4. I will grade this post A+ !!!
  5. I know that a highlight reel doesn’t mean much and I’m for sure no good at evaluating WRs but it looks like he has very impressive ball awareness. He just gets his hands where the damn ball is, and not all of those throws were that easy to catch. I think we got ourselves a darn good player here @stitches I had the same good feeling about Downs last year looking at a highlight reel of him after the draft, not gonna lie.
  6. I think most of us (all?) hoped that we could somehow grap one of the top three WRs or TE Brock Bowers, but that’s didn’t happen. I’m happy that 1) we at least tried to move up (which means that Ballard is capable of doing it, I had my doubts) and 2) we got the top DE rusher instead which is super important in the AFC that is fully loaded with QB talent at many teams. Also, I really did like that Ballard said Latu was one of the 4 to 5 players they considered Elite in this draft. I’m warming up to this!
  7. What are you on about? They talked to him at the combine, I think a scout also talked to him earlier. And Chris Ballard had tons of questions on his medical status, go listen to Ballard’s press conf. They don’t bring in guys for multiple interviews if they feel good about their character and work ethic etc. He was deemed good from the start.
  8. If there is a special player that you think is gone for sure at 15, just do it. Would you? Situational of course…
  9. We could play here, higher up is probably too expensive.
  10. That would of course be the ideal outcome. Fingers crossed!
  11. This goes against everything Ballard would do, however it would be something that Irsay would love to do as he is a romantic. Probability is very very low though.
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