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  1. About bloody time too, Pats have been doing this for decades (it seems) and we have just been "ah well, what can you do" passive.
  2. The more I think about it, the more likely I think they want him to be a starter. In other words > they hope he can outplay Gathers in our scheme.
  3. Stewart is the big body NT type player we got after we let Woods go, right?
  4. Very good point about Savage and badly wanting a box safety that can cover. Ballard talked about drafting Willis in the third, so I think we had a massive need going on here. That’s why they traded up to get Willis fast in fourth round. They might have been stressed out a bit there!
  5. Funny thing is that I definitely got the vibe from Irsay that the trade down was a plan B because we didn’t get our Plan A from first round. Funny because Ballard didn’t show his hand like that at all during his presser. Especially since Ballard said he already Monday got the vibe that they might end trading out of first round, so maybe Ballard was more cool about missing Plan A than Irsay. Just a gut feeling from watching those two.
  6. Well, if you can get a SS that is both good at stopping the run AND being good in coverage, you should be pretty happy, right? Not that many interceptions coming from most SS anyway. I wonder about whether his speed is up there, however?
  7. I think this is a fair assessment.
  8. Well, you have to compromise somewhere, and who needs a heart!
  9. How about: Cody Ford, OT A.J. Brown, WR Zach Allen, DE or Jaylon Ferguson, Edge ?
  10. one more thing: hopefully we will be picking close to last for years to come, and that makes it very important to try and get an extra pick in the second round as often as possible. Big difference between having just two late picks in first and second and sneaking an additional mid second round pick in. 3 instead of just 2 is important because none of those is going to be sure starters. There will be gambling involved that late.
  11. We obviously can't fully judge this trade before we know where Redskins end up in the upcoming season, but I would assume that Cowboys and Eagles win the division, so no play-offs for Redskins. They could end at pick 15 or worse, which would make it a decent trade for us.
  12. I know the draft dictates what you can do, but I would be surprised if Ballard doesn't find some DL a 26th that he likes.
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