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  1. I we all know that Irsay would looove to have Luck back, and I think that he have a very hard time letting that hope go. Ballard have move on, mentally, but Irsay just can’t do it.
  2. New Wide Receivers Coach? Interesting...
  3. All valid points (as always from you), Super. However, as someone pointed out when JB was thrown into the fire, he is a guy that will probably be good enough to get us close to the playoffs each year with a typical 10-6 to 8-8 range, and that is a nasty place to be: not bad enough to ever get us a high draft pick and not good enough to carry the team to a championship win. We’re going nowhere, and fast. Really tricky since Ballard and Reich have praised him so much that they almost have to stick with it at least one more year.
  4. Just amazing! At that point in the game I was thinking that we truly needed Luck to make one of his signature comeback drives and our QB delivered one!
  5. So he goes to Patriots? I’m going to puke
  6. Ramsey want to play man, not zone as we do. Not a chance.
  7. Hey! He was Mr. Irrelevant in 2017! Maybe I should retire my avatar and get a new one, eh!?
  8. I guess that I’m still in the Denial phase, because this frankly feels like a bad joke.
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