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  1. Now that is true dedication… … specifically if you moved from Baltimore!
  2. The first victory is always the toughest to get and we never win the first game, so let’s just say the Colts like to make life difficult for themselves! Impossible to know what comes next based on the overall performance of that game but a little light of hope is ignited.
  3. Exactly my thoughts! And I hate to admit it....
  4. LOL, but here is an interesting question: Who would you prefer Ballard+Pagano or Grigson+Reich?
  5. I’m starting to wonder whether Ballard is just not that good at bringing defense talent in via the draft or the problem lies elsewhere, namely subpar player development on defense or our defensive scheme just plain sucks. We don’t have the same issue with the offensive players from the draft mind you.
  6. Sorry guys & gals, this team is a joke this year. Simple as that.
  7. True. But I’m not convinced this defense is better than Pagano’s. It doesn’t bring me confidence, if you know what I’m saying.
  8. Oh boy. Do I miss Luck and the happy days of 11-5 and going to the play offs. Sigh.
  9. I don’t think we will hear anything before Wednesday. The affected areas are probably too swollen to assess fully before then.
  10. Yeah, no. I think he needs to miss four games and I’m absolutely certain that we will be stupid enough to get him to play exactly enough so we lose that first round pick but still goes nowhere. This team can be really really stupid, make no mistake about that!
  11. Like Full Carson Wentz QB Foot FP Limited Eric Fisher OT Achilles LP Dislike Did Not Practice Quenton Nelson C/G Foot/Back DNP Xavier Rhodes CB Calf DNP Limited Parris Campbell WR Achilles LP Kemoko Turay DE Groin LP
  12. I think he alludes to the fact that Players on the PUP list may not practice or play the first six weeks of the season. After those six weeks, we will see.
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