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  1. so we force a fumble, jags retain the ball. We fumble and jags get the score? Something about this just doesn't make sense. Very fishy to me.
  2. Another good drive set up by the good return. TD Mack !!
  3. Good 1st drive. Would have liked to see a TD but glad we got the FG.
  4. Afternoon friends Let's finish the season strong with a win !! Sad knowing this will be our last game of the season, but looking forward to next season. GOOOOO Colts !!!
  5. Another great play by Desir !!! Overall good game today
  6. Another good drive. Nice to see Wilkins get the TD.
  7. Wooohooo intercepted !!! Great play by Desir.
  8. Wowwwww !!!! 2 punt return TDs for Hines !!! Wooohooo !!!
  9. wow willis injured now? What is going on?
  10. Wow nelson got hurt too? What happened?
  11. Hope Smith is ok. Never want to see anyone get hurt this late in the season. I missed the play that got the Panthers player ejected. No call for him to do something like that.
  12. Well that was a fast 1st half. Let's keep it going into the 2nd half and keep playing strong.
  13. Nice run by JB to set up the TD and Mack to finish it off. Another good drive. Is Jacoby still wearing a brace on that knee? I couldn't tell for sure.
  14. Nice sack by Houston to end that drive.
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