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  1. Well certainly a disappointing end to our season. But I am very proud of our team. To go from being ranked dead last to making it to the divisional round, quite an accomplishment I would say Looking forward to next season, with a year of growth from our rookies and hopefully another great draft by Ballard. We have alot to be proud of.
  2. Chiefs won already? Wow trolls are out in full force. According to my TV the chiefs haven't won?
  3. Because they are being trolls.
  4. Gee, 24-7 already?? ROFL. what did I miss LOL
  5. Maybe that's the momentum changer that we needed !! Let's keep it going.
  6. Wooohooo blocked punt, TD !!!!
  7. People who are calling for cutting everyone but Hilton?? Get out of here with that nonsense. Go support some other team if you don't like the Colts.
  8. Game is NOT over, I repeat NOT over !!! sheesh, everyone gives up so easily. Why??? I have faith, we will come back and make this a game and win !!
  9. too easy. This game is NOT over, but we need a scoring drive on this next offensive drive. Remember, this game is 4 quarters, not 5 minutes LOL
  10. Looks like chiefs won the toss.
  11. Let's GOOOO Colts !!!!
  12. Thanks LOS Going to be a great game today. I'm nervous, but sure that we can pull off the win and advance to the Champ game. Let's GOOOOO Colts !!!
  13. Great game today, glad we were able to hold them off. Now we are on to KC. Wooohooo !!! Still have work to do, but overall I'm happy that we got the win
  14. Whew, guess I can finally relax LOL Great game todaym I'm so proud of our team !!!
  15. Wow couple of nice runs by Mack !!