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  1. I have been saying this the entire game in this thread, but this is playoff football! Let's go offense!
  2. It is what it is, and we are where we are. Let's go offense!We can do this!
  3. There have been a lot of mistakes and a lot of ugly today, but the reality is that sometimes playoff games are won ugly. Let's go D!
  4. Need to get some more pressure and force a mental error. We are still in this. It's the playoffs, and we are in this game!
  5. Colts, do not fold. We had some dropped passes and unfortunate breaks, but we are right there with them! We got this! Maintain composure, tighten up on D. We can play with anyone. It is a 1 score playoff game!
  6. For sure . Frustrating way to end a drive, but it happens. Time to buckle down and get some pressure on D!
  7. Response was delayed. I was referring to the 3rd down run to the outside. Assumed that was understood...
  8. Why the heck did we not punch it down their throats. Reich, THIS IS WHERE YOU POUND IT UP THE MIDDLE. Gah...
  9. Go D!!!!! Buffalo hasn't played a D line like ours. This is SMASH MOUTH football baby! This is what we are built for! GO COLTS!
  10. Great tackle MANIAC!!! That image belongs in a textbook! We got this guys. Offense needs to clean up the drops, and D needs to keep the pressure on! We can do this. I believe in OUR COLTS! Let's Gooooo!
  11. Our line is establishing some decent pressure. We need to see the DB's get a bit more press at the line to buy time, and we cannot break contain on the edge. We can absolutely play with this team! Go Colts!
  12. Well they are keeping my name relevant I suppose... These second halves are embarrassing though...
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