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  1. CardiacColts

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    I definitely agree. Sproles is roughly 5’ 6” and 190 lbs. Hines is 5’ 9” and cose to 200. Not a huge difference quantitatively, but a tremendous difference functionally... This new stable of backs can be electric behind an improved line!
  2. He got it here:
  3. CardiacColts

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    At 198 he isn’t overly diminutive, but his speed may have gotten him typecast in a way. I am already salivating thinking about him on screen plays behind a wall of mauler O-linemen! Not to mention the deception with him and Mack on the field!
  4. CardiacColts

    Leadership and Identity

    I really appreciate your post! I have been a member for years, but have elected to refrain from posting very often. I am definitely the fly on the wall lol. You hit on a great point though. People will always view themselves as architects of change or victims of it. CB is an architect that I am elated to know is building the Colts the right way! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the initial high of Grigs hyperactivity in free agency. It was fun until you start to see the ugly truth behind a house of cards. The compensatory picks start to dry up, and you get trapped in mediocrity without the resources to build a foundation on the fly. I love what we are seeing, even if there are growing pains...
  5. CardiacColts

    Leadership and Identity

    This! I have tried to objectively step back and take a psychological reset on the Colts. This is a fresh start, and I am viewing the return of Luck as our bonus 1st round playmaker. Behind a revamped O line with 2 new All Americans, that is a big deal. Plus, I view all the picks we got as potential game changing playmakers. Call it naive, but I am choosing to be very excited about this draft thus far! With a steady foundation in the trenches, we also maintain free agent options like Dez and/or CJ should CB so choose...
  6. CardiacColts

    Thoughts on Ballard's vision

    I completely agree with this. Not only is the concept entirely subjective and dependent on one’s own perspective and preconceived notions of where players should get drafted, it isn’t relevant once they hit the field. If CB got who he wanted and they perform well on the field, nobody will question or care where they were drafted...
  7. CardiacColts

    Leadership and Identity

    As we all continue to analyze and debate the results through the first 3 rounds, I had an observation regarding the leadership abilities of our selections. Of our 5 draft picks thus far, 4 were legitimate captains of their respective teams. Our Colts have struggled to cultivate a true identity and competitive culture. Much of that has been attributed to a lack of accountability from both the previous coaches and the players themselves. Quenton Nelson- Not much needs to be said. Captain and leader for the Irish with a true mean streak. True generational talent... Darius Leonard- Defensive captain and signal caller for SC State. Most tackles in school history... Braden Smith- Best blocker in the ferocious SEC and Auburn Team Captain. Tied for 2nd most bench reps at the combine, and he is loaded with pure power. Only knock is shorter arms, which he may be able to seamlessly compensate for in due time. Tyquan Lewis- 2 time Captain for The Ohio State. His best football may be ahead of him. He has versatility and a tremendous work ethic. Hard to complain about what he is capable of providing our D in various packages. These 4 individuals bring talent, dedication, and leadership to a Colts team that could very much use it. I find that it is very easy to become overly analytical this time of year, so I wanted to look at these players with a different perspective. I believe that the intangibles each of these athletes possess will add just as much value to our team as the talent itself. We are in desperate need of a new identity, and with this refreshing new focus on building the trenches, I am beyond excited to no longer feel like I am a nanosecond away from a heart attack on every offensive snap. The nastiness and power represented with our first 5 picks inspires me regardless of which other players may have been selected at the respective slots. In addition to these 4 proven leaders, we also picked up a complete X-Factor in Kemoko Turay. The guy possesses freak, game changing abilities. I respect CB’s talent evaluation, as evidenced by his track record in Chicago and KC. He is no fool, and he was excited about Turay. This guys may not be as far away as people think from being an immediate impact player if utilized properly. I am very excited to see the innovative use of “waves” for our pass rush this season. Let Turay come in on passing downs and pin his ears back! I cannot wait to see what Robert Mathis can do with this boy! Keep in mind, he is a bonus that CB picked up because of the 2 extra seconds he snagged from the Jets. This is a fun pick if he pans out. At the end of the day, we are all here to share our passion for the Colts! I am interested to hear what you all think about the intangibles and leadership we are infusing the team with.
  8. CardiacColts

    Simple question. How do you not take Courtland Sutton?

    After investing heavily in our trenches, and the sizable cap space we have remaining, I wouldn’t mind bringing in Dez and CJ!
  9. Now this is a rather epic response! Well done, sir! Sort of a hilarious set up hahaha, you had to take it lol! #Don’t feed the troll!
  10. CardiacColts

    Odell Beckham Situation

    Fair enough. I went back and reread. I think perhaps I was misled by the sentence that preceded it, which indicated that we would have to carry two heavy WR contracts. I would have no interest in TY going anywhere, but pairing them is enticing.
  11. CardiacColts

    Odell Beckham Situation

    Why do all of these responses seem to indicate that the OP is suggesting we include TY in the trade? To me, it seems the OP is suggesting we trade the 5th to pair OBJ and TY, and that is an enticing fantasy with a healthy AL passing the rock lol.