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  1. We clearly need an upgrade. The forum is all over the place with opinions preferring a FA over a rookie draftee. I am of the camp that we need a Vet FA AND a couple draftees. Personally, I would rather see Robby Anderson than Funch. With Funch, I get a fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me mentality... Bring in Robby Anderson AND draft for the future. I still love Paris, and I think a few smaller moves can get the gears in motion. Let’s get it!
  2. I am a daily lurker and rarely post, but this is an underrated post, Krunk! Indy gives him an opportunity to shine where he does best as a consistent player and run stopper, while simultaneously allowing him an opportunity to rush the passer he wont have elsewhere with Houston and Buckner... He fits the colts perfectly. With our push to reach the upper echelon of the NFL now, this is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Let’s make it happen!
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